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Kelly Girl

Twelve-year-old Kelly Drew can't seem to convince anyone he's actually a boy! A comedy of miss-taken identity for a boy who's too pretty for his own good. Kelly is smart and sassy and the story romps through one miss-adventure into another from lost luggage to madcap escape.


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www.Patreon.com is a crowdfunding site, kind of like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but Patreon is concerned with ongoing funding. The idea is that someone who creates online content can get continuing funding from a group of people in return for doing what they would probably do anyway. I'm looking into it with the idea of creating chapters of Kelly Girl in return for funding to go to BigCloset.

Would anyone be be interested in supporting this idea? Does anyone else contribute to someone thru Patreon or get funds from Patreon?

Any thoughts?

Kelly Girl - Post 1

"Wanna be my girlfriend?" asked Peter.
"Can't," said Kelly. "I'm a boy"

Synopsis: As Kelly is left at his mom's boyfriend's house, all he wants is to make it through the weekend unscathed. But when the man's children mistake him for a girl, Kelly has no clue how to convince them otherwise. It's a case of Miss-taken identity that takes on a hilarious life of its own.

The Princess Trap

----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

The Princess Trap

By Tyrone Slothrop
and Wanda Cunningham

Copyright  © 2006 Tyrone Slothrop and Wanda Cunningham
All Rights Reserved.

Alan Carter finally descended past terror and settled into oscillating despair. As much as he liked the pastel green dress, he regretted not wearing jeans tonight. The dress fit nicely, emphasizing his slender waist and lending him an air of feminine sophistication beyond his years but you couldn't really run away in a dress very well. Not that he had an opportunity to run now but the dress seemed to emphasize his vulnerability somehow.

He shook his head. How stupid, worrying about clothing when he probably wouldn't live through the next few hours.

Parallel Blog -5-

Writing for a character that seems to have a mind of her own is a hoot. It's some of the most fun that a writer can have. Drew/Annie in TIP is such a character. One of the funniest things about writing for her are the things she seems to think but isn't willing to write down. After all, she's supposed to be telling the story and some things are just too embarrassing. ;>

I've got the next one almost done and plan to post it Thursday or Friday. And for the furriners who don't play baseball, well, stay tune. ;>


Parallel Blog -4-

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Well, I'm late posting the next Incognito. It's done but I want to be an episode or two ahead when I post. Plus, I'm aiming for longer posts, around 2000 words instead of 1200.

But the story is going nicely for me, Drew is easy to write. And the suggestions last time of names for girl-Drew sparked some ideas. ;>

The Parallel Blog - 3

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I'm thinking of taking suggestions on the story. Well, it should be obvious where things are going or why post on BC and SD? ;>

So how about some suggestions? Like, what Drew's name should be, what should Mom's name be? They can't use their own names, even if Drew would be perfectly fine for a girl.

The Fairy King -1- The Queen of Woods and Meadows

Ethan makes friends in the new neighborhood,
including a tiny queen who wants him
as her replacement for

Part 1 - The Queen of Woods and Meadows

by Wanda Cunningham

Chapter 1

The Fairy Court

The Fairy King -8- How Real Can It Get?

Megan considers options and strategies and makes a decision on who she really wants to be. Then, what could be more real than making pancakes for your parents?

Part 8 - How Real Can It Get?

by Wanda Cunningham


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