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Miss Trans America Founder murdered

Sad news out of Massachusetts this morning Miss Trans American founder has been murdered by her husband.

I added that it was her husband that was the murderer because it apparently was misconstrued by some that this a hate crime. It may be just domestic violence and not a hate crime but this is still a significant loss for the transgender community.

Times Up Progress for Women Golden Globes

If anyone watched golden globes last night it was a great night for women’s empowerment and it was all about women. Sexual harassment, assault, or abuse in the workplace, gender equality, and the pay disparity were talked about. Oprah’s speech is worth watching

Laser Hair Removal

I’ve found a package of 6 treatments for the full face for $660 with 6 free underarms treatments as well is that a pretty good deal or should I keep looking because the last estimate was a lot more. I in the Columbus, Ohio area if that is relevant.

I’m going to add it’s at a dermatology office.

Serious Side effects of Medication

My doctor recently upped my trintellix to 30 mg and now instead of just the occasional nasea it’s all the time with a lot to vomiting usually after I eat at least 25% of the time and the rest is just random times throughout the day. It does help some with the depression and may even help with weight loss with all the vomiting I’ve been doing. I’m not sure what to do, is this medication worth it?

I had a close call tonight

I had a close call tonight and now I have three lines by my wrist my doctor needs to never screw up like this again.

She wrote two of my prescriptions for the wrong date and my anti-depressants for 2010 so I haven't had them for a while and then she wasn't there for a couple weeks. I finally got them today.

Now I have my aunts funeral to go to today.

I'm getting worse

I'm having breakdowns so often now I've had two just today I don't think I have long before I have a full breakdown, I'm not sure I'll survive the next one last time I had a sharp blade, towels and other things. I'm not sure I want to every time my mom says or does something to remind me of how she let me down so hard, it hurts so deeply and I'm not sure I can take much more of that kind of pain, it's crushing me.

Repressed memories & the last bastion

I have a therapist who I just emailed and I'm going to try a hotline if I am still like this in the morning and it makes a full week of me feeling this bad. I don't think I have ever been this far gone even though I have said that before. However I have never started making a good bye list before and thinking about what I would say to the people on that list.

Family Responses not helping

I can't take many more responses like this from my family, similar responses from more than oneand some of them keep sending me this which doesn't help and just makes me worse. I can't figure out how to respond to them. I have a therapy appt on Thursdays

Read this shit and tell how to politely tell to stop and she's being an insensitive asshole

I'm trying to explain again

They are trying to compare my problems with normal people with body image issues.

It's not something they can understand, every minute with my eyes open is another second I'm screaming inside my head. Because when I'm awake I have to face the fact my body is wrong. The screaming inside my head doesn't stop anymore. I want to rip my skin off sometimes. No medication can fix the constant emotional pain, the frustration, helplessness and hopelessness I'm in It's why I stay in my room, reading sometimes distracts me.

I'm at the worst place I have ever been

I'm not in a good place right now, I'm not functioning at all and haven't been for months. The only thing that distracts me is reading and it isn't working as well anymore. I'm either constantly near tears or in tears and I'm constantly wishing the pain would end and thinking about how I wouldn't mind so much.

Cerulean Sins Anita Blake book 11 by Laurel K Hamilton.

Does anyone happen to have the audiobook for this, because it has been discontinued by the publisher and I am having a hard time finding it. I started to listen to what I have when I realized how much is missing and its driving me crazy, that I also can't find it online. Thanks.

I'm In shock I just graduated Summa Cum Laude

I just got back from Graduation where I graduated Summa Cum Laude the only one in my major. I now have an associate's degree in applied sciences software developement. I'm still trying to come to terms with the fact I finally have a degree and I graduated Summa Cum Laude.

How do I respond without losing my temper with family

These are the comments one of my cousins sent me on facebook. I am having trouble deciding whether she doesn't understand or is letting religion color her thoughts too much she is very religious. Here it is

I don't know how to respond to this without getting angry

My parents are no longer being supportive

My anxiety and depression started to go down a bit when I started taking estradiol several weeks ago and my mom said that was a bad idea. I got my ears pierced and my parents tore into me that it wasn't something I needed and that I should be spending my money on supporting myself. I got my nails done and my mom flipped out that I should be looking for a job and I should be saving for a car and stuff so I can move out.

Second opinion, Got news from doctor, I'm ready to give up

I was told that it was not possible for my pelvis to change, for me to grow wider hips, my pelvis to tilted or wider like it should be. It will just be reallocation of fat. This on top of everything else not listed here make me not care anymore. I don't care that I am about to graduate college, it just doesn't matter that much to me and nothing else really ever has. Additionally that means that my pelvis would not be suitable for a transplanted womb. Unless another medical professional tells else tells me different I can't find the motivation to keep going.

Struggling with extreme anxiety & forboding about the Doctor tomorrow.

I have been distraught for about a week because I did not realize earlier how much it meant to me to have wider hips, hip rotation and pelvic tilt, I am 26 and have been on testosterone suppressants for several years and I am hoping I am not to late because otherwise i don't know if i can take bad news in this regard safely.

Michelle SidheElf Amaianna

Seeking general advice(motivational, weight loss, ect), mtf(transition coverage)

I am seeking advice on several fronts and I will break it down as follows.

1. First I am trying to lose a great deal of weight and I am pretty sure that my medications may be inhibiting this, they are spironolactone, adderal, risperidone, and clomipramine. I really want to lose weight before I transition.

Need advice new job possibility Manifest Solutions, central ohio, lgbt nondiscrimination? need to decide ASAP

Has anyone heard of Manifest Solutions and their LGBT non discrimination policy, I asked for their policy and this was the response. I want to know what their policy is, but I am afraid to ask specifically in case the paid internship leading to a job is withdrawn. I am not sure how to ask without tipping my hand so to speak, does anyone have any suggestions.

Hugs :)

Equal Employment Opportunity and ADA

C# Last Lab Extremely Confused Due Tomorrow Help ASAP please

I am having a great deal of trouble and I am extremely confused as to how to accomplish the lab requirements, questions are not a problem.
I can't get the json part for the currency name to go through and I cannot figure out why.
The list view needs to be changed to the name of the currency instead of the currency code.

Quincy Kurtz

I desperately need help explaining ASAP

I currently work at Kroger's as a Deli Clerk, and have been trying to explain to my parent's in a way they can understand for weeks now, why I can't keep working there as it is mental torture for me. They want me to wait until I get another job but I can't explain to them what it does to me to be around so many happy and normal people.

It happened again, back to my dark place :(

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I just lost my current job basically because of disabilities. , I have A.D.D., O.C.D. And depression, I was told in not as few words that because i wasn't noticing the work at the other side and end of the lne, that they didnt want me.
My depression which has been almost managable these past few weeks has flared up since losing another job from some of my problems, I don't envision me really leaving my room for a week, if i can find the motivation too at all, Im having to push myself to even post this

I feel like giving up

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I'm starting to doubt that in my lifetime lgbt equal rights will be a reality. With the stranglehold that conservatives have on the court system, recent Supreme Court decision striking down the voting rights act in defiance of the 15th amendment, a pro marriage equality ruling which is only a small step towards equal rights seems increasingly unlikely. The conservative stranglehold in congress means ENDA has no chance of passing the house, and that is only for employement.

My side of the stories I need advice

What happened was that a long time ago someone on this site told me they had xbox live as well so I invited them to play with me and my friends. Things were normal for a while, one of my best friends has 2 friends he grew up with that don't like me because of my aspergers. Well I invited this person to join me and my friend Justin. Well since Justin's friends mike and Justin didn't like me I understood Justin not inviting me to the group but not the person on this site.

Important Topics to discuss with my Therapist ASAP

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She told me that in order for her to write a recommendation to a doctor, we need to have a good deep discussion about my gender identity? Does anyone have any suggestions for topics I should think about my answers to before hand and bring up with her on Wednesday.

I feel I should point out that I've been seeing her for a while, and that she said we were going to discuss more about my being transgendered.

Transitioning advice most important week of my life comingup

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I'm going to come out to my parents hopefully on Wednesday, and start my transition as soon as possible after that, but I have several questions.
1. What kind of doctor do I have to see to begin?

Hair Styles Help!

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Does anyone know hairstyles well?
I'm looking for a medium-long length style that is slightly feminine, but could pass for androgynous and would be appropriate for work.
Also what would I would need to ask for such as perm, ect, and about how much will it cost?

< [external image redacted for failure to load causing problems -- edit] img src="http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/849/p1000687y.jpg/" alt="me" />

JadenSkywalker8's well-being

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I've gotten several requests for this and so I would like to let everyone know that I am ok, and I managed to get a therapist. I just got back from South Carolina, twelve plus hours in the car :(. Also, apparently my therapist doesn't think i have a very good psychiatrist.
hugs :)

Varelse(Creature) Tales

Will update this tomorrow, or when i have the chance to type up a bunch of stuff I've written. Title subject to change when I think of something better. It will be an open universe with permission. Title subject to change when I think of something better.

You Can't Escape From Justice


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