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To See Through a Glass Darkly 12

To See Through a Glass Darkly

Chapter 12

Sasha sits down again with his mother for a cup of tea and talks with her about his appointment with Dr. Torricelli. He also talks with his wife— well, with Tina, although she isn't there— well, she is, but…

La Suite Danse Macabre 4

La Suite Danse Macabre

IV. Chanson d’amour

To get into character for the coming Hallowe’en party, Danny/Danielle dresses up for his/her first girls’ night out. However, this also creates some unexpected dynamics within the family.

La Suite Danse Macabre 3

La Suite Danse Macabre

Danny knows that he must do something about his lack of confidence, so he visits his psychiatrist. But what can even Dr. Beecham do for him now? Has Danielle already won?

To See Through a Glass Darkly 8

To See Through a Glass Darkly

Chapter 8

Sasha dresses for his first day as a girl as he begins bonding sister-to-sister with Sonia and girl-to-girl with their friends.

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