Katie Ann - Chapter 53: Going to Be

Katie Ann

Katie Ann

What do you do when you look seven years old but you’re actually a college student in your late teens? For Kathleen’s entire life, she had fought against people treating her much younger than her actual age. Feeling obligated to grow up fast to show people she wasn’t the age of her size, Kathleen never let her inner child out. Tired of fighting against the world, she explores the adult submissive world. What she finds, however, is an enjoyment of regression. Had she made a mistake? Would life be better if she just let people treat her the way she looks at seven years old?

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Chapter Fifty-Three: Going to Be

Daddie was woken up by a scream coming from Katie’s room. He ran into the room to find his daughter sleeping soundly. He puzzled over it before heading back to bed.


Katie woke up on Sunday morning feeling disoriented. She couldn't remember how she got into bed, and the last thing she recalled was leaving the restaurant.

Daddie attended to her on the changing table, removing her footie and changing her diaper for a dry one. He then put on a pair of ruffled white tights.

Katie was placed on the floor, and Daddie helped her put on her red velvet dress. It had an embroidered holly-trimmed white satin peter pan collar and was from her original photo shoot. He spun her around to do her buttons and tie her red sash. He then french-braided her hair, complete with a red bow, and sent her downstairs for breakfast.

While looking at herself in the mirror on the way downstairs, Katie thought she looked younger than her regressed age of seven. She was sure that this dress always took away a few years.

As she sat down at the table, she patiently waited for her breakfast. She soon found one of her pink bibs around her neck. Daddie then placed a chocolate chip smiley face pancake in front of her. An orange juice with her pill rounded out her breakfast. Once she was allowed to see the pancake, it was cut up into bite-sized pieces after syrup was added.

When breakfast was done, Katie’s hands and face were attacked with wet wipes before the bib was removed. Daddie helped the regressed one into her black Mary Janes and pink polka-dotted jacket before escorting her to the car. She was soon strapped into her car seat.

After releasing her from her car seat at the church, Katie was led hand in hand into the building. Daddie hung up her jacket before releasing her to go to her friends. She soon found Stacy standing nearby in her ivory Christmas dress. It seems the theme this time was the first photoshoot dresses. She wondered if Aunty and Daddie got together and decided what the “twins” were going to wear for church. They had to since the two girls matched so many times. The two best friends hugged when they saw each other.

“Look, Becka,” commented Heather. “They don’t match today.”

“Wow! That is different,” Becka faked being shocked.

The subject of discussion soon returned to the Barbie movie that Heather had just seen. Katie had heard about Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses but hadn’t seen it. Katie was glad that Becka and Heather never said anything about Katie looking younger than seven due to the dress. When the organ started, Aunty stopped the discussion and herded her daughter and niece into the sanctuary to join her husband and Katie’s Daddie in a pew.


After the children's church, Katie and Stacy got their customary “One cookie girls” greeting from Aunty Sara. The two best friends took their cookies and headed to a bench to wait until the adults were done discussing whatever adults discussed.

Daddie came and directed both girls to the Escalade, strapping Stacy in first before coming around to the driver's side and strapping his daughter in. He soon drove into the Bullard’s driveway, parking behind Aunty Sara’s minivan. After releasing the best friends, he escorted them into the house.

Daddie told Aunty, “Here are the two little princesses. I will be back after I pack the car with Katie’s stuff.”

Katie looked up at Daddie, “Can you get my backpack to study?”

“No, young lady! You can study in Mountain later today. Right now, you need to be seven,” Daddie told the regressed girl before departing.

After Katie acknowledged that, Aunty walked up and squeezed her niece's bottom. After checking the food in the kitchen, she ushered the two girls upstairs, one to play and the other one to get a dry bottom. When done, the regressed one was allowed to play with her best friend.

“Girls, dinner is ready,” soon came wafting up the stairs.

The two girls soon joined the three adults at the table for Sunday dinner. Katie jumped as a napkin was shoved into her neckline by Aunty. After a dinner of cured ham, the two best friends hugged before one was led to the SUV to head to her college.

Securely fastened into her car seat, Katie thought to herself, “No punishment for missing a class. Daddie must have forgotten.” She checked what was in her car bag. She found the ever-present coloring book, a Highlights magazine, and Charlotte’s Web book like normal, checked out of the Riverville Library. She decided to read her magazine first.


As they reached Whitlatter Hall, Daddie helped Katie out of the car and held her hand firmly. He then carried her belongings and led his daughter upstairs to the dorm room. Daddie set her items on the bed and just stood around waiting while Ally was busy with Katie.

Ally helped Katie out of her coat and complimented her on her dress. The older one then turned to the laundry basket and put away the shoes that were on top before finding places for all the clean clothes in the basket. Katie just sat down on the bed and watched Ally do her thing. The little girl knew Ally must currently view her as seven or younger and it was best to just let her ‘babysitter’ do everything without interruption.

Before Ally was done, Daddie opened the door and said into the cluster, “Tiffany Joy Collins, come in here.”

As Tiffany was running in, he said, “Kathleen Annabelle Telgenhof, front, and center. Allison Madison Maples, stop what you're doing and come here.”

Katie said, “Eep,” and stood up from her bed. Ally also stopped what she was doing and stood up and faced her roommate's Daddie.

Katie meekly answered for the group, “Yes, Daddie?”

Adam looked at Tiff and said, “I know these two missed a class on Monday. Did you also miss a class?”

Softly, Tiff said, “Yes, Sir.”

Katie's Daddie said to all three, “There are at least three good corners in that cluster. I want three noses pressed tightly in the corner for missing classes.”

All three ran out of the room, and each found their own corner. Their fellow cluster mates just looked on with amusement. Daddie just watched while leaning against Katie’s and Ally’s door in the cluster. After about fifteen minutes, the three girls were told to come back to him. He said, “I am not really upset that you three missed those classes because registering for the spring semester ran long for you three. But we can't be rewarding bad behavior.”

Adam hugged each in turn before saying, “Don't do it again,” to each girl. The two older girls were allowed to return to what they were doing before.

Daddie bent down and hugged Katie again. “Princess, Friday before I pick you up, have everything you think you will need until January seventh packed. You will not be here for almost a month, so make sure you have enough clothes for that time. I'm not entirely sure what's available in Clearwater. Even if there are clothes there, they are probably all too big for you since you were in a baggy clothes stage back when those were bought.”

Babysitter Ally acknowledged the instructions from inside the dorm room, which made Katie spin around to face her roommate. Katie wasn’t even aware Daddie had said the instructions loud enough for Ally to hear through the door. The regressed girl knew her roommate would now be making the decisions of what gets packed and left behind. Most, if not all, of the stuff Ally packs will be for seven-year-old Katie. Which meant that nineteen-year-old Kathleen will not be making many appearances during Christmas break. Katie contemplated this for a moment and realized that turning everything over to Ally was a double-edged sword. It was easier to deal with the challenges at college, but it seemed like she was getting more and more regressed as time went on. Entering the dorm room to get her school backpack for studying, Katie thought about this. By the time she was heading back to the cluster, the little one had concluded that it really didn’t matter. Since the attack, she hadn’t really wanted to be her adult self. The seven-year-old felt very secure, and the nineteen-year-old didn’t.

Meanwhile, Tiff was getting teased by Juliette, “I see you are now under his command, too.”

“I think it is part of the package deal of being a guardian of Katie,” Tiff explained with a big blush.

Tiff was just thankful that at least Adam didn't spank her like he had done to Allison in the past. Tiff also noticed that Ally was hiding in her dorm room, probably to avoid getting teased.

Before leaving, Adam went up to Tiff, “Do you have a ride to the airport on Friday? I can't personally provide it, but I can get you one.”

“Ally won't let me drive. She is taking me on her way home,” Tiff responded.

He continued before departing, “Let me know if you need to be picked up.”


Around dinner time, Katie’s phone rang, “Hello, Grandpa Olsen.” …

“I am available tomorrow.” …

“Oh, tomorrow will not be a good time.” …

“What do you mean for both of us?” …

“You won’t tell me. You are as bad as Daddie.” …

“How about Wednesday?” …

“We?!?! have commitments then?!?!” …

“Who are we?” …

“Again, you’re as bad as Daddie.” …

“Yeah, I don’t have exams on Tuesday evening.” …

“OK, dinner with grandparents at five p.m. on Tuesday.” …

“I will let my babysitter know.” …

“Oh, that is what I am calling Ally nowadays.” …

“She watches me like a hawk.” …

“Our relationship has evolved over this semester from two strangers to two friends to two very close friends and finally turning into a child and a babysitter relationship around Halloween.” …

“Don’t tell her, but I wouldn’t change the relationship for a million dollars.” …

“Yeah, I am quite fine with how the relationship has evolved.” …

“Oh, Tiffany watches me too, but Ally cares for me. She basically is my nanny.” …

“OK, talk to you Tuesday, and give my love to Grandma.” …

With that, she hung up the phone and went back to studying.


“Little Sister?” Tiff asked Katie as she was walking past the little girl studying in the cluster after dinner.

“Yes, Tiff?”

“What are you doing Wednesday?”

“Exam in the morning, but it should be done by eleven-thirty at the latest,” Katie answered.

Tiffany got a massive smile on her face before saying, “Excellent, that gives us forty-five minutes to get you dressed in my final project before the afternoon showings. Might have to take lunch on the run or eat later at SLC after the showings.”

After pausing in thought for a moment, Tiff continued, “Too bad the morning showings overlap with your exams. Oh well.”

Tiff paused again before saying in a whisper, “Afternoon showing still gives us plenty of time to get you dressed for your evening commitment.”

Katie, with a confused look on her face, said, “Back up a minute. Me? Your final project? And what was the last thing you said? I didn’t hear it.”

Tiffany reminded Katie of when she measured the regressed girl and how it was now time to do the other part of her job, be a model for the clothes Tiffany made. As for the last comment, Tiffany insisted it wasn’t something important for little sister to worry about.

“Most of the questions will be asked of me. You just have to look cute and follow simple movement instructions. Since you always look cute, this will be easy for you.”

Katie, who started to feel even more regressed, as if that was even possible with all that had happened over the last week, just sat down next to Tiff and nodded her head.

Cuddling into Tiffany, she mumbled: “What am I going to be?”

“Not so fast, little girl. You’ll find out Wednesday,” Tiff answers as she rubs her little sister’s back.


That night, early in the morning, Ally was once again woken up by Katie whimpering below her. And just like last time, it didn't last long before the girl below her settled down and was sleeping peacefully.


“How may I help you two gentlemen?” Lucia Sanchez greeted the two guys who had just walked into the office of Washington Elementary bright and early Monday morning. She was trying to do everything right as this was only her second day on the job.

“We would like to speak with Mr. Mesmer. I am Adam Olsen,” Adam handed her his business card.

“I am Tim Olsen,” Tim said, handing his business card over.

Looking at the two cards and noticing that they were both lawyers, the secretary asked, “May I tell him what it is about?”

“Just say the name Katie. He will know,” Adam responded.

Lucia just shrugged and knocked on Steve Mesmer’s office door. After he responded, she entered and said, “Two gentlemen here to see you. They told me to say the name Katie. Here are their business cards.”

Steve looked at the cards. He had heard of these guys before, but to get both of them together screamed a wealthy family.

Principal Mesmer entered the reception area, “Hello, Gentlemen. Shall we discuss this privately in my office?”

“We will gladly come into your office, but I think you will want someone from your legal department here before we start,” Adam stated.

Steve responded, “I can do that. Is it ok if another person joins us?”

“Like who?” Tim asked.

“My boss, Rick Grabowski, the superintendent.”

Adam approved the additional person in the meeting before adding, “I believe your school counselor is Jan Moore, right?”

Steve answered that she was.

Adam smiled, “If she is available, could she join us, please?”

Mr. Mesmer decided to have this meeting in the conference room. He brought the lawyers there and then excused himself to get the other people.

Jan, the counselor, sat across from the two guys. She was not sure why she was asked to be there since Katie was not a student in the school. After about twenty minutes, Rick and Dan walked in and sat down, and everyone introduced themselves.

Adam said, “I will start this meeting by saying I am the Daddie that Katie was asking for the night of the incident.”

“Okay,” Jan connected the dots. “So, you’re her father, Katie’s last name is, therefore, Olsen, and Tim is her grandfather?”

“You are right on the grandpa, kind of. I am not Katie’s father, but I am Katie’s Daddie. And Katie’s last name is not Olsen.” Adam put three pictures down on the table in front of Steve. “Does that girl look familiar?”

“Yes, they are all the Katie I rescued,” Steve responded. “But this one looks like she is playing in her big sister's dresser.”

Adam pushed one picture in front of the other two, “This is the only Katie. The rest are Kathleen. We have to be honest. Katie is biologically nineteen.”

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