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Written by Dauphin
A boy is smart and learns a lot about the world, that also challenged things he believed in
"We are all the same, but different. What the world needs is respect. What a message!" Diana
"This boy had a journey to learn something about himself and others" Dauphin

Daycare Channel

Who decided this? I was as mad as a 10 year old could be. How could any girl that thinks she is a boy and use our toilet? Just because she thought she was a boy, doesn’t make her a boy! I mean she will need something between her legs like all boys have. This was wrong and I made my view known as loud as I could. It ended when the teacher told me to relax saying that we are all different and we need to respect people’s rights. She gave an example of a transgender and she that children are different. 2% of children my age wet the bed, and many wears diapers to solve the problem. This made me laugh quite loud, as I blurted out that bedwetters are just piss-pants that never grew up. I got a good applause because I was brave enough to call them babies and piss pants. The teacher told me to sit down and be quiet and show some respect.

I did not do this and told the teacher that this was a democracy and I had a right to say what I thought. I continued holding my speech that transgenders and baby wetters were weird. The teacher pointed towards the headmaster’s office. My legs went weak. I sat down in my chair and decided that protesting more was not worth going to the headmaster’s office.

On my way home from school, I was walking with Jim. He did not seem that happy and was quiet. I told him not to worry, as no one will allow girls to come into our bathroom. I asked him what would be next. Would we all be wearing dresses?

Jim told me I was mean. He told me that he wet the bed and had to wear pull-ups. He nearly had to cry at school when I called bedwetters those names. He insisted that it was not his fault. I didn’t know what to do or say. He was my best friend and yet he wet his bed. It explained why he never invited me to sleepovers. I wanted to say I was sorry. But he would not believe it. What I said at school was what I believed in.

I went home. Mom was standing ready to go out. She looked stressed. I asked her where she was going. She said she had to work every night for a while and she could not find anyone to take care of me. I told her I could take care of myself. She sighed and told me to watch TV. That box could be my babysitter. Mom looked at her watch and gave me a quick kiss and left. I was alone.

After drinking some coke and eating some cake for dinner, I sat down on the sofa and looked for the TV guide. I couldn’t find it and just zapped around the TV. Cartoons and baby programs… was there nothing for me? I landed on a channel with some children that were in an after-school centre. They all looked like toddlers and there were no boys! I was about to change the program when suddenly the TV started shaking and the room seemed to be spinning around. I hung on the sofa as my legs were suddenly in the air. I screamed as I thought it was a hurricane outside. I was being sucked from the sofa more and more, and one by one, my fingers could not hold on. I was then flying through the air and I found myself being sucked into the TV. I landed on my bum and looked around. It was an empty room. One wall was glass and I could see the sitting room that I just sat in on the other side. I then realized that I was now on the TV. I started to bang the glass shouting to let me out.

This woman came in and led me out. She told me she was the nanny. I was shouting at her that I was in the wrong place. She just smiled and said that everyone says the same. She told me not much would happen today as I had to get used to the new place. I told her this was kidnapping and to let me out! She once again smiled. She asked me before she let me play, did I want to change my clothes to something pretty and did I want to change my diaper. I really wanted to punch her! I shouted that I was not a baby.

I walked around and the place was so strange. On the walls, there were stupid cartoon pictures and things like cut out kittens and ladybugs and butterflies. There was no PlayStation or any computer. The toys were dolls, and teddies, and playhouse and colouring books. There were some tables that you could paint or draw on. In one corner, there was a reading chair and some cushions around it.

In the next room, there were changing tables and wardrobes. I have never seen so many dresses and girl clothes in my life. One girl was there in tears. She had a pretty dress on, with tights and she was looking in the mirror. The nanny was telling her that her hair would grow. It was quite short, like a boy’s haircut. Who would want long hair anyhow? The nanny suggested that the girl got her ears pierced so she would look more and more like a girl.

The last room was full of big cribs. I am not joking, they were cribs! In one of them, a girl was sleeping. She was about my age. There was a small room in this room that had a toilet and 6 potty seats on the ground. This place was so strange! It was also full of bright colours. It looked like a nursery!

I sat down in a corner and watched the girls playing with the dolls and some were colouring. The nanny always smiled telling them how pretty they were and how behaved they were. The girls were reminded that a good girl does not complain, get mad or fight. I felt like I wanted to vomit.

One girl came over to me. Her name was Hannah. She welcomed me and told me not to worry; someday I would just be like her. I told her to sod off. I wanted to use stronger language but figured that she was just trying to be nice to me. I do not know why she thought it, but why would I want to be like her?

The nanny told me it was time to go home. I jumped up and told her I was ready. She told me she was proud of me for being so behaved, despite for some outbursts. She took me to the empty room and I saw the glass wall. It was still my sitting room and mom was sitting on the sofa. The nanny told me to walk through the glass wall. As I done this, some wind suddenly came and it was like I was blown through the glass wall. I ended up on my bum just in front of the sofa.

Mum gave me a hug. I asked her did she know that the TV would do this to me. Why did she not tell me? She shrugged her shoulders and asked would I have believed her if she said a TV would suck me in it. She had a point but I was still mad that she sent me to such a strange place. She could see my face and told me this nursery would be good for me, as I was becoming an angry boy that did not like the world. She wanted me to be happy again and compassionate again. I looked her in the eyes and told her it is a place for big babies and they all wore diapers. Besides that, I was the only boy! She smiled and said who knows who is a boy and girl. She told me I had to stop judging people and thinking some people are better than others. She then asked me if I wanted to have a hug. I stormed into my room and shut the door as loud as I could.

The next day, I was pretty much silent at class. I wanted to tell them all about my weird experience. However, I knew that no one would believe it. On the way home from school I asked Jim if the reason he was never in school showers because he wore diapers? He laughed and said he only wore them at night. He laughed when he saw me looking at his bum to see if he had a bulge. I then told him that I did not understand why he peed the bed. No one else done it and maybe he should grow up. Then I asked him was the reason I never was invited to his house because he had baby toys? This was too much for Jim that shouted that I was not always that nice and times he ever wondered why he was my friend.

As I walked in the house, mom didn’t even ask why I was sad. She was in a rush. She did tell me to watch TV. I knew what would happen if I did. I thought I would be smart and I went to my room and sat on my bed. Was it true what Jim said? Was I evil? I didn’t have time to think as the whole house spun around again and I was once again flying through the air. The TV found me in my room and dragged me through the whole house. I was sucked in the TV and landed again once on my bum.

The nanny once again asked me if I needed a diaper or pretty clothes on. The question did not surprise me. I said I was big and didn’t need any. She smiled and told me it was ok as I was still new. I hid in my corner and looked around. I knew the nanny would come to me sometime and say it was time to go home again. I was looking around at the girls. They were all big babies and yet they were so happy and they were so kind each other. Even when someone took a toy, they might get mad and throw a tantrum, but once they played again, they were friends. I was now crying because I was thinking that I did hurt the best friend I had. I must have been crying for some time when Hannah (the girl I met the day before) came over and put a pacifier in my mouth. I did not spit it out. It was quite relaxing. She didn’t say much except that I looked so sad and I needed a friend. I told her how I teased my best friend. She shrugged her shoulder and said we all worry about who we should be and not what we are.

The next day, I thought a lot about what happened at the nursery and how they were all nice. Jim was careful on the way home. I told him I was sorry for thinking I was better and he was my friend for always, even if he had 3 legs. I told him that baby toys were not that bad and admitted that I played with blocks in the last few days. I did not tell him it was on a TV. There was so much that he would believe.

A few days went and I was now good friends with Hannah. We were together all the time. I didn’t mind that she was dressed like a frilly doll. One day when the TV spat me out again, I gave mom a hug and this sort of shocked her as it was a few years since I gave her a hug. I told her the nanny and Hannah all said that I had lovely thick hair and it was cute the way it was wavy. They told me I should get long hair like a rock star. Mom smiled and said she would support me.

A week after, I was now once again on my bum after being sucked in the TV. The nanny led me to my spot where Hannah was waiting. We played with dolls and blocks for a bit and then nanny read us a story about some caterpillar that did not want to be a butterfly. Nanny smiled and said most of us where pretty butterflies. I frowned as that meant I was a caterpillar. The nanny told us it was time for naps. This was the time I missed Hannah the most, as I would be alone. However, the nanny told me I would also be taking a nap today. I could have fought her as she lowered me in the crib. However, I admit I was tired. I slept holding a pink teddy bear and had a pacifier in my mouth. I put my hand up to my hair and felt if it was getting long. It was still very short. I sighed as I closed my eyes.

When I woke up, I was disorientated and remembered I was on the Daycare channel. Hannah was smiling through the crib bars and said she had to get changed. The nanny smiled and said that I had to get changed too. I looked and I suddenly realized I wet the bed. I started to panic a bit as I never wet the bed! I knew a rule here was that if you wet, you would get a diaper. The nanny lifted me out of bed and I pleaded with her all the way to the changing room to let me wear briefs and not a diaper. She was quite calm as I was going more into tantrum mode and said rules are for everyone.

I was crying and begging when she lifted Hannah on the changing table. Then I suddenly shut up as Hannah’s diaper came off. I was shocked and could not say a word. Nanny told me that it is true that Hannah has a boy’s body but does that mean she is different than she was when I did not know? I was now on the changing table and my mind was in turmoil. She was a boy. Of course, I shouted this. Nanny said she is not a boy. If we were to ask Hannah, she would say she is a girl. She acts and thinks and feels like a girl. Does a boy’s body mean that she is a boy?

The diaper was now on me. Of course, it was a girl’s diaper. Now I knew why there were no boys there. They were all convinced they were girls. They must have been brainwashed.

When the TV spat me out again, mom was waiting. I told her everything and warned her that they will brainwash me where I would think I was a girl. Mom smiled and asked do I think I am a girl? I said no! Mom said that settles it. I am a boy. No one would brainwash me. I believed her.

Later, she asked me did I want to wear a diaper to bed. I ripped off the diaper and said I would sleep in my briefs. I was after all 10 years old. Wetting at the nursey must have been a mistake. Mom understood and she asked me if I wanted to hear a bedtime story. I told her I wanted her to read my Spiderman book. I put a pink pacifier in my mouth and went to sleep.

The next morning I told my mom that I wet my bed. She told me I had a lot to think in my mind and not be worried.

It was weekend and that meant no nursery. I was excited as Jim said I could come to his house. It would be the first time ever I would see his bedroom. When I came I was surprised. Jim had all the things that I wished for. He had everything from PlayStation, Lego and so many trucks and cars. I must have been looking with my eyes wide open. Jim smiled and asked did I expect him to be living in a nursey. I blushed and laughed and we started playing all afternoon. The funny thing is we ended playing with the toys he had as a toddler. It was a toy Fisher price telephone. I never had such a good time. I wanted to tell him that I wet the bed, but I was too embarrassed.

Before I went home, I noticed one of his wardrobes was open. I could see some lace. I was so curious that I did something a guest never should do. I pretended to open the wardrobe asking if he had more toys in the closet. He opened his mouth to protest but it was already open. Once again my mouth was open and I knew my world was about to change. There were dresses in his wardrobe. There were girl t-shirts and leggings. Jim said he could explain. He tried to open his mouth, but I ran out and ran all the way home. The last thing I heard was him that said it’s not what I think.

When I came home, I found out I wet myself. I wet myself several times that weekend also during the day.

It was Monday and Jim and I did not speak with each other at school. It was also the worse day of school because I wet myself during class. The school nurse did not have any briefs, so I had to wear Minnie mouse panties. I was being teased for wetting my pants all day, so it was a relief when I was walking home from school. Jim asked me if he could walk with him. I told him there was no law against it and politely said thank you for not teasing me that day. Jim wanted to explain the dresses, but I told him I did not have time. The fact is that I did not want to hear why he had a dress. It was too much for me to hear.

When I came home, I stood before the TV. As I expected, it sucked me in and I landed on my bum. The nanny smile and said she always thinks of putting cushions there. On the way to the room, she asked me if I wanted to wear a diaper or pretty clothes. I was quiet for a bit and admitted that I was having lots of accidents. Nanny said that maybe I would wear a diaper. I said ok. She led me into the changing room and put a diaper on me. She was surprised that I was wearing panties and I told her why.

After we sat down and she cuddled me. “I think you must be very confused,” she said. “Knowing Hannah was born a boy must have been very strange and the fact that you are now wearing a diaper must also make you think what is normal. The most important thing is that a doctor checks your bladder. We have to know why you are wetting. Until then you will wear diapers. This does not mean you are a baby”

I nodded and Hannah joined the hug. Hannah was afraid I would not be her friend. I said she is my friend but I was just confused. Hannah explained that she was born as a boy, but she knew she was not a boy- She was a girl and she wanted to live as a girl. She knew that she has something between her legs, but she was still a girl. The mistake on her body could be fixed. She tried going to a normal school, but everyone teased her. She was not even allowed to use the girl’s toilets. Everyone was calling her a freak, and she would have done something bad if she stayed there. She felt safe here.

Nanny told me I was wearing panties. That did not mean I was a girl or wanted to be a girl. It was a stupid rule that men could not wear dresses. Nanny looked me in the eyes and asked would I be a girl if I wore a dress? I was confused. She smiled and said I would still be the same person that liked jeans.

I gave Hannah a hug saying we would always be friends. Then I had to see the doctor.

Mom was waiting for me when the TV spat me out. She said she heard I seen the doctor and he suggested I wear a diaper. I asked my mom did she still love me because I had to wear a diaper. She hugged me and said it was a stupid question. I wore the diaper and sat down next to mom. I asked mom why did boys wear dresses? She said a few considered themselves a girl and others just like looking like a girl. She looked at me and said if she saw me with a dress on, she would still love me. This was even if I considered myself a girl or I just wanted to look like a girl. I gave her a hug back and told her I was a boy.

The next day, at the nursery I was with Hannah as usual. I told her about Jim and she said that it must be so hard for him that I did not talk with him since I saw the dresses. I felt bad about it. The worse was that I was thinking so much what I thought; I didn’t even think what he was going through.

Hannah was looking for a pretty dress to wear. She picked one out. It was a purple dress with white lace. It was so pretty. She told me not to look so sad, and this dress would look nice on me. I took the dress and put it on. I was sure that I would look like a geek. However, when I looked in the mirror, I looked like a girl. My hair was still a bit short, but when Hannah put a ribbon in it, I did look pretty. We played all day in our dresses.

I was in a good mood when the TV spat me out. I went to be early because it was weekend and I had to speak with Jim.

Jim looked at me in a shy way the next day and nearly was afraid to let me in his house. I lowered my pants enough to show him I was wearing a diaper. He was speechless and then I admitted I went to a daycare and I even wore a dress before. I was getting quite worried when he sat there silent. I tried telling him I was sorry for the way I reacted and I wanted to be his friend. I understood him. Then he told me his story. He was born as a girl but knows that inside his body he is a boy. This is why he never showered with us. He still has a girl’s body. He felt bad that he did not tell me, but at the last school meeting, I judged transgenders and bedwetters so hard.

I gave him a hug and said he is a boy to me, and I will not make the same mistake at the next school meeting. Everyone would be there, Pupils, teachers and families. Jim looked worried. I told him not to worry as I would not tell anyone about him.

That night, I did not wet the bed. The next day was the same. It seems as if the phase was part of my past.

The school meeting came. I arranged with the class teacher that I wanted to give a speech. She sighed when she remembered the last meeting, but she said she would support that I wanted to give my views. We were still a democratic country.

Everyone was sitting down and listening to speaker after speaker. I was waiting outside as I did not want people to see me. Then the teacher said it was my turn, but she could not see me. I walked in and there was silence. Everyone looked at me, and you could hear a pin drop. I was wearing the purple dress and tights and some nice sandals. The teacher wanted to take me out, but I stood my ground and opened my heart to everyone there.

“You are all in shock. If the way I dress you shocks you, then it does not take much. I am not better than you. At the last school meeting, I denounced what I called sissies and bedwetters. I have learnt a lot since

Yes, I am wearing a dress and I do look pretty. The problem is boys cannot look pretty. We are not allowed to wear dresses or be feminine. If we do, we are freaks. The fact is that I have played dress up a few times. I do feel pretty and I like feeling pretty. This does not make me a sissy. I am a boy and I like being a boy. I also like looking pretty.

I have a friend that has a boy’s body but she is a girl inside. She tried going to a normal school and was teased and bullied. The adults were no better. Some considered it a phase, and others considered it a sickness. I would bet that many thought she was perverse. Mom told me what that word means. She is a great friend and those that bully her do not know her.

Those that bullies people like me or her are the ones that are sick. They are so closed in their minds, that they are the people that have problems.

I am wearing a dress. I do look pretty. My heart is pretty. What about your heart?”

I got down from the podium and the place was totally silent. Mom came up to me and gave me a hug saying she was proud of me

A few people clapped.

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