International Miss Sissy

. .International Miss Sissy Written by Dauphin Being re-written, to correct the spelling and grammer mistakes

Welcome to Miss Sissy. Boys all across the world that are competing to be this year’s International Sissy. There are no losers in this competition, it takes lots of courage for each boy to come here and tell about their transgender issues.

Dauphin’s readers will vote for the winner of Miss Sissy. 


United States of America


I am from the USA. I am so happy to represent my country here. I hope that I can inspire other children and their parents. I have been very lucky because of my Mum and my Dad. I am the luckiest child in the world.


Ever since I was young, I knew that deep down I was a girl. It was like I had a boy’s body and a girl’s soul and mind. I remember once when I was about 4, my Dad asked me if I wanted to be a fire-fighter, and I said I wanted to be a cheerleader. He thought about it, and said that boys could also be cheerleaders. I laughed and said that only girls could be cheerleaders. I already knew that I was girl and nothing would change my mind about this.  

I was used to not being normal. You see I have always wet my pants. Doctor says that it is a weak bladder. This means that I have to wear diapers. Of course everyone at school found out and it is something they always teased me about. They called me pee-pants and baby and all those things. I did cry and it made me sad, but wouldn’t it make you sad? They say that sticks and stones do not break bones, but they are wrong! I remember when I was 5; I asked my Mum if she would buy me the pretty girl diapers, as if I needed them, I would like to wear them.


Mum answered by saying that I should see a special doctor. That doctor asked me loads of questions and we played lots of games. This went on for some time. I was happy to go as the games we played were quite fun. I remember once that we just sat and played with Barbie’s.  

After I visited her some time, Mum asked me if I would like to be a girl. This confused me so I said that I was a girl. Then she explained that I would wear girl clothes and have a girl bedroom. I was so happy. It was the happiest day of my life. I remember that Mum was confused because I started crying, but I cried because I was so happy.

Since then I have been living as a girl. The first time I showed my friends that I was a girl were at my birthday party. I was 6. Mum and Dad explained to them that some girls are born with boy’s bodies, and I was wearing girl’s clothes because I was a girl. The other children didn’t seem to care and accepted it, Even though they still teased me about my diapers. I remember that the other mothers looked a bit strange and like they were mad and disgusted at Mom and Dad. I didn’t even notice the parents nearly shouting with my parents when I was playing with my friends.  

I lost many of the friends I had. Their parents probably told them that I was strange and even gay. We didn’t even know what that meant. At the start, I cried about it. But Dad told me that everyone is strange. There is no normal person. Some like Star wars, some wears glasses, some likes Madonna, Everyone is strange is some one’s eyes. He was right. I did get a lot of new friends, as girls accepted me as their friend. I was happy.


I know that many Sissies like clothes and all that. For me, girl clothes and toys and games show what I am on the inside. I could easily go with boy clothes and feel the same. But when I wear girl’s clothes, they can see who I am.


I also like things like cheerleading and especially make up. I like when my friends and I fix each other’s hair and go looking at clothes in the shop.  

In the future, I might get a sex change and be a woman. But that’s far off now. The doctor did suggest that I take some pills to look more like a girl. I can’t wait to I start them.



I come from Spain. It’s not the best picture of me, is it? I just couldn’t smile. But I do like the skirt. I am a sissy, but it was not my choice, or was it?

When I was 7, my Dad left us. He got tired of Moms mood swings and her constant bickering. After he left us Mum became totally strange. She hated men. The worse thing is that she thought I looked like my Dad. For a few months it was impossible to live with her. She hated me because I was a boy.

Then one day when I came home from school, the house was empty. Mum said that we were moving to a new house. I was so confused. I didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye to my old school and friends. They were the only comfort I had in my life. Now I was going away to a new strange house.

When I got there, I was shocked. My room was a girl’s room. My clothes were also girl’s clothes. Mum started calling me her daughter and told me to put my new clothes on. I did so because I didn’t want her to be mad at me. When I put on panties, and tights and a skirt and a blouse, Mum laughed and said no boy would ever do that unless he was a sissy. Then she told me that I could wear girl’s clothes at home. Then she wouldn’t think of me as a boy or man that will break a woman’s heart, but a sissy that will learn what a woman wants.

Of course, I had to wear panties in school and within no time this was found out. It didn’t help that my Mum wouldn’t cut my hair and I had hair down to my shoulders. I looked like a girl. I understand why everyone called me sissy. I was one! Still it made me feel sad why they teased me and didn’t understand what was happening to me. I was also confused why Mum hated me because Dad left and wanted me to be a sissy.

One day when I came home, Mum said that all girls should learn to play the Piano. She said that this guy would teach me how to play the Piano. I was to wear this pretty fluffy dress that went above my knees and some Mary Jane’s and of course tights. Playing the Piano was so sissy.

He came a few times, but he was very strange. Always put his hand around me and things like kissing me on the chin. I told Mum about it, but she just said that if I don’t like it, I should find my own boyfriend. I was not gay!  One day he started touching my tights and then it went higher and higher. He found out I was a sissy boy and freaked out running out of the house. I told my Mum, and she said she did hear that he likes girls. She wondered why he didn’t make a girl out of me.

Before I knew it, the police and child services were at the door. They took me to a foster home and Mom was arrested. There was a court case where I was in a foster care and Mom was in a mental hospital.

The problems were not over. I was unhappy. I was back to normal. I was a boy again and my foster family loved me. I do not know why I was so unhappy. It’s not like I missed my Mum. I was happy that I lived with my foster family. I spoke with my stepparents. They asked me straight out did I like wearing girl’s clothes. I said yes, because they felt nice and somehow I felt happy in them. I knew I was a boy; I just liked pretending to be a girl. My stepparents looked down on the floor and then smiled. They said I could wear girl’s clothes, but not at school and only when I wanted. They would not call me sissy. They will call me by my name.

So that’s why I am here. It was not my choice to be a sissy. But it was my choice to stay a sissy, at least part time. People may tease me. But I am happy who I am and who I can be.


Hello. I am from Ireland. I am happy to be in this contest, even though many people will think is not good being called Miss Sissy. But I don’t mind. I think that I look great today. I also seen the other boys, and it was great speaking with them. It’s nice that no one is mean and that we are not afraid of showing who we really are.

For me, it all started with a girl next door. I never spoke with her or anything like that. I mean she was a girl. Then one day, when I was bored, I visited her house. I just sat and watched her as she practiced her ballet. She was wearing a tutu and tights and those strange slippers. It was like as if I was in a trance. I just stared at her.

I visited her every day and the more I seen her do ballet, the more I was in a trance. One when she was finished her practice; she said she wished that I was her baby sister. I didn’t laugh. I just couldn’t wait until I came the next time. The next time was the same, she started doing ballet and in between saying how much she wanted a baby sister. I was in a trance as usual. Then she asked did I want to try? I said nothing as she started putting ballet clothes on me. Even taking my boxers off and putting panties on. It was humiliating, but it was like I was in a trance. I wanted to learn how to do ballet. At the end I looked in the mirror. I looked like a girl. I felt the tights and tutu; they were so soft. She was delighted and said that now she has a little sister. Every day since then she taught me how to do ballet. I became quite good at it and loved every minute of it. I even liked the clothes. They felt so soft and nice on my body.

Once, she invited me over for the weekend. Before I knew it she said I would be her baby sister all weekend. I said nothing. It was like she had me in a trance again. Before I knew it, she had me on the bed and started changing my clothes. Her mum stood at the door a bit drunk and told me she heard I was going to be a baby sister all weekend. I didn’t say anything. It was in that trance. I didn’t even say a word when she put a diaper on me and a pink dress with a lot of ribbons and bows. When I was about to ask some obvious questions, she put a pacifier in my mouth.

That weekend and many weekends after, I was her baby sister. She would dress me as a baby girl and take care of me. I even slept in a crib. Sometimes it was embarrassing because she would invite some of her friends from school. It was embarrassing being a baby sissy. They would say that I looked so cute and ask if I wet myself or did I want a bottle?

During the week again I was a boy, Even though the girls would smile as they knew my secret. Especially when my neighbour bought me a pink coat for my birthday, then the girls would whisper “sissy” in my ears, sometimes they would ask was I dry?

So that is my life. During the week, I am a boy with a pink coat and during the weekend, I am a sissy baby under a trance. I will tell the truth, I look forward to every weekend when I am a sissy baby, Even though it is a bit humiliating when the other girls “take care” of me. Who know, maybe one day I will marry my neighbour and be a sissy baby all the time. That’s what she is planning.

United Kingdom

I am from the United Kingdom. I am a sissy. I love girl’s clothes and I love boys. I can admit this now, but my journey to this has been a long one.

I come from a strict family. My parents believed that we should be all proper and that. They never spanked us or anything like that, but they did other things that many would consider weird. I had a friend for years. We were all the time together. He was a bit taller than me, as I was a bit small for my age. My sissy days started once when he was spending a weekend at my house. We did this millions of times before, but that night was different. We slept in my bed as usual, but I couldn’t sleep. I just stared in his face and thought that he looked very cute. I didn’t think twice that I thought a boy was cute. I couldn’t help myself. I gave him a kiss and before I knew it we were kissing and kissing and kissing.

I didn’t realize that Mum was standing at the door. She was mad as anything. My friend slept on the sofa and the next day he was sent home. Then she came into me and didn’t care that I was crying. She started saying that she didn’t want a gay son, and a faggot and all that. I didn’t really understand what she was saying. I just kissed him, how can that be wrong?

Then she said I would be punished. She didn’t say anything as she started undressing me. I was crying and she just was silent. I cried even more when she put this old fashioned petticoat dress on me that they wore in the fifties. I looked confused at my mom with tears going down my eyes. Then she said that if I liked boys, I could be a girl all summer. Maybe when school started again, I would learn that boys are not to like boys. To this day, I do not understand that logic.

All summer I was a sissy, or as mum called me a girl. I wore girl clothes all the time and even played with dolls and other girl things. I only cried the first day and then I started enjoying it. Of course I didn’t say this to my parents. They would just make me be a boy again.

Even when we went to the mall or the park or Church, I would wear girl clothes. It was embarrassing when someone knew me and Mum or Dad explained that I was being punished because I kissed a boy. I knew when school started that everyone would think that I was gay. Boys would stare at me. I really did look like a girl. I was freaked out when men would look at me. I smiled back at the boys that were cute. I felt like a real princess then.

Well after the summer was over, I knew I was a sissy. Friends, neighbours and family called me a sissy, but it didn’t bother me. That summer was the happiest summer in my life. I was once again a boy. Mum thought that I had learnt my lesson.

I did learn who I was. I am a sissy. Sometimes when Mum is not home, I would sneak the old dresses on. I know what I will be when I leave home. I will be a sissy! Well, I am a sissy at heart.


I am from China, and now I will tell you a secret. You know the girls that helped with the parades and presenting medals in the last Olympics. Well, I was one of them. I bet you are wondering how this happened.

My Dad was one of the organizers of the parades and presentations. He had to find people that will walk, and parade and be in the ceremonies. I begged that I wanted to be one of them. I wanted to be on TV in front of billions of people. It could be something that I could tell my grandchildren that I was in the 2008 Olympics. Dad kept saying no, that he had enough children and that I could sit with him in the VIP area in the stadium.

That was not good enough. I kept on nagging him and asking him and I thought at the end he would kick me out of the house. But I was lucky he didn’t. I knew just about how far I could push him. Then he would start sweating and then I would wait to ask at another time.

The day of the Olympics he told me to stand before him. He started saying that he never understood why Mum never cut my hair, but now he was happy that she did not. He looked at my body and said that I had a very feminine body. I knew this. Everyone at school told me that I had a girls face and body. It never made me mad but I couldn’t understand why my dad was teasing me now. He said I could be a child in the Olympics, but I would have to be a girl, as that was the only place left. Without thinking that much about the girl part, I said yes. I just heard him say that I could be in the Olympics.

So I was rushed down to the dressing room, and had this traditional Chinese dress on. They did my face with lots make up, especially around the eyes. I looked in the mirror. I was no longer a boy. I looked like the empress of China. Dad was waiting for a tantrum. I just hugged him and said thanks.

The Olympics was the best part of my life. I was a girl for two weeks, and the other girls never even knew it. I tried so many outfits on and I felt free as a bird. At one stage I wished that God created me as a girl. But maybe this will happen in the next life. If there were an Olympics competition for sissies, I would have won it.

Sadly the Olympics were over, and I was once again a boy.

Everyone at school recognized that it was me in the Olympics, and they called me sissy and empress and things like that. Some even asked if I was gay. I am not gay. No way.

I am a sissy. Sometimes when no one is home, I sneak into Mums room and try her make up on. Then I try on the skirts and things I wore to the Olympics. For the next few hours, I am myself again, a sissy.



I am from Australia. This is a story that you will not believe, but I am the living proof that it happens.

My parents were well off, and I don’t think they really liked me. They thought I cried too much and never liked the toys they gave me. They always said I was strange. It didn’t help when I cried because they thought I was such a disappointment.

Soon they had me enough. They said I was going to go to a boarding school. It was a special school that no one knew about. When I saw it, it looked like some old castle. On the way in, I noticed that there was no suitcase or luggage. This confused me. Maybe the head mistress would be nice and tell me what was happening.

As soon as I got in the door, Mum and Dad left. They hardly even said goodbye. I looked around. I could only see girls. Where were the boys? The girls took me into the headmistress office.

She stood there while a nurse started stripping me. Tears were coming to my eyes as I thought how humiliating it was getting naked in front of two women. I closed my eyes and the tears flowed shorter and shorter as I could feel nice fabrics touching my skin. I did not open my eyes as I was afraid seeing them laughing at my nakedness. It felt like silky clouds were clothing me. I smiled a bit and the head mistress said she was proud of me. I opened my eyes. I was in a girl’s school uniform. My mouth must have been wide open.

The Mistress said that there were no girls here. It was only boys that wanted to be girls. This school taught them how to be girls and later women and would not be teased and mocked by society. I would start by being a baby girl. Then I would learn how to be a young girl. Then I with the help of operations and drugs, I would have a woman’s body. She explained from what my parents already told her, I had the mind of a girl. If this continued, I would be bullied and teased all my life.

So there I was in this hidden school. About to be transferred from a boy to a girl. I spent the first time there as a baby with oversized cribs and bottles and pacifiers. This was a happy time in my life, as I didn’t have any worries. I enjoyed the diapers and baby clothes. I loved the pacifier and after a bit I cried if I couldn’t find it though. I didn’t like the baby food though. I suppose I couldn’t like everything. I quickly forgot about my former life as a boy and started thinking I was a baby girl.

The Time came for me to be a big girl. This was hard, saying goodbye to the pacifier and the bottles. The diaper was more of a challenge, as I had to be potty trained. This didn’t go so well, as I couldn’t keep dry at night-time, so I was not one of the big girls. I was on my way to becoming one.

After so much time at this school, I must admit that I am thinking like a girl. I no longer think I am a boy. The strange behaviour I had when I was smaller was probably the girl inside of me. I mean I would probably have rather played with a dollhouse than a gun. I am glad my parents made this sacrifice.

Some people here ask me if I like boys. My answer is that it is a secret. But I think I am too young to kiss a boy yet. My first kiss will be special.

South Africa

I am a sissy, or at least everyone says I am. I come from South Africa. Things are better for blacks now, but we still have some problems. There is poverty amongst the blacks. I lived with my Mum. I don’t know where my Dad is. Mum said that she doesn’t want to talk about it. It was very hard for my mum to get some work. Maybe she aimed too high. She wanted to live in a white person’s house. She thought that I could have a good future. But who would give her a job, with a son?

It happened. One day she came home to the slums where we lived and she was so happy. She said she got a job. We danced around the small hut we lived in. We were going to move into a big house. We would never be cold or hungry again. Then Mum told me to sit down. She said. “There is one problem, they didn’t want a boy in the house, and so I told them that I had a daughter. This means that we have a problem. You will have to pretend that you’re my daughter. There is only an old woman there; she does not know the difference. She probably thinks that all blacks look the same. I know it’s a lot to ask you, but if you do not want to do it, then I will understand.”

I thought about it and told my Mum that I would do it. It will help her and I would do anything for her, even be a girl. I know she felt guilty and thought that it was a sin or something wrong. I hugged her and told her that this was life. Life isn’t fair and we will still be together in a nice house. Even if I wore a dress, I would be myself. Mum cried and cried, saying that I was very mature for my age and she was happy.

So we moved to the old woman’s big house. Mum was a servant and helped her with everything, as the old woman was... well old and could hardly do anything except sit in her chair. Mum told me to stay in our room and the kitchen, so I wouldn’t disturb her. I really didn’t want anyone to see me, as I wore dresses and panties all the time. I felt like so strange, like these clothes transformed me to a girl. I knew I was a boy and a dress should not make a difference. But try to tell my brain that. Maybe it’s because I could feel every breeze go up the dress, and this felt sort of nice

Once Mum asked me to go to the shop, because she needed some apples. I looked at her pleading not to send me out there looking like this. She said no one would notice anything. Just don’t look like I am hiding anything. I did as she said and she was right! No one looked at me funny or said anything. The shopkeeper even praised me, saying I was cute and a good daughter for helping my Mum. I skipped all the way home. Of course when I got home, I felt guilty about skipping.

One day I heard this strange music. It was some old music. I thought that the old lady was sleeping, so I snuck in the big sitting room to see what was happening. Then I got a shock when I saw her sitting there. I started to tremble and cry. She called me over and gave me a hug and said she wondered when she would see me. Then she talked for ages about her youth and everything she seen and experienced. I was lost in her world and loved the sound of her voice and her stories. Since then I was allowed to come in, as she enjoyed talking with someone.

So that was my life. I was now a sissy. It was to give my mum a better life. At the beginning I was very aware of it and frightened. Then after some time, I didn’t notice that I was wearing girl’s things or acting or thinking as a girl. This meant that I was and is a real sissy. I don’t know if I will be a sissy in the future. But there is a lot of time to think about that. 


As you can see I am from Israel. Someone told me not to enter this competition because some hates Israel because of politics. I decided to come anyhow, as my story is just as important as politics or anything else.

I was a normal family living in Israel. Ok, My Mum and dad were rich. But I didn’t really know the difference between Rich and Poor. I was a happy boy with a happy life. I didn’t know what a sissy was. I didn’t consider myself a girl. I was a boy. I liked boy games and boy clothes and in fact boy everything. If I knew a sissy, I would laugh at a sissy. I mean they would be so weird. I didn’t really know what a gay was, but if anyone was gay, I would say that they were gross. It was a sin and all that.

This was until one day when I was on the way home from School. This old car moved beside me and three military type men pulled aside and pointed guns at me and told me to get in the car. I think I wet my briefs just then. I sat in the car and started to cry. Of course I knew what this was. There have been a lot of kidnappings lately, and it was hard to find the children. No one knew why. I heard these rumours and was afraid that no one would find me again. Maybe this was why I cried like a baby. This woman stuck a needle in me and before I knew it, everything went black.

When I woke up, I couldn’t remember anything. I didn’t know my parents or what my name was. I looked down and seen that I was wearing this long skirt and nice tank tube top. For a second, I thought I was a boy, but I was wearing girl clothes, so I must be a girl. This was confirmed when this farm woman came in and called me her daughter, She explained that I was very sick and that’s why I was in bed for so long. It has also harmed my bladder so I had to wear diapers. I was so sad about this that I thought it was like I was a baby. Mum said no one else would know and she would always love me. She gave me a hug and I felt so confused. Why didn’t I even remember her?

So my life as a girl started. Of course I was a sissy, but I really didn’t know this. I noticed that some neighbours were not the same as me. A part of my brain told me that they were Israel’s enemies. But they were so nice to me and I quickly became their friends. In this farming community, half were like me and half were them that I thought should be enemies, but they were so nice. We all helped each other on the farms and this was not really hard. It was great fun when we helped each other.

I quickly got used to being a girl. I mean at this stage I always thought I was. I thought it was just my memory loss that made me forget I was a girl. At the start, I was a tomboy, and wanted to play football (soccer) and the boy’s games. Then I noticed the other girls didn’t play them at all, so I just joined them. They only talked about clothes and boys. It took me some time to think that this was interesting to talk about. We talked about what clothes were nice and which boy was cute. At the beginning, I didn’t think any boy was cute, but then I started to like one boy. I won’t tell you about the time we kissed, otherwise mum would be mad. You can imagine that these were happy days in my life.

My life was turned upside down when the security force found us. It was International News and everyone felt sorry for us. They just didn’t understand that we have done something that politicians couldn’t do. Maybe it was because we were children, but we lived in peace. The investigations showed that we were kidnapped and brainwashed that we were girls. It was hard to find a boy when the boy was a girl. We lived in a mixed community, where we have learned to like and respect our enemies. Our enemies became friends. The good thing was that only the children were caught, the families that we lived with escaped.

I was sent home to my real mum and dad. After a while, they could see that I was unhappy. They called me sissy and said they wanted their old son back. After a lot of visits to doctors and shrinks, they were told that it was not possible. I now considered myself as a girl and my new family were the kidnappers. After some time, Mum and Dad decided that I would only be happy with them. It made my mum very sad, but she wanted me to be happy. They drove me back to the kidnappers and said I could live there if I spent holidays and summers with them. How many parents would do this?

So now I live as a girl on a farm. I have no enemies and we are the future hope of Israel. I will always love my real parents and speak with them every day on the telephone. They lost a son, but gained a daughter.


I am from Egypt. I am so happy to represent my country. I think I have an important story to tell her. It’s about being a sissy, but also about hate. Hate is the greatest sickness on earth, and we hate because we are afraid. I experienced a lot of hate in my life that made me to what I am now.

I was living with Mum. We were Christians living in Egypt, which is a Muslim country. That’s OK, because I respected them and didn’t talk much about religion anyhow. Things changed when Mum met and married my step dad. He was a Muslim. Some would say he was one of these fundamental Muslims. That didn’t bother Mum. She married him. Then the problems started. He would make Mum wear those strange scarves and clothes. He considered me as his real son. He wanted me to be a Muslim and started teaching me the verses in the Koran. However, I didn’t believe in that much of what it said. Maybe that is because my foundation was what the Bible says. This often made him mad, as he thought that the only real religion was his. A few times, he hit me and told me that I had to open my heart to Allah. I said I did, because Allah and God are the same. Then he started hitting me. He even threatened to kill me.

This was enough for my Mum. She said that we had to go into hiding because he probably would kill me. She thought and thought how we could go into hiding, and not being caught. Then she came up with an idea, I would be dressed as a girl and she would wear the full Islam clothes. She spent a few weeks planning this and I could see that she was afraid.

The day came when we were to escape. We went to the market where we disappeared in a clothes shop. I was put in a long skirt and a top. Mum was letting my hair grow, so they just put it in small braids. He said that he didn’t have to do anything with my face as it looked like girls face anyhow. I felt like kicking him where the light never shown. But then thought it was good, because then I would not get any plastic surgery. Mum came out. I couldn’t see who she was. Good that I knew her plan.

We were on the streets again. Mum whispered to hold her hand as a daughter would and do not look confused or afraid. I tried not to, although I didn’t understand why people didn’t see I was a boy. Did the clothes and hair confuse them so much? We met my grandfather who drove to a town in the middle of nowhere.

So our life started. I was now a girl. I learned how to do my hair and could spend hours doing it. I became very aware what clothes I was wearing. Some said that Cleopatra must have been as beautiful as me. That was not right, but it made me blush at the same time. I was now thinking like a girl, acting like a girl, and even looking at boys like a girl. The only problem was that I had the body of a boy

My step Dad looked for us and looked. Soon we heard that he got married again. This meant that I could be a boy again, my Mum said. I started crying and crying and said I was now a girl. I was a sissy. Mum joined in with my crying and said that it was her fault. She made me into a sissy. I hugged her and said that is who I am.

So since then, Mum has been given me hormones and things to help my body look like a girl’s body. I noticed some changes. My boy’s thing has gone very short. When I am older I can get an operation that will make me to a woman. I can’t wait for that.

The school does know that I am a sissy, and I get teased a lot. It hurts me because they know how I became one but they think its funny teasing and it does not hurt my feelings. But I know who I am, and if others do not accept it, then that is because they are full of hatred or are just ignorant.


I am from India. When you hear about India, you think we are all poor and living in slums. That was not I. My family was very rich. I never did see my Dad. He was never at home and he didn’t really care about us. I never saw him. For all he cares, we could have been killed in some accident and he wouldn’t care. He just sent Mum some money and this made us well of.

As for Mum she was quite eccentric. Crazy some would say. I was born a twin. I had a sister that I really loved and we did everything together. My strange life started when I was a baby. I would dress just like my sister and no one knew the difference. In fact they thought that I was a girl. I didn’t know the difference between a boy and girl so I really didn’t understand. I just lived my life as a girl, my sister’s sister. Who was I to know how eccentric my mother was.

The fact is that my mother went to a very exclusive private school for girls, in which she nearly worshipped. This is eccentric enough; I mean who worships their school? Her wish is that her children would also go to this school. Now me being born a boy have caused problems here. But nothing my mother couldn’t solve. She would just raise me as a girl. If she did this from the start, then it would be easier to brainwash me or get rid of any boy in me.

To help the case, she started giving me these shots that were to increase the girl hormones in me.

Then some crack of a doctor persuaded her that I should have a sex operation when I was very young. Yes you guessed it. They cut some parts off and made other parts that a girl should have. I will tell you, that this was painful and the doctor made a mistake so that I had no control in my bladder. This meant that I was meant to wear diapers for the rest of my life. Being a young child, I did not understand why my sister didn’t have to get this operation that was so painful. But after, I could see that we had the same bodies. The shots and the Tablets continued.  I was told they were vitamins.

My Mum got what she wished. My sister and I started at that exclusive school for girls. It was great fun. My sister wore the same clothes and we spent much of the time together. We were nearly identical. So when my sister got in trouble, she would just say it was my fault. It was a girl’s world, and that suited me fine.

The troubles started when all the other girls started talking about boys and how cute they were. I really didn’t fancy boys. This made the girls tease me saying I was lesbian. This really hurt my feelings, as I didn’t want to be lesbian. I started becoming depressed,

My sister didn’t like that I was depressed and one day she said we had to talk seriously. She said she knows I like girls the way she likes boys. She said I was not lesbian. Then she reminded me about the body that I used to have, and remember when it changed after the operation. She also asked me why I got shots and “vitamins” while she did not get any. I was confused until she told me that I was a boy. Mum made me to a sissy and now a sissy for life.

It took me some time before I realized that this was the truth. Mum has caused nothing except problems because I was teased because of my diapers and being a lesbian. This meant that my years in that school were horrid in one way.

I have now accepted that I am a sissy for the rest of my life. Well, a sissy with a girl’s body. I also realized that I would never speak with my Mum. She should have let me decide who I wanted to be. I am happy for my sister, and I am so proud to be her sister


I am the last contestant and I come from Russia. I have heard the other sissies here and think they have had interesting lives. I hope that we can meet again and talk about each other’s lives, and not just who will win.

I lived in Moscow. Many people are very poor here. I have an older sister that was very nice to me. I think she always knew that there was something special about me. That’s not a lot compared to my parents that were always drunk.

When I was little, my sister would play games with me when she would dress me as a fairy. This meant tights and a fairy skirt and top. I suppose I looked like a ballet dancer. I loved when we played these games, and she always said that I should have been a little girl. I blushed and smiled when she said this, because I wanted to be a girl more than anything else in my life. This had nothing to do with my sister. She just knew what was in my heart and helped me find myself.

Everything went bad when Dad seen me with one of my sisters old Church dresses on. He was mad and started to chase me around the flat with a knife. He said he didn’t want any puff of a sissy for a son. My sister and I ran out of the flat as quick as we could. We would never miss our parents, especially when they wanted to kill us.

So we were homeless. I went through the streets with the dress on. To everyone else I was a girl. Besides I had my short hair. My sister said that would grow and she would help me take care of it.

Being homeless was so scary the first few days. A lot of pervs wanted us to come home with them but my sister said no. They didn’t want to help us; they just wanted to abuse us. So we started begging for food.

We soon met some other homeless children, and we hung around with them. They all knew I was a sissy, but they never teased me. They said we were one family and we have to accept each other’s differences. They treated me like a girl. In fact Sissy was my new name. My sister was a good friend with another girl, but after 3 weeks she died because she had taken an overdose of glue. That made my sister very sad.

I don’t know about the future, because being homeless gives me the freedom to be whom I want. At the same time, it’s a survivor exercise every day. The other children think I should sell myself because Sissies can earn a lot of money from pervs. Until now, I have said no, because I want to find love. I am also worried about my sister that has started sniffing drugs. I am afraid I will lose her some day or even I will start.

But I enjoy being a sissy all the time, as this is who I am. It’s not my fault that my parents didn’t accept me. If I was to choose living they’re as a boy and being homeless as a sissy, it would be homeless. Because this is who I am.

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