Dollie Finishing Academy 3

.Dollie Finishing Academy 2
Stage 2

Written by Dauphin

Our boy is in a place he does not like, at least he does not have to do stage 1

The next day I woke up and looked around me. I was still holding the doll. That made me remember where I was. I was at some crazy woman's house that thought it was legal to put a collar on a boy and treat him like a girl! My mom was no better as she put me here and most likely forgot all about me. Let us say this crazy Dollie program worked and I became a sissy… I would still be a boy and society would think I had mental problems. I know that sissies are teased at school because they want to be girls. I laughed at the thought of being a girl and finding a husband. The poor man would get such a shock on our wedding night.

Things were different in the bedroom. I looked around and then started crying and cursing. I was now in a crib and the room was a baby’s nursery. I looked down and lifted the bedsheets and seen this huge diaper on me under a very pink nightdress. I felt my heart banking and I could hardly breathe. What on earth was this crazy woman up to?

I held the old doll and looked at the bars in the crib. Was this revenge for all my pranks? Both mom and Crazy Miss Victoria said that I would be behind bars at some stage. I felt tears coming down my cheek as I held my doll. This was going too far to put an 11-year-old in diapers in a crib. How long would this last and when could I be normal again?

Did the adults consider how I felt? Did they just expect me to comply?

Miss Victoria came in and sighed at my wet cheeks. She put a pink pacifier shaped as a bear in my mouth. I spit it out as soon as she put it in. She warned me to put it back in or she would put a nice ribbon on it and tie it to my head. I suppose it was good I had it in my mouth as she would understand the cursing and name calling that came out of it. I made sure that it was hard for her to change me as I made my body as stiff as could be. I wanted her to know what she was doing with me was wrong! She had this weird smile on me as she put a new diaper on me with these strange plastic panties that had ruffles. Then she put on a white summer dress with a few hundred flowers on it. She finished by putting these ankle socks on me

She dragged lifted me down from changing table and dragged me out to the kitchen where she sat me in a highchair. I spit out the pacifier as I ate the mashed bananas. Miss Victoria tried to do small talk with me on how I slept and did I like the pretty dress. While I felt like a stupid sissy, I did not look at her. I wanted to throw the mashed banana at her face and curse her to the skies; I decided I would show no emotion and just stare like a zombie.

“You should feel lucky!” She said, “I was going to let you start at stage one, but decided you should start at stage two. Stage one is so tiresome and it is hard work as you would be a baby girl and just lay in a crib all day. That is no fun for you or for me. Stage two is slightly better. You are now a toddler girl and will be treated as such until you are ready to go to stage 3!”

“This must be illegal and it's so wrong. You are just a blind bat that cannot see I am an 11-year-old boy. You want to be evil and use your power to force me to be something I am not. After all, who would ever say that forcing a boy to be a toddler girl is a good idea?”

She put her weird smile on and said, “I do not expect you to understand. I do this out of love and to make the world a better place. You are a brat and you have committed many crimes as a child. The Dollie Project will get you on the right track. You will be a well-behaved lady and an asset for society. We believe that misled boys like you need to start over. Some of my friends love stage one as it is where you would truly start over. I think some of my friends would love to see boys back in the womb.”

“You are so evil. You will be arrested and end up in jail! After that, you will end up in hell!”

“My little princess, you do not understand now, but you will one day and come to love and adore me. You will thank me.”

She put the pacifier in my mouth and warned me she would tie it on me. She sat me down on a chair where I could see myself in a mirror. I saw my eyes well up as a boy with the dress was looking back at me. The pacifier in the mouth looked ridiculous. It made me look like a grown-up baby! How did my life come to this? Miss Victoria was just brushing my short hair. She told me some of her friends preferred sissies with short hair. Everyone knew they were sissy boys. Others liked girls with long hair. She looked at my face in the mirror and praised my eyelashes, saying they were long, “There is no doubt about you. You are a girl and I will let your hair grow long”

Was I to be here so long?

After she was done, she took me outside in the backyard. She told me it was time to get fresh air. I looked at all the toys in the playground while she smiled and told me how spoiled I was. I looked around and cringed when I saw a path behind the fence where people walk their dogs. I waddled over to a tree and sat under it If people that walked by could see the back of me and think it was a girl that was sitting. At least they could not see my face.
I buried my face in my hands once again. I was not at all happy. I know I did wrong things, but this was not a punishment. This was humiliation and torture. God created me as a boy and this woman wanted me to be a girl. Maybe some boys accepted it before. Maybe they were like angels that never done bad things and became excited when they saw dresses and skirts. What would my life be when I finished all these stages? How many stages were there?

I wiped my tears and looked at the doll I carried around all the time. I considered her a boy that stood up to Miss Victoria and as a punishment was forced to be a girl doll for eternity. I named my doll Oliver and told her, “God is on my side. I have a granny that will save me. Mom will miss me. My friends will look for me! Until then I will shed no more tears. I will play a game with the witch. I will be the best sissy ever. When we get out of this strange place, we will get our revenge on the witch and we will be boys again. Until then Oliver, smile! Pretend you like all this sissy stuff and do not shed any more tears! She does not deserve our tears.”

Miss Victoria came and told me it was time to get changed. It was then that I noticed that I was wet. When did this happen? I did not shed a tear. I just stood up and walked in. When I was inside, I told her in a polite voice that it was hard to walk. I was told that I could just crawl. My eyes teared up at being told that I was wet and I should crawl. I looked at Oliver's face and it was like she was telling me to remember our agreement and not to cry. So I held the tears back and went down on my knees and crawled. It was no easier crawling with a doll in your hand, but when we came to the nursery, I smiled as it was the best idea ever.

I should win an Oscar!

She lifted me on the changing table and lifted the dress and took off the diaper. As she was finding a diaper I felt that I had to pee. Then I got a wicked thought. What would a baby girl do? It was hard not laughing when her apron got wet. I smiled innocently and looked at her frustrated at the little accident. She looked at me sternly and said she hoped I did not do that on purpose. I wanted to shout that it served her right. She wanted a baby girl, so she should deal with the good bits and bad bits. She looked very annoyed and for a minute or so I thought she would spank me.

Then she lifted me down from the changing table and said it was time for a nap. I held Oliver close as I wanted to scream again. My plan was so hard at times. She put the pacifier in my mouth and told me I must be exhausted. When she left the room I spit the pacifier out and looked around. I hope my plan worked and she thought I was an easy child now. I had to keep my plan and be a nice momma’s boy so I could escape this hell hole sooner. I didn’t sleep however I imagine myself cycling with my friends in nice summer weather. I was wearing boy’s clothes and we were discussing if we would swim or play football. I asked Oliver if he forgot how to play football since he was forced to be a girl doll. Of course, he did not answer. He was just a doll. However, I needed to believe he was made a girly doll. I needed to believe I would escape and teach him football.

Miss Victoria came in and I pretended I had the best sleep ever as I woke up and smiled while stretching my arms.

“You must have slept well princess,” Miss Victoria said while she smiled, “… and you are all smiles. An amazement progress from the scared and rude girl you were this morning! It’s amazing how fast you found your sissy self. I would hate to think you are acting…”

“I wouldn’t do that. I decided to make the best of my time and learn all I can, so I can go home to mom… my mommy sooner!”

“That is, of course, a good attitude to have a princess. Of course, you could be waiting for granny to come here. She sent you a message on the cell phone I took from you. She told you that if you still felt the same way today, that you should send a text message and she would come straight away and as she said… save you. I am happy to see you smiling so much, as I do not feel so bad about sending her a message that you were fine.”

“You bi-…” I managed to control myself, but I could not stop a tear from going down my face. Instead, I told her in the cutest defiant voice I had that after thinking about my situation, I believed that no nice woman would force and overpower a boy to be something they did not want to be! She seemed annoyed with this and took me out to the playpen.

At supper, she fed me some mashed food that I had no idea what it was. I managed to swallow it and hoped my tummy would forgive me. I asked her if I would be starting stage 3 yet. I also asked how many stages there were. She smiled and told me not to worry about such things and consider life as a whole lot of stages. What sort of answer was this? Her answer was no answer, it was rubbish!

Miss Victoria said since I was such an angel, I could watch some TV. So I sat on a fluffy rug on the floor and watched these cartoons on TV. She came in and gave me a baby bottle full of milk.

When I was in a world of my own, thinking the care bears made me want to vomit, I suddenly saw my two friends at the window. I could hear them slightly as they asked why I was here and why was I dressed as a baby girl? Josh was trying his best not to laugh while Adam looked worried. Adam took a few pictures with his cell phone which was so embarrassing. I moved my mouth telling them to help me and save me. I didn’t use my voice, as Miss Victoria would hear me. However, she did and took her broomstick and shouted to the two boys they should not be peeping in at girls through windows. They both ran away as quick as they could

They were lucky

I figured that they would either go to the police and SWAT would come barging in the door and save me…. Or they would show everyone in school and everyone would think I was a sissy baby!

Miss Victoria said it was time for bed. As she laid me in the crib I whispered that I love her…. Right!

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