S-Idol - Part 5


S-Idol - Episode 3 (Visiting the School)  

Any similarity or resemblance to actual persons or events is purely coincidental. It is neither recommended nor condoned for you to go out and attempt any of the acts depicted herein. 



Standing outside S-House:

Dauphin: Welcome to S-Idol. We started with 10 boys. Last week Ali was voted out. We now have 9 boys left in S-idol. 
For this weeks challenge, we have sent the remaining eight boys back to school. They have all received a School girls uniform to wear. 

This week, you are allowed to ask the boys questions. There is a link under ea ´ch boys picture where you can do this. 

Remember to vote who you want to leave S-Idol

To write your comments on your favourite boy, what you hope the boys will experience, your advice to them or how you think you are performing, write them here. You do not have to register to be write


Welcome to S- Idol



Hello, here I am in this little pink room. Today was a shock. I thought when we wore dresses last week, then that would be that. They gave me this dress that looked like it belonged on a Catholic girl. I learnt from the last time that it was a waste of time arguing with the nanny. I pit the pleated dress and tights on as well as panties. I never knew that tights feel so good. Why the hell was I saying this. But they did, they felt so nice and soft against my legs. 
A Limousine came and picked me up. This is the first time I ever tried to be in a Limousine. It was great fun. It was so big and there was a TV and all in it. I felt like i was rich. 
Then we came to my school. I Thought I wouldn't see them for the next 8 weeks, but here I was. I got out of the car and could see that everyone was staring at me. Of course, I thought. I was now famous because I was on S-idol. But why were they laughing and pointing fingers? Then I remembered. I was wearing a girls school uniform. 
I rushed into into the school yard and hid behind the cycle shed. I started to cry. This was cruel and mean. How could S-Idol do this to me? Then This boy I always teased came up to me. He was a Catholic and very religious. A Jesus Fanatic. I used to tease him and call him saint and all that. He found me and was laughing, saying who looks like a Catholic now. 
That was pretty much how the school day went. I tried to hide as much as possible. Everyone that i teased came up to me and teased me. I think that I cried enough that day that I could have filled a swimming pool. 
That afternoon, the Limousine came again. I had to go in it while a bunch of friends and others looked on. Some of the said Good luck Sissy. I felt like hitting them, but knew they were right. 
On the way home. I thought of what my Dad used to tell me. Some people are weir he says and its OK to bully people that are weird because then you are popular. I used to always believe this, but maybe he was wrong. Today I looked weird, but I was the same person that I always was. 


I Cant believe that I am one of the favourites to win S-Idol. Last week was so cool that no one voted for me. But you must admit that it was strange that we are wearing girl clothes. 
Today, there was a uniform left out for me to put on. There is a picture of it on the left. I suppose it was not all that girlish. The blazer hid a lot, but everyone could see my legs. I could deal with this, after all everyone else was wearing the same. And I must admit that I thought it was pretty enough. 
Then this huge pink limo comes and picks me up. I didn't expect to go out, but I suppose we were going for a drive. One thing is being inside the doll house with a dress on, the next thing is being out in the open aid. You can feel everything go up your legs. It felt quite good. Of course I couldn't smile, because i didn't want the other boys that were getting in their limos to think that I was enjoying this
The Limo drove and drove, and I could see that it was driving me to the area I Lived in. I was so happy. Maybe I was going to visit my family. This was short lived as we drove right by house..... and stopped at my school. I nearly had an heart attack. I couldn't get out looking like a girl. I simply sat in the car and refused to get out. The Driver told me that it would be best for me to get out, because if I didn't they would just look through the windows. 
I opened the doors with shaky hands. Some were laughing and who could blame them. I Left as a boy and now was a girl. I walked over to my mates that had lots of questions,
"What is it like wearing a girls uniform"
" Its OK, You can feel the air going up your skirt" I replied blushing
" Isn't it embarrassing that you look like a sissy"
" Do I look like a sissy or girl?" I asked
Then the bell rang. The day went OK. Everyone was telling me how brave I was for wearing a dress and how beautiful I looked. I started to enjoy the attention. I blushed every time that someone said I was pretty. Sometimes I wanted to be a girl, and suddenly everyone was seeing me as a girl and not a boy. The funny thing is that after a bit, I forgot that I was a boy and thought I was a boy. 
I suppose this is why during lunch break my best friend and I hid in the play house. He told me that he seen me on S-Idol and was so proud of me. He said that I looked so pretty and that I was hotter than any other girl that went to school here. I was blushing. I didn't know where to look or what to say. Then he shocked me by giving me a kiss on my lips. I just let him. I Couldn't believe it. It was the best I ever experienced. I felt so good, but does this mean I am gay. I suppose he thought he was kissing a girl. I kissed him back. 




This morning I got up from nearly being kicked out of S-Idol again. It is so hard when i stand there and is nearly being voted out. There was a school girls uniform at the end of my bed. I just put it on. However I decided not to put on any nappy. I would act like a big girl today.... What did I just say. I meant that I would act like a big boy. 
The pink limo picked me up and took me to my old school. When I got out everyone flocked around me. They started trying to raise my skirt to see if I had any nappy on. Of course I didn't so I was happy about this. I didn't care that they could see my panties. I was happy that they could see them. They could see I was not a baby that everyone thought I was. 
It wasn't until they wanted to look under my panties to see if I was a boy that some of the older girls told them to go away and leave me alone. Then they took me with them and said they would take care of me while I was at school. They took me over to the sand pit and said I can play with the smaller girls there. We were making sand cakes and pretending that we were eating them. 
Then we had to go into our class. This was OK. Until I suddenly felt wet. With all the excitement of the day, I have peed myself. Of course the other boys knew this, and they started calling me pissy pants. I ran out and met Laura, that was one of the older girls that took care of me later. She said do not worry and then took me to the nurses room. The Nurse was not there so Laura said she would help. She changed my panties. I Nearly screamed when she took a diaper out and said I should wear this. So I would have no more accidents. I just nodded and said OK. 
She said she would walk me back to my class. But she took me to the wrong classroom. She took me to the kindergarten class. She talked a lot, so even though I tried to protest, she just pushed me through the door and said goo bye. The teacher just told me to sit down and make sure that I didn't get my pretty clothes dirty when we were going to paint. 



Another elimination at S-idol. I was happy that Ali was kicked out. He was so mean. Now we are only 8 left. As they promised, we would be wearing girls clothes and the nappy gave me this uniform that you can see in the picture. It was grey and had a white blouse. It looked quite nice and I put it on as quick as I could to see what it would look like. I looked in the mirror and I did look like a girl. What everyone was telling me is true. When I wear girl clothes, I look like a girl. 
This Pink limo came and took me to my old school. Without even thinking I got out. It was like I was a star from Hollywood. Everyone came and started saying hi to me. They started taking pictures of me with their cell phones. I could see that many were laughing and smiling, but would you blame them. Here I was in a girls dress. 
During the Classes, the teacher was a bit strange. He just looked at me and didn't know if he should say he or she. He decided that he should say she. I really didn't mind that he said she. At one stage he got mad at me and said that when girls say in his class, they kept their legs together so he didn't have to look at their panties all day. Everyone started laughing at this. I could feel my face go red and a few tears were starting to go down my eyes. Why did he not say this earlier instead of saying it at the end of class. 
At break time I was the centre of attention. They were asking me weird questions, like what was it like wearing girl clothes? Do i think that I am a girl? Did I fancy any boys at the doll house? They were totally weird questions. I couldn't really answer them because maybe they will think I am a sissy and gay. 





Today we had to wear a school uniform. I was so happy at the uniform that I got. It was like a catholic school uniform that had tights and pretty shoes. There wasn't much complaining today about putting clothes on.
I loved the clothes. I even put a ribbon in my hair because I thought that it went so well with the dress. 
Then I seen some boys leaving. They were being picked up by some pink limos. My Limo was one of the last one. There was a make up case in the car. I didn't know where we were going. So i decided if I made my self look more like a girl, then it would be good because people wouldn't see me as a boy. And I didn't want to be a boy. 
So I put some Mascara on and some lipstick and some red stuff on my cheeks. I Didn't put that much on, I Didn't want to look like a slut. Then the Limo stopped at my old school. Which is the Private Christian school for boys. Maybe I shouldn't have put a dress on or anything like that
I had to get out and all my friends came up to me. They were giving me hugs and saying how pretty I was and it was fun that there was going to be a girl at school today. I didn't say anything. It was just a game. But i could feel my heart beating fast. I liked when they called me girl. 
In the classroom, my teacher told me to go out and wash the make up off. He said they did not allow girls to wear make up in this school. What was he talking about? It was a boys school. 
During lunch, this boy next to me called Simon suddenly started feeling my legs. I pushed his hands off. then he whispered in my ear that I was a sexy girl and he liked how sift my tights was. He put his hands back on my tights again. I left him. He was cute




We had to put these school uniforms on. I looked at the other boys. Their uniforms were so pretty. When i seen mine I nearly cried. It looked like some curtains that were made to a dress. I tried not to let the others see that I cried, but if they seen my cry they would think that it was because I was wearing girls clothes. 
Then this pink limo came and picked me up. Here I was in outside wearing a dress. Then the Limo stopped at my old school. No way was I going to get out and be the laughing point all day. I sat in the car and locked the door. The driver told me its best to get out and deal with whatever will happen, and he heard that it is going so well with the other boys. Every time I locked the door, he unlocked it with some switch he had in the front. 
All the children came around and pointed at me through the window. Suddenly I was trapped. I couldn't hide or get out. They started laughing and calling me sissy and girl and all those names. Then I started crying. That didn't make things better as they thought i was now a cry baby. 
All day I sat in the limo. I felt like I was on display in a zoo. Everyone thought that I was a sissy.




Last time, i was not one of them that was going to be kicked out. I experienced that once. that was enough. 
Today we had to put on a school dress. Mine was actually quite pretty. I was getting used to wearing girl clothes in S-Idol. If it made Dauphin happy and my aunt, then I would do it without complaining. They knew what was better for me. 
When i was putting the dress on, I decided I should also wear a pull up. Because then the others wouldn't tease Chrissy. At this time, I didn't know that he didn't wear a diaper. So I did think i was helping him.
The pink limo too me to my old school. I got out and then everyone started to shout that I was a sissy and a girl. I got so mad and started crying and shouting and stamping my feet, but they kept on calling me sissy. So without thinking, I took off all my clothes and stood in the school yard naked as the day as i was born. Then I shouted, do I look like a girl?
You could hear a pin fall to the ground. I was naked. Then i started hiding my privates and slowly put my pull up on again, which received a few laughs. Then I put the dress on. I looked like a sissy again.
The rest of the day went fine. I think that they were afraid to tease me after that. 



This room is very pink. There are even roses in the corner of the room. 

I put on the School uniform that Nanny gave me. It was OK. I mean boys can wear dresses as well, can't they? Without thinking I put a pacifier in my mouth that i slept with the evening before. 
The Limo took us to my old school. Here i was driving in a pink limo and wearing a dress. Do you think that the others would laugh at me. They did as soon as I got out of the car. 
They stood all round me and started calling me sissy. I just stood there laughing with them saying i agreed, I did look like a sissy, but of course I was not. There were different views about this. 
School was boring. Especially Maths. Who likes maths? I hate maths. without thinking about it, I put my hand in my pocket and took my pacifier and started sucking it. At least it wasn't boring sucking a pacifier. 
At Lunch time the teasing continued, But now I was also a pacifier boy. 


Voting is over see part 7 

Thats the 8 remaining contestants in S-Idol. Now You have an important mission. You have to vote who will be sent home next week in S-Idol. Note that the vote is not who you want to stay, but who you think should go home.



Thats it this time for S- Idol. Next week, we say goo bye to one boy. The Boys will also wake up and find a big surprise. They will be in a fashion show at a shopping mall. We hope to see you next week.

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