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Non-Masks Anthology

I'm thinking about stories to include in a non-Masks anthology. So far, my own ideas include rewritten versions of several stories which have been posted here, including Unwanted Child. I have rewritten versions of stories which appeared in fanzines and on TSA and TG Stories. As well as some which have never appeared outside my computer and head.:-)

What do you folks suggest?

Hatbox needs funds


First of all, thanks to everyone who came through last month for us during a very tight time and actually gave us a headstart on this month. But we are at the point where we have about $3000 in bills due before the and of the month and quite a bit less than that in the bank.

If you can help, it will be appreciated. Thanks.

Erin, Piper, Cat and the crew.


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Hello, and good morning to all.

I just joined BigCloset and I am learning my way around. Any help or pointers anyone may wish to offer will be gratefully received.

I am an older married guy who loves to slip into dresses and/or lingerie whenever I can. My wife is not intolerant but does not wish to be around when I do. I have no desire to lose her, so I confine my dressing up to those times when she is not here. I am happy with that arrangement.

I can, however, come to sites like this whenever I desire.

Not Smart Enough For Amazon


I used to enjoy reading stories that Amazon sells on my Kindle for PC, because I also had a tablet, so I could read on my PC at home, and on the tablet when not. Then they came up with Amazon Prime and I inadvertently got roped into it. On one of their un warned renewals, their $90 fee drove me into overdraft.

I'd really like to read some of the books that are on the site now. Perhaps, I'll just have to learn to deal with Amazon? Though, I'd really rather just pay full price for what I get than put up with their flimflammery.


got a load of clothes from Sharon

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if you had told me a few years ago my ex would be sending me a bag of women's clothes to use I would have called you delusional. But that happened today. I wish I could send out some of my good luck to everyone here.

So I took the clothes home, and tried them on, and I had a kitty "helping" me . She was very helpful sitting in the middle of the pile of clothes on my bed occasionally mewing commentary. the dog was at the foot of the bed to offer a dissenting opinion

Virtually Twisted - Stranded (Also seeking input)

Before I get started I'm considering changing my posting schedule. Instead of doing regular postings after work on weekdays I'm considering switching to a regular Saturday morning posting as I am doing today. If you have a preference I sure would appreciate your thoughts and opinions.

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On her way to Spiral, Calista finds herself stranded. Will she make it into town or will she fall by the wayside?

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Daniel A. Wolfe

"I've created a monster" or "The student exceeds the teacher"

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So to give a bit of the backstory, I come from a family that was involved in Bluegrass music. My uncle was best friends with a legendary (within the bluegrass community) instrument maker and could play anything with strings on it. My uncle taught a lot of us kids how to play various instruments and every Sunday after church we would gather on his porch (or in his living room when it was cold) and play for several hours.

Dem's da brakes

Well, I had intended to get stuff posted, but life got busy. But now I got a couple of months. I was riding a quad and had a deer run out in front of me. Ended up in a ditch and my feet, left one, got caught between my quad and the dirt. I ended up with a Trimalleolar fracture Both bones in leg and one in the foot. And yes, hurts like hell.

So while I'm sitting about the house, if people will stop expecting me to go places and do things, I'll try to post.

Dementia here I come

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Anybody else have a word go missing from their vocabulary? I'm talking a simple, everyday word, one you've read and said hundreds of times just drop out and leave you half angry and half terrified?

Its happened to me. In fact, recently, I was trying to relate a story about a time when this happened, and the SAME WORD hat had given me such distress the first time disappeared as I was trying to talk about it.

Sighs. Dementia here I come ...

First (still) NOT dead. Second: deeply conflicted

I felt really guilty posting so sporadically, so I swore to myself (and maybe some readers in DMs) that I would keep my wrangling with personal demons to myself until I actually FINISHED my god-cursed stories and posted the rest up until the end.

....seemed like a good idea at the time....

but as I wrote... diversions/digressions developed and I felt like one of those characters in an old horror film (say, poltergeist) running down the hall as it just kept getting longer and she found herself losing ground!

So. My conundrum:

Snapchat Gender Filter

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How many of you are on snapchat? I have avoided it for a while now but the other day I saw an article about a new filter that can be used on your pictures. There is one for Men and one for Women. The filter basicly takes your picture and alters it by imposing traditionaly male or female characteristics on it. Here is the article that I found.

One of those..??? moments.


This morning I was reading one of the stories on the site, written by someone in the uk...ish area.

During the read I saw O before estrogen. And for some reason this completely and totally pissed me off.

I didn't know why I was pissed off just that I was.

This is one of those words that I can only call a breakdown in the language. Is it due to some bigot that thinks "Oh well those bloody mericans call it this so we will call it this just to piss them off" thing?

So much Pain ...

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I've been nursing a toothache for more than a Month and finally went to an Emergency Dentist uninsured. Thankfully I had enough money to pay for it but my budget will be off for a few months now. I had the tooth pulled on 5-5-2019, and it was like getting beat up by thugs. It was a rear molar and he had to cut the tooth in two to get it out and one half of the tooth broke into fragments and he had to dig that out. I am sure that he had his muddy boots in my mouth. This was all conscious with only a local.

They were an ordinary couple

Ran across this again. The last time was several years ago. I'm sure some of you have seen it. This couples story, less the full time coming out and resulting full transition, could be mine. Makes me wonder just where my journey will end.

My husband became a woman

Reality Can Be Disappointing at Times

Reality is a bitch. As many of you know, my Cynthia Chronicles series of stories take place in New England. Bridgeport, CT; Hartford, CT; Boston, MA are some of the main locations. Bridgeport is the home of Cynthia Lewis/Brewer, and it seems the town and area is frequently visited by the SRU Wizard. His Wisdom took a special liking to Cyndy, her friends and families.

Late but not forgotten!

Sorry its a bit late in the day but you can now read the next Gaby chapter - Heart of the Matter here.

Reason for the delay - well a late organised trip to see the grand munchkin up in Leeds town! Damn but they grow so quickly!

After a few cold wet and miserable days the weather has actually taken a warm turn - from 7c yesterday to 17c today! Looking forward the forecast is up to mid 20'sC by the weekend, so somewhat more seasonal!

tough day

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tough day today. tweeked my male bits while out shopping with Sharon, which set off my dysphoria so bad I could have broken down and cried right there but managed to hold it in. The pain and dysphoria then triggered my PTSD, so I was really having a tough time. So how can I recover from such difficulties? I watch something like this:

Antagonistic comments

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Listen... I’m sorry that I have to post this but a dear friend of mine who was much loved for their stories on this site has decided that due to a few antagonistic comments repeatedly criticizing their characters and how said FICTIONAL CHARACTERS responds to situations presented to them in a FICTIONAL STORY was not in line with how that they felt that the FICTIONAL CHARACTERS created by this author should have reacted. As a result of this the author has pulled the entire story down and is considering leaving the community.

Odds and ends

Is anyone else seeing visited links intermittently showing properly or not when opening a new webpage on the site? I don't know whether it is my Safari browser or the site that is causing this issue.

I've lost track of another story I wanted to reread too. As I recall the protagonists are long time friends (male and female) that are out of college. He wants a romantic relationship with her and so does she, but she is a lesbian. She is also a brilliant scientist that works on computer VR and medicine that has implications for mind control and changing a person's sex.

What I have family?

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My fairly recent lack of vision has been determined to be a genetic eye defect. I went from having better than 20/20 to well a lot worse in a very short time span. The degenerative disorder might force me to get a cornea transplant sometime in the future.

Annoying to be sure but I can live with that. Except for hard contacts, it’s like walking around with something in your eye all day. Pass I'll stick to wearing glasses.

Virtually Twisted - Tribulations

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Things are tense for Calista as she makes another fuel stop. What will become of her when she is met with fear and suspicion?

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Daniel A. Wolfe

Patreon, bad experience.


I noticed a tag for Patrons on the front page. It may have been there a while.

I decided to be a Patron for a channel that I have followed for a long time, and then all these strange charges started. I committed to $10 a month and then I got two charges for $60 for Membership, which was out of the scope of what I had planned for. I tried to get in touch with them, repeatedly, and could not.

writing prompt

here is a little writing prompt: Two police entered the bus station. One seemed too young, an impression mostly given by the fact his uniform is too large for him. The other had grey hair and wrinkles, but carried himself with confidence and strength. The younger officer opens a locker, and strains to pull out a duffel bag. The older officer unzips the bag, revealing it is stuffed with cash. The younger man swallows, and says, "We're gonna get killed for this, arent we?" The older man replies, "Probably."

What Are Facts?

Have you ever heard the story about how AARP got started?

Here's a recap.

One night, about a decade ago, I was having an enjoyable dinner out with another insurance executive. He was the founder of several large insurance organizations including two large reinsurance companies. He was a serious-minded person who had a solid reputation.

More story cleanups


I'm trying to vent frustrations and do something constructive so I'm channeling my thoughts into editing some older stories. I'm a stickler for continuity(too many comic books read) so I have a lot of cleaning up to do in "Starting Anew" then will be redoing parts of other stories as I stumble across contradictions and inaccuracies.

Are you a woman or NOT !!!

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It is sobering to finally understand that perhaps much of my hiding in the shield of extreme religion is that I did not have to address actually doing what a woman does. There have been a few men my age actually "hit" on me and I've effectively run screaming down the street. And, it is well known that when some men find out about you, even if you are Post Op and look the part, they can be very dangerous.

I've even repulsed the men that knew and not because I am so holy, but because I was frightened to death, yikes.

Kink and T(g,v,s) / CD

It's been bugging me a bit for I years if I am being honest.

I know I am definitely into kink\(how I met my soon to be ex) and I've seen a lot of T(v,g,s) / CD around.

Now my question. Is there a relation to kink and us, or is are we generally more inclined to the kink scene?


Apologies for no updates in a while

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Sorry for the lack of updates to my latest story 'Necessity is the Mother of Invention' for the past few weeks. Many of you know that I live close the Mississippi River, normally about 100 yards from the water's edge, that distance has become much less over the past few weeks. So much less that I became the proud owner of an indoor pool in my basement, yes my water heater and furnace got a good washing after the water began seeping up through cracks in the basement floor to a depth of almost 3 feet.

She married herself

If it fulfills her self esteem after two failed marriages and a five year boyfriend relationship which also failed..., why not? The funny part of this is I agree as this seemed to bring something into her life to help salvage her emotions. Wish I had been there. Might be another way to bring self respect to those who have lost it.
Too many lost to hate and suicide. Weighs on the soul.

Virtually Twisted - The Road

Cover Image

On the road, Calista makes her first stop for fuel. Will she find met with kindness or will she be driven off again?

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Daniel A. Wolfe

not in a good place

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I am facing a group of issues, any one of which would put serious strain on my spoon count.

The first is my bipolar cycle, which seems to be accelerating, somehow. I've had three crippling depressions inside of two weeks, each only lasting hours. This is far faster than anything I've dealt with before, and I dont know why its happening.

The second involves my PTSD. I seem to be in a state of hyper-awareness, the total opposite of my usual disassociation. And just like the bipolar cycle, i have no clue why.

Lack of talent


As I expected, I can't draw in any of the software programs and apps I've tried to use. Everything I have tried to create is horrible to the point that a newborn could draw better. I'll have to scrap my plans for illustrations and only do some sort of logo and map to go with the story. I have some small ideas of something beyond a simple cabbit and probably including various hybrids like mermaids, jackalopes, nagas, and even a typhon just to give some connections between various beings...

Bullies & Drugs [Drew Leighton #4] on Amazon

Released a few days ago. This is the fourth book in the Drew Leighton Series.

Drugs are being sold and used around small children or at schools across the US.

Reasonable people, adults or even youth feel betrayed when the business of drugs endangers children or safe places like schools.


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Little update.

Due to the soon, hopefully, ex still not having filled the divorce papers, I have been looking at OK divorce lawyers that are LGBT friendly. Girl are the expensive. 3000 dollars or there about just to redact the papers, get my an my soon to be ex autographs and file them.

No way in hell I can afford them till 2021 (going to take that long to get those 3000 dollars).

Sighs, never a good break in my life ....


Jeremy Clarkson is leaving "The Grand Tour", there goes "The Grand Tour".

Well big news if you love car shows, Jeremy Clarkson is leaving "The Grand Tour" which means that show will end. Regardless of if you think he was an ass, to me the onscreen chemistry with his co-star's just worked and to me and many others was magic. I can't imagine who they could find that will be quite as obnoxious yet endearing even if he is a snob.

a big thank you

just wanted to give a big public "thank you" to everyone who sent me revisions/corrections o my story. I'm working my way through them now, and I believe the story will be better for it.

Again, thanks, and huggles to commentator, Eric, Xtrim, and Patricia Marie Allen for their assistance, and Qmodo who also volunteered.

A children's book?


I've been kicking around an odd idea for the past three days but not sure if it's a feasible idea.

I've made mention of a book series about cabbits written by Hannah Smith. I didn't want it to become like the series' "Vera" or "Maris"(two unseen characters from the shows "Cheers" and "Frasier")- they are made mention of but never seen. I thought maybe I should try to take a crack at it just to do something with the book series but it might be a bad fit here.

Spring - A love/hate relationship!

I've always loved spring, when I no longer have to don a coat, scarf and gloves to go outside. No more scraping thick layers of ice off the windshield, car doors frozen shut (or the latch frozen so it will not shut after opening). Sitting outside on the front porch plucking away at notes on my guitar or banjo while sipping on a cold adult beverage. Although this spring the little one is determined that I should only practice the violin so we can practice together, but hey it's music and fun.

Time again to open wallets and purses.

Well, I guess it's time for me to get back on my soapbox and pontificate a bit.

Erin is worrying herself into sickness or worse andit's up to US to alieviate her worries a bit. For those who regularly contribute thank you SO much. You are the backbone of the financial help for Erin and Top Shelf. Again, thank you, from my heart.

Now... for the rest of us. Folks, I live on a VERY limited budget and I KNOW how hard it is to try to pry an extra buck or two loose from a wallet or purse that seems welded shut... but consider this.

Cheerleader 9: Now College Sophomores

I know many of you already have read this one, but I wanted to make sure everyone was aware.
I have been in the middle of some personal issues for the last few weeks and I apologize for not posting something earlier.
This is the 9th book in the Lee Corcoran series. There will be more.
Thank you everyone for your support.
Remember to click on the referral links so Doppler Press gets credit.
Don't forget to leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

Word Count: 102,500+

Finding Permission to Live.


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Disclaimer: I am not suicidal.

Years ago, right after I came out, and went through all that happens to us, I was extremely depressed, and hospitalized several times. Such pain and depressive episodes is common amongst those in our community, so I am nothing special, and do not need anyone to call the Police. It was a very fortunate thing that I served in the Military 66-69, so am seen as a Vietnam Era Veteran, so the VA has been very caring of me in most ways. I sometimes feel like an interloper because I did not see combat.

Virtually Twisted - On the Run - Updated


EDIT: There was a bit of a copy/paste issue, but it has now been resolved.

Sorry I've been so quiet lately, it's been very chaotic the last little while.

Cover Image

Terrified of what the townsfolk will do to Megan and her father, Calista makes a run for it, but where can she go?

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Daniel A. Wolfe

Hatbox broken

I don't know what to say. I have bills, Piper and Cat have bills and BigCloset has bills. There is money that comes in next week but that is already spent in the budget. The constant money problems drag me down. After six months of being ill, I'm having trouble functioning. Money in the Hatbox would not cure my depression but maybe I could sleep without waking up at 3 a.m. for an appointment with worry.

There is less than 400 in the company accounts and less than 300 in my personal ones.

If you can help, it will be appreciated. Thanks.

Police scanners and other radios.

Years ago, back in about 1972, I was part of a REACT team. That's Radio Emergency Action Team for those unfamiliar with the term. We used CB radios to track things like severe storms, tornados, on searches for lost people etc. We also had, and used, police/fire scanners both at home and in our cars. It was all strictly volunteer stuff with no actual legal standing, but the cops knew about it and left us alone unless we tried to beat them to a call or used it in the commission of something illegal.

House of Blue Light

Good golly Miss Molly -- depression seems to be quite common within our ranks.

Yesterday, I had to have an eye exam to please the State of Minnesota so that I can drive the two or three thousand miles a year I put on my relic VW. On a whim, I asked the optometrist if there was anything to the "myth" of blue light impacting sleep.

Wow! He went from Mr. Quiet Conservative to Son-of-a Preacher-Man in a nano-second. The next ten minutes was a steady stream of melatonin-talk.

Angel of Haven

I just passed 30k words on the next Angel story. I'm aiming for 50k.

Note, though, that my writing schedule is irregular just now. I went to ConGlomeration last weekend (will post a link to the photos after I upload them to Flickr) and my sister is currently in town visiting. I will be at MarCon next month. Also, it's (shudder) yardwork season. :-)

putting on my own mask first

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Today I wanted to go swimming. This became difficult when Sharon phoned just as I was leaving asking me to take Sam to West Edmonton mall, but I told her I had made my plans for the day. At first, I felt like I was being selfish, but then I remembered someone posing about how airlines tell parents to put on their own oxygen masks first, because if you pass out, you cant help your kid anyway. So today, I put on my own mask first.

One more week

viper embroidery.jpg

Another week and I will take Viper off. For those of you who might want to be able to re-read it before the sequel, don't forget to ask for your free epub, there are still some left in the give away. All I'd like in return is a review (or rating) on Goodreads. or directly [email protected] via email.

Happy easter all,

Computer woes

I got tired of the Win 7 validate nag (This Windows is not genuine) and reinstalled my OS, I knew this would involve some pain, loosing my pigeon connection and the BCTS chat room link was a casualty (the link on the front page is broken again. If someone could help me I shore would appreciate it ( I know, it is sure, but I do have a dialect to maintain ) Part of why I did it was my lappy keyboard was going out and I added a new USB keyboard to it.