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Hatbox funds needed now - still pretty much broke


We received money this week and thanks to everyone that helped out. We have about $2000 in bills due Friday and less than $900 in accounts. Amazon still owes us $1200+ for this month and $40 from last month. We haven't paid ourselves fully this week either and are late paying authors.


We're asking for an extra 1000 for this month and next because of a big expense coming in late September. We're going to be moving our servers. In the long run, this will save us quite a bit. I've been ill (me=Erin) with continuing sinusitis and allergies.

Good morning Ma'am, Sir, I mean... Sorry.

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That's what the gate guard at work said to me this morning. It just keeps on happening and it's happening more often. Second time this week. Happened last week once. Happened the week before once.

I show up to work which is a high security government installation. I have to go through a security checkpoint which has guards posted because it's a high security installation. I have to show the guards my government issued ID which has my legal male name on it and they do look at it.

Posted a new Story.

Hello out there.

My names Katherine and I'm happy to meet everyone here.

I am a transwoman myself and have gone through a lot this year. From a Breast Cancer scare, my Grandmother dying, my 14-year-old cat dying, and writing this book.

It all started Back in October of 2018 I found a lump on my right breast. It took my doctor a series of tests and 5 months to tell me that the lump was benign.

Just posted up a new chapter of Warriors Way

Just posted up a new chapter of Warriors Way...Showtime

Well readers this is where you all come in, I need some of those great comments that I use to shape this story like you all helped with Shadowsblade, That's right your comments added to that story and character, You loved the Pixies, that in my plan were to a a small background character and you made them stars!

So have and comment on this one and the others, as we authors of the Hekawi universe write on!

Have fun

MUAHHHAHAHAHA only the shadowsblade knows!

Hello, Everyone. Something I thought everyone should know.

Earlier this week, I was informed by a very nice person via my fan mail account for
Sarah Lynn Morgan, that in perusing a listing of TG Romance fiction on Amazon,
that they had run into a work that looked suspiciously familiar:

It is a word for word copy, with a global replace on a couple of the main character names.
Chris Morgan, has become Christian Morgenstern... etc.



I think I'm going into Gaby withdrawel, hehe. I know she's some moving things to deal with, if I remember correctly from her last blog post, but I miss reading Gaby. Don't stay away too long.

Is CDing a Mental Disorder?


A few days ago, I read a story on Big Closet that left me feeling a bit perplexed.

The story was well-written and the author has every right to explore the genre as she wishes.

Yet – I wish she had picked another premise or I had not read her story,
which shoved me back into the old argument as to whether cross-dressing is a mental disorder.

Short story need help

Pattys Dilemma cover.jpg

I've decided to publish, The Crush: Patty's Dilemma and I'm looking for a beta reader or two I've edited it a bit, nothing drastic. So what I'm really looking for is someone to read a little over 6000 words and make sure there are no glaring errors in continuity and all those pesky wrong word things that pop up or odd punctuation.

A Boy Who Can Look Like A Girl!

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I'm reading "The Trials And Tribulations of a Girl" for the second time, and had a little trouble connecting with the idea of a Boy who can look like a Girl. Well there is Andrej Pejic, who has transitioned, but I thought they were quite rare. I had the problem but after about 9 years old...

I am watching a YouTube video about a tractor show and here is another one! This is very surprising to me. I think he could look like a girl with just a change of clothes, some light makeup, and perhaps a wig? Wow, just wow!

dream time again

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dream time again. I dreamed I was in a classroom and was getting frustrated because I couldnt make head or tails of the assignment I was given, It got so bad I started to wonder why I was in the class at all, when the class was sent out to a outdoor stage to watch a performance. I started to enjoy myself, but then I saw down the hill from the the stage a building was collapsing, soon gigantic pieces of marble and rock were flying up the hill at us. A large rock fell right in front of me, but I was able to push a little, and then climbed it.

MtF hormone cycles necessary?

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In a TG social site one of the girls mentioned GG go through hormone cycles every month. Well duh, that's a give. She went on, the purpose was to give the estrogen receptors in their body a chance to reset. Otherwise the receptors become tired and accept less and less estrogen over time. Her next comment kind of caught me off guard. MtF transgender also need to take monthly breaks for the estrogen receptors to utilize the estrogen they are putting into their body.

British football journalist Nicky Bandini

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British football journalist Nicky Bandini (previously known as Paolo) has come out as transgender and announced that she intends to keep writing as a sports journalist under her new name. I find it very encouraging that someone in her position feels comfortable in making this announcement. I know it's not for everyone to announce their change publically, but for those who do, I say 'well done'.

Virtually Twisted - Salon Magic

Cover Image

Calista’s adventure at the salon continue and she unleashes her feminine side, much to the chagrin of the tattered remnants of her male half.

Please click this link to read this week's part or this link will display all current and previous parts.

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Daniel A. Wolfe

The final chapter!

Well I just wanted to thank everyone for reading my first story! I hope everyone has enjoyed it so far and will enjoy the last chapter. Now will come a period where I'll work on proofreading and such. As a number of you have suggested it is actually a book worthy effort I'm going to look into it. Have no fear, I'm not eager to rush into this, so this story won't be going anywhere in the near future...

The Cynthia Chronicles - La commedia è finita!

About 10 ½ years and 500,000 words ago I posted “An Incremental Journey” here; since retitled in my files as “Cynthia and the Incremental Journey.” I have changed several other titles as time has gone by. “Cynthia and the Reluctant Girlfriend” followed. We found out about Bobby Schmedlap at the very end of the previous story. Cynthia Lewis had been Alfred Gontarski, a very unpleasant, overweight man with no social skills, who just happened to be transgender. Bobby Schmedlap had all the support he could want from his family; however, they were living in near poverty.

Murray Hall - Caused a stir back in the day

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BBC Scotland Story

Murray Hall was born in Glasgow and lived a lot of his life in NYC where he was a politician, a bail bondsman and many other things.
The only problem was that Murray was female and lived for 60 years as a man until his death from cancer in 1901.

What a great story.


Not with a bang, but with a whimper

A number of months ago I posted story that probably went bit too far. It wasn't the TG content. It was my expressing my discontent with the current political situation in the US. I also went into great detail about the genetics of magic, trying to keep it as realistic as possible. This was not important for my stories. The readers didn't really care about this; however. it was important for the construction of the stories. The readers just didn't need to know the details. These stories aren't a Perry Mason crime story. They are just stories.

7 days without tobacco.

7 days ago I made the decision. I'd been on Chantix for the past four weeks and I reached the point where I WANTED to quit.

I'd failed the past few times I tried to quit, but had not reached that "break point." This time almost feels like a let down, it's been almost effortless. I don't know how much good it's gonna do for my health, but it'll damned sure be a boost to my wallet. Ten bucks a pack now in stores adds up real fast.

Just thought I'd let you all know about this turning point in my life.

Catherine Linda Michel


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Reflecting on yesterday, I've decided I'm jealous. Twice a month my wife and I volunteer at the food bank sponsored by our church. It's a great opportunity to give back. About fifty percent of the volunteers there come from our church and it seems like I've known them forever. I know the spouses and all their kids.

Curtain Fall Chapter 27 is out now...

And it is likely the penultimate chapter! I've been really enjoying writing this, hopefully the first of my stories, but it will soon reach its conclusion. So... Has it been worth the read? One of the readers, Sara Hawke, offered some helpful critiques (thank you for the respectfully presented opinions Sara :-) ). Are there others? Questions unanswered? Did you like the world I created?
How about the writing style in general? I honestly would like them as it will hopefully help with future efforts.

What's the world coming to?

Okay I'm very LGBTQ friendly and have in the past physically defended those that I knew was gay from narrow minded bigots. But this is going way over the line. Parents, no matter what their religious beliefs unless it endangers the kids, have the right to bring their children up in the way they wish. This new law passed in Illinois is just wrong.

Star Wars Armor

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Just had to post this after watching over 4 hours the making of Star Wars documentaries.

If you are a HUGE Star Wars fan....stop now, because the story is not a happy ending for you!

Well, back in the mid 90's I worked at a place in the Hollywood biz that used to do 'The Gong show' among dozens of others in its long past and now we did award shows Oscars, Emmys and others.


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Well as of August 1st 10 days ago I managed to finish another year. 41 years old and still don't know or sure, besides stuborness and the pets, how I managed to make it this far in my life.

One other thing that helped me are the communities like BC and others I am a member of, So thank you.


Chewed out?


I came on line here some time ago at the suggestion of one of the better authors. I don't say much. I can never say the right thing and I get misunderstood or embarrassed. Or, someone has already said what I was thinking. So, hitting the "KUDOS" button is often the extent of my comments. Many of the authors are extremely good and I enjoy the lighter, sweet and sentimental stories. Some of the science fiction is also very good. I also have some favorites as authors go.

Virtually Twisted - Feminine Possibilities

Cover Image

After her doctor’s visit, Carrie takes Calista on another outing, and our hero is introduced into a world of feminine possibilities.

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Writing Rules

Due to a recent comment, I’ve been thinking about writing rules.

My main writing rule is this – I keep writing and re-writing a story until I think it’s the best story I’ve ever written.

For your friendly, neighborhood narcissist, abiding by this rule can be a daunting task. . .but I try.

I’d be curious to hear what “writing rules” other BC authors have.

Your beloved "rule-r,


Stick Her Shock 2

There I was cruising along 20k words into book 2 when I realized I had created a plot hole you could drive a semi through. While it didn't require revising the chapters already posted it did affect part of the next part. So after drowning my 'duh' moment in the arms of my two favorite men, Ben and Jerry, I started rewriting.

I expect to post Part 2 on Sunday and hopefully at least one part a week until the finish. Thanks for all your continued interest and comments. Time to go push some pixels around. I am such a digital bully!


Kiss Library ???

Just making sure that folks know about this. In my most drunken and deluded fantasies, I am no computer geek, though I had a couple stories stolen years ago. -- Gwen

Some people have reported on social media that their stories have appeared on without permission. Since this is a site that sells ebooks, it could be a problem. They do have forms for asking for DMCA take downs.

Be aware.

Gwen and Erin

Looking for a story, from maybe a decade ago


Ok here is the 'Rub'.
As well those whom have followed my brief rare postings & or talk to me regularily (well socially) on social media.
You know my reasons for alot of my messed up complications, invloved with my life.
Everything, including especially including the past has left me with dissassociative amnesia>dissassociative faugue, so if my describtions seem bleak, overlapped etc I am sorry, this is eating away at me like a bad craving in the middle of the night you just cannot quench.

Taking Pains -3- Write Like Every Word Is An Inevitable Surprise

She fell.

Through the quiet darkness with the moon over her shoulder, she fell.

Toward the sea below, and the rocks, toward the foaming maelström between them, she fell.

She pulled her hands and arms into a point above her head, or rather below it, steering with her legs in the wind of her own passage.

Down and down and faster and faster, her breath tight and painful, not because she was holding it but because it came so fast that it could not be held.

Calmed down

So here we are again.

Well the initial shock of Thursday has subsided so I can be a little more rational now. Just to recap, I got home from my ride Thursday afternoon to find my home of 30+ years had been repossessed, literally at that point my possessions ran to what I was wearing and the bike! Not a good place to be for sure.

Computer Crashed

A few days ago my computer gave a few clicks of death and decided to go into a coma. Fortunately, we've managed to save the hard drive well enough to transfer the contents to a new computer. The transfers are in progress. At this point, we think we can recover everything. Should be interesting.

Virtually Twisted - Creature Comforts

Cover Image

When Calista finds herself alone with the creature in Dr. Mansfield’s office, she finds that not at all is as she expect and that they have more in common than she would have ever guessed.

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Daniel A. Wolfe

Cassandra and 'Brimerican' English

First of all, I'm so terribly sorry to every language purist on both sides of the pond. I've committed the awful offence of creating a new word,


On the 18th of June 2019 I posted the first full chapter of 'Cassandra' and asked all of you for your help.

what if this is the end?

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It has been long enough since I wrote anything that I'm starting to wonder if this is the end for me. 10 years of publishing almost every month is a pretty high rate, so a slowdown isnt that bad, but this feels less like a slowdown and more like a complete stop.

ah well, I can still read and comment I guess ...

New and Improved You Are a Meany

I have started working on a revised version of You Are a Meany. The differences in this version are I am going more into character development, giving more details on Luke youth, the sentences to be easier to read and less of simple grammatical and typing errors.

Just posted a new chapter

I just posted a new chapter for one of my stories - a relatively long one this time. And though I know it's past 11PM out there, I hope it's not too late.

I've been in the office since 8am, and have been waiting to meet with some contractors. I've been waiting for three hours now, and they're still not here. Anyway, while I waited, I started writing instead of sitting here and stewing. If they don't get here in 20 minutes, I'm gonna be calling their boss. This doesn't bode well for them being hired for the project.

Hello My Name Is... on Kindle

As I'm sure some of you may have noticed, Hello My Name Is... is no longer available to read on this site. I would have liked to keep the story up here a bit longer but my other books have run out of steam selling wise on Kindle and I have bills to pay.

4.5 years

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According to my account page, I have been on this site for 4 years and 6 months. So around februari 2015.

A lot has happened in that time. There was of course a reason I found and joined this site.

By Christmas 2915 I knew that I needed to do something.
And I did,
By Christmas 2017 I was legally me, Anne, Female.
By Christmas 2018 I was on hormones for half a year.
By Christmas 2019? With some luck I may have had SRS then...

Today I turned fifty years old..

Thank you BCTS


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You don't hear anything from me in a while, don't fret.
Due to my own stupidity i'm now homeless so my access to - well anything is going to be a bit hit and miss for a while.
So there we are, a tale of woe. Hopefully i'll get my act in order, I kind of a have an interim plan but that will likely have to wait until - well I get my head in order.

Ciao for now

Story In This ???

So some guy asked to trace my Family History, ala Mormon style, and I told him that I didn't even care. I gave him some information and he found my purported family. Along the way, he turned up yet another person that I never heard talked about or met that I know of. In the generation I'm from, women with children had to do all sorts of things to just survive. Yeah, worse than 50 Shades, I think.

Then, I find that one of my brothers is not in the birth record under any name ???

I'm thinking that a man named RED ELK was my real father ???

Is there a story in this???

Looking for a Story

Hi everyine!
I have read a story a while back and now want to reread it. Help will really be appreciated.
In that story a boy is forced by a group of women and they put some kind of goo in his hair. Which has a flowery femine smell. If the boy Don't wash it, it will smell, and if try to wash it, his hair will grow longer.
Thanks in advance.
Love All.

Virtually Twisted - One-Trick Pony


Cover Image

Though her visit with Dr. Clark is done with, it seems there are still a few more surprises awaiting Calista at the Spiral Clinic.

Please click this link to read this week's part or this link will display all current and previous parts.

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Daniel A. Wolfe

BAD news.


ok, so my Windows on this computer hasn't been updating since April. after numerous attempts and tries by a computer knowledgeable friend. We are going with the Nuclear solution. I'm backing up my art and writing files to a Flash drive. He's going to loan me a removable HD to dump my music and stuff to, and then we are nuking the Drive and starting from fresh with a clean install. This means that for the foreseeable future, no Stuck in a Rut. I'm sorry. But we thought it best to nip it in the bud now, after more and more updates get released and it becomes an even greater issue.

Taking Pains -2- Do you do an outline?

Yes. No. Maybe. Sometimes.

I almost never do an outline for anything shorter than 10,000 words because I can write the story faster than I can do a good outline.

And I frequently start even much longer works without a written outline. Currently, I am writing the serial Jane and I do not have an outline written down even though the story is already 32,000 words and is planned to be in excess of 40 or 50K. I have an outline in my head, but I don't have it written down.

Why not?

"The Queen" a new 4K restoration of the 1967 Drag film

A classic drag documentary film just re-released will be of interest to many of us. Running in 'art' theaters. - “Every one of these contestants before they come out here is a winner,” which “The Queen” makes absolutely clear.

Here's history that effects many... learn and appreciate that which has came before. It will put many things in perspective.

Cleanup in Aisle 6…?


     So…I noticed that there are…a lot of stray, empty threads hanging loose outside of sub-forums. Have they always been strewn about like this (or maybe just since an infrastructure upgrade and content migration,) or did something muck with the database recently…?

(Author's note: Later edited to clarify a couple of points.)

Stick Her Shock

It's been a hell of a week for Jack Hanover. GLOOed into his lifelike appliances life has taken a turn for the worse as he tries to adjust to his new reality. Despite it all he's determined to make the best of things.

As book 1 ends the major players have been introduced, massive changes have taken place and now Jackie faces a new tomorrow with uncertainty.

Next month Book 2 will introduce more problems, reveal secrets and possible solutions to Jack's Stick Her Shock.

Thanks for reading so far. Back August 1 with Stick Her Shock 2.

Kelly O'Meara and Me

It is amazing how quickly time goes by. As of this month, I've been blessed to be able to post my writing here. I cannot begin to thank Erin and the lovely ladies who keep this a welcoming home and a place to share our work. I am also at a loss to express the gratitude for all of you who have encouraged me and loved me!


Hi Everyone,
To all that are following Harriet's story, I am currently recovering from surgery for glaucoma and it's hard to read and write since my vision is fuzzy. I'll post again as soon as I can. My advice is get your eye pressures checked even if you have no symptoms. Increased fluid pressure in the eyes damages the optic nerve and the change cannot be reversed. The changes are slow and pain-free, you won't know it's happening. I've been on eye drops and laser treatment for years, but finally an operation was the only option.
Best wishes to you all, Bronwen

Spelling tip


I've noted a certain type of spelling error becoming very common in stories.

There are a lot of verbs that occur in pairs where the second one is the first one wioth an E on the end.

hop, hope
rat, rate
slop, slope

And many more.

There's a rule about how the past tense of these words is spelled. You double the final consonant on the ones that don't don't end in E before adding the -ed.

Like this:

hop, hopped
hope, hoped

rat, ratted
rate, rated

slop, slopped
slope, sloped