What. Have. We. Done?? Simple math on the Contest Entries ...

... Simple math on the number of contest entries (115 is the most recent number I've seen), times the minimum entry length, says we have dump-er-inflict-er-deluge -er- "sent" our Judges well over 277,500, to perhaps around a half million words!

Plus comments. And our responses. And Contest reminders and 'house-keeping' ...

To our Judges and all others involved, may I offer my condolences on y/our success!

I am cheating in the Story Contest.

And this is how I am cheating.

There has to be scores, perhaps hundreds, of on-line grammar and spelling checkers, free, free trial, paid, and perhaps other arrangements.

I 'landed' on (thank you Google and your rankings):

They have >a lot< of paid services, so it took me a lot of poking around to get to their page ( that said "type (or paste) your your text here."

New Year's Revolutions

New Year's Revolutions

Author Alan here for just a moment: Thanks to Dorothy Colleen for a Beta Reading.

I thought today was going to be a nice, easy, relaxed day with my daughter, after all the big Holidays stuff had settled down.

Until yet another nightmare dumped my kid out of bed. Here's the way things went. And that's "Revolutions", with a "V".

'Tis the season of giving, yada, yada...

And all I have is some pixels ... but it's the shape of the pixels that matters.
The lucky among us can send in some coins to keep BC "on the air".

I want to keep everybody here "on the air".

I really want to see all of you listed here in left and center of the home page. Seeing you get moved to "In Memorial" ... that just hurts. And it's really rough on you and your people ...

Or worse, you just go silent, and we never know ...

(Soon) "How Gender Grows in the Brain" (Sun, Dec. 10, 2023)

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Hoping this talk will interest people here. I'll be there in-person,

Talk will be live-streamed on YouTube, and you can type in questions during the talk. Ask early, talks usually run only 45 minutes before Q&A starts.

Note time is Chicago USA time, (UTC -6)

Creepy Mansion

Creepy Mansion

A group of college friends pick Creepy Mansion for their weekend fun.

But, of course, Creepy Mansion (CM) is the home and Laboratory of the county's Mad Scientist (MS).

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