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To Save the Worlds - Chapter 3

To Save the Worlds
by Monica Rose

Chapter 3

There were a couple of additional salutes to the lost soldiers before Alexa was able to break away. Losing a teammate had always been difficult for Michael and it affected Alexa just as hard. She was essentially on the outside looking into a mission that had gone very wrong.

To Save the Worlds - Chapter 2 - A Deity Arms Story

To Save the Worlds

Chapter 2

The sun was shining through a gap in the drapes, casting plenty of light. Michael found himself squinting as he woke. The bed was comfortable, probably the best he had slept in for quite some time. He lay still for a bit, just enjoying the feel of the bed and the scent of fresh linen. These were things that he had not had a chance to experience in quite some time.

To Save the Worlds - Chapter 1

To Save the Worlds
By Monica Rose

Have you ever considered that there is a fine line between Yes and No, Black and White? When you are cold, how low can you raise the temperature before warm becomes hot? Major Micheal Davis is going to discover that you cannot have one without other.

Chapter 1

Dare to live 1(5)

Dare to live 1(5)



If I had a rupture, I wouldn't be able to work in the weight room for months and not be allowed to play in the basketball game. With it being now the middle of October, it meant I'll be back in New Year if I was lucky.

Summer with Kenzie

Summer with Kenzie



We were a pack of four. Linda, Amy, Ozzy, and I - BK, pronounced as beh-kah, an abbreviation for Bernard Kurt. Two girls and two boys. We were friends, not boyfriends and girlfriends. Just friends.



Kirk and I were friends.  The only friends the two of us had.  There was my sis Liz and her BFF Ashley.  But hey, they're girls.  Can you be friends with girls who recognize cars only by their color?  No, you can't.

Commenting on stories

I want to apologize to every author here. I read a lot of your stories, but I confess that I don't read everything, but I seldom leave a comment. That is because I just do not know what to say, other than I liked the story. I just feel that only saying that kind of thing is lazy when I do not have anything critical, good or bad, to say. I am also hesitant to leave comments that might make me look silly.

I lost a friend this week



My friend and co-writer Marina Kelly suffered a major stroke this past weekend. She has been in a coma and only semi-awake since then. Her daughter reports that she squeezes her hand when she tells her to, but she is not breathing on her own and she needs a gastric feeding tube. We are hoping that she wakes up, but things are touch and go right now. I don't think that we will be able to collaborate on any more stories. Because she lives 800 miles away, I will probably never hear from her again.

Please pray for her.

Thank you, Monica.

My Date in Heels

My Date Night in Heels

The club was pretty typical for a night club, but I'd only been in a couple in my life. The lighting was halfway between being bright and dim, just enough light for the waitress to see between tables or for someone to find the bathroom without spilling someone else's drink.

Genesis of a Contented Housewife

Genesis of a Contented Housewife

Sylvia sat in a hardback folding chair with her face towards the bright sun, enjoying the warm spring afternoon. She was generally at peace with the world as she had just enjoyed a delightful lunch and had had the opportunity to renew her friendship with an old and dear friend. She was feeling mellow, aided by three glasses of a gold medal-winning California Chardonnay.

Decision Made - Part 2

Decision Made - Part 2

When Beckie used that syrupy sweet voice on him, George knew that it could presage an eruption that could rivals Mount Vesuvius. He braced himself for the possible explosion and its inevitable fallout. In this case, Beckie contained her anger and calmly said, “George, go pour us a couple of stiff drinks. We need to have a talk.”

Decision Made

Decision Made
By Marina Kelly, Monica Rose

The hotel rep was addressing the crowd now, telling them that their new celebrity would be a guest in the hotel for the rest of her stay and that there would be a public event the next day where she would be presented with a check for her winnings.

What Do I Do Now? - Part 2


@ @ @ @

Sam had a night he would never forget, a lifelong transvestite he had taken advantage of his wife’s supposed absence to venture out for the first time dressed as his alter-ego Samantha. He was in a gay bar enjoying himself when in walked his wife in the arms of what appeared to be her girlfriend. Devastated at finding out his wife was a lesbian. He took to drinking to help deal with the reality of the situation.

SAM’s story.

He slid off his stool and stumbled toward the door.


George stood in front of the mirror, tucked a stray curl of the long blonde wig behind his ear so he could apply the last of his makeup. His favorite a sparkly lip gloss.

How different this Saturday had been since his one a week ago. Last Saturday morning, he had made the 45-minute drive home from an overnight shift at the home improvement box store where he was a department manager. This Saturday morning had been spent in a hot bath, while he shaved his legs.

Life on the Run in Skirts - Epilogue

A year had passed since Derrick's rather eventful birthday party.

Heather was stretched out on the sofa, enjoying a delightful glass of very expensive Merlot, when the security guard at the gate house called to inform her that there was a visitor requesting entry.

Realizing who it was, Heather ran to the front door to greet her daughter Ariel. They embraced lovingly.

“Ariel, I'm happy to see you. This is a surprise though. Why didn’t you call to let me know you were coming?”

I Was Promoted from CFO to Secretary

To our readers, I would like to introduce a new coauthor Cagivagurl. Do yourself a favor and check out her story page on FictionMania.

We were so impressed with her resume of stories we went out and actively recruited her to join our team. For our faithful readers you might be able to detect a more sensual leaning to this production.

We hope you enjoy this tale.
Marina and Monica

I Was Promoted from CFO to Secretary

Searching for a story


I'm looking for a story that has nothing to do with anything that has appeared here on BCTS or the other websites, but I am hoping that someone is well-read enough to have heard of it.

The scene was set during World War II or in the Far East during a conflict of some sort. A group of prisoners are lined up and told that every third man will be killed. When they choose the main character, she removes her hat to show that she is not a man at all.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?


I would say that stories about growing up are pretty close to being real

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I have just returned from my forty-fifth high school reunion and I would like to tell you about a lesson I learned. (Yes, I can still be taught at my age). I had not managed to attend many reunions over the years and I went to this one to see if any of the people I knew would be there. I wanted to find out if they behaved any differently from our time in high school.

Not sure if anyone saw this

The Day My Dad Kicked Me Out For Being Gay Changed My Life Forever

I'm not sure if anyone saw this article on Huffington Post when it appeared in June, but here is the link to the article:

Billie's Christmas Present

Billie's Christmas Present

Bill’s team was in a hard-fought battle with their little league archenemies. They had split their previous two games and this was for the championship. It was the bottom of the last inning, the score was tied, and Bill was up to bat with the bases loaded and two outs. The pitcher watched him dig in at the plate. He had already struck Bill out three times and he was quite sure that he could do it again.

Journeys West - Chapter 20 - Yolanda

Chapter 20 - Yolanda

By Monica Rose and Marina Kelly
Proofread by: Qmodo

Mary Sue stood in the doorway of the library's special archives, hands on her hips. Before her stood the rows of shelves that had been in the basement when she had arrived.

Journeys West - Chapter 19 - Going Home

Chapter 19 - Going Home

By Monica Rose and Marina Kelly
Proofread by: Qmodo

Mary Sue strode happily out of the Liberal Arts building and onto the quad. Dropping onto a bench, the afternoon sun felt great. Now that the summer heat was in the offing, but not quite here yet, it felt good to take a few minutes to just enjoy the afternoon.

To the readers of Journeys West

Some of you have expressed the desire for an epilogue to the story.

I'm afraid that there is no epilogue at this time. To make up for that, there are still two chapters of the story waiting to be posted. I hope that this will an acceptable consolation.

It's been a lot of fun writing this story and I am flattered that some of you have enjoyed it. I cannot tell you how good and how humbling that feels.

Thank you and lots of hugs,
Monica Rose and Marina Kelly

Journeys West - Chapter 18 - Aftermath

Chapter 18 - Aftermath

By Monica Rose and Marina Kelly
Proofread by: Qmodo

Leslie watched the elder Kaylock be loaded into the ambulance with mixed emotions. The paramedics could not tell her much about his chances though, she would have to speak with the doctors at the hospital. The man’s entitled attitude had made him unlikeable, but seeing anyone injured always bothered her. It was one of the reasons she had pursued law enforcement as a career.

Journeys West - Chapter 17 - The Search Begins

Chapter 17 - The Search Begins

By Monica Rose and Marina Kelly
Proofread by: Qmodo

Liz sat quietly, her arms wrapped around herself, knees pulled up on the chair. Even though the doctor had reported that things looked good for Samantha, she was still worried about her and probably would stay that way until she was able to see for herself.

Journeys West - Chapter 16 - A Rattlesnake on the Trail

Chapter 16 - A Rattlesnake on the Trail

By Monica Rose and Marina Kelly
Proofread by: Qmodo

The sun was bright outside the bedroom windows but the muted glare really did not bother her. It registered somewhat, but the events of the previous day had taken a bit out of her. Their bedroom gymnastics contributed to that as well. As a result, Mary Sue snuggled back into the warmth of Pat's arms.

Journeys West - Chapter 15 - The Visit

Chapter 15 - The Visit

by Monica Rose and Marina Kelly
Editor: Qmodo

They dropped Emily off at her place before heading out of town. Leslie and Emily had spent a few minutes talking quietly before Emily turned away with a smile. Leslie watched her walk inside before getting into the car with a smile of her own.

“I take it that you have plans for this evening?” Mary Sue asked, looking at Leslie with a grin.

Journeys West - Chapter 12 - The Plot Thickens

Chapter 12 - The Plot Thickens

She squinted at the bright light in her eyes. It was like the sun was shining directly into her face. Her head felt like it had been packed with cotton and she was having trouble making sense of anything. Realization grew on her that she had been looking at the same spot on the curtain wall beside the bed for minutes before she even knew that it was there.

Journeys West - Chapter 10 - Wagons Ho

Chapter 10 - Wagons Ho

By Marina Kelly and Monica Rose
Editor: Qmodo

The book was still on the table bedside the bed when they wheeled him back to his room. While he wasn't restricted to his room, considering that he was only an observation patient, Pat didn't feel like wandering around the hospital wearing only a drafty gown.

Journeys West - Chapter 7 - The Game's Afoot

LGBT existed a long time before the labels came into being. Bigotry and discrimination were there at the same time. This is a story how those attitudes can affect our descendants.

Chapter 7 - The Game's Afoot

by Monica Rose and Marina Kelly
Editor: Qmodo

Journeys West - Chapter 6 - The Plot Thickens

LGBT existed a long time before the labels came into being. Bigotry and discrimination were there at the same time. This is a story how those attitudes can affect our descendants.

Chapter 6 - The Plot Thickens

by Monica Rose and Marina Kelly
Editor: Qmodo

Once she had finished breakfast, Mary headed back over to the library. As she pulled into the parking lot, she saw Patrick standing outside the building, arms folded and looking upset. Getting out of her car she rushed to his side, "Pat, why are you pacing around out here?"


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