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Comfortably Numb. Chapter 1 of 10

Chapter 1

I didn’t mean to end up this way. It just wasn’t in my thinking at all. Somehow, every step along the way seemed the right thing to do. There was a point where I could have called a stop to things, but I was, to the core of my being, a ‘Union Man’, and the Union needed me.

Binding Resolutions Chapter 2: Lost in Submission

Yvonne's evening descends into a carnal savagery where the hedonistic fantasies of onlookers are not just met but encouraged. She is simply a vessel for gratification for the crowd, an emblem of her solemn vow to her ever-demanding mistress. Adorned in attire that barely conceals, she is marched out before hungry eyes, every inch of her transformation a testimony to her submission. Be forewarned: this chapter treads through shadowed corridors, filled with explicit scenes and raw exchanges that may unsettle the faint of heart.

Enhancement Suits

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Kidnapped, Failed Mission

Kidnapped, failed mission
Gwen Brown

He was a quiet, yet very proficient financial investigator and his only problem is that he got too close to people who rationalized themselves to be serving humanity but were absolutely ruthless. They did research in Medicine, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics. One of their goals was to make Cyborgs.

Beware of unexpected post, part 2

The doorbell rang, you dived for it at full speed.

Stood there was a bike courier, anonymous in their black riders clothes and the full visored helmet, they thrust a rectangular parcel at you to check the address. You agreed it was for you, signed their clip board and rushed back into the room.

The seals were secure but a sharp knife and the box was soon open. Inside was a blue latex item as expected, but heavy, you unwrapped it and realised it was a waist cinching corset, the weight from the large amount of boning.

Family Therapy: Nonbinary Reflections

Bonus scene! Bonus artwork! Bonus--well, it’s just those two things, actually. But that’s still pretty cool! After Fraylim got inspired to do some additional artwork for “Family Therapy,” I wanted a way to share it with you. So, to avoid undercutting the original story, I’m offering this as an “alternate ending.” Here, we see a young trans woman on the verge of an important decision as she muses on the unusual road that her life has taken, and the role that her father-turned-mother played in it...and may yet play in the future.

Driven from Normal. (Extra A.I. Images)

Precision driver Simon McKenzie’s work week started reasonably normal with a job in Queenstown, New Zealand, driving a vehicle for a new TV ad being filmed there.

After only a few days, and a series of events that seemed to quickly snowball, the 23 year old found himself standing in a bar waiting for his new girlfriend to arrive… But, what wasn’t normal, is that it's him wearing who's little black cocktail dress…

Driven from Normal. (Extra A.I. Images)

Family Therapy


A father and son in crisis reach out to an online therapist who, unbeknownst to them, is actually an artificial intelligence. But after the machine mistakenly deduces that one of them must be transgender—and bound by its programming to maintain its patients' privacy—it ends up feminizing both father and son. When the truth finally comes to light, will this bring the two of them closer together, or tear them hopelessly apart?

Driftwood #3 - Feelings

By Alyssa Plant

Life and Love are far more complicated than we can possibly understand. For one young cop, a journey of self-discovery will teach them that true strength was inside them all along.


Lane Carter was a cargo bay drone pilot scraping by and spending all his...rather her time in the Virtual Reality game created by the Zenith Company. He was a playtester on their first serious fantasy setting on the neural link head set and now steps into playtesting their new full body pods and Vala their account became something more and more.

Made To Look Like An AI

Made To Look Like An AI


Gwen Brown

Waking felt awful. I hadn’t been out at the Pub and had not been drinking otherwise. I could tell from seeing my breath that the room I was in was cold. Yet I was warm, and cosy so would have liked another bit of sleep, yet I was firmly awake and feeling more alert as the headache and unwell feeling passed. Had I been drugged?

The Cartoonist

Amanda couldn’t decide what she was going to wear to the comic con this year. This year they were bringing in some of the best comic book artists and having them interview a potential artist. She puts her portfolio together of some of her best drawings of comic book characters.

She hopes this time, she’ll get some job offers for her talent. Her parents were disappointed in her, first because she wanted to be a cartoonist. Secondly, they didn’t like the fact that she wanted to be a girl. She has always known she should have been born a girl, but she wasn’t.

Summoned: Book 1 - An Accidental Adventure

Book 1 - An Accidental Adventure

Book Cover LR.jpg

In a location, another world, or maybe even another dimension. Which is very far from our own, the Apocalypse has already come and gone. In its wake the decedents of the survivors do their best to eck out an existence. Always under the threat of extra dimensional demons and creatures that exist in the ‘Missing Matter’ that scientist have always theorized to exist.

[NW 03] Hard For Confidence

Lizbeth deserves more in her life.
She has the skills and knowledge.
What she is critically missing is confidence.
So much, that her friend Colette has a rather unusual and extreme solution to try.

[A stand-alone story in the "Naughty Witches" verse]


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