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And Now - Wildcats 3!

WildCats 3 on Amazon

Terry Nelson, an eighteen-year-old high school senior, has decided to help his sister's rock band, the Wildcats. By disguising himself as Tasha Nelson and playing with the band, the girls have a six-month contract and are on their way to recording Terry's songs and playing in front of the nation.

But, Terry learns that being a twenty-two-year-old woman is more complicated than he thought. While learning how to juggle the complications of being a boy in dresses twenty-four hours a day, Terry learns that playing in a successful band is a full-time commitment.

Terry's world is changing faster than he could imagine with the Wildcats!

Never Wanted To Be A Girl Chp.20

Raven and Clair were entangled with one another in bed. Raven was on top of Clair with one leg in between Clair’s leg and she had her head tucked in the nook of Clair’s shoulder. The two of them had enjoyed each other’s bodies for a while.

What came as a surprise, was Clair getting a small amount of milk from Raven’s breasts. She had sucked on Raven breasts several times before. However, this time was different. Raven’s breasts had produced a mouthful of breast milk. It had surprised Raven like it did Clair.

Ignorance is No Excuse for Hating Someone Part 13

Haylee pours the feed she has for the horses. The temperature had dropped and she was outside in her winter gear feeding the animals. She spots John and Berry feeding the cows over near the other corral.

Haylee finishes feeding the horses and heads over towards John and Perry. She enjoys being out among her grandfather’s animals. She rides her four-wheeler over towards the animal feed and loads the trailer attached to her four-wheeler up with food. Afterward, she heads over towards the gate and head into the corral.

A New Life-Kelly's Revenge Chapter 3

“Now, I think you’ll like this property. It’s a fixer-upper, but most of it is in excellent condition.” Jill Miller unlocks the front door of the old Spanish home.

Victoria and Kelly look at the courtyard of the home they were looking at. It was going to take a lot of work to clear it up and replant it. The fountain in the middle of the courtyard was going to need to be repaired as well.

Victoria and Kelly follow behind Jill as she takes them inside the house. The place looked like no one has been inside the place for years.

A Christmas Party - part 8

A Christmas Party - part 8
Bob gets invited to his office's Christmas Party. His colleagues convince him that life is more fun in a dress.

In this part; Bobbi and Jordan meet Bobbi's Mum. Bobbi makes some decisions and learns some things.

This is the final part, for now. It's not the end of Bobbi's story, I think, but it's a good point to draw a line under things.

Jackie It Just Feels Right

This story is Fiction, the characters and situations in this story are products of my imagination and not based on any reality.

It was that time of year again, spring had already sprung here in the Deep South, flowers all in bloom, the azaleas and rhododendrons tapering off, the daffodils and crocus already done for the year. My wife and I just returning from a planning meeting of the Rancho Verde Country Club. Neither one of us were really the country club type, but both of us joined because of business contacts. Deborah joined because of her client base. She is an attorney mainly handling divorce cases. Surprisingly a lot of her clients were male, although she was not lacking female clients. Her reputation for no non-sense representation of her clients made her popular with either sex. I was a commercial photographer, mainly doing weddings, debutante parties and an occasional private party.


Well every good story I have heard about starts at the beginning, or so I am told.

I would love to say I was born at a good time for both of my loving parents.

The truth is I don't believe my mother knew my father. It was a one night fling after a very drunk bar night. My mother was young at the time. Around seventeen, and like most of the girls her age, believed a one night of sex was not enough to get her pregnant. She was wrong.

Jo If You Do It First

This story is Fiction, the characters and situations in this story are products of my imagination and not based on any reality.

Another fight with my wife, the couch probably my bed again, a fate that has happened more often than I cared for recently. This time, we had just got comfortable watching a chick flick on the T.V. when I tried to massage her breasts. She was cradled in my arms sitting directly in front of me. It was only logical for me to reach over and fondle her. This time as before she rejected my attempts and covered her breasts. When we first married it was something that she liked to be done, and I was ecstatic about the chance to play with her boobs. Over the years, I have obsessed over her breasts till recently she has withdrawn them as part of any foreplay.

Heather A Model Spouse

This story is Fiction, the characters and situations in this story are products of my imagination and not based on any reality.

Tonight was a special night for my wife and me. We were celebrating our thirteenth wedding anniversary. We were too young when we married; fresh out of high school and not ready for marriage. There was love there, we met in eighth grade, constant companions, but more importantly we got along as friends. We had a lot of the same interests; music, books and a drive to succeed in anything we did. We were grounded, already looking ahead to careers, jobs and a future.

Jessica Budding Boobies

This story is Fiction, the characters and situations in this story are products of my imagination and not based on any reality.

I was counting my tips that night, my station cleared and all my tables spotless and set up for tomorrow’s business. We had been extremely busy the last few weeks, waiting on our last customers well after the normal closing time. Tonight was no different; we had managed to get the last customer out the door at eleven-thirty, a full two hours after our regular closing time. The last hour, we also cleaned up and got ready for tomorrow’s business. I always stayed and helped the girls clean their stations as well as mine, just what I normally do every night that I work.

Erin Pasties And G-Strings

This story is Fiction, the characters and situations in this story are products of my imagination and not based on any reality.

I had been out clubbing again, the only thing that seemed to take my mind off my problems. The problems seemed to be piling up, from my lack of a job to the rent being past due, you name it, and it had gone wrong. My name is Erin Waldrop, twenty-three years old, a college graduate and in trouble up to my neck. I shouldn’t be going out, since the few remaining dollars I did have vanished quickly at a club. The fact that I had given up hope allowed me to forget why I should save any remaining money I have.

Barbara Making The Team

This story is Fiction, the characters and situations in this story are products of my imagination and not based on any reality.

To say we were a sports family would be quite an understatement. Both of my parents are P.E. teachers at my high school, that is good and that is also bad. I was smaller in stature than a lot of males, but kept myself in good shape, that is the good part. The bad part is, that I am expected to be the best in any sport because of my parents. Fellow students figured I was a shoo-in for any team, being the son of PE teachers.

Celene Waking Up Female

Since this story is Fiction, the characters and situations in this story are products of my imagination and not based on any reality.

My head hurt, eyes felt they were hanging out in the air and my mouth felt like it was stuffed with cotton. I blinked several times, the image before me was still blurry and I realized I had no idea where I ended up last night. I was in someone’s bed, I don’t think it is mine since it seemed much softer. It also smelled better, almost like flowers.

Rose Kick That Leg High

This story is Fiction, the characters and situations in this story are products of my imagination and not based on any reality.

Well, it all started about eight months ago, I had been working in Vegas for a little over a month, a transplant from Southern Arizona. I came up here to try and further my career as a dancer. Of course, the chances of getting a job professionally are quite low, but dreams and ideals spur you on to keep trying. It makes it twice as hard when you are a male dancer. The majority of the dancers in Vegas are female, buxom semi-naked females. I auditioned at seven different casinos, each audition went well, but they had nothing to offer me, they would keep my audition tape and let me know if anything changed.

Undercover Girl - Chapter 24

Undercover Girl – 24

By Katherine Day
(Copyright 2019)
(Trudy Selery is adjusting to a life in a witness protection program and hoping to renew life with her lover. She continues to face threats from a ruthless mob.)



By Jasmine Monica

Part 1
This is a cute little story that I wrote and posted today. I haven't felt well in the past few days and I have been too tired to work on my long epic story I have been writing but I hope to get back to it soon
This story is about a innocent teenage boy shopping with his sister in a girls clothing store, as her sister when they run into his girlfriend. How will she react

The Mad Adventures of Suzie Lavender - Suzie is triumphant

I’m really nervous as Judy drives me to school. My stomach is full of butterflies as I’m about to go to school as Suzie for the first time. Judy picked a nice mini-dress with a blue flower pattern. It’s pretty but I have to be careful to keep the skirt part down so my peach panties isn’t exposed under my taupe pantyhose. Of course I’m wearing my B-cup falsies. I’m also wearing a pair of white open toed platform shoes that show off my pretty plum toes. I’m going to be changing nail polish colors when I see Thelma on Thursday and I want the color to be the same as my fingernails this time.

The Mad Adventures of Suzie Lavender - Suzie's Thanksgiving Makeover

This is the big day. After the day is over, I will be Simon Fornsby no longer. I’ll be Suzie Lavender. I still have no idea what I’ll look like though. Judy tells me it’s going to be a surprise. The only thing I know for certain is that Sally is coming with us and she promises to hold my hand when I go through the perma waxing, the one thing I know for sure is coming. I am so in a hurry to get rid of my horrid little beard and starting to be hairy legs not the mention the underarms, pubes, arms, etc.

The Mad Adventures of Suzie Lavender - Suzie's first Monday

I’m waking up and wondering if my nightmare has turned into a wonderful dream and now I’ll be waking up in my old bed and hear Bud yelling at Mom again.

But, no, I’m in Judy’s bed in her dressing room and I’m dressed up in a pink baby doll nightie with bloomers. My nails are still shimmering with two coats of fuchsia nail polish. Of course I still have the perm from Hell but even that feels just a tad bit softer. Now all I have to do is to look in the mirror.

First Time Out

Georgia looks at her nude body in the full-length mirror mounted on her sister’s bedroom door. She had done everything she could, to make her body look like her sisters. Her older sister didn’t know she took nude photos of her body, so she could get the right size prostheses. She even took her sister's driver's license, so she could use it to get into clubs and order drinks.

Twisted Hacker

Aisha pets her cat Felix as he laid at the corner of her desktop at home. He was stretched out near her keyboard as she worked on the game code she had been hired to do. She already had sixty hours working on the game.

“So, what do you think Felix. Do you think we’ll get this game finished on time?” She reaches over and pets her tabby color Maine coon cat.

A Spark Can Start A Blaze

Ethan stretches like a cat as he wakes-up in bed. He was enjoying dressing like a girl all the time now. The silk nightgown he wore to bed rubs against his smooth skin and sends goosebumps up and down his body.

He looks down towards his chest and he was slowly developing his own breasts. He decided after high school that he wanted his own breasts. He had been wearing fake ones all the time for his performances. So, he talked Dr. Wolfhart into increasing his estrogen levels, since his body produced so little testosterone.

Pretending to Be A Girl

Phoenix browses through the new selection of sundresses, camisoles, shorts, and skirts that had just arrived at his favorite female clothing store. No one knew he wasn’t really a girl underneath the short skirt and a nice pink camisole and low wedge heels.

The fake breasts and hips and ass pads he was wearing, gave him a nice figure. He styled his shoulder-length red hair, like the way his mother kept hers. He just had his fingernails, and his toenails done. He was looking for a couple of new outfits to wear, while on vacation. He enjoyed pretending that he was a girl.

A New Life

Kelly wipes the sweat from his forehead. He looks up as people moved about at the park. He was lucky to get a job at Universal Studios Hollywood. He had found himself in Los Angeles, California hoping he could find a job and start a new life. The small town he lived in with his family and what they did to him, was the reason he left.


A teenager loses a bet and is forced to get an over-the-top feminine makeover at a transformation studio that specializes in feminizing rebellious teens. But when it comes out that this might not be his first time at the store, he's forced to confront his fears of embarrassment and exposure as he endures trials far more challenging and personal than he ever dreamed possible.


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