Allie 5

Allie 5
This is an interactive story, Allie now lives as a girl, as his aunt has a solution to his problems


Allie 5

Last poll:
1. Diaper and crib: “I think you need to wear a diaper. I think we should also put a crib in my room so you can sleep. The crib will make you more secure.” 15%
2. Nursery Room: “I think you need a diaper sweetie, and we will let you start again as the princess you are. We will change your room to a girl’s nursery. It means you can grow up and blossom to a sweet girl.” 35%
3. Bedroom: “I think you need to wear diapers at night. We can also put a two way intercom in your room, where you can speak with me when you need to. We should go to the doctor to find why you are wetting 24%
4. Boarding school. “I have missed work so much and you need a lot of attention. I have a friend who is good at treating boys… I mean girls like you. You should go to The Pink Academy” 27%

Aunty told me to lay on the bed, as she took off my clothes and poured some baby powder on me. I was confused as to why she was doing this, but I admitted it smelled so nice. Then I saw her take a disposable diaper and folded it out. I knew what she wanted to do with it and started kicking and crying telling her that I did not want it on. Aunty just sat on the bed while I had a tantrum and explained she was doing what was best for me. I didn’t care, I kicked and I screamed as my face was wet with tears. Aunty asked me several times if I was done. I was not! I was 9 years old and did not need any diaper on me.

After some time, I was too tired to cry and scream. Aunty put a pacifier in my mouth and gave me Bella, my teddy. She explained I needed the diaper as I was constantly wetting. She gave me a hug, and told me I have been through a lot. First my dear mother dies, and then I have to move to a new house with an aunt that I never met. She said on top of that, I discover that I am a girl with a boy’s body. She explained that this is a lot to understand and go through. She said she read that regression often works. I looked at her and asked her what she meant by regression?

She explained babies feel very safe and secure, and have time to discover the world they live in. She told me I could not go back to being treated like a baby all the time, as I have school. However I could be treated like a baby until I felt more secure and used to my new life with her. My room will be changed to a baby nursery and I would be treated like a baby outside school. This would only be part time, and when I was ready, I could be potty trained and live as the princess, I was meant to be. Aunty went on to say the next job would be to get blockers and hormones. I stopped listening to her. The tantrum and her plans made me tired, so I fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up. Somehow I felt better than the past few days. I figured it was because I was not in wet bedsheets and pyjamas. I looked down at myself and remembered that I wore a night dress, because I told aunty that I felt like a girl. It was a pretty night dress. I also noticed the diaper I had on. It was a pink one with butterflies and rainbows. It was sagging wet, which made me sigh. Then I remembered what aunty said. She will change my room to a baby nursery and I will be treated like a baby.

Diapers… crib… changing table… high chair… baby clothes…

I ran into auntie’s room and hugged her and cried. I begged her not to treat me like a baby. I promised to be good and do everything she said. I repeated this over and over while aunty tried to calm me down. She did not even answer me as she said her assistant was coming to get the house set up and everything we needed. She told me she understood that I could not understand regression, but all she wanted now was me to try it and do what she wanted.

She looked into my eyes, and said she thought regression would be best for me. Would I not try it just for her? I looked down and muttered that I would be her baby girl. The doorbell rang.

Aunty left me in the room as she went and answered the door. It was her assistant. I heard them talk and talk and heard the word baby a few times. Then aunty came back and put me in a white summer dress and a diaper. The dress covered the diaper, and it was hard to see I was wearing one, despite it made my bum look big. As we walked out of the room, I could see myself in the mirror, and the sunlight made the summer dress a bit transparent. It was certain that I was wearing a diaper.

The assistant was working, ringing to people as aunty told her we would be back later. I asked where we were going and she said since its weekend, we would be going to the amusement park. I smiled as I never was at an amusement park in my life.

An hour later, we were at the park. It was a huge place with so many rides, booths and flowers. I never saw so many ice cream stands in one area. I ran around and was smiling for the first time in days. I saw a puppet show in the distance and ran towards it. It was cool as I sat and watched two puppets hitting each other’s heads. I didn’t even mind when a boy that was older than me and whispered to me that he likes my dress.

Aunty found me. I didn’t realize that I ran from her because I was so excited. She took out this child harness and put it on me. I told her I did not need a leash as I was not a dog! She smiled and said that at least she knew where I was.

After that we went around looking at the rides. Aunty said I should try a rollercoaster ride, as they were fun. I looked at it and wanted to live to the next day. I started crying and saying they were too dangerous and I did not want to try them. Aunty found my pacifier and put it in my mouth. We then tried the toddler rides. I did not like spinning tea cups as it made me feel sick. I loved the train and the planes that went up and down. The only bad thing was when aunty told me not to spread my legs when I sat, as they showed my diaper.

It was time to get my diaper changed, so we found a girls room. There was one woman there waiting for her daughter that was in the stall. Aunty lifted me on the changing table. She started changing my diaper and let me tell you this is so embarrassing. The woman noticed my boy’s penis and complimented my aunt on raising me as a sissy. My aunt said I was not a sissy, and she thought that word was so harsh. Of course the woman disagreed and said that sissies are cute. My aunt explained that I had gender identity confusion. She said I feel like I am a girl.

The girl came out and I started to get anxiety, as I seen it was Sarah, the girl that seen me wet my pants at school. She was looking down and blushing as her mom was talking about sissies. She must have seen I had a boy’s body and was deeply embarrassed. I didn’t really hear aunty and the woman anymore. I heard aunty talk about tantrums and she needed to get back to work. The woman said something about being stern and not accepting anything.

Sarah and I did not speak with each other. It was time to go home.

When we came home, I saw some vans drive by us. We walked into the house. I did not say anything except look at the changes. There was a highchair and a playpen. I could feel an anxiety attack again. When I saw my room, it was the same, except there was a changing table and a princess crib. I could feel my eyes well up. Sarah knew I wore diapers. She knew I was a boy. What would she say to this?

Aunty told me I had a long day, so it was time to get changed and go to bed. I looked at the crib and before I knew it, I was in a tantrum again. I told my aunt that she was mean and crazy. I was not a baby! I would not sleep in a crib. This time, she did not wait for my tantrum to finish. She lifted me up and told me to stop and listen to what she said. She warned if I did not, she would spank me and use cuffs to keep me in the crib.

I looked up at aunty and was afraid. I was afraid of my aunt and said nothing as she changed my diaper. She put me in the crib and asked me should she get some cuffs? I didn’t answer. She walked out the room as I was thinking that I was afraid of my aunt. Would she really spank me? Would she really chain me to the crib? I missed my mother. I sat there holding Bella thinking I tried doing everything that aunty wanted. Then I thought that I told aunty that I was really a girl and she has done her best to help me. I was confused.

Aunty came back with tears in her eyes. She told me she knew she was a bad mother. She did this nursery to make me feel safe and give me a fresh start. She sometimes did not know what to do. She knew very little about transgenders. She knew nothing about children. She would never chain or spank me.

I gave her a hug and said I liked my new nursery and she was a good mom.
Aunty smiled and told me the future will be fine for us, as we had each other. She said that I started school on Monday, and she needed to get back to work. She said we had to discuss who would take care of me until she got home for work.

Who will take care of Allie after school?

1. Allie will go to her aunt’s work place. She will set up a play room for him

2. Allie will go to day-care after school

3. Sarah’s mother has offered to take care of Allie.

4. Allie can be home alone.

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