Blessings Part 5

Author's Note: my apologies for the lack of depth with the crossdressing part, but it's not my forte. The kids' reactions are what you'd expect from kids and their own personalities, I'm no expert with kids so I tried to get a cross-section of them overall. And I apologize for all of the characters, but this was meant to be "all hands on deck" for their generation among those who were still "in town" then. The two guys not mentioned are overseas and in California as established previously and in a later story.

big mouth


I'm crawling under a rock for a while. Screw my stories, I am too frustrated and upset to write. I just pissed off someone I respect because I shot my mouth off questioning sources. I can't shut the hell up and read, I can't shut the hell up and enjoy what others are saying- no, I have to question people all of the time. I can't shut the hell up to save my life. It's a miracle I haven't been beaten to within an inch of my life but it's only a matter of time before I piss off the wrong person and it happens.

Blessings Part 4


July 16th, 2025

Tara awoke to find herself in her bedroom again, only this time wearing girls' pajamas. She smiled at the memories of the day before and remembered making a new friend who was like her. She felt alive, she felt like she was herself for the first time ever.

Binary Part 12- Finale

Mercy is used with the approval of Dorothy Colleen. Hopefully I got her right.

November 12th, 2016 Parents' Day at Whateley Academy

Megan got a surprise as her former crush Fidget called her over. He blushed as he introduced her to a pretty girl who was tall, skinny, and had what felt like large breasts to Megan. Fidget awkwardly told her "this is my girlfriend Stacy. I wanted her to meet the girl who kept me from doing something stupid last year. She's happy that you have adapted as well, we both know all too hard how periods are."

Blessings Part 3

July 15th, 2025

Anthony drove to Winnisimmet and introduced Mary and her son Tommy to Rose and Sydney. The two girls looked at Mary then at Anthony and were about to say something, but thought better of it and led the scared Tommy inside so the duo could get to work. Tommy was afraid, but some soothing words from Sydney got him to relax and sit down on the floor to play with the few toys that he had while they cleaned the house.

Binary Part 9

September 5th, 2016 Shuster Hall, Whateley Academy

When lunch finished, Morgan had to rush to her next class. Physics 1 was viewed as a basic class for all freshmen, but for her it was advanced. She was placed in it due to her abilities and she was starting to realize that it wasn't all fun and games anymore as things would only get tougher as the day went on.

Blessings Part 2

Late June 2025

Sydney underwent her surgery in the same Boston hospital that her mother had undergone her own. It was a trying time for Rose as as she feared the worst but had her brother there to support her. He hated to see his sister in tears as she grew nervous, but he held himself together and put on the tough older brother facade that she needed to keep herself together.

Binary Part 8

Dedicated to Nuuan and Shadowsblade, two of the best Whately writers even if they will never be "canon". You are keeping Whateley alive for all of us who want to try to write but can't get the OK from the power that be.

September 4th, 2016 Poe Cottage, Whateley Academy

Binary Part 7 is posted


Binary Part 7 is up...and the story finally gets to take place in the namesake school. This was originally the 2nd half of Part 6 but since the two halves were so different I opted to split them and give the shift of location its own part. Between Parts 5 and 7 I found out that the character I originally thought was retired was still involved in canon stories so I had to include her. Things didn't turn out how I wanted to for the big reveal, but it made sense that it'd happen in a subtle way that causes big issues overall.

Blessings Part 1

June 15th, 2025

It had been a rough year for Anthony Russo. His parents had perished in a horrific crash due to drunk drivers hauling dangerous chemicals crashing into one another and sandwiching their car killing the couple instantly. He was left to care for his eight-year-old sister while finishing his high school diploma and fighting social services off as they tried to his sister into custody.

Story 10: Blessings


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When elder daughter Sydney starts getting ready to move out on her own and with younger daughter Piper starting to become her own woman, empty nest syndrome strikes their parents. The cure? More children. This time, biological children. When a mixup at the fertility center leads to a huge revelation, things get even more complicated for the family. Then, add in a marriage and in-laws fighting to take control of their unborn children...things just can't be easy, not when it comes to members of the Finn Family.

New Binary is posted


Binary Part 5 was just posted a few days earlier than I expected. I am going to try to keep to the schedule I put out as much as possible, this was already partially written before and was easy to put together compared with later parts that really take place at the school.

I hope I didn't get the six existing characters wrong, but two were want for use, two were underutilized in their roles, and it's hard to nail down Carson. I love the character Karma and couldn't resist a little levity at the end, especially as it let me use Imp in the right way.

Binary Part 4 is posted


Binary Part 4 is up. It's partly influenced by a comment from one of the readers that hit hard but was the blunt truth that I needed. If she wasn't respected by me I would have had a negative reaction but she had a point and her point helped shape this part. With only three main characters and a lot of backstory unfurling as they talk this part is closer to my normal style of writing. And yes, I know it falls into the usual tropes regarding a girl just starting out into girlhood.

New Binary is up


A new Binary is posted and connects the dots while giving some tidbits for later. Eagle-eyed readers will spot them, I just hope that this series is interesting and not a bad attempt at trying to make something that only others can make work. I hope that this captures some of the original's spark as it's as close as I can get to one of the action segments in the canon stories as I'm terrible at action scenes.

Binary- a Whateley Academy Tale


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Morgan Pine was a typical kid whose father was a low-level weapons developer. When his father's latest hideout is raided by the MCO and a superhero team, Morgan starts to manifest as a mutant. Morgan's life changes drastically as his body reconstructs into a new form, one that has a lot of power and potential.

Binary Part 1 posted!


Binary, my first attempt at diving into the Whateley universe, has been posted.

It's not that good when compared with the greats like Morpheus or ElrodW, but I am trying to make my own mark on there and give a different take. I know that family abandonment, MCO intrigue, and trying to hide your heritage are cliche in the Whateley world, so I'm not doing that. I just hope that readers can wait a bit for action and accept that not everything has to be about Humanity First, MCO, superheroes, or supervillains chasing people around- sometimes, it's about them being normal people.

Whateley- a tough place


I'm struggling to write a coherent story set in the Whateley Universe that doesn't misuse characters or break any rules about powers and actions. I have had to scrap one plot then try to go with a second one while working around a third one. I am lucky that I at least set the story in a place that I know and that hasn't been the full setting for a story despite it being visited- the Boston area. I am even luckier in that my character's powers haven't been used in the same way by others even if it's partly like two or three other characters.

stepping in it again...


First I piss off an author and a random poster because I mentioned the font being hard to read. It's hard to read, and I'm sorry for pointing it out and upsetting you and your supporters. I guess I'll stop bothering to read your stories as you have made it known to me that how they look matter more than what you put into them.

Winnisimmet Tales Saga


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Efindumb's Winnisimmet Tales stories, set in a fictional version of his hometown near Boston, Massachusetts. Stories deal with a wide variety of issues that range from racism, child abuse, sexual abuse with most focusing on characters who are transgender or who are close friends with transgender people. Told in the style of soap operas and teen dramas, with few sexual scenes but with violence and language.



Solitude and Salvation is a flop. I should have left it abandoned. I'm at the point that no matter what I do it's a failure. It's not burnout, it's being a hack. I've become what I hate and I hate myself for becoming it. I need to get away for a long time, I'm turning off PMs so please don't bother.

Sorry for darkening the site yet again, it's the last time for a long time.

The Wrong Gift

With all apologies to Bru, a Christmas present to you :D

My family is big on giving gifts to one another. Somehow, we just know what to get the others without having to ask one another what we want. Most of the time, it's alright...but not this year.

This year, they were at wit's end trying to find the perfect gifts. My parents knew most of the stuff that I wanted, but the special gift that they always got me eluded them.

Finishing a story


CrazyPaganGurl has passed on...

She was a good writer whose muse had a habit of being all over the place but when she was staying put long enough to give her a good idea that muse hit the mark perfectly. She had multiple stories in progress, all of which were good. It'll be a sad fact that they won't be completed.

The Bet

Thanksgiving gift to all...a story that was bouncing around in my head that wanted to get out

I'm down by three points and it's getting tougher and tough to shoot. He's all over me and I'm wearing out. I should never have made this bet with him.

He is fast. I can't catch him fairly. I try to get in his way but get bowled over every time.

I thought my endurance was high, but he's tapping into reserves that I haven't tapped in years and he's not even looking winded. I can barely stand yet he's barely breaking a sweat. Sometimes I envy him, but tonight I hate his guts.

To the Matt Part 32- Finale


After the movie hoopla started to give way, Taylor started her surgical internship. She shadowed her mentor for months before she built up her confidence to perform on her own. It took her a while to get into the groove of things but once she saw that she could do it and do it well she was a natural at it.

To the Matt Part 31

The penultimate story part. Taylor's news hits hard. The families enjoy the holidays then come together for Taylor's final match. She starts a new chapter in life now that wrestling is off the table.

Apologies for flooding


I apologize to everyone here for flooding the site with three reposts and five straight story parts. I know people dislike me personally and I'm probably one of the biggest reasons for a drop in site activity, but I won't apologize for trying to end my story so I can disappear.

I'll leave posting stories to the popular authors so the site can recover.

Someone Who Cares- the complete story

Chapter 1: A New Place
I'm John Finn. I was your typical mid-30s loser. I grew up in a poor city in a very poor neighborhood where we had to constantly get help from welfare to survive. If you are ever caught in the welfare net it is almost impossible to escape, if not for one fateful whim I would be still stuck in the slum.

Efindumb's books 1-3 reposts coming


As it'll be mentioned in my next story part, I figured it best to do something about my first three books. In four days I'm permanently pulling my three books "Someone Who Cares" "True Friends and Family" and "New Beginnings" from Amazon as they are simply just taking up digital space and not worth keeping there as nobody actually buys or reads them anymore. In doing that, I'm going to post all three books in their entirety on here so they are available for all to read for free.

To the Matt Part 27

Sorry for the delay again. When we left off, Taylor was helping her neighbors with their transgender child. They were about to meet the rest of her neighbor's family to introduce their niece. Fate has a funny way of making things complicated as the past meets the present for Taylor's family.

Rewrites and issues


I'm having bipolar moments. My temper is short and I jump into a deep depression just after the anger switch is flipped. I have been fighting deep depressions to the point of considering breaking my vows of abstaining from drugs by taking over the counter sleep medicine to sleep through the down moments. The only way to fight it is to focus on something else.

Casting Call!


I'm writing "To the Matt Part 29" and starting to get to the point of casting for the movie adaptations of my first three books "Someone Who Cares" "True Friends and Family" and "New Beginnings". I tried to be slick in casting members of the family as members of their own family as well as the secondary and tertiary characters who play important roles later on. That's all well and good...but I was wondering how people visualized the characters as real life actors and actresses portraying them?

Fires extinguished


Six months ago I said I was ending my Winnisimmet Tales stories, rereading the last story I hate to say that it's still true. The old spark died out, all that has come out from thinking about characters and what they have done are just tangents that people won't be interested in. Nobody wants to read about a family culture clash in Alaska. Nobody wants to read about a one-off character and how she grew to be so entrenched in the family in the 16 years between the last two Winnisimmet Tales books. Nobody wants to read about the Samuels Family's life out in California.


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