The Wrong Gift

With all apologies to Bru, a Christmas present to you :D

My family is big on giving gifts to one another. Somehow, we just know what to get the others without having to ask one another what we want. Most of the time, it's alright...but not this year.

This year, they were at wit's end trying to find the perfect gifts. My parents knew most of the stuff that I wanted, but the special gift that they always got me eluded them.

Finishing a story


CrazyPaganGurl has passed on...

She was a good writer whose muse had a habit of being all over the place but when she was staying put long enough to give her a good idea that muse hit the mark perfectly. She had multiple stories in progress, all of which were good. It'll be a sad fact that they won't be completed.

The Bet

Thanksgiving gift to all...a story that was bouncing around in my head that wanted to get out

I'm down by three points and it's getting tougher and tough to shoot. He's all over me and I'm wearing out. I should never have made this bet with him.

He is fast. I can't catch him fairly. I try to get in his way but get bowled over every time.

I thought my endurance was high, but he's tapping into reserves that I haven't tapped in years and he's not even looking winded. I can barely stand yet he's barely breaking a sweat. Sometimes I envy him, but tonight I hate his guts.

To the Matt Part 32- Finale


After the movie hoopla started to give way, Taylor started her surgical internship. She shadowed her mentor for months before she built up her confidence to perform on her own. It took her a while to get into the groove of things but once she saw that she could do it and do it well she was a natural at it.

To the Matt Part 31

The penultimate story part. Taylor's news hits hard. The families enjoy the holidays then come together for Taylor's final match. She starts a new chapter in life now that wrestling is off the table.

Apologies for flooding


I apologize to everyone here for flooding the site with three reposts and five straight story parts. I know people dislike me personally and I'm probably one of the biggest reasons for a drop in site activity, but I won't apologize for trying to end my story so I can disappear.

I'll leave posting stories to the popular authors so the site can recover.

Someone Who Cares- the complete story

Chapter 1: A New Place
I'm John Finn. I was your typical mid-30s loser. I grew up in a poor city in a very poor neighborhood where we had to constantly get help from welfare to survive. If you are ever caught in the welfare net it is almost impossible to escape, if not for one fateful whim I would be still stuck in the slum.

Efindumb's books 1-3 reposts coming


As it'll be mentioned in my next story part, I figured it best to do something about my first three books. In four days I'm permanently pulling my three books "Someone Who Cares" "True Friends and Family" and "New Beginnings" from Amazon as they are simply just taking up digital space and not worth keeping there as nobody actually buys or reads them anymore. In doing that, I'm going to post all three books in their entirety on here so they are available for all to read for free.

To the Matt Part 27

Sorry for the delay again. When we left off, Taylor was helping her neighbors with their transgender child. They were about to meet the rest of her neighbor's family to introduce their niece. Fate has a funny way of making things complicated as the past meets the present for Taylor's family.

Rewrites and issues


I'm having bipolar moments. My temper is short and I jump into a deep depression just after the anger switch is flipped. I have been fighting deep depressions to the point of considering breaking my vows of abstaining from drugs by taking over the counter sleep medicine to sleep through the down moments. The only way to fight it is to focus on something else.

Casting Call!


I'm writing "To the Matt Part 29" and starting to get to the point of casting for the movie adaptations of my first three books "Someone Who Cares" "True Friends and Family" and "New Beginnings". I tried to be slick in casting members of the family as members of their own family as well as the secondary and tertiary characters who play important roles later on. That's all well and good...but I was wondering how people visualized the characters as real life actors and actresses portraying them?

Fires extinguished


Six months ago I said I was ending my Winnisimmet Tales stories, rereading the last story I hate to say that it's still true. The old spark died out, all that has come out from thinking about characters and what they have done are just tangents that people won't be interested in. Nobody wants to read about a family culture clash in Alaska. Nobody wants to read about a one-off character and how she grew to be so entrenched in the family in the 16 years between the last two Winnisimmet Tales books. Nobody wants to read about the Samuels Family's life out in California.

To the Matt Part 26

A thank you to WendyJean for a resolving a plot point that led to a resolution to an earlier plot point. As much as I try to make the story about Taylor and her life in wrestling, little things get stuck in my head making me write all of these other subplots off of the main plot. It's getting long-winded but the end is looming. I am debating a return to Massachusetts to resolve yet another plot point but it could be a seperate story since timing conflicts with my original idea for what is going on.

To the Matt Part 24

...so that warning about this being the last part of the story barring an unforseen plot twist? It happened. At least one more part as I truly have run out of steam so two parts at the maximum with the last part likely being short.

To the Matt Part 23

Special thanks to LookingGlass for the unintentional inspiration for Mack's family. It's tough to have a story involving pro wrestling without the inclusion of characters from a nation famous for its pro wrestlers. Unless by some unforseen plot twist, this is the penultimate chapter.

To the Matt Part 22

Changes are made in the family and Taylor deals with the lives of others while she reluctantly takes the championship belt until she finds the perfect way of losing it while making it look like it was a natural part of the story. This is a transitional part where the family starts to go beyond just Taylor's issues and builds on their own lives. There's only so much you can say about a wrestler's life without it becoming redundant and boring. Wrestling is repetitive, but drama around their lives isn't (unless you are on a reality show that is!)

Temporary hiatus


Anger is getting the better of me. First it was my brother-in-law neglecting his parental time with his son now it's getting called out a month an a half after a story was posted by someone I used to respect but clearly see it was misplaced.

I can't write and only have two story parts in the can ready to post so after I post Part 22 I'm taking a week or two off if not longer to clear my head. I hate leaving stories unfinished, but it's better than trying to write angry.

To the Matt Part 19

Taylor takes the final step and makes Killer accept his fate while helping mend old wounds. The call of the ring grows stronger, and with nothing to hold her back anymore Taylor's vow to never wrestle again weakens. Also, another callback to "...You Are Cordially Invited To An Epilog" is made as the adaptation of Wendy White-Clark's book premiers

To the Matt Part 18

Taylor leaves a huge mark on GCW and helps expose the world to bias against transgender people by several outlets. Sally and Betty give birth and show Taylor's maternal side, giving the push Taylor needs to take the final step. Boredom leads Taylor down a tangent path but one that she happily goes down to help a friend in need

To the Matt Part 17

Things return to normal for Taylor, well as normal as can be for her. The family returns to Florida and start the next chapter in the lives of the southern branch of the Turner family. Taylor starts the next phase of her job and meets the GCW women head-on as she takes control while giving the ladies what they wanted but were denied for years.

To the Matt Part 16

Donald and Francesca are two members of my "Winnisimmet Tales" stories, with the movie being made being based on Francesca's late mother's book. I tried to stay close to SAG rules but a little leeway is needed at times...

To the Matt Part 15

I all but give away the surprise at the end...if you have read "...You Are Cordially Invited to an Epilog" then the mysterious actress and book series that the movie is being made about is clear. If not? Well read Part 16 for the big reveal.

To the Matt Part 13

Taylor faces her tormentor head-on and steals King Reigns' thunder by outing herself. There is no turning back now, truth buried deep for years is revealed. A lot of what happened over the course of the story now make sense. Taylor's special relationship to the company is deeper than anyone knew. The monologue Taylor actually said is found in the prologue for this series in Part 1. And a special thank you to my good friend Sammi for the name suggestion on the tag team Taylor faced.

To the Matt Part 12

Apologies to anyone who hasn't read any of my Winnisimmet Tales stories, but if you haven't the new characters are some of my oldest creations. It was only supposed to be a couple of cameos but it felt right to have someone who understood Matt/Taylor be there for when the prologue's monologue occurred. This is the penultimate part of Matt's life, there is no return from being Taylor after Part 13.



My anxiety is getting to me. The usual ways of calming down aren't working. I'm trying to write but the anxiety is causing pressure headaches and issue with my vision slowing down my typing and setting off a cycle that is wearing me down to the point that I want to chuck everything out the window and stay away for a while.

To the Matt Part 9

Normally I refuse to include teenagers having sex, but this was for the greater good. The whole bit about the mask is true, voluntarily removing it allows you to don one again but losing it in a "lucha de apuestas" match means you can never don one again. Few have been allowed the right to wear their masks again, it's rare but does happen.

Sadly, Impossible's injury is based on several incidents of in-ring injuries changing championship matches. The most recent was "NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4" on August 18th

To the Matt Part 8


The family celebrated, with Richard reluctantly showering and changing to look more "presentable" to the visiting Mickayla. He couldn't help but feel a reaction sitting near her, but kept his hormones at bay as the family talked about the upcoming plans. Richard was in awe of the whole situation, it was going to be something that he could gloat about to his friends especially if Matt beat Impossible.

To the Matt Part 6

The second chapter in Matt/Taylor's life beings, with Matt trying to reach his dreams and climbs the ranks of pro wrestling. See the videos at the end if you want to visualize Matt's moves and see just what makes him unique as they are tough to pull off. As always, a glossary to help with the language of pro wrestling.

To the Matt Part 5

The final part of the Chapter 1 in Matt's life. He is taking the first step down the path towards his dreams while fighting his inner self. Chapter 2 in his life is Matt finishing college and working his way up through the ranks to the GCW roster. As always, a handy glossary of terms used.

runaway muse


I have not right to complain...but sometimes I want to strangle my muse.

I set out to tell a story about a professional wrestler who battles his inner woman and loses, then show how her change impacts others. That was all well and good, but as soon as I start setting the groundwork my muse kicks me in the head and forces me to start writing a backstory then start showing how this young lady has been helping many other lives for a lot longer than just the short time she was wrestling.

To the Matt Part 3

Trying to move the story along. It evolved from a simple "wrestler is secretly transgender and gets found out" to "growing up denying your inner girl". I promise, I'll get to the teaser. It's looking like Part 8 will be the big reveal, I just have to build up to that moment. As always, see the long yet simple glossary for the lingo used here.

To the Matt Part 2

Sorry for teasing pro wresting but then only showing a kid growing up, it felt right to showcase how he got to that moment in the ring first. Some of the wrestlers mentioned are amalgamations of real wrestlers or entirely based on real wrestlers but with different names. PM me if you think you know who is who, I'll gladly make mention of you...

As always here's a link to the lingo so you aren't lost

To the Matt Part 1

Matt's life isn't ordinary by any means. Growing up in the world of wrestling can be tough, but being tossed out and living a "normal" life can be tougher. See Matt develop from the darling son to one of the backbones of an industry- all while fighting urges to become his inner woman.

Wrestling my muse


My muse put a headlock on me and made me start in on my next story when I should have been trying to get back to normal sleep hours in preparation for my planned trip to Philadelphia, PA.

That didn't pan out, she kicked me hard and made me write about 18,000 or so words. I am fighting the urge to hold off but she is calling me again, insisting that I post my first part soon so I can see where I want to go and work on the antagonists who will be having conflict with my protagonists later on in the story.

Snowy Vacation Day

An innocent question about winter vacation led me to give this a shot...not my best work but I figured it was worth a shot.

Vacation is tough, but when you have multiple screaming kids begging to do something "fun" it gets to you fast. It's even worse when the weather is rough and you can't leave home due to snow and ice. You have to get creative, which at times means you have to put aside your feelings and suck it up for the greater good of everyone.


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