Help! My girlfriend is a Unicorn! Chapter 8

Help! My girlfriend is a unicorn!

Chapter 8

For Ray Drouillard, who suggested the were-kitties.

As it happened, the next couple of days made me wonder about how exciting things were gonna be for me. All I had to deal with was being a girl in junior high, which probably was “excitement” enough, considering.

Then on Friday, Melody told me her family was going to be hosting a “guest” over the weekend, and I was invited to come over on Saturday.

So Saturday morning, I went over, and was greeted at the door by Melody’s mom, who told me, “Melody is changing. Did she forget to mention you would need a swimsuit today?”

“A swim ... no, she neglected to mention that little detail,” I growled.

“Well, dont worry. She has some spare ones, one should fit you well enough.”

Just then, I heard Melody’s voice saying “Did I hear the door?”

I looked up and saw Melody was wearing a pretty yellow one-piece swimsuit.

Any doubts I had that I would no longer find her attractive faded looking at her in that suit.

It must have showed, as Melody’s mom said, “Close your mouth, dear, you’ll catch flies.”

I blushed, and said, “Sorry.”

Melody’s mom called up to her, saying, “Melody, dear, did you forget to tell Bonnie to bring a swimsuit?”

“Bonnie doesn’t HAVE a swimsuit. Not one that er ... covers enough ground, so to speak.”

“Oh. Yes, I had almost forgot Bonnie had been a boy,” Melody’s mom said.

I glared at her for that, but she didn’t notice.

Then Melody tossed something down to me, and I realized it was a twin to the swimsuit she was wearing, except in pale pink.

“I ... I cant wear this!” I said, looking at the skimpy amount of fabric in my hands.

“You’ll be fine, dear. And it’s just me, Melody, and our guest here. “

Trying to delay the inevitable, I asked, “Just who is this guest, anyway?”

“You’ll see,” Melody’s mom said, “Now put on the suit, go out to the back, and have fun!”

I looked dubiously at the swimsuit, and muttered, “Fun, she says. In this thing?”

But I gathered my courage, and went and got changed.

I was a little afraid to look at myself once I had the swimsuit on. But finally, I stepped out of the bathroom, to find Melody waiting for me.

“Holy cats, Bonnie!” She exclaimed. “You’re ... gorgeous!”

I turned several shades of red, and said, “Dont you have a guest waiting for us?”

“Oh, right. Come on!” She laughed, and pulled me by the hand to the back yard, where there was now a swimming pool.

I could hear splashing from the pool, but from my angle I couldnt see who was doing the splashing, until Melody called out, “Ari, come on up! I want you to meet my girlfriend Bonnie!”

There was a huge splash, and then I saw a girl pull herself up to the edge of the pool. She had red hair, and was wearing a bathing suit that had pretend clam shells painted on the top part.

Melody climbed a ladder, and then jumped into the water with a shriek.

I sighed, and climbed the ladder ...

And stopped, because I realized that this girl “Ari” was no normal girl. Instead of feet she had a tail.

“You’re a mermaid?” I asked, shocked.

“Yeah, and you’re a unicorn disguised as a girl. Now come on, the water’s fine!”

I shrugged, and dove in.

After a while, I forgot about the bathing suit, and just enjoyed swimming. Ari turned out to be a cool girl, and funny as heck. She had both Melody and me giggling like crazy. She teased us for being a couple, while never making us feeling awkward about it.

Then Melody’s mom came out with a worried expression on her face, and said, “Girls? I ... need you all to come into the house. Something has happened.”

We scrambled out of the pool (Ari manifesting legs so she could come with us), quickly toweled off, and came into the house. Melody’s mom was waiting for us, and she said, “Girls, we are going to have some extra company tonight. A nearby family has had an emergency, and has asked for us to watch their three daughters.”

“Should I go home?” I asked.

“Actually, I’ve talked to your mother, Bonnie, and if you’re agreeable, I’d like you to stay. Call it your first sleepover”

Something in her voice worried me, and I asked, “Is everything okay?”

Before she could answer, the doorbell rang. Melody’s mom opened the door, and in slithered a huge man - except his bottom half was a snake.

“Oh, a Naga!” Melody said.

I didn’t know what that was, but I had trouble imagining something that would be a problem for this creature. He was not only large, he was well-muscled, and had a serious look on his face.

Then he signaled to someone behind him, and three little girls came into the house. They looked about 8 years old, and at first I thought they were wearing some kind of kitty costume, but then Melody shouted “Were-kitties!”

She started to come towards the girls, but the snake guy growled at her.

She blushed, and said, “Sorry. I’m Melody, this is Bonnie and that’s Ari.”

All three girls blushed, and then one said, “I’m Abby. These are my sisters, Betty and Chloe.”

We all had supper, and then the snake-guy said, “I must go. Be good, girls.”

The three little girls nodded, and then hugged him. Just before he could look stoic again, I’m pretty sure I saw the affection he held for these three girls.

He left, and then Melody’s mom said, “Let’s see what we can find for you girls to watch.”

Despite the difference in our ages, we actually had a lot fun together. We watched TV, played games, and eventually I found myself in the middle of a dog-pile - or rather a cat-pile, with the girls in their kitty forms curled up next to me, with Melody on one side and Ari on the other.

I eventually became sleepy, despite all the questions in my head.

My last thought before I fell asleep was “I hope I like the answers ...”

To be continued ...

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