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Letter To My Depression

Old friend
Been awhile
Since our last meeting.

Not sure
Why I'm calling you
A friend.

Our very destructive
Over the years.

More often
Then not
Have seen me
Trying to end
My life.

You realize
I am so tired
Of your presence
In my life.

My life
Upside down.

May surprise you
And accept your offer.

To shut you

Masks Chapter 40

Masks Chapter 40

Chapter 40


Dad nods. “Well here’s thanking those that look out for us and we’re thankful for the things we have both on the table and around it and guys…we’re thankful to the ladies for making everything aren’t we?”

There’s a chorus of thanks and agreement and Mandy’s beaming and then we all start passing food and plates and Mom starts us off by asking about our days.

Dad…he looks happy like this is the way it’s supposed to be and Mary Jane’s all content looking too with this sort of want/need/missed this expression and I get that and Mandy actually has the same expression only a bit more wistful looking and it reminds me that there’s a lot going on and not more than likely with my friends and I really do have it pretty good.

*And Now…

Best Girlfriends Forever - 2

Best Girlfriends Forever - 2

By Katherine Day

(Forty years after they met in high school, two boys – now living as women – rekindle their friendship and share their joys and struggles together. Copyright 2014. Edited by Eric.)


C'est de la poésie

Puisqu’on ne vivra
Jamais tous les deux
Puisqu’on est fou
Puisqu’ils sont
Si nombreux
Mem᪠la morale
Parle pour eux
J’aimerais quand
Mem᪠te dire
Tout ce que j’ai
Pu á¨crire
Je l'ai puisᨠá 
I’ en cre de tes yeux


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Flowering Hearts (Question and Answer)

Flowering Hearts (The Question)

My heart is like a flower,
each heart break causes a petal to fade.
Every girl I love that can’t return the love,
that’s a heart break, another petal fades.
Every girl that pretends to love me and tosses me to the side,
that’s another heart break, another petal fades.
Every girl that says she can’t love me because your a girl or not a girl...
that’s another heart break another petal fades.
The petals of my heart are fading,
there’s another heart break … They are almost gone...
When the last petal fades,
will I still be able to go on…or will I fade away?

words will never hurt me

Words will never hurt me ….

Words will never hurt me, that’s what they always say
But words still carry a price, and I don’t want to pay

Like “it” is a name some give me, like I am not even real
I swallow the word, though it chokes me, I don’t know how to deal

“Sin” is what some call my journey, like I ever had a choice
And the pounding from the pulpit, drowns out my forlorn voice

“Sissy” is a favorite word for some to use, it covers lots of ground
Gives such an excuse to flex a muscle, and look for someone to pound



I leave behind the usual clutter
Of unfinished business,
Regrets, and roads not taken in life

I also leave my heart poured out on paper
Undiscovered glimpses of my life
To be enjoyed by any who find them good

Or perhaps to be ridiculed,
As being to soft and light for the modern world

Whatever the fate of my work,
It seems petty, in the face of the poetry
Of my true and final resting place

I say now to those who might care for me
“Do not look for me in the harsh lights of the city
Nor in the cool foothills of the mountains
I have gone home to stay”


Sitting in the dark
Only my thoughts for company
My mind drifts back
To times I won't forget

The crease of your lips
A split second before you laugh
The widening of your eyes
Before you realize my teasing

Now it's nearly time to go
And no matter now near or far
I want you to know
How proud I am to call you my friend

A dear friend of mine took a job on the east coast recently and I wrote this for her. She's a sweetheart and while we'll still chat on facebook, it won't be the same as in person.

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Quietly it sits in a corner, no movement can it make
But when you sit, go outside, the world begins to shake

When you come near, some people, they would balk
As if they had seen some fright, like Carroll’s jabawac

If they knew you, as all who do, and I am no exception
They would take another look, and love upon reflection

Why do some, when they see, someone different than their own self
Stick them into a box, and put them on a shelf

My dear friend, don’t be sad, if someone turns from thee


BOXES by Dorothy Colleen

On every form I am sent
There is a box I must fill
Each time that it comes up
It gives me such a chill
Male - female
Mr. , Miss
Check one box
They do insist
Pick one that fits you
Decide your fate
But it’s a question
I have come to hate
No matter what side
Which one I choose
It’s only a game
And I always lose
No matter my answer
It feels so wrong
An alternative I seek
My feelings are strong
One day I may break out
Find my own voice
Not let my spirit
Be someone else’s choice
But windows have shutters
And doors have locks


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