Street Child 2 Chp. 5

When Betty arrives home she finds Karen sound asleep on the sofa. She couldn’t believe how she looked. When she left for work this morning. Karen had looked like what Lady Vile had done to her, but now she looked like herself again. She didn’t know of any magic that could physically change someone back to their original form once they had been magically changed, unless they were a shape shifter like Sasha.

Snakes and Ladders-39


We sort of stop and we’re doing this sort of linked up kind of processing about all of the stuff we’ve been talking about and she steps up to the food tables.

“After we eat you and me we’ll take Bhlaze out and we’ll practice.”

“Flying patrol, and isn’t it dangerous out there?”

“Flying patrol and it is dangerous and we have Bhlaze with us so we have a dragon to watch over us.”

“And while we’re gone?”

“We help Kyte out with her family and leave her in charge.”

I smile. “That’s actually a good idea, her cousin Rafe might have a WTF over that and if not at least it’ll be a good thing for her and her men.”

*And Now…

Snakes and Ladders-38


“Wondertales from home, I’ve come up with a way to show you how to see them and I can share things from home I hope.”

We I make cheeseburgers with ground meat and as close to the condiments as I could find and the cheese and the buns were easy and frying pan cooked chips now that I know that potatoes are such a thing here and I have chocolate and cookies that are really the closest thing to graham wafers and I bought marshmallows there too and I make smores.

And using some of the sound power ideas from my air horn blast and focusing a light spell as a more of a tube based TV and stuff to show things I create a sphere that lets me show them things.

A little power in my memories to do a recall spell and I show them. “The Secret of Nimh.”

It works and while it’s strange for me to experience it this way basically replaying things from locked up memory wisps it’s so much fun to watch these two be just girls and themselves and just get lost in things.

And snuggling with a truly happy Shaya is pretty awesome too.

*And Now…

Snakes and Ladders-37


~Ha, you’re like Shaya you both love to circle the tree. ~

~It's amazing and the view with it and the lake and the city it’s just amazing. ~

~Yes it is!~ He launches into the sky and he does a dipping glide over the water gaining speed and them he’s climbing and we catch a thermal and we bank going with it and up and, and up and them we start to go around The Great Tree a little dragon like a bush plane in front of a literal mountain of a trunk and we’re coming around it and leveling off and I take a breath and channel the power into the memory of a perfect song for this and we’re coming around the bend of the tree to get the lake into sight and the city after that and I’m replaying.

*Bonny Portmore* in my head as I’m flying back to my love on dragon back.

Snakes and Ladders-36


It’s really important to me when I catch Shaya in those moments. Dysphoria is a damned horrible thing to live with and to have the social stigma that comes with that and all her own cultural stuff and pressure and then the abuse.

I have my own stuff, growing up and into someone that was the size of a Bear and so not feeling any of that well it was all sorts of hell and finding yourself in the midst of all of it is really hard.

But I really get the whole thing that just smacked Shaya and I’ll even go so far as to say it could be like post-fight related too when the adrenaline wears off and everything and the blood cools down but the mind is still in sort of fight mode or semi-fight mode and that kind of stuff still messes with your head.

Snakes and Ladders-33

Snakes and Ladders-33

Chapter 33

I take a ragged breath as I’m sniffing and I’m just honestly so surprised really that he’s acting this way towards me and everything. I was expecting stern and commanding and all sorts of things I guess really I was not expecting an elf, a Sylvan man with hazel eyes and thick long brown hair with really dark brown deeper in and the outside of it lightened by being out in the sun.

I was not expecting him to smell like red clover and the best parts of a sawmill.

I was not expecting the hug like he’s a dad.

Snakes and Ladders-28

Snakes and Ladders-28

Chapter 28

It’s like out of LOTR when Boromir was talking about the horns of Gondor calling them home. Rampart has that sort of feeling right now a little as this is the place that I’ve spent the most here and there is something that tugs at me as I fly over to the castle section itself and see streets I know and shops I’ve been to while training here.

I bite my lip at some of those kinda sort of home feelings.

I had a few towns like this when I was trucking. Those places you’ve been to so many times that you know them well. It’s actually a good thing y’know.

Home away from home can be good because it’s not home.

Snakes and Ladders-27

Snakes and Ladders-27

Previously on………

Okay…I take a breath and built up my own power.

I hear them freak out and panic when those mooring things sizzle and pop and the boat starts to bob and move just floating on it’s own and I concentrate and let loose and slam my spell semi into the right side boat-wing thingy and the ship goes spinning in a fast circle in the hall hitting people, cargo falling off, people falling off before it gets wedged nose to tail sideways in the hall.

Then I’m in Final Fantasy meets Star Wars as spells are going up and off and arrows are flying and blasters are opening fire in the dark here from both sides.

Illisia casts some thing and this knights buckler made of energy and golden light with all these glyphs and symbols hit my arm and latches to it.

I pull my sword and fire it up and it does this energy whine as it does like a hawk cry at its prey and I run into the fight taking hits to the mage shield.

I’m not sure why but I yell. “Drop your arms in the name of the king!”

And Now……………

Chapter 27

Snakes and Ladders-21

Snakes and Ladders-21

Chapter 21

I’m a little freaked by jumping into this sucking hole in the air but I steel my nerves and jump into the thing and sort of try to prepare myself for the whole thing.

There’s this pause barely there but enough that you know that it happened then you’re sucked through to the other side with this fastest roller coaster ride ever and you see everything you pass by or through too fast to track but like the pause something in your head tells you yes…this happened.

Varelse(Creature) Tales

Will update this tomorrow, or when i have the chance to type up a bunch of stuff I've written. Title subject to change when I think of something better. It will be an open universe with permission. Title subject to change when I think of something better.

You Can't Escape From Justice

MORFS: Incomplete Without You

The Pentwater Chronicles 1:

Incomplete Without You
(Part One)
A MORFS Universe Tale
by Ray Drouillard

MORFS: Incomplete Without You, part 02

The Pentwater Chronicles 1:

Incomplete Without You
(Part Two)
A MORFS Universe Tale
by Ray Drouillard

Instead of building a resort or a city, Marvin Pentwater built a haven and workplace for people who have been gifted with powers. Years later, his grandson and heir, Marvin Pentwater III, received his gift. Young Marvin couldn't complain about his physique, nor could he complain about the gaggle of talents he wielded. What he could complain about was the distinct lack of power. He grew up in a place where powers are common and esteemed, but he couldn't lift but a few ounces with his telekinesis. Soon, he met an unusual friend with similar challenges.

sex: 1/10
violence: 1/10
profanity: 1/10

Categories: Elemental, PSI

Timeline: 2062

Chapter Five: Summer

Since I was well ahead of my age-mates, Mom and Dad let me start my summer vacation early. They called it vacation, anyhow.

I finished off the current lessons, took the tests, and started intensive powers training with Mirna. That meant, of course, that just about everyone in the compound got to meet her. That's not the problem that it would seem because we are quite used to keeping secrets from the rest of the world. Pentwater Compound is frequented by operatives from the ASA, military representatives, and a number of other people who require secrecy.

William Church and the Scandinavia Trip chapter 28

William Church and the Scandinavia Trip
by Sharphawlad

Chapter28. Flight with Alexis

"Oh you also have wings like mine. We can fly together."

Lucy gives Alexis her hand and they take off. Alexis shows Lucy many sights around the world. As they passed over South America they heard cries of help and screaming. They went to investigate and it was obvious that a riverboat had run into trouble along the Amazon. Alexis dived in and a Lady shouted no Killer fishes but Alexis took no notice. As soon as Alexis touched the water the Piranha fish all left the site very fast. Lucy managed to get a distress call off to the others and before long help started to arrive.

The sisters of Mercy arrived with villagers and started to help. The mother superior looked at Lucy. "Where is the Queen?"

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