What’s It’s Like for A Girl Book 2 Chapter One

When Max attended her scheduled weekly meeting with her counselor. She had an emotional breakdown as the weight of what happened to her came crashing down on her. Her mother had informed her that the police were trying to locate Shawn Grubbs since he was the one responsible for attacking her.

The Angels: Rodeo Tour Chap. 15 (Final Chapter)

Cassady walks into her apartment and turns the lights on. She was so glad to be home, as she walks into her bedroom to get undressed. She’ll go by the studio tomorrow to pick up all her stuff. All she wanted to do now was take a nice relaxing shower and crawl into her bed.

She strips out of her clothes after dropping her keys on her dresser. Her skin was still red from tanning outside in the nude. Their last rodeo gig had gone smoothly and there was going to be an update about their touring schedule.


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