Project Wolf Den Part 13

The rear alarms started going off. Men in black outfits with their heads covered came from the rear of the property. Along with the men were three side-by-side ATVs armed with miniguns.

“Um, Clair, did your team have defenses capable of stopping things like those ATVs?” Ada was standing near the back door.

Clair rushes towards her office and lifts the top off her desk. She starts flicking switches to arm the hidden defensive weapons. She looks at the monitors in her office as the three ATVs are engaged.

Project Wolf Den Part 12

New York Airport, Private Hangar:
Jacques had been contacted by Jack and raced down to the airport to prep the plane for takeoff. As he is preparing the plane for takeoff, an old-fashioned light tan Ford Bronco pulls into the hangar. A woman with blonde hair exits from the Bronco.

A smile appears on Jacques’s face as he recognizes the woman as being Jester. After the last few months of training. Jacques knew she was going to hate how they were going to approach where they were going. He waves to Jester as he continues preparing for takeoff.

Project Wolf Den Part 11

Jack’s Ranch:
Jack listens to Clair’s voice as it comes over the speaker from his cellphone. He had gotten a call from Clair early this morning and listened while she told him about the assassin that had been sent by Nickolas Kuznetsov to kill everyone inside the house.

“Do you think you ladies can hold out if an assault team is sent towards you, Clair?” Jack was already thinking about calling his sister and her team to see who was available.

Project Wolf Den Part 10

Daniil is woken up and sputters as cold water is thrown at him slides down his face. Standing before him, was an old lady. He notices that he is tied to a strong wooden chair, sitting on a large plastic tarp.

Clair noticed that the man Ayla was awake and looking at her. A smile appears on her face. “Oh, good, you’re awake. Who are you?”

Daniil keeps his mouth shut as he looks at the old woman. He wanted to see what she was going to do to make him talk.

Project Wolf Den Part 9

Ayla tosses and turn as she slept. The fox spirit that resides inside of her, was trying to wake her up. She sits up and rubs the sleep from her eyes.

“All right, I’m awake. what is it?” Ayla looks at the red and white fox spirit standing in front of her.

The fox spirit looks towards the window and back to her. It wanted her to get up and walk over to the window.

“Fine! Tracks.” As a flash appears the night clothes she was wearing disappear and her fox body suit appears on her body.

Project Wolf Den Part 8

By the time Jasmine arrived back at the farm, the men were gone. She got a text message from Clare warning her. So, far the facial recognition program hasn’t found anything on them.

She parks her motorcycle back in its standard location and heads into the house through one of the secret tunnels leading from the barn. She goes upstairs to her bedroom and changes out of her work clothes. Once she takes her body suit off, she gets dressed. She fixes her hair and heads downstairs to the kitchen.

The Wolf’s Youngest Daughter and Family

Antique Bakery, Caldwell, Montana:
“Thanks for coming.” Silvia watches as Mrs. Lings leaves the store.

She was glad that things had slowed down recently. She and her employees have been busting their asses with all the holiday parties they had been hired to cater. She looks over towards the corner table in the store and a smile appears on her face. Her children were busy doing their homework, along with their friends.

Project Wolf Den Part 7

Downtown Middleburg, Va.:
Ada, Clair, and Ayla pull into a parking spot at Bebe’s Clothing. Clair figures Alya would be able to find what she was looking for here.

“I’ve never heard about this place, Clair.” Ada was curious about it.

“It’s local. They carry a lot of designer clothes and off-the-wall clothing from unknown designers.” Clair has found a lot of good deals inside the place.

Clair leads the way inside the old-style store. It was bigger inside than it was outside.

Project Wolf Den Part 6

“I’ll go and talk to this Charles Morris person for you.” Jasmine turns and leave her grandma’s home office.

She goes upstairs to her bedroom and changes out of the clothes she was wearing and put her bulletproof bodysuit on under her clothes. It was going to cause her to feel warmer, but she would rather be safe then sorry. She also puts her motorcycle boots on as well.

Kitty Katz

Katz was halfway through her exercise routine when her roommate Alicia came walking over to her. She loved how sexy Alicia’s body looked. She wished she had a body like hers but had to work to maintain her body. The hormones she was taking made her hungry, and she had to be careful.

Katz stops and looks at Alicia. “What’s up, sis?”

“I’m heading to that new vegan restaurant that just opened up. Do you want to join me?” Alicia knew Katz worked hard to keep her body trim and curvy.

“Sure, I was just finishing up my routine.” Katz wipes the sweat from her forehead.

Project Wolf Den Part 5

When Alya, and Clair, arrive back at the ranch house. Clair goes looking for Jasmine. The information she got from the app she used to check the flight plan of the helicopter flying over her property didn’t look right. There was no reason for anyone to fly over the property.

Alya finds Ada in the vast library Clair had. As she entered the library, she was amazed at how many first editions and rare books it held. She noticed that Clair had a nice collection of Native American, African, Egyptian, British, Indianan, Greek, Christian, and various other cultural artifacts.

The Christmas Wish

Spencer walks around the mall with his friends. Only Jason and Greg knew his secret: He wished he was a girl instead of a boy. They caught him one day wearing a pair of panties and pantyhose to school. His parents didn’t even know he wished he was born a girl. They just thought he liked dressing up as a girl. For Halloween, he dressed up as a sexy anime girl from one of his favorite anime shows.

Project Wolf Den Part 4

Morning Time At Clair’s Farm House:
Clair and Jasmine wake up first. Clair was the first one up and put her robe and slippers on, before walking downstairs. She peeks in on the young lady who ended up at her front door last night. The young woman was still asleep.

Clair starts making a pot of fresh coffee, instead of a single cup of coffee. As she brews the coffee, she wonders if the other girls enjoy freshly brewed coffee.

“Morning Grandma.” Jasmine waves to Clair as she comes walking into the kitchen.

Living Your Life

Constance listens to the music as she dances across the room. She loved old disco music and music from the seventies. Sure, she had her favorites of today’s modern-day music, but she also liked the old-style music. She dances in time to the music as it plays.

When the current selection of music stops playing, she stops and wipes her face. She takes a sip from her water bottle and replays the recording of her dancing. She watches herself as she dances to the music. A smile appears as she edits it and posts it to her YouTube channel.

Project Wolf Den Holiday Special

December 24, The Ranch:
Deck the halls with boughs of holly, Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Tis the season to be jolly, Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Don we now our gay apparel, Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Troll the ancient Yuletide carol, Fa la la la la, la la la la.
See the blazing Yule before us, Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Strike the harp and join the chorus. Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Follow me in merry measure, Fa la la la la, la la la la.
While I tell of Yuletide treasure, Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Project Wolf Den Part 3

One in the Morning, Five Miles from The Ranch:
Alya manages to guide her car onto the shoulder of the road, just as it stops running. She tries to restart it, but all she gets is a clicking sound each time she turns the key. She picks her cell phone up and notices it didn't charged while it was plugged into the power outlet. She listens as the rain starts pounding against the roof of her car.

“Great! What else could go wrong tonight?” As Alya sits there looking out through the windshield into the darkness.

The Owl and The Wolf

The Owl Estate, Boston, Massachusetts:
Nick looks at the email Nancy sent to him. She informs him about a DOJ agent named Ada Franklin and how she came across an old den map. She had included everything she had gathered about Mrs. Franklin and how recruiting her might be a good idea.

Project Wolf Den Part 2

Back At The House:
Jasmine arrives home and carries her backpack upstairs to her bedroom. She saw her grandmother’s pickup in the driveway and noticed that the shotgun was missing from the mounting rack. She grabs her Glock and quietly walks back downstairs. As she entered the kitchen, she noticed two teacups and the shotgun in the kitchen.


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