Elizabeth and Sara

Elizabeth looks at her wife as she walks out of the bathroom. Her belly has gotten big since she became pregnant. The two eggs that had been artificially inseminated had split. Now, they were going to be a family of six, instead of a family of four.

She couldn’t believe that Sara was going to have four babies. Neither one of their family’s had a history of twins or any signs of multiple births in their family line. How the egg she gave Sara had split and Sara’s own egg split was a mystery to them.

Never Wanted To Be A Girl Chp.20

Raven and Clair were entangled with one another in bed. Raven was on top of Clair with one leg in between Clair’s leg and she had her head tucked in the nook of Clair’s shoulder. The two of them had enjoyed each other’s bodies for a while.

What came as a surprise, was Clair getting a small amount of milk from Raven’s breasts. She had sucked on Raven breasts several times before. However, this time was different. Raven’s breasts had produced a mouthful of breast milk. It had surprised Raven like it did Clair.

Ignorance is No Excuse for Hating Someone Part 13

Haylee pours the feed she has for the horses. The temperature had dropped and she was outside in her winter gear feeding the animals. She spots John and Berry feeding the cows over near the other corral.

Haylee finishes feeding the horses and heads over towards John and Perry. She enjoys being out among her grandfather’s animals. She rides her four-wheeler over towards the animal feed and loads the trailer attached to her four-wheeler up with food. Afterward, she heads over towards the gate and head into the corral.

A New Life-Kelly's Revenge Chapter 3

“Now, I think you’ll like this property. It’s a fixer-upper, but most of it is in excellent condition.” Jill Miller unlocks the front door of the old Spanish home.

Victoria and Kelly look at the courtyard of the home they were looking at. It was going to take a lot of work to clear it up and replant it. The fountain in the middle of the courtyard was going to need to be repaired as well.

Victoria and Kelly follow behind Jill as she takes them inside the house. The place looked like no one has been inside the place for years.

The New Recruits Part 18

“Hello, Uncle Frank.” Brittney looks directly at her uncle.

Frank looks directly at Brittney “you’re supposed to be dead along with that freak that took you from your family.”

“I would be careful calling my mother, a freak. She doesn’t take kindly to words like that.” Brittney was controlling her anger. She didn’t like it when people call her mother weird, or names.

“Why should I worry about her? According to what I have been hearing, she’ll be dead soon.” An evil smile appears on his face.

Stand By Your Woman Part 8

Charlotte was surprised when she showed up at the yacht. She spotted Leslie wearing the tiniest of bikinis. The cups of the top had a black triangle shape that covered her nipples, while the rest was opened. They showed the rest of her breasts while providing little support.

Also, she noticed the inch-wide gold choker that encircled Leslie’s neck. She also noticed the necklace around Leslie's neck. It was in the shape of a dragon encircling a jade center. She also noticed an unusual flowery design on Leslie’s arm. She had never seen anything like it before.

The Hero, The Mouse & The Cheshire Pt. 15

Christine cracks her knuckles and looks at her opened laptop. She had a pile of notes sitting next to it as she prepares to start writing the movie script. She was wearing a pair of comfortable shorts and a light baby blue camisole. She was still on medical leave until she was fully healed from her operation. Even though she and Lache have been having sex on a regular base.

A smile appears on her face as she thinks about what they did last night. Lache was at work at the moment, so she had her place to herself for a while. Lache has been spending a lot of time at her place.

Never Wanted To Be A Girl Chp.19

Raven and Clair couldn’t believe the hotel suite they were staying in. Wolfhart, Harris, and Jackal had picked them up and transported them to Augusta, Georgia for the trial. The law firm also assigned four bodyguards to protect her. One guy among her bodyguards looks like he could be the spitting image of the actor who plays Luke Cage from the Netflix series. His partner looked like she should be in high school or college. She stood about five-foot-tall and had a messy pixie cut hairdo.

Stand By Your Woman Part 7

Leslie looks at her image in the mirror in the Master bedroom. Casey had been right about the gold choker that encircled her neck. The choker itself was half an inch thick and an inch wide.

She noticed a couple of hours later that ancient Chinese writing had appeared on the right-hand side of her neck. The writing went up the side of her neck and behind her earlobe. Neither her or Casey could read what it said.

The New Recruits Part 17

Marcus winces as he gets out of coach Henreid’s SUV. It was a little painful to move around, after what coach Henreid did to him at the school.

“Remember Marcus, you need to keep this between you and me if you want to stay in school.” A smile appears on coach Henreid’s face.

“Yes, sir.” Marcus takes his gym bag out of the SUV and heads towards his front door.

Ignorance is No Excuse for Hating Someone Part 12

Anika couldn’t believe the information Carla gave her and Gina about Mr. Hunger. He was a former special op’s agent and was high up in the Hunter organization structure. Normally, Mr. Hunger was the one the Hunter’s sent to take out specially targeted individuals.

Carla figured that the higher-ups were not liking what was happening to certain members and to their assets. Since she left, she had been destroying locations that belonged to them and attacking some of their hit teams as well. She informed Gina and Anika that she blew up three of their training centers.

The Hunter, Becomes The Hunted Part 8

Becky was making her daily report with Stanley and his team. She got the latest update about their case and what was going on with them. Stanley forwards her the file that had been put together by Camelot Network Solutions. She opens the encrypted file and starts going through the information.

“Holy crap!” Becky couldn't believe the information Terry and Mouse at MI6 had gathered.

It’s Hard Being A Wife

Dakota looks at her reflections in the mirror as she adjusted her new nursing bra. The medication her sister-in-law prescribed for her to produce her own breasts milk have made them bigger. It was causing her breasts to produce milk for the twins her and Terry adopted from a former costumer of theirs. The twins were causing her to produce more in order to feed them.

“How a natural woman goes through their whole entire natural life wearing a bra, I’ll never know.” Dakota knows she’ll never be able to pass as a man again, without binding her chest.

The New Recruits Part 16

Valentina looks at Jill as she sits across from her. The two of them were playing hearts. Valentina had to teach Jill how to play.
Jill looks at Valentina “so, what are you going to do with me after all this stuff is over with?”

“To be honest, I don't know what they are going to do afterwards. I work for Kat and her husband. How old are you by the way?” Valentina was curious.

A New Life-Kelly's Revenge Chapter 2

“Man, I never realized how expensive it is to live here in Hollywood.” Kelly and Victoria had gone to two properties they were interested in.
The places were nice and had some of what they wanted, but not everything. It didn’t have a pool where they could gather and talk. The garage was too small for Charlie’s truck. Plus, they were asking a lot for it.

“Welcome to my world, Kelly. So, you have a modeling shoot on Thursday?” Victoria looks over towards her friend.

The Hero, The Mouse & The Cheshire Pt. 14

Cheshire looks at her family as they sit around at the dining room table. Christine was glowing and Cheshire could guess that Christine has been enjoying herself. It was a good thing that she couldn’t get pregnant, but then again she figures Christine would make a good mother.

She looks at Tizzy and a smile appears on her face. She was so proud of how Tizzy turned out. She had been a scared malnourished, beaten
little boy, who was ready to end it all. Now she was a grown caring woman with a child of her own and a husband.

A Christmas Story

“Attention students, auditions are being held Friday at 3:00 pm for this year’s Christmas play. All students interested, please see Mrs. Freedman to sign-up. That’s all and have a wonderful day.”

The bell rings and all the students leave the room, except Montana. He had his homeroom teacher for English. He winces when he pulls his
English book out of his battered backpack. His arm was still hurting where his step-father had grabbed him and threw him against the wall for waking him.

Ignorance is No Excuse for Hating Someone Part 11

Gina, Anika, and Carla watched from the van they were in as another building belonging to the Hunter organization collapses in on itself. That was the fourth building Gina had rigged to implode on itself.

“How many more buildings are we going to have to destroy. Before the Hunter organization gets the message that they are fucking with the wrong family?” Gina just looks at the rubble left behind.

Stand By Your Woman Part 6

Master’s Bedroom, Neopatras:
Casey is woken up when she feels Leslie sucking and teasing her nipples as Leslie kisses down her body. She feels Leslie spread her legs open and bury her face in between her legs. She arches her back as she grips the sheets underneath her, as Leslie teases and probe her sex.

Casey goes crazy when she feels Leslie probe her vagina with her fingers. She was loving what Leslie was doing to her. She has several orgasm as she squirts into Leslie’s mouth.


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