String of Pearls - Part 7 - Paternity Sorority


I nearly fainted with relief as the doubts and fears were swept away for good with a vanishing, “Told you sooooooo,” as they went. I smiled all over.

Inform the Constitutional Peasants of the farcical aquatic ceremony. I'll be the watery tart that throws a 'sword' to this king.

Justine arrives to collect her belongings after distancing herself from her friends. She finds that she is connected to the String of Pearls in ways that she didn't appreciate before.

Forgot to add that this installment is very much Not Safe For Work. Sorry for adding the warning a little late. 8) Enjoy!
- Eclectic Kitty


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I am wondering what you all thought of this particular episode of Oprah, and how it treated both the subject of Gender Dysphoria and the Pregnancy of a Thomas? I ask these questions both for myself and others who may come to this site. I for one am a nontransgender person. But I enjoy my pitiful writing, both in content and technique. And the comment made by Thomas, about how the community has over all treated him. Please Respond. I ask that you do put it in the main area below, But I understand if you can only do it privately. Thanks.

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