Beastly Beauty

OK I said I'd look silly stealing a twisted idea proposed by Daphne Xu in a comment to a recent blog. With her permission I did it anyway. Of course I added an extra twist of my own.

Belle leaned forward to kiss the ”Beast”. He raised a paw and gently stopped her. In his strong and yet soft manly voice he said:

”I have to warn you. When I was cursed ten years ago the witch told me I had to find love in my heart and be loved back before my 21th birthday, which is tomorrow, otherwise I would stay a beast. A beast I truly was then. The witch made me look like I was inside, in every way. If I found love I would revert to my previous physical form. It may not be what you expect”

Belle: ”I don’t care! I’ll love you in any form!” and firmly pushed away the “Beast’s” paw and kissed him.

The “Beast” started to change. The fur on his body disappeared. The horns fell off. The teeth turned into the most startling white smile Belle had ever seen. The paws transformed into soft dainty hands. The features of the face became much softer as did the skin. Instead of the fur the most luscious blonde curls fell beyond the “Beast’s” shoulders. When the “Beast” said “I love you” in a lovely soprano Belle realized that the “Beast”, while in his heart male, was born in a female body. She could live with that. She truly loved the “Beast” and her Nanny had taught her how girls could enjoy each other in bed. They could surpass this. They could deal with anything. Their love was true and deep!

The changes continued. His body shrank until finally the transformation was complete and he stood in front of Belle in his “pre-cursed” form. Belle suddenly felt repulsed at what she had just thought. No way she could live like that with the “Beast”. It was completely unthinkable!

In front of her was the most beautiful girl she had ever seen. That is, the most beautiful ten year old girl she’d ever seen.

Belle was not a child molester!

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