The woman I was interviewing for a job at first gave me a very good impression. In person she confirmed her CV. Competent, decisive, with a no-nonsense getting things done attitude. Perhaps a bit aggressive but for the position in question that was not necessarily a problem. In fact everything went well until she noticed that I was wearing a bra. I should have known better. Never wear a colored bra under a white shirt, even if it’s the most exquisite turquoise.

Well, things went downhill from there. She started shouting. Fortunately the conference room I was using was well insulated. After a while she calmed down and a wicked, satisfied smile spread over her face. When she had started shouting I had stood up. Now she took two quick steps and was standing right in front of me. Suddenly she yanked down my trousers to reveal the matching panties. She plunged her hand down and grabbed my balls.

“Sit down she ordered”

I sat down, her hand still holding my balls.

She very carefully explained to me that not only was I going to give her the job but her salary would also be significantly higher than suggested. Further, in the future I would do whatever she asked. She also implied that that would include “private” sessions. She mused about how she had fantasized about having her own little pathetic sissy to play with.

I found myself in a very difficult situation. My CEO and I had already had a rather awkward conversation about me wearing lingerie at work and I really was going against his direct orders. If he knew about this …

I thought about it. I dithered. I vacillated. I shillyshalled. Finally her squeezing my balls decided me. Believe it or not but my self-respect was more important. I pushed her away and told her a firm no. She screeched that she would tell my CEO about the pervert working here and that not only would I lose my job but she would see me in prison. She stormed out of the conference room. She really wasn’t reasonable any longer.

I made a quick call and then followed her to the CEO office. I caught up with her just as she forced herself into the office. She started yelling about me being a pervert wearing lingerie and that she … and then she suddenly went silent.

Well, there is no denying that the purple dress George was wearing that day really could render anyone speechless. He just simply was gorgeous in it.

As the police I had called took the woman away (for sexual assault) I reflected that it was fortunate that her character flaw was revealed in time. From an HR point of view it would have been a nightmare if we had already hired her. But I couldn’t help but wish that all this hadn’t happened. George would not be happy with me. He believes in 100% commitment or don’t bother. I know I can’t abstain from all this lovely lingerie and now he will insist that I’ll wear only skirts or dresses. That’s not too bad in itself but the high heels will kill me!

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