Be Careful What You Wish For!

I’m innocent; it’s all BarbieLee’s fault! I blame her, she forced me, she twisted my arm. Well, not really but she dangled a twisted idea in front of my nose so of course I just had to grab it and add a twist or two. There was no way I could avoid it, could I? You believe me, don’t you?

Friday evening. I hear the door open and my son enter.

”DAD! It’s getting cold so I need warmer tights now. Could we get some tomorrow?” he shouts before quickly going upstairs. He is always quick to get out of his school uniform blazer and skirt. He keeps complaining about the skirt every day. I sympathize with him but he really has himself to blame. No matter, he’s a good boy, or so I thought until yesterday!

When the temperature hit a hundred in June he lead the other boys in a protest against the school dress code that didn’t allow shorts. As the Head Teacher explained shorts weren’t forbidden, just not allowed. As a joke she suggested that the boys could wear the school skirt instead. Taylor talked some of the other boys into borrowing school skirts. The first day there were five of them the next almost 60. I was quite proud of the way Taylor and the other boys handled the situation. Polite, correct but adamant that wearing long trousers in that weather was inhumane. BBC and several national newspapers interviewed them and he was quite grown up in the way he answered. Well, they won, sort of. The school decided to remove the long trousers from the dress code so now all the students have to wear the school skirt all the year round. Girls AND boys. Boy, did that make the papers! Taylor was not popular for a while. Not only were the boys angry at him but many of the girls also resented being deprived of the option of wearing trousers. Taylor was not happy but he wore it, and the skirt, like a man. He’s a good boy!

He really is. He’s doing quite well in school. He always behaves well. Since his mother disappeared ten years ago when he was only three there has been only the two of us. Mary just disappeared one day. There were some unexplained circumstances so the police investigated the matter thoroughly but without result. I still get a call from Detective Chief Inspector Harengrouge every six months for an update and just in case I’ve heard anything from her. So far: nothing.

Unfortunately I work quite a lot and I don’t like Taylor being alone in the house so for a long time I had a Nanny for him. However, three years ago Mrs White moved to Spain and Taylor and I agreed that he’d spend the time between school and me getting home at the library or at the home of one of his friends. Because of what happened in the summer he spent most of September in the library, in his school skirt of course. He was not happy but struggled through it and soon his old friends forgave him. He still resents the smiles from his friends’ mothers when he stays in his school skirt as his friends change as soon as school ends. Just as he’s not too happy about the change in PE and PE clothes. Apparently the school decided to change that in line with the rest of the dress code. Leotards etc. A bit vindictive I thought but I signed the papers he brought back since he said that we shouldn’t make a fuss about it. He’s a good boy! Or so I thought until yesterday.

I was having lunch when Mrs Green cornered me. I usually try to avoid her since she’s the worst gossip in town. Not only that, she always manages to make a mole-hill into … OK not exactly a mountain but at least into a respectable hill. One thing though, she knows what she’s talking about. Not only does she know EVERYTHING that’s happening in town but also, amazingly, everything she tells is based on reality. She “improves” things but never actually makes them up. Strange!

She told me that the school went back to the old dress code already in October having made their point. All the boys went back to wearing trousers except Taylor. Now I understand better why all the slips from school I had to sign were “Consent forms” and not just information. The scamp had tricked me into letting him attend school to all intents and purposes as a girl. The lad doth protest too much, methinks.

Yesterday and today I have been busy.

As Taylor came downstairs I told him:
“I’m sorry but you will have to miss a couple of days of school next week”

He didn’t exactly look unhappy at that news. What 13 year old boy would?

“There are a number of people we have to talk to.”

He looked confused.


“I talked to your teachers yesterday and found out what you have been up to!”

He looked crestfallen. Why? He couldn’t have expected to get away with this for a long time. I’m amazed, and ashamed, that he had managed to fool me this long. Well, it was time for him to face up to the consequences.

“First you’ll see a psychiatrist and then a couple of doctors. Depending on the results we may be able to help you become the girl you want to be. Nothing permanent until you are 18 of course but we can delay developments until we are certain that you are certain.”

I could see the smile on his face spreading. First it was of relief, then sheer happiness. He threw himself into my arms.

“You have to get up early tomorrow since the only time I could get at Madame Loulou’s was at 8. We will what she can do with that hair of yours. Then we will get you a nice dress, as well as the warmer tights, since we will have guests for dinner tomorrow night.”

Taylor looked terrified.

“Guests? And me as a girl? Why? Who? I’m not ready for that!”

“I’ve invited your boyfriend and his parents. I thought it was time we met.”

With that pink blush Taylor was really cute. I would have been angry if Mrs Green hadn’t described their relationship as “sweet, innocent puppy love”. If Mrs Green couldn’t find anything worse, there wasn’t. Taylor may not be a good boy but she is a good girl!

Looking at her bright pink face and realising how easily she was embarrassed I noted that she was an unlucky girl …since her father isn’t good. I’m going to have sooo much fun with this.

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