Body Suits

BetterU Incorporated - Prerelease Please

BetterU Incorporated is a large company that spans the multiverse.
Each new world and subsidiary has its challenges.
Doctor Ranjeed Pusapati is ready to celebrate with his team the approval for the production of auto-closets.
A device to automatically dress and - if necessary - adjust a person's measurements upon specifications.
But just as they start to party, reviews start to arrive. This shouldn't be possible as they haven't delivered a single device yet.
But the reviews are coming in and all paint a bad picture: the auto-closets are out there and they are malfunctioning.

Boys Night Out

Boys Night Out Cover final3.jpg
An executive discovers a mysterious package which allows him to become the embodiment of his greatest desire, and it makes an invitation from the boys at work an irresistible opportunity for self-discovery. However, the journey to understanding is fraught with peril, and hell hath no fury like a woman’s.

Enhancement Suits

Welcome to Smart Tech, the leader in biomedical enhancements.

Have you ever felt inadequate in bed?
Maybe you would like to experiment a little with your partner.

We at Smart Tech have the answer. You can have it all With our new specially-designed Enhancement Suits.

The Church Archiving and Transcription Society

The Church Archiving and Transcription Society
by Lin Dale

Synopsis: When Mike and the rest of the CATS team descend on St Cuthbert's Church, little does he realise he's in for the the change of his life.

Plastic Makes Perfect


After the superhero Curador and his more experienced partner are captured by the evil Dr. Quasi, the demented genius subjects them to bizarre and horrifying experiments to satisfy his thirst for knowledge—as well as his own lascivious desires. Helpless to defend themselves from his depravity, the humiliated heroes soon discover that there are some fates far more outlandish than the merely life-and-limb dangers to which they had become accustomed. (A tale of Faraday City.)

[NewTerra] Shedding Skin

Kai needs desperately a break from his normal life.
As his old friend Björn offers a place to stay, Kai jumps on the opportunity.
But not long after arriving, tales of folklore make the rounds.
Are they real or is Björn up to his old shenanigans and pulling a prank on him?

The Cartoonist

Amanda couldn’t decide what she was going to wear to the comic con this year. This year they were bringing in some of the best comic book artists and having them interview a potential artist. She puts her portfolio together of some of her best drawings of comic book characters.

She hopes this time, she’ll get some job offers for her talent. Her parents were disappointed in her, first because she wanted to be a cartoonist. Secondly, they didn’t like the fact that she wanted to be a girl. She has always known she should have been born a girl, but she wasn’t.


For a universe filled with magic and tech, Aiden has drawn the short straw.
Gown up in the rougher parts of the galaxy, his best bet to escape poverty was to join an outlaw gang.
But when their leader turns up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, things get out of hand real quick.

Velma's Night Off

Velma's Night Off

Lynda Shermer

Coolsville was safe. At the end of a days work, Coolsville was usually safe.  
Somedays, it even stays that way for as much as, oh, say, a week.
"'Night, gang!," I said, and turned for my door. It had been a hard days sleuthing, but the Gravy Ghoul was behind bars, revealed as Mr. Thompkins, of Global Consolidated Industries. Coolsville Canned Foods could open again for business as usual, without anyone leaping out of a vat and scaring off the workers.

Ignorance is No Excuse for Hating Someone Part 17

561 W 179th St #2, New York, NY:
Carla was still feeling sore from the bolt that was removed from her shoulder. Her wife gave her an earful about getting hurt again. She knows as she gets older that she’ll be hurting from all the injuries she has sustained. She makes a few turns and finally ends up at the cleaners she was heading for.

The Unusual Case of the Vindictive Ghost (Entwhistle Investigations 4)

When Angela gets a message to help her half brother Ian, Anthony feels guilty enough to put the Entwhistle Investigations resources at his disposal to get to the bottom of the mystery of a ghost who is haunting his bride to be.

The Strange Case of the Jittery Jury (Entwhistle Investigations 3)

Anthony has a problem. He's been selected for Jury Duty. The problem is so has Angela. Now he has to somehow deal with the problem of being both identities and then somehow survive a Jury rigged Mafia case.

The Mysterious Case of the Vengeful Lothario (Entwhistle Investigations 2)

Enwhistle Investigations is hired by a High School Principle in Swansea after a murder at the school. Angela is sent in undercover whilst Phillip and Mark seek other angles to the investigation. Who is committing the murders and why and can the team stop them?

The Curious Case of the Mutating Flasher (Entwhistle Investigations 1)

The new detective agency's is given an opportunity to try and find a flasher on the Swansea University campus. But it appears that the perpetrator is not always the same person, and is the actual mastermind a threat to Angela and Theresa?

The Moment of Truth (LoPR Part IX)

Anthony and Anwyn are preparing for their Wedding. Meanwhile Wesley Caplin escapes from Swansea Jail determined to get revenge on those who have wronged him. With Anwyn and Mark missing, Theresa and Angela have to team up to try and save the day. However now they must face the Moment of Truth, where someone has to take the bullet!

The Mistress of Good Breeding (LoPR Part VIII)

Anthony must decide whether to take up Mark's offer, and having done he he gets invited to one of Theresa's little dinner parties to celebrate. But does Theresa has an ulterior motive for being nice to Angela and what does she hate more than Angela?

My first bodysuit

First bodysuit, first transformation, first sex

Hello, it's my first ever try to make a story - so do not judge me too strong. And I hope you will forgive my not perfect english. So. let's the tory begin :)

I always wanted to understand how it feels to be a woman. I did not want to do surgery and hormone therapy, and crossdressing was not so good idea - just a man in dress, maybe attractive one, but man.

Stand By Your Woman Part 4

1532 Old Beach Rd, Kailua-Kona, HI.:
Leslie, Casey, and Charlotte watched as the team that Cheshire sent arrives. Leslie was happy that they finally arrived. She managed to get a few hours of sleep last night. Her wife Casey and the new person Charlotte stayed awake talking about some of their missions while they were in the service. She knew Casey misses being in the boat service.


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