Kitty Katz

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Katz was halfway through her exercise routine when her roommate Alicia came walking over to her. She loved how sexy Alicia’s body looked. She wished she had a body like hers but had to work to maintain her body. The hormones she was taking made her hungry, and she had to be careful.

Katz stops and looks at Alicia. “What’s up, sis?”

“I’m heading to that new vegan restaurant that just opened up. Do you want to join me?” Alicia knew Katz worked hard to keep her body trim and curvy.

“Sure, I was just finishing up my routine.” Katz wipes the sweat from her forehead.

A smile appears on Alicia’s face as she watches her little sister dry off. She had always wanted a little sister and finally fulfilled her wish. The two of them head towards the locker room and take a shower.

Both of them worked out hard and were sweating pretty hard. Alicia looks at Katz as her cat ears and tail appear. She knew Katz usually allowed her ears and tail to occur when it was just them. Usually, they are hidden by a simple glamor spell.

“Your tail and ears are coming along. Do you regret accepting my offer?” Alicia looked at her little sister and remembered how she came across Katz.

“Are you kidding me? I love my new life. You don’t know how miserable I felt before you found me.” Katz walks over and hugs her big sister.

Alicia returns Katz’s hug. She loved holding her little sister. After the shower, they dry off and get dressed. Katz doesn’t hide her tail and ears. If nothing else, Alicia makes her ears and tail appear.

Katz's ears looked like the ears you would find on a bobcat. Except her tail was fluffier and long. It had the same coloration as a typical bobcat or lynx would. It was a mottled color of greys and white.

Katz looks at Alicia and loves her pure white color ears and tail. It contrasts beautifully with Alicia’s blonde hair.

“I hope my breasts will get as big as yours, sis.” Katz hated that her breasts were still coming in, thanks to the hormones she was on.

“Just give them time, sis. You’ve only been taking your hormones for six months now.” Alicia knew Katz wasn’t the patient type.

When she first met Katz, she had been taken in by her friend Bombalurina. Bombalurina had found the young transgender girl living on the streets. The poor thing was a runaway and had nowhere to go. She was suffering from a severe cold. Bombalurina took pity on her and brought her back to her place.

After Alicia and Katz were dressed, they leave the gym and walked down the street toward the new vegan restaurant that had just opened up. Both girls were wearing short dresses that if they weren’t careful. They would expose their barely clad asses to the world.

Katz was wearing a leather choker around her throat with a silver heart in the middle. Alicia wore a silver choker around her throat with a diamond-shaped heart in the middle. The dresses were the same style but different colors. They were also wearing four-inch heels that matched their dress.

Alicia opens and holds the door open for Katz. She smiles at her little sister as Katz walks into the restaurant. She stops inside and inhales the smell of the food floating around in the air.

“Man, this place smells wonderful.” Katz loved the fact her sense of smell had been enhanced.

“I agree. Let’s see what they have to offer.” Alicia moves towards the counter to place her order.

Katz stands next to Alicia and listens to what she orders. Everything about her new life was still new to her. She was glad she had Alicia, Bombalurina, Demeter, Isis, Cleo, and the others to help her. She also liked the fun they had as a group in front of the cameras.

Once Alicia places her order, she steps aside to let Katz place her order. The young woman behind the counter informs them that their order will be ready in fifteen minutes.

“That’s fine.” Alicia spots a table for two that wasn’t occupied.

She walks over to it after accepting the drink she ordered. She takes a sip as a low purr vibrates in her throat.

“This is really good.” Katz had taken a sip of hers and loved it.

“We’re going to have to tell the others.” Alicia knew the others would love this place.

“Order 42, your order is ready.”

“I got it, sis.” Katz walks up to the counter to get their tray and return it to their table.

Katz’s mouth was already watering from the smell of the food. Her tummy rumbles because of how hungry she is. She has been watching her weight and how much food she has been eating. The hormones she was on had her system in overdrive and made her hungry all the time.

“Here we go, sis.” Katz sets the tray in the middle of the table.

Alicia inhales the scent of their food and smiles. She picks up her vegan Rubin sandwich and bites into it. A low purr builds in her chest as she swallows the first bite.

Katz bites into her sandwich and purrs as well. If anyone were near them, they would hear two cats purring. Katz and Alicia enjoy their meal and drink. Katz looks towards Alicia. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, sis.” Alicia smiles at Katz.

After Katz and Alicia finish lunch, they return to the house they shared with ten other women like themselves. They called the place the Den. It’s where they all lived; they made pornographic movies and did webcam shows.

Katz takes her gym bag to the laundry room and tosses her exercise outfit and wet towel into the washer. She preps it so that when Alicia tosses her stuff into the washer, she can go ahead and start it. Afterward, she hurries to her bedroom to change into her sexy lingerie for her three-thirty webcam show. She was going to be doing a show with Ox this afternoon.

Katz knew one of the other girls in the house would escort Ox to her bedroom. She prepared herself for the fun she was going to have. When it was time for her show to start, she logged on and greeted her adoring fans.

Ox shows up ten minutes after she answers a few special requests for her paying customers. The two of them start performing in front of the webcam. She was wearing fake breasts, so her customers thought she was more significant than she was. She still needed to have her birth defect removed, but until she did. She’ll put it to use.

By the time the show was over. Katz was covered in Ox’s semen. She looks at him. “How do you produce so much?”

A smile appears on Ox’s face. “They don’t call me Ox for nothing.”

Katz crawls over to Ox and straddles his waist. She places her anal opening right above his huge member. “Well, I want more, Mr. Ox, and don’t hold back either.” As she drops down onto his cock.

“Remember you said that.” He grabs her slim waist and helps her bounce up and down on his thick manhood.

A few hours later, Katz comes crawling out of her bedroom. The sheets and covers on her bed will need to be washed. Her carpet floor will need to be steamed clean as well.

“You went too far again, didn’t you?” Demeter looks down at Katz crawling on the floor on all fours.

Katz had one of the LED butt plugs in her anal opening. Demeter knew why Katz was wearing it. She knew Katz was trying to keep all of the semen Ox pumped into her opening, inside her body.

“Yes, ma’am.” Katz could barely talk because of how sore her jaw was.

“Come on, my little kitten. Let’s get Isis to examine you to make sure Ox didn’t puncture anything inside of you.” Demeter picks Katz up like she weighs nothing.

Katz loved it when Demeter carried her. Demeter and Bombalurina were the mothers she never had. Her birth mother treated her like she was something disgusting. No matter what she did to try and please her mother. She just held her at arm's length and pretended she didn’t exist.

Hell, when she was a baby. Her mother hired a nanny to take care of her. Her mother was too busy to spend time with her. Her father was the same way. She was their mistake. The only reason they didn’t abort her was because their family wouldn’t have allowed it.

Her grandmother loved her and gave her as much attention as possible. However, once her grandmother passed away. Her parents went back, treating her like she didn’t exist. Even when she was scared and tried to crawl into their bed, they made her sleep outside their bedroom door.

Her father said it would do her some good and help her overcome her fear of storms. They were never around for her birthdays and would take off for Hawaii or some foreign country. They would leave her with a babysitter or when she could care for herself. They would leave her alone.

They hadn’t even realized she had run away if Bombalurina hadn’t found her when she did. She would have died from pneumonia. It had been cold out, and a middle-aged woman had thrown a bucket of cold water on her when she asked if she could spare any change.

Demeter carries Katz to Isis’s examination room and puts her on the examination table. She made sure Katz’s legs were in the stirrups and secure. Sometimes they use the examination room in their porno movies.

“Stay put, Katz.” Demeter turns and walks out of the medical room.

“Yes, ma’am,” Katz remembered the first time she was brought into this room.

She had been running a high fever, and her lungs were congested. Isis had stripped her out of the wet clothes she had been wearing. After she was naked, she passed out.

Isis comes walking into the examination room and notices Katz mooning her. She saw the LED butt plug and some semen lining the back of Katz’s rear end.

“What have you done this time, Katz?” Isis stops behind Katz.

“I had sex with Ox, and Demeter wanted you to check me out to make sure I didn’t puncture anything.” Katz felt embarrassed because she knew how much semen was going to come out of her.

“Let me get my raincoat.” Isis knew how much semen Ox can produce.

Once Isis has her raincoat on, she proceeds to remove the butt plug.

Several minutes later, Katz walks into the kitchen to grab something to drink. She spots Tabitha in the kitchen eating a tuna salad sub. She waves to Tabby.

“What did Isis say?” Tabitha spots Katz walking into the kitchen.

Katz looks at Tabitha as she walks into the kitchen. “She lectured me on being more careful and said nothing was broken.”

“I agree with her, Katz. Your body is still changing. She can’t change your reproductive organs for another four months.” Tabitha knew the process for becoming a cat girl. She underwent the process a few years ago.

“I know. I hate I don’t have a vagina, and my breasts are still small. I want to be as big as Alicia.” Katz wanted to be like her big sister.

“You keep getting those hormone shots from Isis, and you’ll be as big as your big sister. Now, I’m getting ready to make dinner. Why don’t you give me a hand.” Tabitha knew Katz liked cooking.

“Okay.” Katz skips over to Tabitha and starts helping her.

Katz liked Tabitha’s light grey fur. Even Tabitha’s face had the features she had seen in those tiny teacup cats in Japan with tiny legs. All the women in the house looked like different cat girls. The only exceptions were Tina and Gina. They were identical in every way.

All the girls in the house wore whatever showed off their sexy bodies. Tabitha and several other girls loved to wear thong panties. She liked the G-string or bikini style of panties.

“What are we making tonight?” Katz looks over toward Tabby for an answer.

“Philly Cheesesteaks with fried onions.” Tabitha loved Philly cheese steaks.

The two of them work together to fix dinner. Katz works on chopping up the onions, the various colored peppers, and mushrooms. While Tabitha was marinating the chopped-up prime beef strips with various spices and sauce.

Katz lightly toasted the sub rolls they were going to eat. She lightly spread some butter on the inside of the rolls, so they toast better. She added a meat flavor spice to the butter, to enhance it.

Once dinner is ready, set out on the counter. A text message is sent to everyone to let them know. Katz sits by Alicia’s feet on a floor pillow. She and several other ladies were watching a movie in the living room. Some of the other ladies had gone back out to the pool to eat.

“Girls, we're going to the beach tomorrow for a photo shoot. So, wear your skimpiest bikini.” Demeter looks at all the girls lying around the sofa.

“Yes, ma’am.” All the girls answer at once.

Carol starts kissing Katz and moving close to Katz’s body. She feels Katz respond to her kissing. She smiles as she sticks her tongue deeper into Katz's mouth.

Felica saw what Carol was doing to Katz and wanted in on the action. She moves closer to Katz's back and starts kissing her. She extends her claws some and gently rakes Katz’s side.

“Be gentle with my little sister, Felica.” Alicia spotted Katz being made love to by Carol and Felica.

Felica looks up at Alicia ‘I’ll try.”

Felica goes back to kissing and raking Katz’s body. The three of them engage in a little sex bundle as they please each other. Demeter and the others watch the kittens as they enjoy each other’s body. Some of the other women watching television engage with their sisters or whoever is near them and are interested.

A few hours later, Alicia helps Katz back to her bedroom. Tammy and Gail had cleaned Katz’s bedroom for her. She knew the cousins were good at cleaning. Alicia tucks Katz into bed and kisses her forehead.

“Sweet dreams, little kitten.” Alicia turns and walks out of Katz’s bedroom.

Before she could get a few steps from Katz’s bedroom, she was grabbed by her wrist and pulled into the bedroom next to Katz’s. She knew it was Ferociana’s bedroom. A smile appears on her face because she knows what type of sex Ferociana is into.

The Next Day:
“Perfect, let’s see a little more action.” Marc Depardon watches as twelve cat girls of different species and builds play volleyball. He recognized three of them from the weightlifting photos he took three months ago.

Sports Illustrated couldn’t believe the photos he showed them. The cat girls had been the most significant thing lately in the news. They had come onto the scene four months ago and became a huge hit. People thought the girls were using fake tails from Japan or had specialized surgery to make their tails and ears appear natural.

He knew there was a cat girl bounty hunter in Knoxville, Tennessee. He and several other photographers had tried to get photos of her and her family. But when someone took a picture without their permission, they faced a lawsuit from a firm where the woman’s sister was a partner.

He snaps several more photos of the girls as they play and then individual photos of each girl. The photos border on spicy and borderline soft porn. Several girls loved to push the limit of what they could do for the magazine.

Afterward, the girls get dressed in low-cut dresses and high heels. The girls loved showing off their assets and looking good. They all go to the Prime Night Club. It was one of the newest nightclubs in the region, and one of the girl's uncles owned the club.

Because of the girls' popularity, they had VIP access and a table reserved for them inside the club. All of them got their drinks for free. Once the girls enter the club, several head out to the dance floor. Katz is pulled out to the dance floor by her older sister.

“I don’t know how to dance, sis.” Katz looks at Alicia.

“Just let your body move with the music, little sister. It will know what to do.” Alicia smiles at Katz as she lets the music move her body.

Katz closes her eyes and listens to the music. It was amazing what she could hear with her cat ears. It had felt weird when Demeter put the headband on her head with the ears. It felt even more bizarre when her human ears started closing up and merging with her head, and she started hearing things through her cat ears.

She even felt when the fake cat tail she wore merged with her body and became real. She had been given a choice if she wanted to join their family. No one forced her to join them, and no one forced her to become a girl. That had been her choice and she didn’t regret it.

The girls stay at the club for hours. Some of them danced with some guys but ended up going home later. Alicia had to support Katz as they took a limo back to the house. Alicia undressed Katz and tucked her into bed.

Katz performed with several other girls in front of the webcam several days later. They record themselves doing a few sexual acts outside by the pool and in the pool. Some girls had regular jobs at clothes stores catering to anime-fetish people and the plushie crowds.

Between the outfits they modeled online, the sexual acts they performed on the webcam, and even a few live-action cartoons they did with people who had been transformed into human/animal hybrids. They made more than enough money to pay for everything. They controlled everything and had the final say over what got produced and what didn’t.

Katz’s job was working at a comic book and anime store. She loved working there because some patrons would dress up in costumes and come in. The store stayed busy with all the new interest in anime.

Katz moves about the store, putting up the new stock of comic books, role-playing games, and other odds and ends they got in. She dusted the collectibles they had on display. They had one of the Doctor Who Tardis on display. The owner, Robby Wilson, bought it at an auction in England. He had all the paperwork stating it had been used in a Doctor Who episode.

Katz sits on a stool behind the counter as customers come in and either check her out or the store out. The clothes she wore to work, showed off her cat-girl body and were popular in anime.

“Hey Katz, can I see that Green Lantern, Lantern, please?” Sam loved it when Katz either bent over or kneeled to grab something.

“Sure, Sam.” Katz knew what Sam wanted and she didn’t care.

She walks over to the shelf where the Green Lantern, Lantern was stored and uses the step stool to grab it. She shifts how she is standing on the stool, so Sam can look up her dress. She was wearing frilly lace lollies to cover her panties, so she wasn’t exposing herself.

A smile appears on Sam’s face as he looks up at Katz’s short dress. He knew he couldn’t see her panties, but he liked how her butt looked. He also liked how shapely her legs were. He saw where her dress was modified for her tail.

“Here you go, Sam.” Katz smiles at him as she hands him the packaged lantern.

“Thanks, Katz.” As Sam accepts the package.

He noticed that there was a ring inside the package and according to the writing on the package. If you said the oath and pressed the ring against the lantern. The ring and the lantern would glow as if it was real.

Katz looks at Sam once she steps down off the step ladder “Is there anything else I can do for you?” There was a playful smile on her face.

Sam looks up from the package in his hands towards Katz. He wonders if she’ll go out on a date with him.

“I was wondering if you’ll go out with me on Friday?” Sam was nervous as he watched Katz’s face.

Katz taps the side of her jaw and thinks about the request. She normally didn’t date customers, but Sam was pretty harmless and was a geek.
She looks at him “Only on one condition?”

“What’s that?”

“We go somewhere, nice.” Katz had standards and wouldn’t accept anything less.

“How does the Aztec Club sound?” Sam knew the manager there.

“Sounds good. Are you sure about this?” Katz looks into Sam’s eyes for the truth.

“Trust me, you’re going to have a good time.” Sam was excited about taking Katz to The Aztec club.

“Okay, what time?” Katz knew she was supposed to tell her sister and Demeter.

“How about seven o’clock?” Sam knew he was going to need to call his friend.

“Sounds good. I’ll see you at seven on Friday.” Katz places a kiss on Sam’s cheek, before walking off.

The rest of the afternoon Katz stays busy up to when she locks up for the night. She sits in the back office and tallys up the sales receipts and special orders receipts as well. She knew her boss loved when she worked because their sales always went up. She didn’t mind, because she loved comics and anime. She made several new friends who were furries and dressed up as humanoid animals like her and her sisters.

Except they weren’t dressing up. They were the real thing. Demeter and Bombalurina took strays like her off the streets and helped them get back on their feet. If the strays were like her, they offered to turn them into kitty girls.

After she is done with the deposits. She puts it into the nighttime drop bag and waits for Alicia to pick her up. She wasn’t old enough yet to get her driver's license.

A smile appears on her face when she thinks about what happened the last time one of her sisters went to get their license. The DMV rep didn’t know how to react when her sister Cleo told her that she had surgery to have her tail and ears done. She even showed the DMV rep the fake doctor's order saying she had surgery.

Katz spots Alicia’s car pulling into the parking lot. She sets the alarm and walks out of the store. She locks the door and walks over to her sister’s car.

“How was work today?” Alicia watches as Katz gets into the car.

“It was fine. I have a date for Friday night.” A smile appears on Katz’s face.

“Oh? Who are you going out with?” As Alicia starts driving towards the bank.

“One of the guys who comes into the store every week. He and his roommates and friends always come in for the new comics and comics they are missing. They are nerdy, but nice guys.” Katz knew all of Sam’s friends were good guys.

“What do they do?” Alicia was curious about the people Katz spoke about.

“Sam has his own networking business. His roommate Danny, is a professor at Bowdoin College. He teaches robotic engineering. Their friend Jesse works there as well and researches cosmic rays.”

“Sounds like they are a bunch of geeks.” Alicia has met her share of geeks.

“They are, but they are harmless. They have one guy that hangs with them, that is kind of shy around women. I’ve seen him staring at me, but
when I go to talk to him. He whispers to his friend Jesse.”

“He sounds like the character from the Big Bang Theory.” Alicia loved the show.

“Except he isn’t from India.” Katz knew which character her sister was talking about.

Alicia goes through the drive-thru at the bank to deposit the money. Afterward, they stop at a chicken place to order some food. Katz liked spicy food, so she got a large order of spicy hot wings. Afterward, they head home to enjoy their dinner.

Katz is picked up at seven. She noticed that Sam wasn’t driving his work van, but an older Mustang.

“Nice car.” As Katz gets into the Mustang.

“Thanks. My brother gave it to me.” Sam and his older brother were good friends.

“That was nice of him.”

“He’s always been like that.” Sam liked his brother a lot.

After Katz was settled and buckled in. He starts driving towards the restaurant. He hopes everything goes well tonight.

After a while, he pulls into the parking lot and parks. Sam escorts Katz towards the entrance. He notices the weird looks Katz has as she walks next to him. He knew she did porn on the web and a lot of modeling. Katz and her family had a huge following.

Once they arrive in the restaurant. They are escorted over to a nice table. Sam was thankful that he knew the manager.

Once they place their order with their waitress. They make small talk, learning about each other. Most of the stuff, Katz already knew about Sam.
However, she learned a few things about him she didn’t know.

After dinner, they go dancing. Katz wasn’t a great dancer and neither was Sam. However, the two of them do their best, and by the time the date ends. Katz gives Sam a goodnight kiss.

When Katz walks into the house, she spots Alicia and Cleo waiting for her. A smile appears on Katz’s face.

“How was your date?” Cleo was curious.

“It was nice. Sam was a perfect gentleman and didn’t try anything.” Katz enjoyed her date.

“You know Mom wants to know how your date was.”

“I know and I’ll tell Mom at breakfast tomorrow morning.” Katz covers up a yawn.

“Go to bed, sis.” Alicia hugs her little sister.

Cleo hugs Katz as well and a light slap on her ass as well.

“What’s that for?” Katz looks at Cleo for an explanation.

“No reason.” Cleo just smiles at Katz.

Alicia just smirks as she escorts Katz to her bedroom. She knew Cleo was having some fun at Katz’s expense.

“Sleep tight, little sister.” As Alicia hugs Katz.

“Thanks, sis.”

Katz walks into her bedroom and gets ready for bed. She puts on a new lace nightgown based on a design from the late 70s. It is meant for a woman with a bigger bust than what she has, but it was still a nice design. She loved how skimpy it was and the material it was made of.

She lays down in bed and slowly falls asleep. Her life now was better than what her life had been. As far as she was concerned, she never wanted to go back to her old life.

In the next few weeks, Katz dates Sam. They do all sorts of things together as a couple and with his friends. Her mothers got a chance to meet Sam and liked him. Her sisters met him and his friends and had fun with them.

She did keep a few things from him. She didn’t tell him she used to be a male. Although, if he visited some of the web porn sites she and her sisters are on. He’ll find out that she has a puny penis. The estrogen pills she was on, had shrunk her penis so small, that she couldn’t even get it hard anymore. Her breasts were slowly growing and went up a whole cup size. Her hips were filling out better. Her waist was already at the size it was going to be.

As for Sam and his friends, she enjoyed spending time with them. She played paintball with them. She mentioned the paintball theme to her mothers as a possible porn video. She also enjoyed playing Magic The Gathering with the guys as well. She wasn’t as skilled in it as they were, but they were patient with her and the mistakes she made.

Sometimes, she and the guys would go to the movies together. Most of the time it was her and Sam, but when the guys went along. They had fun before the movie and after the movie.

One day while Katz was sitting outside in the nude tanning by the pool. Her mother Bombalurina comes walking outside in the nude as well. She loved how big Bombalurina’s breasts were.

“How are you feeling, sweetie?” Bombalurina looks at her and Demeter’s youngest child.

“Okay, mom.” Katz watches her mother as she slowly walks over to the pool.

Normally, her mother just dived into the pool. This time, her mother was taking her time stepping into the water. She watches as her mother goes as deep as her chest, before dipping down under the water and coming back up.

“That’s different for you, mom.”

Bombalurina turns around to look at Katz “Why do you say that, sweetie?”

“Because I have never seen you do that before.” Katz liked watching her mothers. They had beautiful sculptured bodies.

“Doesn’t mean I haven’t done it before, sweetie.” A playful smile appears on Bombalurina’s face.


“Come and join me, sweetie.” Bombalurina extends her hand out towards Katz.

“Okay.” Katz gets up and walks down into the water, instead of diving into it.

As Katz walks deeper into the water. She ends up swimming a little over to her mother. She wraps her arms around her mother’s body and her legs around her waist.

“Hi, mom.” As Katz hugs Bombalurina.

“Hey, sweetie.” Bombalurina looks into Katz’s eyes.

Bombalurina noticed the mischief in Katz’s eyes. She knew how terrible Katz's life used to be before she was brought to her.

“Are you happy with your life, sweetie?” Bombalurina holds Katz close to her body.

“Yes, ma’am and I am thankful for everything you and momma Demeter have done for me.”

“Things aren’t done, sweetie. You still have a way to go.”

“I know Mom.” As Katz lays her head against Bombalurina’s shoulder.

“I know you do sweetie. I know you do.” Bombalurina rubs Katz’s spine and soon gets her purring.

Later on, during the night, Katz lies with her mothers as they sleep. She fit like a kitten when she was with her mothers.

As the weeks go by. Her relationship with Sam and his friends grows stronger. She likes being with them and inviting them over to the house. Sometimes the girls invite the fellows to the beach parties the girls were invited to.

Katz enjoys her friendship with them. For the first time in her life she is happy.

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I'm happy

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Metz is enjoying her new life she deserves something for all the neglect her parents gave her over the years.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.