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Return now with us to those thrilling days of yesteryear when women were women and men were men — except when they became women!

and Other Romances of the Old West
by Maryanne Peters with Joyce Melton
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The Leader narrowed its pupils, just a bit... the equivalent of a slight smile for its species. The most important of the group were already supporting the plan. The others would go along, eventually. It sat back and let them plot and scheme, only occasionally asking a question or making a suggestion. Yes, this would work well...


Masks 5


Out of Template's Shadow

Rodford Edmiston

Binding Resolutions Chapter 4.5 Interlude 1: Casting Call

**Trigger Warning: Explicit Content**

Dear reader, if you've followed us through the journey of this series, please be aware that just like its previous parts, this vignette unfolds with vivid and explicit storytelling. Your boundaries are valued and respected. Therefore I warmly encourage you to listen to your feelings and prioritize your well-being when choosing to engage with this content.

For those who find solace and excitement within my work, you are all invited to this casting call.

Binding Resolutions Chapter 4: New Beginnings


As you navigate through this chapter, you will witness a softer side of this tale, revealing a bond that may refuse to be defined merely by power and submission amidst newfound intimacies and unspoken confessions. It appears that love wears many masks, and the dance between our heroine and her mistress takes a curious turn towards the unsaid and the undone. What will become of our 'little Yvonne' when soft touches and stolen glances suggest a twist in the tale?

Binding Resolutions Chapter 2: Lost in Submission

Yvonne's evening descends into a carnal savagery where the hedonistic fantasies of onlookers are not just met but encouraged. She is simply a vessel for gratification for the crowd, an emblem of her solemn vow to her ever-demanding mistress. Adorned in attire that barely conceals, she is marched out before hungry eyes, every inch of her transformation a testimony to her submission. Be forewarned: this chapter treads through shadowed corridors, filled with explicit scenes and raw exchanges that may unsettle the faint of heart.

S(m)ister Wife Part 5

His Wife: A Horror Story (1 of 2)


All the warnings! I always wanted to write a horror story. This is the one and I don't want it to be tame. It certainly isn't for everyone. There will be fucked up scenes. Check the warning tags, if there are any you'd rather avoid, please go read one of my other stories instead.

Love Story - Chapter 9.6

I was overwhelmed with sensations all over my body.

There was a pull on my scalp where my wife's hands were pulling my braids. My lips felt buttery and smooth and velvety from the lipstick. I could feel my wife's soft lips on mine, her tongue in my mouth, kissing me deeply, smearing my lipstick.

Most of all, my body was contracting pleasantly, an after effect of the waves of pleasure that had washed all over me, centered in my groin.

I had leaked - that's right, leaked cum, which was pooled beneath us, on the floor.

"Wow, honey", she smirked at me, "You really are a woman"

Playing for the other team, Part 5

Author’s side note: I’m now realizing that I probably should proofread these, I’ve made a few mistakes I wish I could correct. Also I thought it would be fun if Luke was more than just attracted to Tom.

A little after 2 am, a restless Luke lay awake, anxious from his growing feelings for his new houseguest. Trying not to wake his friend, Luke attempted to unsuspectingly examine his sleeping friend in the dim light shining through his living room window. The blond man had his head turned away from Luke, his sleeping body sprawled halfway off the couch.

Playing for the other team, Part 4

The drive back to Luke’s apartment was awkwardly quiet, Luke driving, Tom staring at his big hands wrapped around the steering wheel, trying desperately not to think about what Luke thought of him. Every once in a while Luke would make a passing remark or ask a question, but he kept his thoughts focused on anything other than himself. It felt like an awkward first date, though both thought the other was straight.

Playing for the other team, Part 2

There are multiple ways to approach gender reassignment surgery, all procedures are viable, and each has their own set of complications, which depending on the patient's particular medical history can make one method preferable over the other. The most common is through a method known as penile inversion vaginoplasty (PIV), which basically means cutting open the penis and turning it inside out. This procedure removes the erectile tissue, testicles and much of the scrotum, but preserves the glans, penile skin and urethra to fashion the clitoris and vaginal cavity.

Playing for the other team, Part 1

Authors note: This story is about a male athlete who realizes he is dysphoric over his penis and testicles and wants to get a vaginoplasty but stay a masculine man. One day an accident in practice makes that dream a reality. He and his teammate discover together that they have feelings for each other and navigate the complex situation together. It is a way to explore my own feelings towards gender and sex, but contains explicit gore and scenes not suitable for all audiences. Part 1.

Love Story - Chapter 9.5

Love Story - Chapter 9.4

The next morning, I woke up earlier than my wife. I had freshened up, put my hair in a messy high ponytail and then made us a pot of coffee. I sat on the couch, sipping from a cup. Waiting.

She eventually woke up and sauntered over to where I was sitting, "Last night was something magical. I didn't know we could do that"

"Mm-mmm, yes, it was great", I said, giving her a side ways glance. She was in her night wear, with bed head, hair tousled this way and that. She gave a yawn.

Love Story - Chapter 9.3

It was the weekend after our agreed on week was over. Every day of the next seven days and more, the cage on on me.

It was easy to clean, while still on. It wasn't visible from my trousers. It helped me tuck and get a smooth front. Best of all, it wasn't uncomfortable or painful during normal wear. It actually felt very secure.

But, every morning, it felt like my dick was in a very tight tube. I never could sleep in with the cage on. Every morning, I took a cold shower.

Love Story - Chapter 9.2

I was woken the next day, by the most excruciating erection I ever had. Or tried to have. I was still locked in the damn cage.

I looked around the room for the key. I searched the flat, but I couldn't find the key.

Finally, I went to wake my wife, to find her woken up, due to all the noise I may or may not have made. She smiled and it looked like she knew exactly what was going on with me.

She came to me and gave me a slow kiss, which made me curl my toes, "Frustrated much?"

Love Story - Chapter 9.1

The next day she teased me relentlessly.

I did not dignify her teasing my a reply, but the memory of last night bought an unexpected feeling of acceptance. It felt like for the first time I was in my body.

"Look at you squirm. Your face is all red. Looks like your face enjoyed it more than you did!", she teased.

I kept my focus on the coffee cup. It was an interesting cup. Plain, but interesting.

"You looked really feminine in pigtails. They suit you. You should wear pigtails more often than that boring ponytail"

Love Story - Chapter 9

"How does it feel to be a woman?"

It was a beautiful morning and we were sitting in the balcony, taking in the view with a cup of coffee.

She had been unusually quite. She's not a chatterbox, but she usually has something to say. If nothing else, she will drop a teasing remark or two.

So to bring her out of the flunk, I asked her, "How does it feel to be a woman?"

She seemed to register that I was talking and looked at me, "Hmmm, what was that?"

"Honey, how does it feel to be a woman? Or rather what's the difference between me and you?"

Love Story - Chapter 7

Next day was our weekly off.

After breakfast, we were getting ready to go shopping for weekly groceries.

Just as we got into the mall, she said, "Maybe you should have your ears pierced here at the shop, since we are here anyways"

I replied, "What's on your mind?"

"Like I said, I wouldn't mind if you wore earrings and had long hair. Come on, let's get it done already"

She grabbed me by my arm and led me to the piercing shop in the mall. The artist approached my wife, thinking she was the one who wanted the piercing.

S(m)ister Wife Part 4

This story contains sex scenes

The next day I was "allowed" to wear a normal housedress, with normal underwear which included a black, open-bottom corselette. Carol was very quiet that morning. Bob had left early and after breakfast, she took me upstairs to continue my training.

She didn't want me to go down on her. She seemed upset. As I lay on my back and she gently and very slowly slid the well lubricated dildo into me. I grunted with pain.

S(m)ister Wife Part 3

This part has a forced sexual encounter. I know this type of story is not too popular here, but part 1 and 2 have had 3000 hits between them. So it is being read.

Bob came back an hour later reeking of beer. Carol fussed over him while I finished the steak dinner we were making for him. The smell made my mouth water. Carol and I were to just have a salad. Bob says we must keep our slim figures, she told me.

S(m)ister Wife Part 2

This story contains forced fem and sex

The next time I woke it was in response to a catheter being pulled out of me. My throat was dry and the horror of what had happened returned.

"What are you doing now?"

"Aww. Don't worry. You had that in so you didn't wet the bed. I just need to fit this on you." Carol said.

I looked down as I felt her fiddling with my penis. It was dragged between my empty ball sack, then I felt a tug and heard a click.

My cock stayed between my legs.

"What have you done to me?" I croaked.

S(m)ister Wife

As soon as I woke up I knew something had happened. I felt the warm embrace of sleep slowly slip away. My mind tried to make sense of where I was. A hotel? I didn't remember getting there.

My head felt so heavy. I had almost no strength, this wasn't right. I tried to recall last night. I had been driving through the corn belt region of the midwestern United States. It had long been an ambition of mine to drive from Canada to Mexico.

The Miner's Wife

The Miner’s Wife
A Short Story
By Maryanne Peters

Day One

Milky McGann found the boy on the trail and thought that he was dead. It seemed that his eyes were open and just staring at the dull grey sky like that of a dead man. He was lying in a pool of blood - perhaps there had been less lost than it seemed. But the face was white as if in shock rather than the slate color of death.

“If’n you’re hurt I’d better roll you over and see if’n you can’t be patched up,” said Milky, only half expecting a reply.

Where trans women are Queens

In a world without women, the trans woman is Queen. Taken from the old saying "in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king."

No one knew who started it, but the Americans accused the Chinese and the Russians. Both of those countries accused each other. The Gynax virus had effectively wiped out 98% of women.

It was thought that it came from a mutated virus that was meant to mimic the beneficial effects of female hormones on the immune system. During the covid outbreak, more women recovered than men, and fewer were hospitalized.


A Short Story
By Maryanne Peters

Gabe Horton was just the scout and guide. The leader of this wagon train was Ezekiel Masterton. He was the man who called the shots. Gabe could only recommend. Pastor Ezekiel seemed to hold the will of every one of the settlers in his hand.

The Kidnapping of Sissy Samantha

This was written for the enjoyment of a reader on another site. It is a (sort of forced) sissy story. It contains sex.

Sam’s head spun as he woke up. His mouth felt so dry. He forced his eyes open and immediately took a sharp intake of breath. Above him was a pink canopy. As he blinked, he noticed his long lashes.

He tried to sit up and realised his hand were tied to the bed. He looked down at his body and got his second shock. He saw he was wearing, what he assumed was a dress. He couldn’t see much past his huge breast.

Sissy Wife, Sissy Life

This is a short story about a would be sissy housewife. I wrote it on the request of a reader on another site. This is not a trans story.
It is a story about a "sissy". I have several that email me frequently, and prefer being know by what I think of as a derogatory term.

The alarm went off. It was 6AM. Greg stretched and yawned. I looked down to see that the thin cover had a tent pole lifting it up. I had noticed
that over the last few days. He always woke up with a full erection.

He turned to me and smiled.

"Time to do your wifely duty Sarah."

Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
A Short Retelling of History
By Maryanne Peters

0 Bonnie.png

Aye, it is a heavy burden to have the fate of an entire nation borne upon your shoulders. More so when that nation has such a fine tradition of bravery and resourcefulness. Surely the Scots are special folk. I only wish that their hero could have been strong enough to live up to the expectation.


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