UF-2 Book 2 Chapter 5

UF-2 Book 2 Chapter 5
By Barbie Lee
Edited by Catherine Linda MIchel

Our heroes continue to try to enlist allies in case of a war with the Earth Alliance. They run into slavers, pirates and worse, oh my! A return to UF-2 leads to clues to an old acquaintance and a new ally. Family joins the resistance, against family wishes, but welcome. More action in this chapter than you can shake a stick at.

FROM LAST CHAPTER: "In my heart I knew that millions of lives were going to be lost. Humans had a very nasty record of making and breaking treaties as it suited them. There had to be a way out of this mess. The Earth Alliance had to understand that they could not ignore this treaty."

And NOW...

The Platinum Chef : A Tale of Delacroix Part XX

Chapter 68

“Roxx? What do you wanna do when you grow up?” Mary asked thickly. “Y’know, when school’s over?”

“Eh?” Roxx asked Mary, suddenly irritated by that question. Robb had asked her that once. More than once in fact. What bothered her was that she never seemed to have an answer. He was always going on and on about having a better life. Paying rent and bills were no fun. To the then Melanie, and now The One Who Is Roxx that the simplest, easiest way to accomplish that was always the best.

UF-2 Book 2 Chapter 2

UF2 Book 2 Chapter 2
By Barbie Lee
Edited by Catherine Linda Michel.

War is on the horizon and it's up to Brandy, Sherry, Toni, Meliss, the rest of the Pash, their allies and anyone else they can find to help prevent war, or win if all else fails. Can they do it? Can they convince enough races that war will be devastating to everyone? Only time, the author and I know for sure. you all will have to read to find out.

This chapter does contain some very violent scenes, hence the warning in the "Tags." It's necessary for the rest of the story.

FROM BEFORE: "As soon as I started to bring the sword up it shifted to this dimension. Now it was most certainly visible to everyone. As I brought it up I sliced through the middle of my neck with it. It was too late for them to react to stop me. Attuned to my molecular makeup, the sword would never hurt me but it collapsed molecular matter on everything else it touched. The sword never really passed through my body. The blade shifted back to another dimension where my body was. To those who were looking at me it seemed as if I had passed the blade through myself. The slave collar disappeared when the sword touched it.

“WHAT THU...” Len was staring at what he couldn’t believe. His slave was armed and no longer wearing a slave collar!"


Your Wings Are Beautiful - Part 3 (The Chain)

"Put this collar on, and I'll take you away from this cell."

Of course, this is much easier said than done.

(This narration relies heavily on information penury, as well as continuous improvisation on my part. Because information penury doesn't work well when spoiled, minimum tagging is enforced (if the main character isn't aware of something in a given story part, then the corresponding tag won't be included until they become aware of it in a latter part).)

There we go, part 3 of Your Wings Are Beautiful! Sorry for the wait, I sincerely hope you'll enjoy it~

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change -- Spring, part 12 of 13

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change – Spring, part 12 of 13
By Ellie Dauber and Chris Leeson © 2013

Reverend Yingling preaches about Clyde Ritter. Roscoe joins the O’Hanlans for lunch. Carl confuses Flora with a question. Things become known at Flora’s second hearing. Yingling can’t stop a wedding. Hedley gets a haircut. And lots more.

Drug Bust

Drug Bust
By Ellie Dauber © 2000

Here’s another, old story of mine that I thought folks might like. It combines the 1967 “Summer of Love” with, one of my favorite things, a really bad pun. Consider yourself warned.

Your Wings Are Beautiful - Part 1 (The Prisoner)

Breaking out of this place? No, I've long since given up on that idea. I have no idea why I'm here, but one sure is sure: unless someone decides to free me, I am going to be stuck here for a very, very long time. Unless...

(This narration relies heavily on information penury, as well as continuous improvisation on my part. Because information penury doesn't work well when spoiled, minimum tagging is enforced (if the main character isn't aware of something in a given story part, then the corresponding tag won't be included until they become aware of it in a latter part). Also, this first part is very definitely an introduction meant to present two of the main characters; the kinky parts are coming in the next parts. I am trying to write a powerful story with a lot of kinks, not the other way around, hence all the introspection and world building. Thanks for bearing with me!)

Magical Girl Policy- Chapter 4

Eli trudged up the hill, grimly examining his paycheck. It wasn't big enough. It was bigger than he expected thanks to the hazard pay he got for handling the monster attack "well" but not big enough. With the arcade closed the next month for repairs, he needed to make this paycheck stretch out for about six weeks until the next paycheck came in.

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change -- Spring, part 11 of 13

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change – Spring, part 11 of 13
By Ellie Dauber and Chris Leeson © 2014

Talk in both churches of the two challenges. The potion committee meets. Emma picks out a dress, and Yully gets a letter. Clyde Ritter takes Flora out to a bench behind the Saloon twice – with _very_ mixed results. Public school graduation ceremonies are held. Flora stands trial. Arnie visits the Spauldings, and she dances. And lots more.

UF-2 Book 1 Chapter 4


As promised, here's Chapter 4, a longer chapter than chapter 3. In this one we get answers to a lot of questions. Who is Toni, really? Who released the virus that changed Bill and Sherri? What are Toni's plans for Bill/Brandy? All that and more in this chapter.

FROM BEFORE: "Sherry managed to push me to the bottom of the ramp and walked around me. “Plus, some dimensional side travel tossed in for good measure. We couldn’t phone home if we wanted to. We aren’t in our dimension any longer. Earth and all the worlds mankind has populated don’t exist any longer.”

“WHAT! YOU’RE KIDDING!” I was thinking about a hologram and some weird joke between Toni and Sherry.

“Brandy, don’t get me wrong. Humanity still exists, but not in this dimension. Toni’s species travel not only from star to star but through dimensions as well.” She motioned me to follow. “Let’s go see Toni’s home. It’s a rare invite. We are the only humans to be invited to a Pash home.”

“O… kay.” I followed Toni and Sherry into what I would call an Ivy covered entry."

AND NOW.....

Fixa Fatalis


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Fixa Fatalis

Using technology stolen from both the Hegemon, and Kormault League, Mystica and Robo-brain, have continued their experiment with gestalt quantum template powers. The second generation gestalt is about to be tested and unleashed on the world who has yet to fully deal with the first gestalt. Four children will have their lives turned upside down as they’re caught up in the mess that Mystica and Robo-brain have created.

Magical Girl Policy- Chapter 3

Robert reached into his back pocket and pulled out a map of campus. He rubbed his eyes and studied the map. Despite not sleeping well, he couldn't help but smile. The early morning crowd of students, bustling about to classes made him feel energetic. No more high school drama and worrying about who is dating who and what people did in their spare time. He could just be one of twenty thousand students and no one would give him a second look. He was truly free.

Magical Girl Policy- Chapter 2

Cory shook his head. "You're incredible. I know I won't be playing video games for a little while."

Robert snorted as he sat at his desk. "I'm not playing. I just missed my guild's PvP night. I'm one of the better players. I can't just ditch without an explanation."

"Kind of missing my point."

Magical Girl Policy- Chapter 1

The air was heavy with... Robert wasn't exactly sure. But something definitely felt odd about the air that day. The smell of freshly cut grass tickled at Robert's nose, but that wasn't it. He bit on the inside of his lip, attempting to discern the sensation he felt. He was knocked out of his thinking by the sound of Cory panting up the hill. He chuckled "C'mon Cory. You can't be this out of shape. Eli's been making this walk every day the past few days. I can't imagine he's in any better shape than you are."

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change -- Spring, part 10 of 13

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change – Spring, part 10 of 13
By Ellie Dauber and Chris Leeson © 2014

Many people talk about the fire, and they do so from very different points of view. Kirby and Trisha put out the paper – with editorials. The church board meets again. Arnie decides to dance. The Cactus Blossoms premiere their new act. Clyde Ritter deals with jewelry. And lots more.

Habeus Corpus

Habeas Corpus
by Ellie Dauber © 2002

Hugh Feldman was an excellent lawyer and a chauvenist S.O.B. He antagonized every woman he met until he met one who knew how to deal with him.

This is another "gargoyle"; that is, a short piece written as a break while I did a longer story.

The title, by the way, is a pun, explanation at story's end.

The Sidereus Prophecy Part 9

The finale. A scandal catapults Abigail, now Abeille, into the stratosphere of popularity, and the Prophecy inches ever closer to being fulfilled. Meanwhile, her new mega star status plays havoc with what remains of her morality as she deals with the rigours of fame. Those close to her attempt to intervene, but will it be too late for both her and the world?

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change -- Spring, part 9 of 13

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change – Spring, part 9 of 13
By Ellie Dauber and Chris Leeson © 2014

Flora and Lylah have their first monthlies. Nancy warns Flora about Clyde Ritter. Flora about Clyde Ritter. Jessie and Paul go on a trip. Septimus Blake and George Higgins look for work. The Cactus Blossoms get new costumes. A fire at the print shop, and Roscoe gets burned. Luke stares at Lylah. And lots more.

Warrior Princess Chapter Three



This is the final chapter of this story. Will our heroine win through? Will she finally accept her place in this strange new world? Who and what are those damned Homm? The ride gets bumpier from here and our heroine faces many things she never dreamed of in her old life.

When we left off, Our heroine was facing some nasty possibilities.

"Was it doubt that stopped me? Or was I being smart by not breaking my bonds and escaping? I decided to wait when no dark voids were around had knocked me out without me sensing it coming. I didn’t want a repeat performance. Going against an unknown was an act of desperation. I wasn’t desperate. Yet."

And now:

Suhara of Curses: Chapter 45 - Scraps

Suhara3.pngJaux Ballad has always wanted to enter the realm of magic, but could not do so by regular means. In his desperation to become a magician he finds himself with more power, and more trouble, than he could ever have imagined.


Suhara of Curses: Chapter 44 - A Peaceful Sound

Suhara3.pngJaux Ballad has always wanted to enter the realm of magic, but could not do so by regular means. In his desperation to become a magician he finds himself with more power, and more trouble, than he could ever have imagined.


Mare's Tales 12

Our 5 friends are now at university researching different subjects but living together to support each others disabilities. Their progress is described and Beverly's family history is revealed. (A bit emotional in parts.) Our friend fall to discussing ways to solve their disabilities and the Sci-fi aspect of the story starts to develop.

Mare's Tales - by: Beverly Taff

Chapter 12

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change -- Spring, part 6 of 13

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change – Spring, part 6 of 13
By Ellie Dauber and Chris Leeson (c) 2014

Flora and Lylah take a bath. The town council meets to decide Nancy’s fate. Pablo talks about Styron and Ritter. The Cactus Blossoms dance. Bridget deals cards. Abner Slocum hears what’s wrong with him. Rosalyn offers Flora some advice. Wilma thinks about her life. Clyde Rittter flirts. And lots more.

Kidnapped chapter one revised

Kidnapped Pt 1 Revised

By Kyle

This is my story, I posted it here around three years ago under another name. I decided to revisit this uncompleted story revised it and complete it.

My son was taken from me when he was only eight years old. That event that shattered both of our lives, but my son was hurt far worse than I was. I have been trying to heal him. He will not talk about what happened to him, but it was bad enough that it turned a kind and loving eight year old boy into a boy full of anger and hatred by the time he was thirteen.

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change -- Spring, part 5 of 13

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change – Spring, part 5 of 13
By Ellie Dauber and Chris Leeson © 2014

Trials and transformations. The Cactus Blossoms learn their dance. Wilma finds out the truth about Ethan. Nancy helps out and gets in trouble. And lots more.

From Troll To Triumph

From Troll to Triumph

Inspired by Erin Halfelven with references to Clean It Up, All It Would Take and Felicity Finds Family

By Sasha Zarya Nexus
and revised from a story completed 2008/4/2

willy milly

"What might happen to such a person {'a troll'} who ran a foul of some of the mythical beings who lurk in the back of the BigCloset? :)" ~ Erin Halfelven

Micans Nox


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Fixa Fatalis

A team of criminals seeking revenge against the League and Hegemon have learned that the League is now in the possession of a Pre-Civil War Hegemon relic of immense power. Neither the Hegemon or the League have any idea of its true purpose. It’s of such power and utility, the criminals believe, that it could easily destroy both star nations. The device is in possession of the Guild of Heroes, on Earth, at their headquarters on Maui. When they make their move, one of the guild operatives discovers he has a connection to the leader of the criminals. Seeking vengeance, he finds himself sucked down the rabbit hole none of them know they’ve been drawn into.

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change -- Spring, part 3 of 13

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change – Spring, Part 3 of 13
By Ellie Dauber and Chris Leeson © 2014

Trisha gets some unwelcome news. Forry Stafford and his Leland Saunders and Dell Cooper look around town. The Spauldings ask Arnie to teach them Spanish. Leland starts chasing after Nancy Osbourne. Stafford and his men ride out to meet Abner Slocum. Forry encounters and begins flirting with Bridget. Trisha and her allies talk church politics. Rape. Slocum’s payroll is robbed. And lot’s more.

The Sidereus Prophecy Part 3

PART 3 TEASER: With the arrival of the school attendance letter, Darren’s grasp on his former adult life is tenuous. Despite this setback, he hatches a plan to regain his status, and the prospect of salvation through legal emancipation becomes a reality. Should he fail, however, come September, he will face true horror- a second trip through high school. As this is happening, Abigail has her day in court. Through it all, Abigail experiences the powerful effects of what she hopes is simply a harmless crush.

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 9

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 9

Chapter 9


“Good, and I’m sorry I poked you. He grins. “I enjoyed that part actually.”

“You did?”

“Yes…a lot….it was sort of fun…” He’s looking at me and even in the dark I can see him blushing.

*And More…

The things he says. The blush….dammit I’m definitely, definitely feeling this ache of attraction going on. I offer my hand and he sheathes his sword and takes it and we smile at each other before I start just walking with him. I’m not sure but I think he sighed in a bit of tension leaving good way.

*And Now…

Don Juan in Hell

Don Juan, libertine and womaniser, (Don Giovanni if you like Mozart) has been dragged down to Hell. But how is he being punished there? His manservant, Leporello, has seen it in a dream, and he's afraid...

South of Bikini 2: E3- Mission to Infamy

With Sand Dollar assigned to escort duty, Captain Steinert and her sisters take on their most demanding mission to date. Can Alexandra successfully complete a mission seemingly doomed from the onset?

The Ghost Project

flowers-in-tender-bloom.jpgThe Ghost Project
By Anon Allsop

I would like to thank JP for all of his hard work helping me with my story. It is greatly appreciated!

With a sensory score that was off the charts, Heath Carroll thought his ship had come in. Unfortunately for him, our government was the entity doing all of the testing.

Early on, he had been sought out for his uncanny ability to self-induce a trance and Astral Project himself across great distances. At first it was thrilling to be able to physically occupy one separate plane of space, then within mere moments he would appear in another. His recklessness, even after friends warned him, attracted the eye of a secret military faction within the government.

Fracta Sole


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Fracta Sole

Arsan isn’t the only star system within the Kormault League the Shadow Hegemon actively works to subvert. It is 2025. On Earth, the United States of America, after decades of the Shadow’s efforts, is considered by most, to be a pale imitation of the bastion of democracy and freedom it used to be. Following a disastrous false flag operation that left Hawaii almost uninhabitable and a government who now acts in the belief that the majority of its own citizens are a threat to itself, the US finds about to shatter. Six individuals will be put to the test over the next year. Events that can build them up or tear them apart.

South of Bikini 2: E2- Danger, Developments, and Confusion

There appears to be a stow-away within USS Detroit’s crew. After returning Sand Dollar to 1944, Alex mysteriously collapses. Finding herself back in 1942 and in someone else’s body, can she maintain the timeline as she remembers it or will things spiral into nightmare? Can Alex find a way to save one of her beloved sisters?

Was it worth it?

A young student by the name of Richard Hegyi is growing restless with his life. While he lives a relatively good life, he is yearning for a change, to go to another country. However, he finds he had been yearning for more after accidentally helping set a cosmical event in motion on one fateful day. Our story follows his adventures from a few weeks before the event that changed the world forever.

The Transformation of Lady James

The Transformation of Lady James
By Lucille Jeanette Smith

Everyone has their paths set in life. We all must follow our preordained plan set by our divine lord. Some lives are different than others. Most people follow them and never question the reason. Most never have to. A select few live in lavish wealth while most are comfortable enough with their lives and thank the Lord for what little they have been given.

A select unfortunate few have their lives take drastic turns they never expected. They never should have had to expect having so much heeped upon them. For those unfortunate few, we do question the reason we were chosen to endure so much misery and suffering. I try to figure out what I did or how I have displeased the lord. I was faithful to his word. I can not figure it out.

I was the son of Lady Jane Gray. I was very proud of what my mother had accomplished in so short of a time. Most wouldn’t have even guessed I was her son. I was sixteen and she was nineteen. No she didn’t have me when she was three. I came from her husbands side, in fact they adopted me when I was very young. For most of my life, my mother was like a very compassionate older sister who cared for me.

A Quiet Strength - Part 3 - Trial and Tribulation - Chapters 12 - 14 End

girlinwoods.jpegA Quiet Strength - Trial and Tribulation
by Anon Allsop

-Part Three-


There was an earthy smell of Spring in the air, snow was melting and Aponi had noticed two birds of the like she had never seen before. There was a bird that she seemed enamored by, bright blue with a dusty orange upon its chest. Another was a bright yellow and had black feathers in its wings, a smattering of white downey feathers covering it's neck. Both birds were occupying upper and lower branches of the same tree, but each seemingly ignored the other.

A Quiet Strength - Part 3 - Trial and Tribulation - Chapters 9 - 11

snowing-blizzard.jpgA Quiet Strength - Trial and Tribulation
by Anon Allsop

-Part Three-


Max sat in the quiet solitude of his study sipping on a dark colored liquor from Ariellian IV, when a noise caused him to glance up. It was Elise, she was wrapped in her robe and holding a cup of tea, the string swinging just outside. Max smiled and sat his drink down, "Come in Elise, sit with me awhile."

She slipped inside the room, and settled into a chair opposite her fathers. "What brings you up on such an early hour?

The Unusual Clownfish Part-6

The Unusual Clownfish
Part Six


In the not too distant future, evolution has taken humanity down a different path. In a society where gender is controlled with numbers, one young man finds that being evolved might not be such a good thing.



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