Retro Classics - Older Stories with Recent Comments

These are some of the older stories that have had recent comments.

Legend of the Ancient Kingdoms: Chapter 11: Things not as they seem.

Legend of the Ancient Kingdoms


What happened to Natasa after the collapse, will someone save her and what of Seleukos? will he invade, time will tell.

The Dark of the Moon: A Sock in the Mouth

The Dark of the Moon: A Sock in the Mouth
By Christopher Leeson

Version 07/31/2014

Darrell Rivers used to be a sour boy; none of the good things in life seemed to come his way. All that changed the day that he met Josette Melford. She enchanted him utterly. Unfortunately, it turns out to be more enchantment than Darrell wants to deal with.

Paying it Forward - Conclusion


Paying It Forward


By Ricky

The banker reached into the folds of his gown, pulled out a single credit note. "But eat first - a full belly steadies the judgment. Do me the honor of accepting this as our welcome to the newcomer."

His pride said no; his stomach said YES! Don took it and said, "Uh, thanks! That's awfully kind of you. I'll pay it back, first chance."

"Instead, pay it forward to some other brother who needs it."

-Robert A Heinlein, Between Planets

Paying It Forward 3 & 4


Paying It Forward

Chapters 3 & 4

By Ricky

The banker reached into the folds of his gown, pulled out a single credit note. "But eat first - a full belly steadies the judgment. Do me the honor of accepting this as our welcome to the newcomer."

His pride said no; his stomach said YES! Don took it and said, "Uh, thanks! That's awfully kind of you. I'll pay it back, first chance."

"Instead, pay it forward to some other brother who needs it."

-Robert A Heinlein, Between Planets

The Unicorn's Gift - Part 11

When we share our love,
We share our sorrows too
With all those close around us,
And some we never knew.

The path was laid before us.
Its turns already made.
We follow other’s footsteps,
Whatever choice is made.

For those have gone before us,
we share their sorrows too,
Even though the reasons
Are things we never knew.

Sarah Lynn Morgan

The Unicorn's Gift
Part Eleven

The Best Possible World

----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

Kristin was just your average air-headed blonde, who worshiped the ground her boyfriend David walked on.
At least she thought she was, until a visit to Spells 'R' Us forced her to confront the painful truth about herself...
The Best Possible World

by Christine L.

Copyright © 2001-2002 by Christine L.
All Rights Reserved.

Harry Potter - When Past and Present Collide - Chapter 17

Lizzie's planning to bring one of her best friends into her secret, can Hermione accept the changes and will the Weasley twins heed Lizzie's warning.

Harry Potter - When Past and Present Collide


Chapter Seventeen: The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers is.

Harry Potter and the Deceptions of life - Chapter 5: Friendships

Life has been tough on Seph and as she struggles with her gender and the changes her life has undergone in under a week will friends become enemies or will friendships survive.

Life Is Not A Bowl Of Cherries~Final Chapter

I gripped onto Mummy’s arm so hard, it must have hurt, but as she didn’t whimper, I carried on hanging on to her for dear life as we went down the stairs...

Life Is Not A Bowl Of Cherries

A Penmarris Story At Christmas

By Susan Brown

The Ken & Barbie Virus

Ken & Barbie Virus

The world is fine. The world is perfect, thanks to perfected biotechnology, genetic engineering and the like. Pollution is a thing of the past genetically engineered microbes dissolve waste and convert it into usable fuel products. The oceans are pure of toxic waste once more. Even the greenhouse gasses are being reduced.

Humanity no longer suffers from diseases, cancers or the like. The world is perfect — except when it is not.

I am about to become one of the unlucky not.

Duty Calls chapter 06-30+

As my band of happy miscreants worked their way through the tunnels, point suddenly gave the hand signal to halt before indicating there were enemy ahead. When we stopped to think about what we were hearing we could tell there were muffled voices somewhere ahead. How he could have heard them surprised me until I heard a loud but brief grunt of pain rising above the low background noise. I tried to make out what the voices were saying but it was mostly just indistinguishable from the background. We continued to move in but more cautiously and as quietly as possible.

I Can See Clearly Now 3rd & Final Song of the Kylie Warren Saga Part 3

Look all around, nothing but blue skies.
Look straight ahead, nothing but blue skies.
I can see clearly now the rain is gone.
I can see all obstacles in my way.
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind.
It's gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright) sunshiny day.
It's gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright) sunshiny day.
It's gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright) sunshiny day.

Part 3

Air Force Sweetheart -- TacPzlSolGp Chap. 34/34

Air Force Sweetheart
Chapter 34/34


by T. D. Aldoennetti


It isn’t like a switch where I am either male or female despite my physical changes. Doesn’t it say in the Bible, ‘Male and female He created them?’ Maybe I’m both, male and female, no matter what organs I had on the outside or the inside, a bit of each. But my personality, my soul, is still the same person I always was, as far as I can tell. I’m a human being, someone who can share the anguish of other human beings, someone who can share their joys.

Randolf looks apprehensive.

Luckily, because I am human, I can feel his uncertainty. I smile.

Looking at his face and again at the ring, I make my decision and open my mouth to speak, still smiling.

Aunt Arethusa's Legacy

"OK, Osbert. When are you going to admit it?"

"Where are we being admitted? Do I need a ticket?"

"Darling, you are an exasperating bastard, but I love you. When will you abandon your male ego and admit you are lost?"

"When I'm lost, I suppose. Is there a reason for this conversation?"

"Only that we have been driving through the same landscape for half of eternity by now. If we have a destination shouldn't we have found our destiny by this time?"

"I suppose it must be your circumscribed upbringing that's at fault."

Scenes from a Kid's Life - Group 5: Songs, Stories

Scenes from a Kid's Life

Group 5: Songs; Stories

Ordinary events in the life of an unordinary child.

Ally heard the piano; he threw his pencil up in the air and ran out of the room.

Twisted: The Milky Way

Twisted — The Milky Way

A young man, stuck in an orphage, suddenly twists into a girl, and not just any girl, but a girl with special powers and compulsions with infants. He's thrown out of the orphanage and taken to a women's shelter, where he makes two new friends,one of whom is also Twisted. Unfortunately, the clinic's doctor suspects that the girl's is Twisted, and now their lives are suddenly very interesting - and a bit perilous.

The author would like to thank Morpheus for letting me play in the sandbox he created, Sir Lee, Maggie Finson, and the other volunteers who helped me add some editorial polish and offered their suggestions. Your efforts are more appreciated than mere words can say.

The Crush: Connecting

"Will, what do you think, should we put some makeup on Gordon?"

I looked over to the next workstation at Sara, Joanne, Liza and Gordon, "Gods no, every time I look at him as is I have to remind myself he is a guy, doing that would make it even harder."

"What is wrong with that?"

All the Kings Horses

A Whateley Academy Vignette

All the King's Horses

by Neomagus
(with assistance from Elrod)


Combat Finals. Wondercute. Everyone knows they'll cream their opponents. Right?

More Whateley Academy tales can be found on Whateley Academy Home Site

* * * * * * * * * *

Saturday, June 2, 2007
Arena 99 Grandstands, Whateley Academy

Superhero Twins: Chapter 1

This is a fan fiction of a mix of Whateley and The Center by Lillith Langtree. Mostly in The Center Universe. This is a fan fiction so I will break some of the rules as the Whateley Universe has different rules concerning mutants.

Sean "Port" Porter is helping his crew clear a building when the impossible happens. He ports in on another world and comes face to face with himself. Only this version just turned into a girl. He wants to get home, but without any other mutants his chance to find a booster are impossible or are they?

Jan's tale 5 - Aftermath of a missed Assembly

Jan's tale cover.jpg  
Jan’s Tale 5
Aftermath of a missed Assembly

Jan is not a happy camper. As if his life didn't suck enough already, turning into a mutant was everything but an improvement. Jan didn't get real superpowers, Jan got to be girly. To make it worse his parents decided in their unimaginable wisdom that exile to America was the solution for his problems. He is not so sure though.

I’d like to thank Sleethr, Landing and D.A.W for beta reading this chapter. I’d also like to thank Djkauf for editing.

Copyright © 2014 Beyogi All Rights Reserved.


A Life to Remember, Chapter 7

April 14, 2012

The view from the deck of the yacht was breathtaking.

A calm sea. She could easily see the stars in the sky, it was so dark.

There was a coolness in the air.

"You know Howard, I could easily imagine it," she told the man who had been her personal assistant not long after settling into a position at Pierpont International after she graduated at the top of her class at Harvard. She was expected to rise quickly in the family business, which she did.

Her brother Michael ran the company. He was the president and CEO.


==BigCloset Classic==
Originally posted: 2009-06-24

Julie O

How far would you go to help your twin sister?

Edited By Robert A

Meals By Jenny V
(My Sister!)

This story features characters from The Julieverse Stories
Jennifer Stevens appears courtesy of Bob Arnold

(There’s a list of characters at the end of the story)

A Matter of Fact: Epilogue

This is a wrap on the A Matter of Fact story arc; Cameron's origin story.

Cameron is only a peripheral character here, as I wanted to explore a different facet.

The story is a bit more intense - I needed to see if my pen could handle it.

Please see comments on Part 7 for direction to view it if you are having a problem.

New Year's Eve: Out With The Old And In With The New - Part 1

New Year's Eve: Out With The Old And In With The New
By Bethany Starr
Thanks To Stanman63 For Editing!

Synopsis:They say that New Years is a time for a fresh start, a new time in people’s lives, a time for new experiences. That whole new experiences thing took on a whole new meaning a few years ago at a New Years party I will never forget.


A Senior Year to Remember- Chapter 3

A Senior Year to Remember- Chapter 3

Bethany Starr
Thanks To Stanman63 For Editing!

Synopsis:When Robert's lying, habitual stealing, and attitude about women gets to be too much for his mother, she comes up with a Plan to help her delinquent son turn around.


A Summer’s Odyssey Part 5

A Summer's Odyssey
Part 5

By Jennifer Sue

"... Dad ... (sob) I have a Dad! (sob) Gram (sob) this pendant deserves to rest on a girl's chest ... (sob) between her breasts! (sob) Dad deserves his daughter!
(sob) Gram, (sob) I have to become a girl! (sob) I simply have to be the girl they deserve!(sob)"


Involuntary Secretary - Part 4

Ivoluntary Secretary - Part 4
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - Frank Brainerd.

Laura turned off the tv, and then both ladies went to bed. Paula was drained, because even though she voluntarily accepted this position, she was still in doubts as to whether she chose the right job. All of her life, Paula always thought that a paycheck was a paycheck, but, until now, had no idea it would lead to this. What was she to do, she thought?

Involuntary Secretary

Involuntary Secretary
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter I - Applying for a job.

I was sitting in my apartment looking at the want ads. I was very expert at doing office computer maintainance, and also a few other sundry things. I spotted an ad on the third page that read.

Industrious person wanted to fill position. Good pay, company benefits,
and two weeks vacation after 1 year. Please apply at 247 Harvard
Square, room 326. Position open for the right person.

Comdex - 6 - Recuperation



CAUTION This Story contains the clinical retelling of a Rape scene. CAUTION


Seconds later, I felt someone else grab my hands, and squeeze them tightly. “Please don’t hurt yourself. I love you, too,” I heard Lisa plead through tears. “I can’t imagine what it must be like, but please don’t give up? I need you, Daddy! I don’t care whether you’re my daddy, my aunt or my mom. I need you!” she cried. Like my mom, Lisa reached down and kissed my cheek, leaking tears on my shoulders. Then she let go, and someone else grabbed my hands.

I was beginning to feel they had lined up, no, ganged up on me. One after another, they battered me with their love ... brutalized me with their compassion.