Retro Classics - Older Stories with Recent Comments

These are some of the older stories that have had recent comments.

Danny - Part 6

Part 6

by Roberta J. Cabot

This is a story about Daniel, a guy with a unique talent and an even more unique problem: A great singing voice and the looks of his gorgeous sister, and how he and his family and friends deal with life with him having breasts. And now, it is coming close to that moment, when he has to choose the path his life would go - between being a girl or remaining a guy. Danny finds it a little more difficult to continue with the subterfuge as he suddenly finds himself going on TV.

The State does not make mistakes -2- In the Facility

The State does not make mistakes

2 - In the Facility

by Penny Lane

Marlon attempts to adjust to his strange new surroundings, and finds that the locals can be friendly.

The State does not make mistakes -1- A knock at the door

The State does not make mistakes

1 - A knock at the door

by Penny Lane

This story is set in an anonymous state in the near future, where surveillance techniques and bureaucracy reign. Could this be what your state will look like then?


By Ellie Dauber
(c) 2002

A father uses the Medallion of Zulo to break up the relationship between his daughter and a boy he doesn’t like. And, as you’d expect, things don’t go exactly as planned.

This is an experimental story that alternates between the action of the story and a stream of consciousness by the narrator character. I'll be curious to see what people have to say about it.


Sarah Lynn Morgan


I hear you in whispers, in a blowing breeze.
In the crash of surf, and the rustling leaves.
Your echoes all still living there,
And in my heart as longing, despair.

The slightest thing brings you back to me,
From times and places none now can see.
But my heart can hear them just the same,
Whenever and whence those whispers came.

The waiting is the hardest part,
These many lives we’ve spent apart.
I feel you always, not here, but near.
Immortal love in every tear.

That God has purpose for this love, must be.
Stronger than you, and stronger than me.
I do not know where, nor do I know when.
I only know I will hold you again.

First Date

First Date

“Hey, Tom, wait up!”

“Oh hi, John. What’s up?”

“I heard that Sarah asked you out?”

“Yeah .. I haven’t said yes, yet.”

“Are you nuts? She’s the handsomest girl in the school, why wouldn’t you want to go out with her?”

“Well, it’s just .. I dont have anything nice to wear.”

“Well, we can solve that. Come on to the mall with me, and we’ll find a pretty dress for you.”

“I guess ..”

“What’s wrong?”

“I .. well, have you ever had the feeling that something’s not right?”

“What do you mean?”

What Milsy Did -15-

Milsy is deep in the clock project and has to find a way to deflect the attentions of Bayorn and the Clockmakers' Guild. A demonstration almost goes right and then Robanar makes an important decision.

What Milsy Did

by Penny Lane

15 - Into the Whirlwind

What Milsy Did -14-

Milsy begins to adjust to public life in the palace and her first occasion is in front of the Palace Guard. Fresh men are chosen and added to her small detail. The new clock for Master Gerdas is assembled and Milsy has to explain to Robanar why it is needed, with the result that the King makes a far-reaching decision. Later, disturbing news is received...

What Milsy Did

by Penny Lane

14 - The Volunteers

What Milsy Did -13-

Milsy gets her badge, visits a glassworks and subsequently has to consult Rosilda. The second clock arrives and is wired up, the clocks are tested and news arrives from the far north which results in Milsy being released from her primary duty.

What Milsy Did

by Penny Lane

13 - News from the North

What Milsy Did -12-

Milsy has an unexpected meeting with the Royal Astronomer and receives an unusual request. A chance meeting in the corridor causes her to consider her future. Later in the laboratory Milsy and Tarvan begin to dismantle the provided clock, discovering that the Clockmakers' Guild have not made their task easy.

What Milsy Did

by Penny Lane

12 - Mechanisms and Arrangements

Yes, Dear

Author's note: This one has some strong themes that might upset more gentle people. Reader discretion is advised.

Yes, Dear

Joseph Fournier was finishing his evening tea when his wife Mary suddenly shouted at him, “Slave!”

He stiffened, and became still. Mary came up to him and waved a hand in his unblinking face. He made no movement, and she smiled. “”Tell me, whose slave are you?” She said.

“Yours” he replied in a monotone.

“It worked!” she laughed. “Go put your cup in the sink, and then come back here.”

What Milsy Did -11-

Milsy is anxious to begin working on the promised clock but her day is side-tracked into more domestic matters. As she travels around the palace her appearance causes more confusion, especially following a visit to the Salon. Eventually Tarvan appears with good news of a sort, and with an unexpected gift!

What Milsy Did

by Penny Lane

11 - Domestic Concerns

What Milsy Did -9-

In the laboratory Milsy varnishes some wire until an unexpected interruption leads to a visit to the chamber of the Great Clock that keeps time for the whole palace. It does not take long for her to discern how it functions and, naturally, she begins to have ideas to improve the mechanism. The guildsmen of the Clockmakers' Guild are not impressed...

What Milsy Did

by Penny Lane

9 - The Great Clock

What Milsy Did -8-

Today is the day when Milsy gets her first look at the laboratory, wherein Garia and Tarvan have been conducting strange experiments. She learns the rudiments of magnetism and electricity and begins helping in the construction of some electrical devices. Later, Tarvan has not one but two proposals to put to her!

What Milsy Did

by Penny Lane

8 - In the Questor's Laboratory

The Blossoming of Billy - Part 3

“I don’t know what it is dad, I’m trying my best.”

“Before you finish up son, you need to give me those final 7 push-ups”

“Yes dad” Billy replied as he saved those until the end and pushed them out.

This was becoming a big concern that would have to be addressed. How was Billy going to explain the gradual loss of strength? Was he getting in way over his head? Should he call it quits on the hormones? This may not be the right time.

The Blossoming of Billy

Part 3

By AshleyTS

The Warrior Princess - part 1 of 3

My thanks first of all to Penny, for her help, her kindness and her creation, into which waters I tentatively dip my toes.
Also to Julia who has guided me faithfully.

Mistakes are, however, down to my account, not theirs.

This is dedicated to all those fans of Anmar who wondered what the Einnlanders did.

What happened to Princess Eriana once she came ashore

The Saga of the Warrior Princess

Part 1 of 3 – The Early Days in the Great Valley

by Diana Ouida Wonder

What Milsy Did -7-

Milsy and Bursila continue their efforts to learn to read, but the only materials available are difficult to follow. After lunch, the two set out to continue their exploration of the palace but become lost and attempts to find their way back result in a meeting Milsy would rather have avoided.

What Milsy Did

A Tale of Anmar by Penny Lane

7 - "You, Girl!"

What Milsy Did -6-

Milsy begins her reading lessons, accompanied by Bursila. The next day their lessons continue but now include writing. After several days the Queen relents and Milsy takes her first look at the labyrinth of palace corridors.

What Milsy Did

A Tale of Anmar by Penny Lane

6 - Reading Lessons

The Softening of Jessie - Part 42

Jessie stood up and walked to the door mirror. He gasped as he saw the pretty girl looking back at him.

He examined his face which was downright pretty. His hair had grown so much! Thin, arched eyebrows? He continued in an almost surreal-like state. Breasts. He had breasts. No denying it. He lifted his nighty over his head and just stared. How? He reached to touch them. Red painted, perfectly manicured fingernails? This can’t possibly be real... but it is! His supple breasts gently swayed as he lifted them with his hands. They were real and they were a part of him. His hips curved out so much. If the breasts weren’t enough, the hips sure didn’t lie. He had a undeniable female figure!

This just couldn't get anymore worse!

The Softening of Jessie

Part 42

By AshleyTS

Wine Can't be Pressed into Grapes, part 19 of 22

“I do need you,” she said, beginning to tremble. “I said — I said I didn't want to change back, and I don't, but I want even more to be with you, to make you happy. If the only way I can do that is to change —”

“Shh,” he said. “No, you don't have to change for me.”

Fate and the Iron Tiger PART 5

Tetsuko.jpgFate and the Iron Tiger PART 5
An Exalted Tale By Dr. Bender

Facing a peculiar set of altered circumstances, Tetsu wakes find that she now has to contend with her Lunar captors, fellow inmate Solars and a ravenous horde of the living dead. Unfortunately, all of them want to get closer to her...

Family Part 5

The Smiths find lost treasures while Nichole and Ophelia bond. The Smiths start to understand their guests more than ever as tough talks and minor slip-ups occur. And most of the group heads to a football match with expected results.

Melanie's Story -- Chapter 51 -- At the Support Group

There were about twenty people milling around. Someone pointed us to a table with name tags and told us to write our names and preferred pronouns.

The Crush: Opposite + Coming Out Day

by ***Sigh***

******Randi was prepared for the worst. She didn't expect the H-Bomb.****************

It Brings On Many Changes


Suicide is a very dark topic and too real to too many in our community. This story deals with a suicide; but it is far from as dark as you might imagine. It tells the story of a transvestite from the point of view of his wife, his daughter, his mother-in-law, his best friend, a psychiatrist -- and herself. If somehow this story brings you down, I apologize, as it's not written to make that happen.

Trans. Plant. Heart. Chapter 3

"Fish! God, no! Not that, not again! Please don't! What will your wife think?"
"Hell, Honey. I'm filming this. This gets my own rocks off," laughed Mamie.

Trans. Plant. Heart.
Chapter 3

by **Sigh**
Copyright © 2013 plaintivesigh
All Rights Reserved.

ESwS #1 - Chapter 8 - The Trip Home

When Sarah awoke the next morning, she found a large, black tin case lying on her nightstand, tied with a pink ribbon. A small note lay folded neatly, tucked up under the ribbon, and Sarah carefully pulled it away as she sat up, rubbing her eyes with her free hand. The letter was hand written in a very elegant scrawl, most probably Katelyn’s judging by the dark purple ink.

Sisters 3

It became a routine for a while, the run up to Aber. I would finish work after the right combination of shifts and jump onto bike or into car, heels and other trapping gear packed ready in advance. Two and a half girls would greet me with hugs and squealing, and after I had replenished my depleted stocks of tannin we would be off and out.

The Center: The Hunt

The Center: The Hunt


Melanie and Delta Squad are sent off into the woods outside Beta site for a team building exercise. They end up bringing Daisy along with them which complicates things when Easter comes around. Melanie and her friends decide to give her an Easter in the woods but things don't turn out like they planned.

The Center: Clowning Around

The Center: Clowning Around


Melanie's second mission finds her at a Circus where she's not the most comfortable, especially with her certain problem.

Like Mother Like Son 10

Its a big day for 16 year old Darren Peterman. He has lots of decisions to make. Will he or won't he- get surgery and drop out of school? What will he do when his mother suggests he try being a girl his own age for a while?

Thanks to Victor G for his editing and inspiration. I'd also like to thank Faith for her friendship.

Common Ground

Common Ground

by Taylor Ryan
Copyright 2016
Remi is becoming disillusioned
with the dating game.
She wants something wonderful,
but her experiences have been anything but...

The Dead Pirate Sketch

And now for something completely derivative...

by Laika Pupkino ~ 2016

In a shop call PIRATES PLUS a bored looking shopkeeper is polishing a cutlass. The bell over the front door jingles and a man wearing a long mack enters, awkwardly, trying to open and close the door while wheeling in what appears to be a pirate tied to a dolly.

“I wish to register a complaint! It's about this pirate, that I purchased not a half hour ago for our INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY celebration tonight, at this very boo-tique."

“Ah yes, the Nassau Bluebeard, what's wrong with him?”

“What's wrong with him?! He's DEAD! You sold me a dead pirate!”

Nikki, part 20

I gently lower myself into one of the sofas in Charlotte’s vast ‘main room’, taking the weight off my aching feet before slipping off my stiletto heels and massaging the soles of my feet.

“Don’t let Hannah ever catch you doing that,” Viks giggles as she sits down next to me. “Unless you plan on going on Strictly yourself next year…”

“If they’ll have me,” I say, making Viks giggle.

“Why are you over here, anyway, and not with Sarah?” Viks asks. “Still falling out over what you were talking about yesterday?”

The Policeman and the Ponygirl

I was sitting at my desk going through some paperwork when the door to the office opened and in walked a man in a Police Inspectors uniform.

“Sergeant Dobbs, I understand that you know the Gibbs family?”

“Yes Sir. I guess you don’t know that Nick is, sorry was my adopted brother. He changed his name back to his original one when he met his birth parents a few years ago.”

The officer sat down with a sigh.

“I’m going to need you to go and break the bad news to Mrs Gibbs. It will be better coming from you.”