Retro Classics - Older Stories with Recent Comments

These are some of the older stories that have had recent comments.

Bloodlines Chapter 1

Identity Theft

Identity Theft
by Ellie Dauber
© 2000

Author's Note: When I read an article about identity theft some time back, it occurred to me that such thieves better be very careful whose identity they steal.

* * * * *

T-Jay watched from the shadows while the guy from Apartment 307 tossed his trash into the dumpster. He waited till the old coot ambled back into the building. Sure that nobody was watching, he ran over and grabbed the three loosely tied plastic bags. He turned and ran back into his own apartment, locking his door behind him.

Accidental New Life - Part 3/?

“Weird...” Casey frowned, pushing the door closed. Angel was waiting right behind her, causing her to jump, and squeak just a little. “Jesus!”

“Sorry?” Angel giggled. “Who was at the door?”

“Our dorm guardian, Stephanie. She gave me these...” Casey held up the orange bottle with a frown. “She said they’d ‘help me fit in’. Weird huh?”

The First Step

This is a semi-unauthorized sequel to Dorothy Colleen's
story CLOTHES MAKE THE ? Her story can be found HERE: . It's short little gem of a story that offers a whole new perspective on this “forced-fem” business, and this story will make a bit more sense if you read hers first.

Laika Pupkino ~ 2016

Taking the protagonist to a Forced-Fem Anonymous meeting probably wasn't what Dorothy had in mind when she wrote the last line of her story, but this is what popped into my head. I'm hoping one day she'll write the real sequel to Clothes make the ?, if her muse is so inclined.

Becoming Robert

Becoming Robert
 © 2011 Zoe Taylor

“But… aren’t you, weren’t you dating Arnold?”

She laughed. “Arnold? That meathead? Baby did you hit your head getting out of bed this morning?”

“I dunno,” I answered softly. “I had this really weird dream that I was a girl.”

“Were you a pretty girl?” she teased.

Off the Deep End 8 ~ The Little Human Part 2

My week as a mermaid continues: My young human friend and I surfaced and sat on a rock, where we could talk without having to use her underwater message pad. I was hoping she might start making sense now, but Valerie's strange stories were growing progressively stranger: Reagan and Kennedy on Mount Rushmore... A transsexual woman giving birth... Peace in Iraq but a war in Antarctica... I might have decided she just had a wild imagination, except she also had all this impossible hardware---like the artificial gill she'd been breathing underwater with---which had me wondering if I'd somehow wandered into an alternate universe. Given the kind of week I'd been having this didn't seem like such a crazy notion, but these mysteries had a different explanation that I would eventually discover. It was just a matter of time...

Girl Out Of Time
Laika Pupkino ~ 2016

You can love twice

[12 Years ago]

There I was, full of late teenage hormones, in bed with my girlfriend of the past three years Annie, with both of us ready to do the dirty deed and…

“I’m sorry Annie. I can’t do this. It is not right.”

“Eh? What have I done wrong?” she answered trying to comprehend what had just happened.

“I can’t have sex with you. It just isn’t right.”

Off the Deep End 7 ~ The Little Human Part 1

The first thing every mermaid learns is that if you see a human you're supposed to swim away as fast as you can. But the girl in the pink wetsuit was right here in front of me, and there was no way she would think she'd been mistaken about seeing me. My best recourse seemed to be to convince her not to tell anyone about meeting me, and as we talked (or rather I talked, while she typed her words on her neat little electronic message pad) this seemed to be working. But there were things Valerie was telling me here that made absolutely no sense. Either this girl was crazy or the whole universe was. Given the kind of week I'd had, my money was on it being the universe that had gone...

OFF THE DEEP END ~ Chapter 7
The Girl with the Gizmos
Laika Pupkino ~ 2016

Off the Deep End 6 ~ The White Ship

Today my sister decided to take me landlubbing, which the mermaid equivalent of the human sport of snorkeling- a low tech way to see all the pretty sights of a world that isn't your own. Except that instead of gliding weightlessly along through the water, our version has the tortoiselike pace of crawling with just your hands, mostly; and in some places you're basically rock climbing. It isn't easy. But the little island Anemone had brought me to was so breathtakingly gorgeous it made it all worth it. It had everything you'd hope to find on a on a tropical isle- from coconut palms to waterfalls. And being uninhabited we could explore it all without running into any humans...

Or so we thought. Until that big white boat pulled into our perfect island's perfect bay, and things got super intense as our pleasant outing turned into a desperate game of hide and seek.


Laika Pupkino ~ 2016

Dragon and Knight

Into the jaws of death the Knight rode. Before him, the early morning fog lingered over the burnt remains of the entrance to the vale. There no signs that once a village had prospered within those borders.

“Might I ask what you think you’re doing?” A voice out of nowhere rumbled like thunder.

A Trick ... or a Treat?

AToaT Cover/Image
 © 2010 Zoe Taylor

Sixteen year old Michael Brown hated Halloween because it always meant chauffeuring his younger sister around, but a chance encounter with the town's 'witch' may just change his life forever.

Off the Deep End 5 ~ Anemone & Enomena Part 3

Our pleasant dinner had degenerated into a loud fight between my mermaid sister & our mom; Anee yelling, “How can you keep harping about how awful land people are if you never even met one?!”

Mom stated flatly: “I know all I need to about them.”

“You think you do, but Daddy liked humans. And he had experiences with them, not just a bunch of ignorant bigotry!”

“I've had dealings with humans before.”

“When? When was this?! I've heard all your stories and you never mentioned-”

“I prefer not to discuss it.”

"Now there's a surprise! 'Ewww, it's unpleasant! Let's not discuss it!' mocked Anemone. She kept goading Mom, relentlessly, stopping just short of calling her a goddamn liar: “No Mom, I wanna hear this! Tell us! Tell us about your encounter with the horrible evil hewwww-mons-”

I FELL IN LOVE WITH ONE! roared the Queen, pounding a fist on the table. She froze there, stunned; like she'd just blurted out a secret she'd intended to take to the grave with her. Then she sighed, composed herself + told us her story...

Wild Kingdom
Laika Pupkino 2016

Boys Don't Cry - Part 14

Boys Don't Cry Title Image
Boys Don't Cry
 © 2011 Zoe Taylor & Dark Kitten

Sarah learns Nathan's fate,
and she has an important
decision to make that will
affect the rest of her life.

Final Fantasy - New Moon Part 2

Authors Notes:
A bit of Fluffy stuff some action not much, Next part I promise more, some more characters introduced Enjoy.

One week before Summer holidays, Natali had been living on Cocoon in her parents’ big house for almost a year. She had been going to school via holo’s and Serah’s class so she didn’t have to go to the public school. She had also been doing a lot of practice with her gunblade, and learning how to shoot a bow. During the time away from her Aunt’s place she had been keeping in touch constantly with Alexa and Mindy though, and all three of the girls missed each other very badly.

Won on Appeal

Because I can't believe in a "no win" scenario ...

Won on Appeal

by Randalynn
A sequel to Case Closed by Randalynn, which was in turn
a sequel to A Legal Requirement by Angharad

Copyright © 2011 Randalynn. All Rights Reserved.
Often, closing arguments CAN make a difference. *grin*

Becoming Robin Book Three: Chapter 7

Becoming Robin Book 3 Cover/Image
Bk3C2011ZoeTaylor.png~* Heedless of Consequence *~

“Katelyn, hold on a minute.” She stopped, turning back to me with a neutral expression. “There’s a cheer retreat coming up soon. If you want to go, just talk to Victoria for a release form.”

Her gaze softened as she stared back at me. “You’re serious?”

“Yes I’m serious. Not everyone on the squad’s even going to be able to go because it’s the first weekend of Spring Break.” She continued to stare at me, untrusting. I shook my head. “If you want to go, talk to Victoria or Coach Greer for that matter.”

“If you’re lying, and I did ask Coach Greer, you’d get thrown off the squad.” A calculating smile crossed her lips. I smiled right back at her. I wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of thinking she had me cornered. I turned to continue out to the parking lot.

10 - The Dark Legacy

The Dark Legacy

A young man's life is overshadowed by his father's dark legacy and his mother's obsession.
This story takes place in Morpheus's Legacy Universe.

All change for Christmas

All Change for Christmas
Samantha Michelle Davies

A little tale that was inspired by a comment I overheard on a recent flight from Amman to London.
I hope you enjoy the twist on giving.
- - - - - - - - -

ESwS #1 - Chapter 21 - Dancin' with the Stars AKA Clear Skys

“Sarah! Phone’s for you,” Mary called as she rounded the corner from the kitchen, nudging the sleeping mound on the sofa. They had another long practice that day, and Sarah had passed right out after her shower. “Moira is on the other end.”

Sarah groaned as she sat up. “Mmph, what time is it?” she mumbled sleepily as she accepted the phone. “Hello?”

“Hey Sarah! Turn on the telly,” Moira’s voice came over the phone, sounding extremely happy.

Kate Draffen (Chapters 1-9)

Kate Draffen

By Swishy

Michael Taylor was a 17-year-old boy living in a town in Australia. Something happened and he found himself on a path to becoming a 17-year-old girl. This is a story about an ordinary teenager that had something extraordinary happen to him and how he tried to cope.

These as the first 9 chapters of the story, the next 9 will be put up soon followed shortly by the remaining chapters.