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Standing Up to Life -1-

Standing Up to Life: Book 1
Part 1 of 6
by Tiffany Shar


Brandon is a bright boy growing up near Albuquerque, New Mexico. He likes school, soccer, computer games, and playing in the school band. Small for his age and youngest in his class, his size has made him the target of every school bully for years. Each year the verbal and physical abuse increases, finally wearing him down to the point he doesn't know if he can continue. Just as he reaches the end of his rope, he is suddenly befriended by a classmate he least expected. As their friendship grows and deepens, Brandon learns the value of a best friend and finds himself moving down a road he never expected. Over the course of the school year, his friend helps him discover and cope with his feelings, hopes, dreams - and fears.

This is the story of a young person's unusual journey to stand up to the numerous obstacles that life has dealt him - and to become the person he believes himself to be. (Part 1 of 6)

532 Part 7


Author's note:
This is the last story in this series, but not necessarily Belle's last story.

Chapter 17

Marta was astonished. “Brian? I-I-I don’t understand. Where’s Belle? What’s going on?”

“Who’s Belle?” Brian searched the room as if trying to make sense of his situation “I don’t know how I got here. Did I get away from the people who kidnapped me?”

Tears began trickling down Marta’s face. “Brian? Is that really you?”

Ghost Wife

Ghost Wife
Maggie Finson

This could be a treat or a trick. Your choice there. I'm glad I got it done on the day it was meant for. There was some doubt about that given how RL has been with me lately. *grin* But here it is, my offering for Halloween and for the very first time, posted on the actual day!

I hope you all enjoy it.


Natural Affection

Walter had built the perfect life for himself. A loving wife and a daughter he could be proud of.
Fulfillment in a job he was good at. Nothing to worry about.
But the world around him is dominated by all-powerful rules and things can go sideways fast.
For Walter, it might mean a new life. One where he has to fight for what he had and for what he doesn't want to become.

Author's note: This is the first story in my "undesirable classes" universe. While RPG like rules apply the world itself mirrors our own in technological advancement.

A Tale of A Thousand Days and A Promise Chapter 3


Washed ashore with no money, no identity and no memory of a life before. Adopted by a kind family only to be plunged into the fires of war. Will the boy, more beautiful than any girl, live a life of happiness or one of sadness?

A Tale of A Thousand Days and A Promise
Chapter 3

By Shinieris

Dress Like A Girl Pirate Day

Roland Heights, CA 0600 19SEP16:

Crissie Turner with an elder sister (Elizabeth) and a younger brother (Marty) was an early riser (to get the first shower). She was already dressed, makeup done and ready for breakfast. She could hear her sister taking a shower in the bathroom next to her bedroom. Having a few minutes to kill, Crissie turned on the TV to catch a few minutes of the news:

Niamh and Billy


There's something magical about being witness to a new love starting and some couples are so right for each other that you can't help but be caught up in their excitement, even if your own life is uncertain.

Mistaken Girl chapter 6

hmmm whaa... let me sle....

Ouch that's my hair you witch!

I don't care if you think I should write..

Great I'll pack you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for your trip. Bye!

The Halloween Party


This was originally written for Sapphire's Halloween story contest, but the stores have yet to be published. She's still free to post the story eventually on her site, but I decided to finally go ahead and post it here.

Sweet Dreams-32 The first cut is the Deepest.

Sweet Dreams-32 The first cut is the Deepest.

Chapter 32

……………It was cold and I could see my breath. Everything was just freezing in the place. There were drafts through the whole place because we lived in an old building that was in a bad place that no building checker from the city would like to go and we were too far out of the way for them to really care.

Sweet Dreams-31 The first cut is the Deepest.

Sweet Dreams-31 The First Cut is the Deepest.

Chapter 31

I think there’s something psychosomatic about losing it when people tell you that you’re not the freaky person you think you are but the socially acceptable version of it.

Sweet Dreams-29...Oh Crap! WTF?

Sweet Dreams-29…Oh Crap! WTF?

Chapter 29

If your life flashes before your eyes I fucking protest. Who said Slipknot could produce the video for my life?

The Drive-By… with my Daddy…I was little and I was on my big wheel just going down the alley and Daddy was there watching my from the bar’s red fire door smoking and talking to these guys that’d come up and they’s like do this secret handshake and stuff.

~Huh…looks like a hand off, seems like Dad was a dealer.~

Sweet Dreams-28...Oh Crap! WTF?

Sweet Dreams-28...Oh Crap! WTF?

Chapter 28

The rest of the night is actually really different. I think Alex might have gotten that the doctor thing is scaring me and freaking me out because he keeps close and he slips his arms around me every now and then and we share little nuzzles and kisses.

He surprises me when we don’t retreat to our place but stay in the main house and maybe it’s that the girls are here but we actually stay and Alex digs through some stuff in the hall closet and takes out all these board games.

Sweet Dreams-26...Holy! F#*K, Did I just get A Life?

Sweet Dreams-26…Holy F#*K did I just get A Life?

Chapter 26

I love every moment now; I love every second of this now. I can’t even process not feeling that this isn’t something that’s right, deeply and truly right as we make love. I moan in his ear as he sinks into me with long strokes that fill me up with hardness and silk and pleasure and heat.

Sweet Dreams-24...Holy! F#*K, Did I just get A Life?

Sweet Dreams-24...Holy!F#*K, Did I just get A Life?

Chapter 24

My waxed cup of coke and popcorn goes flying all over the place as I jump to my feet screaming. “Omigod!, Alex! Run, go, go, go!”

Sweet Dreams-23...Holy! F#*K, Did I just get A Life?

Sweet Dreams-23...Holy! F#*K!, Did I just get A Life?

Chapter 23

I’m crying…

I’m crying and it doesn’t hurt, there’s none of that bastard Cliff shouting in my brain. It’s nothing even remotely close to anything bad. It’s good; it’s actually so good that it’s hitting me.

I’m sitting in this pile of comforters and quilts in the sunshine and I’m softly curled into the arms of the most perfect thing in my life. Alex…

And kissing.

The Mumaddy

“’Dad, hold still can’t you?”

“I’m trying. Can’t you see that.”

“If you don’t then I could stick this mascara wand right into your eye.”

“I know. Just get on with it ok? I don’t want to be late.”

“Nag, nag, nag. You are just like Mum was.”

I looked at my daughter sternly.

“Sorry Dad. I forgot.”

I smiled back at her.

“It’s all right. I forget sometimes as well.”

“That’s it. You are all set Amanda.”

“Thanks Lindsey. You are the best daughter I could ever wish for.”

Lindsey grinned back at me.

Sweet Dreams-21...Sunday so Sweet.

Sweet Dreams-21 … Sunday so Sweet.

Chapter 21

I think I’m in shock or whatever the hell that you’d describe it. I sort of passed out after I had this huge screaming match and fight out in the driveway with and I just lost my control and said things that I shouldn’t have said to him, admitted to him and gave him lots of information to do me some real damage.

Which I think that I partly knew and that pushed me over the edge into nervous fucking breakdown land. It got too much and things got…

Was I imagining things?

Did ADAM…actually carry up the stairs and pass me to Alex?

Sweet Dreams-16...A Waking First Breath.

Sweet Dreams-16.…A Waking First Breath.

Chapter 16

I was sweaty from dancing, I was almost buzzed from the whole night where it just seems like my life is finally gelling, turning into something real and It’s running through my veins. The music, the food, the dancing…god I love dancing I feel like I shook off years of bullshit out there on the dance floor. The friendship of some of the other girls and even that solid, but fucked up friends thing I have with Jennifer.

Road Phantoms - Chapter 03


  At anytime over a million trucks are professionally driven on the highways and by-ways of America. Carrying everything from acid to yachts. Not all loads are so innocuous. Some are precious and some are out-right lethal. For loads that are deemed dangerous or valuable to be referred to as High-Security, special trucks are used. Trucks that look so normal, one would never guess it from any other. Trucks that run in secret, apart from their company, called Ghost Fleets. Others have no markings at all, and are specially modified. One such company that specializes in High-Security Loads; Phantom Lines....


Sweet Dreams-15...Alex.

Sweet Dreams 15 … Alex.


You ever have a day that just starts out nothing like you could ever dream? I just did, it went from…the best place that I’d ever been to angry and just boiling with rage inside to this…to Hunter wanting for us to go home…asking to go home so we can make love.


Somebody…Hunter…somebody actually loves me and that’s something right out of those scarcely dare to dream places in us….

You all know what I’m talking about. Where you dream these dreams of what life could be but just never is….

Sweet Dreams-14...Help Pinch Me!

Sweet Dreams 14 … Help Pinch Me!

Chapter 14

I’m kind of numb as Alex is driving us from his place to school. He’s going a little fast for me, I’m a bus girl, it’s what I grew up taking. I’m not used to being in a car much less one that’s going kinda fast.

Oh shit…I just said I’m a girl.
And I’m scared because my boyfriend is driving too fast.
You ever have one of those face-palm moments.

His dad got him pissed. Me I’m freaked because I’m having visions of fancy tables and nice looking people and gorgeous women and I’m just me.

Secondhand Life - Part 21

I believe I was genuinely surprised ...although maybe a small part of me went 'Aha!' when it turned out to be the gawky nerd I'd 'Kanyed' at the Piracy Conference.

Jared Kaltmarsh was apparently Valleywag's new 'it kid'. The darling of all the angel investors and 'the next Zuck' according to all the cool kids in tech bubble land.

For the officially anointed Golden Child, he was quite sweet and unassuming. And for a math whiz, he seemed pretty clueless about money.

Sweet Dreams-13...Help Pinch Me!

Sweet Dreams-13...Help Pinch Me!

Chapter 13

I wake up, I instantly wake up.

I had gone to bed with Alex and we’d ended up snuggling together and even spooning. It was so nice being held. Way better than I thought it’d ever be to be held. I’ve been sort of scared of that but this, this was nice and he’s a whole lot of very, very cool things. Big and strong which is actually becoming more and more a thing for me to like.

Secondhand Life - Part 1

Call me Elsie. Everyone else does. Actually, it used to be L.C. And that was only because I never let anyone call me by my proper name.... never let anyone even know it if I could help it. What kind of parent names their kid Lorenzo Carlton? I used to half joke that I should be able to bring them up on charges, for naming your child something guaranteed to get them picked on at school surely counts as child cruelty.

Almost A Girl Chapter 1

by Barbie Lee
Edited by Catherine Linda Michel


“You’re a freaking freak! Say it! Say you’re a freak! SAY IT!” Gus yanked my left arm, causing me to drop my schoolbooks.

The Grand Masquerade

What if all religions were true? What if those gods were returning? What if they decided they needed an emissary to ready the world for their return? These are the questions that inspired this story. This story is also the world in which I set my story "A Friend in Deed" in. Originally, it was a scene that helped me to define this story.

Powdered Sugar side-scene.

Powdered Sugar side scene.

It took me a while to recover from just the sheer shock of everything and finding out that my daddy was still alive and that he was a cop was such a WTF moment. Not just a cop but a Fed.

As in FBI.

Dim prisons and Drakes, chapter 12.

Chapter 12, entry to the land of giants. Situations like this one should be familiar to many of you, you see them every game night. At least I hope you do.

At any rate, there we go. for those few of you who did the patreon thing, thank you. That pesky poll though, continues to be a problem. :p

Copyright Nagrij, 2016.

Sweet Dreams-65

He’s my first in so many ways and he is the first person I’ve really kissed or wanted to kiss.

And that sort of kind of takes this out and away from necking.

And sort of makes it really important to me.

Sure it could be me being fixed up and getting healthy, or it’s me getting back on track with my hormones and everything else that came out of me figuring it all out and all.

But it’s not.

I mean it’s not some swooning girly thing.

Though I do get a very girl like thrill or what maybe it seems like to me when he picks me up into a carry and my legs actually wrap around him and he carries me around the apartment kissing me and supporting me with one arm as he locks the doors and starts to turn off our lights before carrying me to the bedroom.

He leaves the bedroom light off and he turns his stereo on and drops in a mixed CD he made and some light rock folk group I don’t know starts playing and it sounds nice and romantic too.

He set’s me on the edge of the bed and kisses me deeply this time in that lay you down kind of really great way.

*And Now…

Sweet Dreams-64

Adam chooses black. “Exactly and it does work like that, Admin being still the head of the place, the office staff is still the office staff, school paper and media things is advertising and the classrooms are division heads as well as clubs and teams are like special projects.”

Alex moves first and they start to play and they’re not bad and they’re not slow at first either the first ten of twelve moves are fast and that’s just positioning and April gets the coffee pot and fills us all up and she sits back down to watch too and Adam says.

“So if you two are going to do this we should take a real hard look at things so…” and he has this look on his face like he’s not quite sure that he even thought that he’d be asking us this. “Tell me about your school.”

*And Now…

Sweet Dreams-61

I see a camera flash and I see one of the school paper people I think and they’re taking pictures of me and Katherine and Jenn and Cindy and Alex and I look at him when he turns my way a gain and do a little friendly hand wave and he snaps a picture and I do a few funny faces for him too which he seems to like.

He turns his attention to the others and I stop to watch Alex.

Yeah as much as he’s not into football he is too and he’s good at it, it’s just not all of what he’s about.

But yeah I love the way he looks doing this stuff even…especially when he’s doing that wet hair thing when his helmet comes off.

I, monster. chapter 7.

Well, I'm late. I expected to be done with this weeks ago. Unfortunately, I remembered after I started that this was one of my hardest stories to write correctly, and while in the middle of writing a book... yeah. The good news is the book is about 40% complete. The bad news is the slow updates will continue until I'm done. Though with luck they won't all be this slow.

Anyway, enjoy.

Sweet Dreams-60

Sweet Dreams-60


Jen actually beats me too it and says. “Why does having something cool like this have to be a competition? I think the more people the better when we want to do something cool.”
I hold my palm out and Jen slaps it in a sort of low five and stuff.
I look over to Kathy and she’s giving us both the stink eye as are some of her friends who are just kind of looking at Queer Corner with all that snobby better than you disdain that I’m kind of used to seeing a lot of the time.

Sweet Dreams-59

Sweet Dreams-59

Chapter 59


I look around the caf and it’s just a sort of morbid kind of curious look and I’m looking not at the kids around me in the whole popular side of things but over to what would have been me…you ‘know the loners and the geeks and the sort of like unpopular kids that don’t really fit the popular and semi popular high school tribes and I’m kind of looking for.
Yeah…it’s there.
I see them and they see me and some of them sort of do the don’t look right at it thing with me but some of them are doing the glare and don’t like me because I’m one of “Them” looks.
I knew it was bound to happen and yeah if I was a shitty person and all self-absorbed and shit I’d trot out the they’re just jealous crap but I’ve been there and they’re coming at this from places of being likely treated like dogshit by some of these popular people and stuff.
So…I’m going to need to change that.

*And Now…

Sweet Dreams-58

Sweet Dreams-58

Chapter 58


“Honestly girls I could give two shits about the schools popularity wars and stuff. I don’t care who owes who what or who’s sleeping with who and who looked better in what effing outfit that who and shit like that.”
Jen chuckles. “Yeah exactly why they hate you.”
Betty… “And like no offense but you’re poor Hunter they are really like offended you’re even in the school.” She then mimics someone she heard. “Effing crack whore isn’t there like rules for having people like her in our school.”
The girls are nodding and I turn around from the sink and the mirrors. “Okay…if Alex is in I’ll do it but can someone tell me what the actual point is? I mean other than the dance and stuff what does Homecoming Queen actually do?”

*And Now…

Sweet Dreams-57

Sweet Dreams-57

Chapter 57


Anika Christenson is glaring daggers at me as I take a seat and look at everyone.
Everyone does their “Hey’s” and I get a few hugs and a whole bunch of envelopes with what looks like cards for me and stuff.
I look at Jen. “What’s with Anika?”
Cindy holds up the school newspaper.
There’s the lists of people with their picture on there that are running for Homecoming Queen and King and there’s pictures of Alex there which…? I mean I didn’t think that he was into that but I guess he was maybe when he was with Jen.
And my picture is right beside his.

………………….. “Sonofabitch!”

*And Now…

Sweet Dreams-56

Sweet Dreams-56

Chapter 56


Alex looks at me when he gets out. “You okay?”
“Yeah I’m just having that kind of hitting me again.”
“That actual feeling of home?”
“You are home.”
“But it’s still something that I never really got before Alex; everything else was kinda just a squat. I’m having that full on thing where I had no idea I missed our bed so much until I climbed in it tonight.”
He smiles that soft little secret smile of his…that one that’s only partway on his lips but all the way in his eyes and I sigh and tilt my head up to meet him as he leans down to kiss me and we do that for a while before we end up snuggling up together and actually sleeping.
I missed that too…curling up with him and spooning.
It actually takes me the better part of three quarters of an hour before sleep overtakes me.
The rest of that time I was just sort of soaking in that feeling.
Home, safe and loved.

*And Now…

Being Diane

Being Diane

Published by Dennis N. Adkins at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 Dennis N. Adkins

Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

Chapter 1

I awoke earlier than usual that momentous morning and walked out the back door to see the sun rising slowly over the lush verdant fields of eastern Arkansas. The neat clean rows of cotton and soybeans awaiting the warm life-giving rays of the sun. The plants stretching to receive the mornings blessing from Father Sol. The rows beckoned me to come and grow with them and stretch my arms to receive the blessings of the Sun also. I walked out to the fields and stood among them warming myself as the Sun rose higher and higher over the horizon. The coming of the day was always exciting to me making me feel as though I would have another chance at being the best I could and today, like any other, was a chance to be what I wanted to be. I had made the decision to myself to realize my life’s dream, now I had to find a way to do it. Luck was with me for once and the way came, however not without a price.

Sweet Dreams-55

Sweet Dreams-55

Chapter 55


“You are home.”

“Yeah…but I’ve never felt this before in my life.” (Sniffle.)

I’m kind of trying not to cry but when Adam and April come out with Jen and Cindy and some of the others from school…here…here for me and then there’s the Welcome Home Hunter Banner in the garage as the door’s opening.

I can’t help it I start crying.

Oh…oh…wow…these hormones are strong!

*And Now…

Sweet Dreams-54 “It’s only a flesh wound.”

Sweet Dreams-54 “It’s only a flesh wound.”

Chapter 54


Ooooh ick.

I know surgery is gross and after surgery is gross but there’s red and there stains and there’s swelling and stitches and stuff. They’re checking all of that and the redress everything and I can’t help it as much as I’m grossed out and embarrassed I’m fascinated too.

It’s gone…like completely gone and everything else too.

It’s a lot to process right now but at the same time past the sort of shock to all of it is this little feeling of yay?

Of yes…finally.

*And Now…

Sweet Dreams-53 "It's only a flesh wound!"

Sweet Dreams-53 “It’s only a flesh wound!”

Chapter 53

It’s been a really good day. The sex and the food in the morning and the coffee and watching movies was just so amazing. But so was Alex's idea of laying there together and napping. And taking the day off from classes was nice even though I actually like school here it was still really, really needed, I think I did need just being with Alex like this.

I have had very little times in my life when it was just okay to stop and just do that stop. Let someone care for me in little ways.

Like a nap at eleven in the morning after watching a movie and sitting there in the sunshine with Alex spooning me and feeling that huge warm bulk of his body there and those strong arms gently circling around me.

No sex, no necking as awesome as that is just being held and sleeping.

Sweet Dreams-52

Sweet Dreams-52

Chapter 52

I’m all for it y’know that so sort of sexy girl thing of giving her guy a BJ when reality gets in the way. I’m not a snake like I’ve said before…Alex is a big guy and he’s pretty much proportional?

I don’t really know actually, it’s not like I’ve paid attention to that kind of stuff before. But I know he’s above the national average. Huh if father like son there’s another reason April puts up with Adam.

And I’m almost laughing because of where this thought just took me.

“Okay…just give me a minute.”

I kiss it…yeah, kind of weird. Kiss his ab’s…oh…mmm…I could keep doing that. I slip really quick to the stereo and put in a burner cd I made and I walk slowly back to him as *Never Tear us Apart* by INXS starts playing.

You ever really listen to that?

Lights down low…touching and kissing a lover.

Andrew’s Dilemma Part 5


Andrew’s Dilemma
Part 5
By, Cain129

Special Thanks to Wren Phoenix for the editing.


Synopsis:  Andrew’s time in the hospital may have been short, but it was enough to put him on the right track, thanks to the help of a very understanding nurse. Now with the help of Janice and those around her, Jessica is finally free to come forth! Life is never that easy though, and there will be struggles ahead. His parents will make sure of that. Can he overcome the struggle and become the person that he always believed he was? Time will tell.

Andrew’s Dilemma Part 2


Andrew’s Dilemma

Part 2

By, Cain129

Special Thanks to Wren Phoenix for the editing.--SEPARATOR--

Synopsis:    After being found by Megan at school after his failed suicide attempt Andrew is admitted to the hospital. At first the doctor thinks that he is only dealing with a suicide victim but soon discovers that Andrew is also a victim of child abuse.

Masks 46


He does the whole after you arm thing and I swallow and go leading him to the office my head still really after the whole miss thing and we just clear our first hall when I hear Elizabitch say.
“Miss!? Dude’s not a girl he’s a faggot! You might want to ask someone else?”
Greyson looks at her and he stops and lifts his foot and stares at the bottom of his shoe. “Wow…that was so hate filled and small minded and bigoted that I actually felt like I stepped in something.”
He’s staring at her with this unmasked look of contempt and Elizabeth looks shocked like someone slapped her.
He moves and looks at me. “I’m not putting you out of your way am I?”
I swallow. “Uhm…no…no this really, really isn’t that big a deal.”
He smiles and I feel it.
Like the whole butterflies thing from those guys and stuff that happened at the rink that time.
And I feel breathless too.
I blush and that actually makes him smile more and I look down and cough before looking back up at him.
“Okay it’s like this way.”
Yep…he kinda is.
He called me miss.
And he hasn’t like apologized for it or anything either.
I don’t know what to do about that or say but…
Maybe, maybe I don’t want to.
I kind of want to like bask in this…just for a while please?

*And Now…

Sweet Dreams-48...Tears Of My Childhood

Sweet Dreams-48...Tears of My Childhood

Chapter 48

It’s amazing how you can go from fighting off a two hundred pound plus football player and screaming and stuff to being a cold weak wreck. I know it’s the dropping off of the adrenaline and some actual shock.

Alex looks at me when we get to the cars. “You going to be alright?”

“Y..yeah just sort of coming down or up from all of that’s just hitting me.” I’m really glad for his jacket because I’m shivering a little.

“Okay…let’s get you cleaned up and take a breather before going…”

I reach over and take his hand and step up and kiss him. “’Kay…I think I need it.”

Sweet Dreams-47...Tears Of My Childhood

Sweet Dreams-47…Tears Of My Childhood

Chapter 47

I’m doing the shivery weepy thing while looking at the spot that where my daddy is buried and I can’t, I can’t get just dad there in my head and I don’t know if it’s the ghost voice of the little kid version of me bubbling up in my head or that I’m really turning into that much of a girl.

And if that’s the case I’m here like this and he’s…he’s down there and…

It hurts…fuck it hurts like my throats all clenched up and someone’s sort of sitting on my chest and I can’t stop crying.

I’m not on any damned hormones yet, why can’t I stop crying!?

Then Alex holds me and I have a flashback.

Sweet Dreams-45

Sweet Dreams-45

Chapter 45

I wake up with Alex kissing the back of my neck and the side of my neck and I’m spooned close to him and there’s the delicious feel of his body heat against me along with his muscles. I smile and snuggle a bit more.

“I really love this so much Alex. It’s perfect y’know.”

“It’s so worth the price Hunter.”


Auntie owned a Dress-shop

NOTE - The SisterDom is a group of wonderful women who know that it is important to help their men to access and, when they are comfortable with the concept, to release their inner girlhood. These women are willing to train and transition their new-girls using a variety of simple techniques, sometimes with a touch of ‘domination’ and strong encouragement.

Several of the stories in the group involve overlapping characters.

Slave of the Fae: Chapter 18

I woke up without any pain.

My body was numb, not like I was drugged, but like what happens when you stay up too long and your body craves sleep. Slime encrusted my eyes, making it impossible to open them. From the cold, wet feeling, the slime covered my face, even opening my mouth didn't seem possible.

Sweet Dreams-43

Sweet Dreams-43

Chapter 43

It’s the first time that I’ve been to a home game and I’ll have to say that it’s exciting. I’d never had pegged myself for a football fan but here I am sitting in the seats set aside for the players family and the players girlfriends.

Despite how I’ll be going to the dance after this well its two hours after this I’m dressed like a fan or my version of a fan.

My new do is messy manageable so it’s under a turned backwards team ball cap and I’m wearing my inserts and a push up bra that gives me some girl bounce for when I’m up and yelling my head off.

Sweet Dreams-42

Sweet Dreams-42

Chapter 42

I’d like to say that the next few days were just run of the mill stuff but it’s not. Or it’s not for me. There’s school and classes which is starting to feel normal and I’m catching up with things but what’s not and what’s new for me besides my impending surgery and going to see my father’s grave on Sunday is the fact there’s a home game here Friday afternoon and later after that a dance.

It’ll be my very first high school dance.

Sweet Dreams-41

Sweet Dreams-41

Chapter 41

It’s been pretty much business as usual for the last couple of days since I found out about my dad and where he was buried and stuff and it’s been going to school and classes and Alex and I getting back to work too and him with his football stuff and it’s funny the whole thing about anal sex that Jen and I were talking about did end up with some very happy looking boyfriends and several girls that had ended up walking like they wiped their butts with a cactus.

Valentine Sweethearts Forever - Epilogue

Valentine Sweethearts Forever - Epilogue

by Jennifer Sue

I actually wrote main post and ended it as I did intentionally hoping to get some controversial feedback. That was only the first part and for the contest. Please note that none of the adults had consented to Collin's decision to become Colleen. All they did was to use the blockers to stop his anxiety while also aiding Sarah to overcome her fear of males.

Valentine Sweethearts Forever

Valentine Sweethearts Forever

by Jennifer Sue

Collin Kline met Sarah Barnes in kindergarten. The two lived on adjoining blocks, with Collin being further from the school. Their mothers met and by the second week were walking the kids to school together. It wasn’t until second grade the children were allowed to make the seven block trip on their own. Their parents became friends and the families began having picnics and outings together as well as back yard picnics. While the guys went to sporting events, the gals went to ballets and concerts. For Collin, it was almost as if he had two dads while for Sarah it was like having two moms. The kids called the other parents aunt and uncle.

Our Daughter's Prom Date

Our Daughter's Prom Date

By Daphne Xu

I'd just finished combing our daughter Cherry's hair, parting her hair on her left side, and now I stood back from her, hands on her shoulders. "You make a handsome, elegant picture," I told Cherry, with all the pride of a father. My wife, Brianna, was making the finishing touches on her hair, tucking it under to give it a light androgynous impression.

John's Living Nightmare

John's Living Nightmare
By Daphne Xu
Copyright 1999

Bruce and other bullies who follow him pick on John by calling him Alice and calling him a girl. Eventually, everyone follows Bruce's lead, driving John crazy. I first wrote and posted this story elsewhere in 1999. Bruce and Alice in this story have nothing to do with Bruce and Alice in "A Bikini Beach Summer."

The Bridge

The Bridge
By Daphne Xu

Teaser: An old wooden bridge provided a short-cut for generations of schoolchildren walking to school. But now, the bridge is so rickety and rotten that children are warned in no uncertain terms to avoid that bridge.

Going to School with My Best Friend Megan

“Going to School with My Best Friend Megan”

A long seeded desire to go to school with Megan comes to be...
Kathy, Megan and my Mom help me to look better that I imagined
...But others aren't so happy with me looking like a girl.
It ends different than any thought.

Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 366

Easy As Falling Off A Bike
by Angharad & Hampshire Air Ambulance
part:366 leap year?

Author's Note: I wasn't going to continue this story, thinking it had run its course and 365 episodes is enough for most people. However, I had emails and PMs (not PMS!)which convinced me otherwise. Also I couldn't spoil a special person's birthday, so here's the next one.

Sweet Dreams-38 The first cut is the Deepest.

Sweet Dreams-38 The first cut is the Deepest.

Chapter 38

You know there are times when you know without a shadow of a doubt when someone’s in love with you. I wake up in bed with Alex and I know it so deep I’m having one of my Ow my heart moments right off the bat.

I cried, I cried all the little kid tears that we hide away in real life. I lost my Dad and my life became this goddamned horror show. But really…mostly because I was really scared to death to…I never got to mourn him.