Retro Classics - Older Stories with Recent Comments

These are some of the older stories that have had recent comments.

Photo Opportunity - Part 3

Photo Opportunity
Part 3
by Maddy Bell

Copyright © 2006 Maddy Bell
All Rights Reserved.


Although there was still no formal identification of any of the crash victims, a simple headcount in the village supplied enough information to have a shrewd guess as to at least some. In a small place like Aldwinkle news doesn't take long to get around

And the vicar was already in town with Jonno's parents. With tragedy inevitably comes the morbid curiosity of the outsider and two TV crews and Hereward Radio were already camped out to cover the tragedy.

"Something's up." Peter Ward stated as he steered the family car into the village.

"Look there's a TV crew over there." Josie Ward noted, craning her neck for a better look.

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-35


The GPS says we’re near a place called Ruby Valley, Nevada.
I look over at my Tuan, my beloved. “Where are we going now?”
“West…we head for California and then.”
“Then we look for Dylan?”
Serra looks at me. “First we get lost and then a safe house, and then we have to tell the other’s what’s going on.”
“And Dylan?...” I look out the window as we’re driving. “If they’re going to change then they’ll be going through it soon.”
Serra nods. “We’ll check, one of the hidden elders might have clues.”
I nod and bite my lip.
There’s so much to be scared for and of and right now I just really, really want to get my family back together and get home.

*And Now…

What A Troublesome Ghost

Ghosts are real. Some even have special tricks. Like transforming a man into a woman.
Kristine was hired to pretend to be the owner of a manor where such a ghost is haunting.
Her company has a deal with the ghost. They send men and the ghost - Mabel - will send back women.
That was the plan. But lately Mabel isn't performing and it's up to Kristine to fix it.
If she had known what avalanche she would step loose she just might have run far away.

You can do better than him

This story is another episode from the ‘Hotel’ run by LGBT people that first featured in this story.

The problem with running a Hotel that is part of a larger group is that you have to attend corporate functions and even worse, ‘corporate training’. No excuses, you as the manager have to go and be indoctrinated in the latest corporate ideals/edicts and messages. Then it is your duty to pass all this corporate wisdom onto your staff.

Golfing in Pink - 3

Golfing in Pink – 3

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2014)

(As part of a girl’s golf team, Sonja (formerly Sonny) finds herself a center of attention and she turns the tables to win the respect of other women. This is part three of a four-part story.)

You Again!

It had been a long, long and very fraught day. A little after 8pm, I said to myself, ‘Enough. The rest can wait until tomorrow.’

I shut down my computer and left my office making sure I double locked the door behind me and headed downstairs.

The place was quiet. Well it was a Monday night in January so that was par for the course. I nodded to Georgina who was manning reception until her shift ended at 10.

I walked the few paces into the bar. I nodded at Harry who was doing what bartender do when they have nothing urgent to do namely, polishing a glass.

Golfing in Pink

Golfing in Pink – 1
By Katherine Day
(Copyright 2014)
(To fill a vacancy on his sister’s golf team, a boy is persuaded to join the girls. It is a transforming experience. This is a four-part story.)
(Edited by Eric)

One – An Invitation

“Really, Sonny, you could do it,” his sister assured him.



I have done some crazy stuff in my life, but this ... takes the cake.

No, I’m not going to go into what else I’ve done. They are tales for another day, and this is the story I want to tell today, the story of my craziest, and most recent moment of madness.

It started when I went to the local college to look at some continuing education classes. I was struggling a little with my job, and thought maybe I could find something that would lead to something better once I had the training.

And then I saw David.

words will never hurt me

Words will never hurt me ….

Words will never hurt me, that’s what they always say
But words still carry a price, and I don’t want to pay

Like “it” is a name some give me, like I am not even real
I swallow the word, though it chokes me, I don’t know how to deal

“Sin” is what some call my journey, like I ever had a choice
And the pounding from the pulpit, drowns out my forlorn voice

“Sissy” is a favorite word for some to use, it covers lots of ground
Gives such an excuse to flex a muscle, and look for someone to pound

Veronica and Veronica

Veronica Nelson, a transsexual, was in her third month of her Real Life Test. She was struggling financially, cut off from her family, and someone was leaving disgusting surprises in her jeep. She hadn't expected transitioning to be free of difficulties, but this was the absolute pits. The weird hassles kept mounting until she felt like she was ready to snap!

Then one night she had a chance encounter that would help put all her troubles in perspective...

by Laika Pupkino

Walking through Hell...Chapter 2.

Walking through Hell…Chapter 2.

I lead the others as fast as we can go or dare to go through this place. Strange colored skies with browns and streams of toxic colors.

This Isn't What I Wanted

This Isn't What I Wanted

Another piece of fiction written in the BCTS posting window by Melanie E.

A note before you read this: this story is not me railing at anyone in particular, but IS me expressing frustrations I feel at certain attitudes. Some people likely will get angry at what I say here, so if you think that person will be you, feel free to turn back now.

A Flower's Bloom - Part 8

One simple test. That's all it took to change my life completely. Now, I have to learn how to use my new powers and how to be an agent for The Agency. But most importantly, I need to learn all about my new body. That would take some getting used to.

A Flower's Bloom
Part 8
by Megan Campbell
Copyright  ©2010 Megan Campbell
Released: July 26, 2010

A Flower's Bloom - Part 6

One simple test. That's all it took to change my life completely. Now, I have to learn how to use my new powers and how to be an agent for The Agency. But most importantly, I need to learn all about my new body. That would take some getting used to.

A Flower's Bloom
Part 6
by Megan Campbell
Copyright  ©2010 Megan Campbell
Released: July 19, 2010

Bobby's Girl

Since tenth grade Jane had dreamed an impossible dream. Bobby Dukakis was the hearthrob of her high school, and though she loved him madly she knew there wasn't a chance in hell that he would ever be interested in anyone as plain & uninteresting as her. But now on Halloween night of her senior year, in the light of a full moon and with the help of a strange book she'd found at a garage sale, she would recite the spell that would turn her from a dumpy little nobody into...

Laika Pupkino ~ 2009

Ships (A Prequel?)

Ships (...A Prequel?)
by Amalia Solara

Sabina is a cynical, homeless young trans woman who prioritizes hormones even over such necessities as food and shelter. Deborah is an anxious workaholic with social issues and an apparent softer side, a responsible up-and-coming professional who has just had surgery. A serendipitous encounter on the subway system brings these two women briefly into each other's orbit, where they leave powerful impressions on each other and reveal vulnerable aspects of themselves through their differences, without fully realizing all that they have in common.

Sarah Carerra - 3.05 - Red Rocks Amphitheatre

The happy, carefree aura that had settled on the venue was now going to be singed by the blackness of hatred. With a single word I would convert all of the positive energy in the amphitheatre into a powerful force that I could direct into one of my favorite songs to perform.

Sarah Carerra 3: Concerto in A-
Chapter 3.05 - Red Rocks Amphitheatre
by Megan Campbell
Copyright  ©2012 Megan Campbell
Released: February 27, 2012



Chapter 1

The feeling of the slip under the dress I’m wearing is so strange but in this really good way that still surprises me. This silky glide of my legs smooth now when something I never thought about losing is now forever gone. No, I was never really a transgendered person just a soldier, dying years ago diagnosed with lung cancer from too much toxic stuff on the battlefield. Transformed by the Silverbite I went from a mid fifties old soldier to this sweet young thing…Her Majesty’s age, seventeen in body.

Auntie owned a Dress-shop

NOTE - The SisterDom is a group of wonderful women who know that it is important to help their men to access and, when they are comfortable with the concept, to release their inner girlhood. These women are willing to train and transition their new-girls using a variety of simple techniques, sometimes with a touch of ‘domination’ and strong encouragement.

Several of the stories in the group involve overlapping characters.

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 8

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 8

Chapter 8


He finishes his tea and he looks at me. “It is and scary to know just how much we’ve lost and how huge the world really is.”

I nod and take our cups. “Trust me I know the feeling of the world and all you know seeming so small Alaan. I’m still getting over the shock of it.”

I head back inside the alchemy tent to get back to work.

And I’m wiping tears from my face with the back of my hand.

*And Now…

SRU: A Slight Switch

An early tale of the Spells 'R' Us universe, when the Wizard was first setting up the business. It's 1929, when he helps a young man who wants to be in the movies. This is the first of two of my stories that involve 20th cenury icons. The biographical facts are correct, so you can tell who it is in each story.

The Annual Ski Trip chapter 2 added 6/21/17

Day 1 The Annual Ski Trip Begins
When their family was getting ready for their annual ski trip Chris’s mom had bought him a new pair of long underwear. When he tried them on he couldn’t help but notice how they clung to his legs. “Mom they make me look like I have chicken legs!” Chris had always had a small frame and had been teased for it in the past.
“It’s not as if anyone’s going to see your legs Chris. You’ll be wearing your ski pants. They’re just long johns.”
“But what about in the chalet?”

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 7

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 7

Chapter 7


“Then Chrissy please.”
“Alright then but a shame.”
“A Shame?”
“I like Christiana; it’s not a name I have heard before.”
He’s smiling and I’m blushing…I’ve never had this kind of close attention like this before…never like this…ever.
I swallow hard and get the book from our wheelbarrow.
“Here are my notes.”
My blush fades as he takes the book suddenly serious and starts reading while pacing and walking the saddle off.
He finishes and looks at me. “This is very good; it’ll save us a lot of time since you’ve organized things so well.”
I blush again but it’s that…It’s that getting recognition blush when you’ve never been getting it…as the youngest son; a lot of my tasks were things needed doing. Nothing this big, not often.
And that Sir Alaan looks serious and that he’s not being charming or flattering means a lot.
But Scarlet Fever….I look at the village.
He says it before me. “We’re just getting started with this.”

*And Now…

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 6

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 6

Chapter 6


Palfrey Corner is six leagues past Dewbridge and it’s gotten dark and I’m actually walking ahead of everyone…I’m holding my hand up and I’m arcing lighting between my thumb and baby finger casting off blue white light. Hawk’s behind me where she’s keeping watch as we make our way to this place where the trail breaks into a clearing and there’s a small lake and a hamlet with a stacked stone wall and a decent defensive ditch in front of it.
There’s a horn sounded from a watch tower made of simple wood and I look at Nicole who runs up a colors flag. “Watch we come with the post!”
It takes a little longer but we get a response. “Be welcome Wisdom and Squire but be warned we’re under a yellow flag!”
I look at the others. “Yellow flag?”
Taylor’s frowning. “Sickness, they’ve sickness in the village.”

*And Now…

Just Swimmingly

Just Swimmingly

Mary reached the door of the change room, and hesitated. She stood there, rocking back and forth from one foot to the other for several minutes before Alice came up and took her hand.

"What's wrong, hon?" Alice asked.

"I can't. They'll all see ...." Mary said.

"They wont notice a thing. Come on. "

Finally, Alice took Mary's hand, and led her into the change room. Once inside, Alice began taking of her street clothes, while Mary watched. Alice looked at her, and said, "what, hon?"

Fight like a girl

Fight like a girl

“Hey, fag, I’m gonna beat the snot out of you after school.”

“Fine, but I should warn you, I fight like a girl.”

After the fight .....

(Groans) “Uhhh...+

“I did warn you, I fight like a girl. Specifically, I fight like my sister, who does MMA.”

(more groans) “uhhh...”

Now, next week I expect you to return all the money you’ve bullied from kids, and stop bullying. Get me?”

“Give .... back ... money?”

Working Relations - part 10

Working Relations
Part 10
by D.D. Weldons
Working full time, taking 9 hours, doing a side gig, and actually having quality time for my son has been tricky. I managed to hack out another episode. Sorry for the extended wait,

By the way, do you know the address of the lion's den? ~DD

Question for the Reader

Question for the Reader

“That’s Steve. We met in a self-defence class. The way it happened was kinda funny. We got assigned as partners for some wrestling style moves, and I ended up on top of him. Then I noticed he was getting an erection! So I jumped off, he apologized profusely, and I told him not to worry about it, stuff happens. “

“So after the class was over, he came to me, and thanked me for not making a big deal of what had happened, and he asked if I wanted to go for coffee!”

Lost in Translation - Part 4


Lost in Translation
Part 4 - Red Letter Day

by Persephone

Author's Note: It's been a long time since I started this story. I'm sorry for the delay. I was probably too close to some of what I was writing so had to give it a healthy pause. However now I'm up and running again I hope that you find some small pleasure in this tale. As ever please be tolerant of my failings, and forthright with your criticism. ~Persephone

Sometimes going through transition can feel like you're walking through a minefield. And sometimes you actually are...