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Shimmy 20-31

Ricki continues her swimming and her belly dancing. She also finds a job. The news she and Laura feared is confirmed, their Dad is dying. Madeline, Laura and Ricki's Mom, finds out about Ricki. Timely intervention prevents a rape. (Not in extreme detail. The scene should not be overly distressful.)



Paula Dillon

Manny and Maude - 2 - On the Wall

Little ditty about Manny and Maude, seamstrist and guard travellin’ the Land Beyond.
Maudie's sellin’ sartorial splendor, Manny debutante of Maudie’s mirror.

Oh yeah life goes on...

Warning: Please brush your teeth after consuming this story, for it may cause cavities.
Warning 2: Contains some funky formatting, which I blame upon my imaginary friend, Imaginary Fred.

Shimmy chapters 11-19

Shimmy-chapters, 1 - 10

Sixteen year old Ricky Davis lives in New York City. He has to go to LA to spend the summer with his sister when his parents decide to go on a second honeymoon. Things begin to happen after he gets there and he winds up in skirts.



Paula Dillon

Reclaiming the Sissy -- Pt 2

This is a continuation of my previous story "One Sissy's Story". I couldn't leave it so hopeless, so my night time almost asleep muse attacked and made me write this. I hope you like it.

The Late Hermit Lord of Validurm

With his nation caught before the rapacious empire of Goscaire, Anders Welsodon, the Hermit Lord of Validurm, is forced to decide if he can commit the ultimate sacrifice to spare his people from the worst of conquest.

Oscar Night - Part 15

Oscar dresses up
Oscar Night

by Jennifer Brock

David Fine, a bestselling novelist and Oscar-nominated screenwriter, was sticking up for an insult directed at his friend fashion designer Claude Marsh when he made a flippant comment to an annoying television personality agreeing to show up at the Academy Awards ceremony in a gown instead of a tuxedo. He was convinced that it would be far less embarrassing to attempt to appear as completely and fully female instead of just looking like a man in a dress. To that end, he's had some facial surgeries as well as a sizeable pair of breast implants. Dee, as she's been calling herself is under the tutelage of Kay Thomas, a feminine deportment coach Claude hired to give her a month-long crash course in how to be a woman. In this installment, Kay helps Dee try to figure out what kind of girl she is.

Oscar Night - Part 13

Oscar dresses up
Oscar Night

by Jennifer Brock

What started out with a flippant comment to an obnoxious fashion reporter has snowballed into an exploration of gender identity. Novelist/Screenwriter David Fine made a deal to wear a gown to the Academy Awards presentation, and took it much further by getting his face surgically feminized and his breasts enhanced. His best friend fashion designer Claude Marsh hired "Feminine Deportment Coach" Kay Thomas to train him how to act. Among her draconian rules were that his girlfriend Venezuelan model Maritza Delgado should stay out of contact for a month as he works to develop a new female identity, which she addresses by her initial D., or "Dee." So far, Dee has had a lesson in how to walk in heels, and had a house call from her nurse. In this installment, she gets a few more lessons and begins to worry about who she or he truly is.

Kerry, Libbi and Lynzie Part 2

“Oh, honest to God, Mom! No!”

“Whose black suitcase is that on your bedroom floor with the boys’ briefs peeking out of it?”

Lynzie’s face went white.

“I thought so. You two are busted.”

Kerry, Libbi and Lynzie
Part 2

by Mona Lisa

Stephanie's Deal - Episode 14

Nintendo Wii dressed in pink
Stephanie’s Deal

by Jennifer Brock

Steven Brooks was a boy who got in trouble for looking at his Christmas presents and as punishment he was made to dress and live as a girl until school started again. There was an accident and the reopening of school was delayed. More and more it seems like Stephanie will have a difficult time going back. Already she has a boyfriend and a role as a bridesmaid in her cousin’s wedding. Last time, she had her twelfth birthday which didn’t go so well. Her little friend Robin was until recently a boy named Bobby, and when she came over to share Stephanie’s birthday dinner, her father showed up uninvited and yelled and wanted Bobby back, but Stephanie’s father made him go away. In this episode, Stephanie will have a birthday party with her friends from her old Sunday School class in which they attend the movie “Enchanted.” Some slight spoilers of that film are given, but no critical plot points are revealed.

Play Nice ~ Part 2

Grandma ran the brush through my long straight hair. It was sensual, soothing. "So. Any questions about all this girl stuff?"

"You said when you body-swapped us that you weren't going to give us any pointers."

"I just meant don't be running to me over every little thing. And I was pretty angry then. I'm still your grandma. I'm a witch, not an ogre."

I thought about that little white bulb-thing I had seen sitting in with Joy's things in the bathroom. "Well okay. Then about, um, cleaning. I was wondering. When, or should I say how often ......... am I suppose to, uh- what I mean is, um ......... douche?"


Moving On - Part 1

Katie was not in a great mood that night. Her mother had just divorced her father and they had moved across the country to be closer to her mother’s family. They had stayed in a noisy hotel until the day before the movers were expected to arrive at the new house because they decided to travel by airplane while their belongings made the journey in a mover’s truck. When they stepped off of the plane and went to baggage claim, Katie’s suitcase was nowhere to be found. On top of that, when the movers delivered their belongings, it was discovered that Katie’s clothes were missing. To add insult to injury, they’d spent her twelfth birthday on the plane.

The Old Alhambra -6-

The Old Alhambra

This tale is complete in Six Chapters posted at approximately weekly intervals

This, the sixth and last chapter, is entitled

~ As Through a Glass Darkly ~

Readers should be aware that this is primarily a Ghost Story.

The TV/TG element is crucial to the plot but occupies a comparatively minor part of the text.

Those wishing to absorb a little of the ambience prior to reading should visit and hear Helen Shapiro sing the last verse and refrain of the song that runs like a thread throughout the tale.

The Old Alhambra -5-

The Old Alhambra

This tale is complete in Six Chapters which will be posted at approximately weekly intervals

This, the fifth chapter, is entitled

~ Blood Will Out ~

Readers should be aware that this is primarily a Ghost Story.

The TV/TG element is crucial to the plot but occupies a comparatively minor part of the text.

Those wishing to absorb a little of the ambience prior to reading should visit and hear Helen Shapiro sing the last verse and refrain of the song that runs like a thread throughout the tale.

On Her Own Petard - part 8

On Her Own Petard
by Ceri

Stevie started her blog to discreetly share her secret identity with the world, never guessing just how successful it would be.

My Mistake, Chapter 11

Chapter 11
By Samantha Jenkins

Mom pulled into the garage, with Jennifer pulling up right behind her in the driveway. Mom shut off the car and popped the trunk so that I could take my spoils to my room and hang them up. After I hung the dresses up and put my new panties and bras in the top drawer of my dresser. I looked around my room, well the room that was mine now. My old room was off limits until, well who knows when. I went back downstairs to where Jen and Katie were working in the kitchen making something for dinner.

Drabble Saga 10: Dress for Excess

While Ruby dealt with Davey's falsies, Beth had depilated his legs then creamed and soothed them and painted his toenails. Stockings attached to garters and then the blue leather mini went on, fastened with a concealed zipper in the back.

Ruby and Beth surveyed their work. "Mm, hmm?" asked Ruby.

"Mmm," agreed Beth.

My Mistake, Chapter 10

Chapter 10
By Samantha Jenkins

I looked at Mom, not believing what was happening. it was less than twenty four hours ago that the issue had been brought up for the first time.

“Which one is your daughter?” Arika asked, walking toward us. Mom looked at the three of us.

“The one in the blue and white plaid skirt.” Mom said.

Arika smiled at me and patted the chair where I would be sitting when I would get tortured by two little sharp pointy objects. Arika opened a drawer and pulled out a plastic container that had each of what the piercing ear rings looked like and handed it to mom who was standing next to me.

Devyn's Favor

Devyn’s Favor

What a night that was! Devyn was thirteen years old and living in a sparsely inhabited suburban area with his parents and his sister. He had four good friends who lived in the area. Kieran and Caitlin, fraternal twin sisters, lived a short distance down the street from him. Madeline lived fifty yards further down the street at the corner of a road that went up a steep hill for a few hundred yards. Tina lived at the top of that same steep road on the same side of the street as Madeline. Tina could actually see Madeline's bedroom window -- and vice versa. They were too far away to really see each other, but sometimes they would sit at their windows while they chatted on their cell phones.

It was Tina's birthday and she invited the four of them over to her house for a sleepover party. Tina was fond of getting dressed up and each year she used her birthday party -- among other things -- as an excuse to get dressed up. This party would be no different -- or would it?

Adventures of a Merchant -4- Dance with a Demon

Returned to the North, still conjoined with Sandrelessa, it is time for Drake to resume his interrupted studies. After a summer of learning more about what he had always dreamed of becoming, it was almost possible to forget what he had become.

If only everybody else were so able to segment him into his various selfs.

My Mistake: Chapter 9

Chapter 9
By Samantha Jenkins

Mom and Dr. Franklin both walked into the room where I was. I glanced up from my puzzle when they entered. Dr. Franklin was the first to speak.

Christina's Party

Fate wore a pony tail and a red dress. We were both attending a large group ballroom dancing lesson along with perhaps two hundred other kids our age, all of whom attended schools in town. Our mid-lesson break had just begun when the lovely girl headed my way.
Christina was a very pretty girl with pretty blue eyes and shoulder length, light brown hair. She wore a red, short-sleeve, cotton dress that hung just below her knees and had a sparse floral pattern on it. She wore suntan nylons, and black, leather flats — and she was headed my way.

The Punishment

What had I gotten myself into? The phone was ringing and I knew it was my friend Keri. As usual, I ran down the hall from my bedroom at one end of the house to the phone in the guest bedroom at the other end. The sound of my footfalls was deceptively loud on the oriental “runner” style rug that adorned the dark-stained hardwood floor. I always ran right past my sister Tara’s bedroom door on my way to answer the phone.
She had just picked up a large laundry basket of clothes to take them downstairs to the laundry room. She heard me coming down the hall but misjudged how far away I was and thought she could hurry past before I got to her door. She darted out of her room and I slammed into her, knocking her clear off her feet and sending her basket of clothes all over the place. I decided to help my sister up instead of answering the phone. Keri would have no trouble understanding that decision. I apologized to Tara immediately and profusely, making sure she was all right
and helping her pick up her clothes. Tara was okay, but she had a couple of bruises and was shaken up a bit. She wasn’t angry with me because she knew it had been a silly accident and she knew that she could have waited for me to pass. She even smirked at me. She knew how much I liked Keri and she knew that she had run clear across the house from the living room in front to the kitchen in back to answer the phone for a boy herself.

Seasons of Change - Book 16 – Failed Season: Lora's Story

Aunt Jane has mentioned on several occasions that two of her students were not helped by her program.
This is the story of one of those students as Jane's family gather to support her in a time of loss.

Seasons of Change
Book 16 - Failed Season
Tales of the Season
Lora's Story

by Tigger

Copyright © 2008,2012 Tigger
All Rights Reserved.

My Mistake, Chapter 8

Chapter 8
By Samantha Jenkins

Mom and I were driving down the road when I started to get nervous about seeing Dr. Franklin. Mom sensed this and patted my leg.

“Don’t worry sweetie.” Mom said. "Every thing will be alright." I smiled at her. "You have such a pretty smile, I've always thought that it looked more like your father's than my own. Are you aware that you look just like me when I was your age?" Mom asked, slowing the car to a stop at a traffic light.

My Mistake, Chapter 7

Chapter 7
By Samantha Jenkins

Katie, Jen, my mom and I sat around the table Sunday night eating a pot roast that I had made in the crock pot as part of my punishment.

“Mrs. Smith,” Katie said after eating a bite of potato. My mom looked at her. “I was thinking that Morgan should get her ears pierced.” Mom looked surprised.

My Mistake, Chapter 6

Chapter 6
By Samantha Jenkins

I walked around to the drivers side and sat in the drivers seat, after opening the passenger side door for Katie. I put the car into gear and backed out of the parking spot. I drove in the direction that Katie pointed. I stopped at the light and managed to stall the car.

My Mistake, Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Shopping part 2
by Samantha Jenkins

I woke up to being snuggled by Katie; she was warm and still asleep. She was quite cute when she was asleep. I reached over and brushed her cheek, and smiled. I had managed to get my girlfriend even though I was also wearing skirts. I glanced at the clock. It was only 3:30 AM. I put my arm around her, and pulled the blanket up over both of us, then fell back asleep. The next thing I knew Katie was shaking me awake.

My Mistake, Chapter 4

Chapter 4: A Night with Katie
By Samantha Jenkins

Katie and I walked over and got in her car. It was 33 degrees outside according to the computer in mom’s car. We sat in her car talking while it was warming up. I glanced at the clock, it read 7:15

“Do you like your outfit?” She asked.

“Yes. Does my mom really have the keys?” Katie jingled her keys, smiling.

“I have the keys to the locks at our wrists, and you’ll figure it out when we get to Wal-mart.” She said putting the car in reverse and pulling out into the street. Ten minutes later we were in the parking lot of Wal-mart. We got out and walked into the store. I grinned at her as we walked through the store. We got a lot of funny looks, I think because of our different jewelry. Our first stop was the woman’s department. I was browsing a selection of ankle length skirts, while Katie was looking at some rather short mini skirts. She brought four over and showed them to me. All but one was plaid, the first being red and black, the second green, black and white. The third I like because it was royal blue and white plaid, which was our school colors. The fourth I liked the best because it was a simple black miniskirt. I took the royal blue and white plaid skirt and placed it in the cart. I held the black one up to my body before placing it into the cart, it was an inch shorter than the skirt I had on. I picked up some button front shirts in black, white, royal blue, light pink, light blue, and a cream color. I was still wondering about the wrist chains. Katie and I walked back to the shoe department, where Katie picked up another pair of boots and a pair of tennis shoes. From there we went over to the accessories department, pausing to look at purses, I grabbed a black one, because it matched everything, and I was going to need it to put money, and makeup in. We made our way over to the hosiery department, where I picked up a pair of white fishnet tights and a pair of royal blue tights. I was thinking put on the royal blue tights, then the white fishnets over those. That would look neat with the royal blue and white plaid skirt. I decided to wear my new outfit to school on Monday. I explained to Katie.

My Mistake, Chapter 3

Chapter 3
By Samantha Jenkins

As Katie started moving the car toward the interstate to head home, I was starting to get nervous. The Last time mom and seen me dressed, I was wearing one of Jen's dresses and pretty much looked like a girl even though at the time I had shorter hair, which mom had explained away when we went to eat that I tried to cut it by my self, and screwed it up pretty badly. It was still longer than most boys’ haircuts going to my shoulders. This time I looked like a sixteen year old girl, to every one. We rode in silence for a while, and the closer we got to the house the more I started to feel faint. Katie noticed this.

My Mistake, Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Shopping Part 1
By Samantha Jenkins

Katie put the car in gear and backed out of the garage, as she was backing out I saw a couple of my friends that were on their way over, probably to see if I wanted to hang out with them. They looked at Jen and Katie, then at me, and continued to the front door of the house and rang the bell, of course no one answered because no one was there. It was at that moment that I realized that I had passed in front of my friends at a distance.

My Mistake, Chapter 1

My Mistake

Copyright 2008

By Samantha Jenkins

Chapter 1: The Mistake

I looked at my sister who was looking at me.

“You look cute" was all that she said. I stammered for words here I was standing here wearing a pink pleated mini skirt and a black turtleneck sweater along with a pair of black tights. I also had on a pair of her 3 1/2 inch platforms. She had one pair that she wore to parties that could be closed with a padlock that was the pair I had on and without thinking had closed the locks not realizing she had the keys.

Miss O. Jenny

Miss O. Jenny
By Angela Rasch

I wiped a bit of dust off its imposing left fender before entering the coffee shop. My truck’s body had to be twenty-five degrees hotter than the air around it. On a day like today, a truck like mine could inflict a certain amount of pain on the unsuspecting.

Oscar Night - Part 4

Oscar dresses up
Oscar Night

by Jennifer Brock

In our last episode, novelist/screenwriter David Fine discovered that his new girlfriend fashion model Maritza Delgado preferred him without body hair. In this update, she makes a few more changes to his personal style. (No actual TG yet, but you know it's coming.)

Mark's Mistake

Mark likes to dress grungy. Vanessa CEO of a major department store is Mark's Mom. She wants him to dress in a decent manner. Frustrated she turns her son over to Julie, her Personal Assistant, so she can get some work done. Well...

Design Flaw

Craig has become increasing depressed because of his
desire to become a woman and the inability to do so. However, after a
design flaw is discovered, the opportunity finally presents itself.


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