High School

Kaiser's X Blessing - Book 1 - 02 - Intro I

Intro (Part I)

– I –


Class 1-D at Sanderson High School for Regulars.

Pharos Colony. Island Two. Habitat One.

Semester One – School Week Twenty.

Friday morning Homeroom Period.

Today was the big day – the final day of the school semester.

The mid-year break would start tomorrow, Saturday.

Needless to say my classmates and I were all looking forward to our measly five week break before starting Semester Two.

Kaiser's X Blessing - Book 1 - 01 - Reflections 0

From the author of the "Gun Princess Royale" series, comes the story of a young man gifted with great power, great responsibility, coerced by his primitive impulses, and cornered by his inability to say, No, to the beautiful girls that manipulate him for their own devious desires.

The Blank Page - Pen at the Ready

Friday night found Amanda Evans perched on the edge of her bed, facing the large mirror on the opposite wall. Her dark blonde hair had been wrangled into a

passable braid; she had tried to teach herself simply by watching her mother do her own hair, but had not quite gotten the hang of it yet. Amanda had draped

herself in an overlarge college tee of her father’s, a makeshift nightgown. Her new, smaller frame was pronounced by the fact that the shirt hung down to her

knees. Mere days ago the shirt would have comfortably fit Peter. Not Peter, Amanda chastised herself, me. I am still Peter inside, aren’t I? However, she could

no longer be so sure of this. She could not lie to herself; she had made no attempts to undo the life-changing transformation and become Peter again. Referring

to Peter in the third person seemed completely natural.

Double Dare 3 - Double or Quits

Double Dare 3 — Double or Quits
by Maeryn Lamonte

Monday morning changed a lot of things for Steven. Every boy in the school was jealous of the attention he had received from Portia and her friends, and none of them were standing by him. It was just as well then that more and more girls were becoming friendly with him, except that they were only interested in the girly side of him…

Double Dare 2 - Double or Nothing

Double Dare 2 — Double or nothing
by Maeryn Lamonte

Steven just spent Friday evening out on the town with the four hottest girls in school, only he was wearing a frilly, pink dress at the time. Going back to school on Monday is going to be interesting.

Florida High School student who wanted to go to prom in a dress suspend


A male Broward County Florida High School Student who wanted to go to Prom in a Dress was suspended.

See Link below



Pigtails Are for Girls -- Part 15

Pigtails Are For Girls — Part 15
Chapters 33-34 
By Katherine Day
It’s a whole new life for Jane who now seeks to become accepted for who she is in a world that may not be ready for her.
Somehow she finds a way, gaining new strength.

Tragedy of the Spirit part 14 ..... School is in .


I am sure that everyone must remember there high school days, especially the first one. I know I will and let me tell you it was a nice one. Although I had so many emotions running through my head. Fear, being one of them. I also had alot of anxiety and stress upon which I was not expecting.


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