Interconnected stories:

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Interconnected stories:

Jack & Cheshire Storyline:
Story starts in 2009-Present
Never pull on the Tail of a Wolf The introduction of Julia:15 and Gina: 13, Also has the appearance of Don Juan from Spanish Flower in the story. Jack marries his sister-in-law
Never Pull on the tail of a Wolf (revised) Gina’s and Julia’s First Week of School
Cheshire finds a Kitten: Cheshire finds and adopts Tizzy
Tizzy in Paradise Tizzy’s first day in Hawaii and meeting Sher Khan
The New Wolf Pups in The Den (Featuring Haylee, Aylona and Silvia)
The Pup Grows Into A Wolf 1 (Featuring Julia 21 and Gina 19)
The Pup Grows Into A Wolf 2 (Featuring Gina 18)
The Cat and The Wolves (Featuring Tizzy 21, Julia 22 and Gina 20 (7 years later in Hawaii)
Never Anger a Cat and Two Wolves (Tizzy 22, Julia 23 and Gina 21 (1 year after The Cat and The Wolves)
Lonely Child (Arabella 12, Gina 21) Gina adopts Arabella
Learning To Be A Mother (Gina 21, Arabella 12, Arnold 22)
Does Any One Want To Play Chess (Alyona 15, Silvia 13, Arabella 12, Haylee 10)
Thanksgiving For The Bounty Family (Anika, Hatter, Alyona, Silvia, Arabella, Arnold, Christmas, Julia, Gina, Haylee)
Sometimes It Sucks Being the Big Bad Wolf (Julia, Alyona, Gina, Haylee, Arabella, Arnold)
The Hero, The Mouse & The Cheshire (Christina 21, Tizzy 21, Krisha 12, Ikaika 22, Cheshire 52)
Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf (Gina, Jack)

Rebecca and Kat Storyline
Story Starts in 2015-to Present
Being Different isn’t so Bad (introduction of August 15 and Butch 22, Luna makes her first appearance with Blackwell Paranormal Investigation Agency)
The Cat in The Cradle (Introduction of Brittney 15 and Terry 13, Also Kat learns Rebecca is her sister. Same egg donor. Kat and Rebecca get pregnant. First appearance of Morgana)
You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide (Brittney 17, August 17 & married to Butch and Terry 15, the babies are two years old for both Rebecca and Kat. Morgana is working for Anika Jaager in Snow Angel storyline, The Bounty Hunting crew meet Tizzy, Julia and Sphinx )
Takes Place 2018
K&P Services

Blackwell Paranormal Investigation Agency Storyline:
Takes place in 2017
A Pixie Is Born (Luna is found by the Agency and taken back to the United States)
Blackwell Paranormal Investigation Agency Case 1 with Luna

Snow Angel Storyline
Takes place in 2017
Morgana’s history and Gloria’s first appearance
Living in A Mental Hospital (Aylin is 13 years old and ends with her escaping at age 14)
A Mad Hatter Is Born (She appears in Snow Angel Part 4)
Birth of The Street Wraith (Appears in Snow Angel Part 3)

There's A Mouse In The House
Countess Charlotte Basset
Mouse's history

Mole Hunt Storyline
Takes place in 2018
(Mouse 17 years old, Countess Basset 45 years old)
Hatter's Holiday (takes place after Mole Hunt)

The Devil's Chamber Storyline
Takes place in 2018

The Spanish Flower Storyline
Takes place at the sametime as Never pull on the Tail of a Wolf
The Spanish Flower: Renata meets Jack and his family in Chapter 15 and later meets Sasha and members of the Sirens band in Richmond after her honeymoon In Chapter 16.

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