Leave No Stone Unturned

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Special Disclaimer:
This story is a continuation of what took place in Rachel Stone story.

Maia yawns and stretches as she comes walking out of her bedroom in only a camisole and a pair of silk boxers. As she heads towards the kitchen to fix herself a cup of coffee, she notices Warewolf sitting at the dining room table with his computer running some sort of program on it.The cellphones they took from the men who tried to kill Rachel were connected to it.

“You’re up early.” She stops to see what he was doing.

“I never went to bed, last night.” Warewolf looks at Rachel’s roommate.

“You got to be kidding me. You stayed up all night working on this?” Maia couldn’t believe he did that.

“Yes, I’ve been backtracking where these men have been and digging through the data on these phones.” Warewolf was use to pulling long hours.

His other job when he wasn’t out playing mercenary, was working as an independent penetration tester. He owned his own computer security company.

“Did you find out how they learned about Rachel?” Maia knew a little about Rachel’s past.

How at one time, she uses to be a man but got injured when she was in the military. How she seriously hated Isis and was bound and determined to kill as many as she could.

“Unfortunately, they got a hold of classified information from one of our people. They shouldn’t have access to all the information I found so far.” Warewolf looks up at Maia.

Maia was younger than Rachel and kind of cute. She wasn’t what he was looking for in a woman. He preferred his women with more development.

“Did they get it from over here or over there?” Maia was curious.

“Don’t know, but I do know where they live. How familiar are you with this area?” Warewolf looks at Maia.

“I grew up here. So, I know this area and the surrounding towns pretty well. Why are you asking.”

“Because I need someone to take me to this address.” Warewolf shows the address to Maia.

Maia looks at it “I know this area. It's mostly industrial.” Maia has been to the area where the address was.

As the two of them are talking, Warewolf’s laptop screen starts flashing. A picture and report about a guy named Becker Thompson appear.

“Who’s that?” Maia was curious.

“One of the people those Isis member killed. According to this, he was found out in the desert shoot up and his wife is missing.”

As Warewolf is reading the report, the laptop beeps, and a file opens up. Someone had accessed a top military file about a person named Sara
Elizabeth Thompson. A picture pops up on the screen of the woman.

The pictured matched the one Warewolf had gotten off the cellphone. There was another name listed for the person which was Edward
Eugene Brown. According to the record, he had died while on a mission in Iraq.

Warewolf continues to read his service record and which military group he belonged to. He notices the unit name and taps his keyboard to see who else were in the unit, so he could compare names.

He stops when he comes to the name of Katie DeNoon. He knew that name from looking through the cellphones they recovered. He taps in
her name and her address shows up. He uses Goggle maps to see how far her address was from the site of where Sara and her husband were attacked.

He notices that they were at least forty miles from Mrs. DeNoon’s address. He looks at the report which was filed just yesterday. According to the report, only one damage motorcycle had been found. There were blood and the second set of motorcycles tracks that headed off from the crime scene.

Maia was reading over Warewolf’s shoulder. She wonders who this Katie DeNoon person was and why it caught Warewolf’s attention.

“Who is Katie DeNoon?” Maia was curious.

“She’s a former member of the same unit as Rachel and this other person. She’s also the cousin of a retired CIA agent and the younger sister of an LAPD Swat Officer. According to her file, she works as a test pilot for a company called Aero Flight Industries.” Warewolf has heard of them.

“Do you think the woman made it?”

“Yes, she made it. She’s currently at a hospital-owned by Blake medical.”

“Does it say who filed the police report?” Maia was wondering how the police found the body.

“According to the report, a private detective by the name of Cora Black found the motorcycle and Mr. Thompson.”

Warewolf also noticed the second alert had been triggered by a company called Black Angel Protections. They were trying to identify Mrs. Thompson.

“Do you still want me to take you to that address?” Maia wanted her coffee and there was nothing she could do to help with the investigation.

She still wonders why someone wanted to kill Rachel and these other people.

She knew Rachel had asked Patton to watch over her, while she was gone. She received a text from Rachel last night saying she would be back in two days and if she could pick her up at the airport.

“Yeah, let me freshen up some before we go to investigate the address.” Warewolf gets up and walks over to his duffle bag.

“Alright, let me get a cup of coffee going and get dress as well.” Maia heads into the kitchen to brew a cup of coffee and afterward, head to her bedroom and slip on a tight pair of faded blue jeans. She also puts on a t-shirt that had writing on it. It read I have nothing else to wear.

She comes back out into the living room with her coffee cup in her hands and her car keys. She waits for Warewolf to come out of the bathroom. While she is waiting on him, she texts a few friends of hers.

“I’m ready.” Warewolf looked he just stepped out of western with the way he was dressed.

“So, you’re a cowboy at heart?” Maia liked how Warewolf looked.

“Texas-born and breed.” A smile appears on his face.

Maia just smiles at him and starts heading for the front door. Warewolf makes sure the apartment door is locked before they head down to the parking lot and get into Maia’s car. When she starts it up, a smile appears on her face. Rachel got her car all tuned up the first day she moved in with her.

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New players in the story looking forward to see where this goes.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.