Learning What It Means to Be Tammy Beck

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Tammy couldn’t believe Leland’s place in Los Angeles. The house looked to have been recently remodeled. She spotted her gun case and her cabinet of nick-nacks of her hand-blown crystal figurines.

“Well, Tammy, what do you think of your new home?” Leland watched Tammy as she walked around his house. He hopes she likes it.

“I see you had all my stuff brought over from my old place.” Tammy turns around to look at Leland.

“Well, we are mates now and if you want. We can always hold a traditional wedding ceremony if you want to.”

“It might be a good idea. My mother would love to help plan my wedding.” Tammy walks over to Leland and stands close to him.

“So, does that mean I need to meet your folks?” Leland wraps his strong arms around Tammy’s slender waist.

“You bet and I would be careful around my parents. My mother is a retired police officer, and my father is a retired Navy Seal. You know they are going to run a background check on you.” Tammy knew how her parents were.

“That’s fine, they won’t find anything about me.” Leland has been around for a long time and has gone under different names.

“Are you sure?” Tammy looks into Leland’s eyes.

“Yes, sweetie. I am very sure about my background.” Leland squeezes Tammy’s ass cheeks.

“Don’t poke your claws through my new faux leather pants, please.” Tammy has been changing up her style of dress.

She’s been dressing more and more in leather outfits showing off her figure and breasts. She just wishes her breasts weren’t so big. It’s been throwing her fighting style off.

“I’m not going to ruin your tight leather pants, sweetie.” Leland knew how much the pants cost and how much Tammy loved them.

“Thanks.” She kisses him.

Leland returns the kiss and afterward shows Tammy around her new home. She likes how he incorporated her things with his, without making it seem like it was out of place. She loved his kitchen and how well stock it was. Even though she was raised in San Diego, she always went shopping for her groceries. Leland gives her the number to a grocery store he normally orders from because he hated shopping for food.

They spend the rest of the day relaxing and watching a movie together. They order out for pizza, which Leland liked covered in every type of meat. Tammy liked her pizza with a lot of veggies.

The next day, Tammy learns that Leland had a meeting he has been putting off. So, she had the day to herself. Gina was giving everyone a two-week paid vacation. That way, everyone could learn more about themselves and their mates.

The job in Washington D.C. had come to an end. So, now they had some downtime and could spend it with their significant other. Even with her knowing everything about Leland, there were some things she didn’t know about him and wanted to change that. Also, she wanted to see if she could find anyone that knew about Elves and what to expect with her being pregnant. She was still upset with Leland for getting her
pregnant. She wasn’t ready to be a mother, but his cat wanted her to have a child from them.

Since she had the day to herself, she grabs her purse and head to the garage to her new JL Wrangler. She traded in her SUV for the Wrangler. The money she was making working for Gina’s Private Security firm was nice. Not that she had to work at all. Leland had plenty of money from his years of living a long life.

Now she had access to it, but she wanted to make her own money. She didn’t care about how much he had. She gets into her new jeep and head to the nearest street market. She loved fresh produce and freshly butchered meats.

It takes her about thirty minutes to arrive at the street market she looked up. The place had a remarkable good rating. She finds a nice parking space and parks her jeep.

Tammy exits from the jeep, taking her purse with her as she heads towards the market. She couldn’t believe how many vendors there were. She starts looking at the different vendors as she decides what she wants. She picks out some tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and other vegetables.

When she comes to the butcher, she buys a lot of meat. She figures Leland is a big meat eater since he gets his appetite from his tiger form.

“Excuse me, but do you deliver?” Tammy looks at the older gentleman manning the booth.

“Yes, I do ma’am. However, unless you plan on ordering a lot. I’ll have to charge you for delivery.” Alex looks at the young woman standing on the other side of his counter.

“That’s fine. I’m willing to buy half a cow side and about a hundred pounds of steak, ribs, brisket, and about twenty pounds of your freshly made bratwursts.” Tammy watches as the man wrote her order down.

“Would you like some ground chuck and smoke bacon?” Alex wonders what this woman was going to do with all this meat.

“Yes, let’s add fifty pounds of ground chuck and thirty pounds of bacon.” Tammy figures that should do it.

Alex adds up everything and couldn’t believe how much everything came to. He looks at the young woman “that will be three thousand dollars, ma’am.”

Tammy just smiles as she pulls her credit card out and hands it to him. She makes sure to watch him as he adds everything up and runs the card through the card reader. She has never spent so much money on meat before.

Alex accepts the credit card and runs it through the card reader. He notices that the young woman was watching him like a hawk. He makes sure the card reader reads the card and sent the amount to the bank. Once he gets the confirmation. He tears the receipt for her and the other one for her to sign.

“If I could get your signature, ma’am.” Alex puts a pen and the receipt up on the counter.

Tammy looks at it and make sure it was right. She slips her card back into her purse, before signing. She hands the receipt back to the gentleman “here you go, sir.”

“Thank you.” Alex accepts the signed receipt.

“Can I get your address, miss?” Alex takes out his small notebook.

“It’s 3525 Clam Dig Road. It’s about thirty minutes from here.” Tammy timed it on the way to the market.

“What day would you like your meat delivered?” Alex had a few more deliveries going out.

“Tomorrow would be fine. I’ll be home most of the morning.”

“I’ll have my driver call you when he is on his way to you.” Alex figures Harry could handle the delivery.

“Thank you.” Tammy turns and leaves after leaving her phone number.

She continues to explore the market when she comes across a person selling Wiccan materials like athames, charms, bracelets, and other paraphernalia. She loved the feel of the stall and the energies it was giving off. She could tell there were magical energies in the air as they caused goosebumps to form on her arms and legs.

She looks around for the owner and spots a middle-aged woman that looked to be someone’s mother. However, as she looked closer at the woman. The image she was seeing fades away revealing a young woman with lightly tanned skin, with long reddish straight hair and pointed ears. Tammy noticed the woman’s ears were more pointed and longer than her own.

The illusion that the woman was showing everyone showed an older woman who could be someone’s mother. The dress the woman wore, looked plain, but the one she was seeing past the illusion, was nicely made and seemed to shimmer.

Nata watches as a woman with shoulder-length blonde hair dressed in black biker chick leathers comes walking into her stall. She noticed the woman had unusual magical energy feel to her. She tries not to make it obvious that she was observing her. She could also smell the scent of flowers coming off the young woman. She had a nice figure that a normal woman of her build wouldn’t have.

When their eyes met, she was able to tell that this woman was an elf-like her. However, she was a different breed of elf. One that she hasn’t come across before and that was saying a lot. She could also pick up the scent of a Bengal tiger offs her.

“Is there anything I can do for you?” Nata was curious.

“Yes, this might be a little forward of me, but why are you hiding what you are?” Tammy looked at the woman.

“What do you mean?” Nata was surprised that the woman could see through her glamour spell.

“I mean, why are you hiding who you are?” Tammy had stepped a little closer to the woman.

“So, you can see through my glamour?” Nata was surprised at that.

“Yes, I can see what you truly are.” Tammy knew that even she had to hide what she was.

“Interesting. You seem to strike me as someone who is the mate of a Were. Am I right?” Nata could tell from reading Tammy’s aura that she was pregnant as well.

“Yes, I just recently found my mate, or I should say he just recently found me.” Tammy wonders how much she should reveal to this woman.

“So, have you always been like you are, or where you changed into what you are?” Nata could feel that this woman was fairly new.

“I guess I can trust you. My husband changed me when we mated. I already had the gene, but it was dormant in me. When he sent his power into me, it activated it and turned me into what you see.” Tammy had a feeling she could trust this woman.

“Who might your husband be?” Nata's curiosity was piqued.

“Leland Vega.”

“I know Leland. He’s a good man and it’s about time he found his mate. So, do you know how to use the magical energies that come with your nature?”

“To be honest with you. I just know some basic stuff. I could use a teacher to show me what I can or can’t do.”

“Hhhmm….it’s been a while since I have taken on a pupil. If I decide to teach you. You’ll have to do exactly what I tell you to do. Magic isn’t something you want to do half hazard.”

“I understand. I just hate not knowing what I am capable of, because it can be dangerous to me and those around me.” Tammy wanted to learn what she is capable of.

“I think that is a smart way of looking at things. Let me think about it and decide what I want to do. Do you have a card or email address I can get in touch with you?”

“Yes, here’s one of my business cards.” Tammy pulls out one of her business cards that still had the Golden Eagle symbol on it.

Nata accepts the card and puts it in a secret pocket on her dress. She looks at Tammy “let me give you a list of things you’ll need to begin your training.”

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To see what Tammy learns from her new master.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.

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Is the prologue to this?

Damaged people are dangerous
They know they can survive

Great attention getter

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Just hate it when a story grabs my attention and demands I keep reading.

Others have feelings too.