City Rat

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Tonya couldn’t believe Enzo and Anthony tried to rape her. She had gone out on the boat with them because she trusted Anthony. He has never acted as he did towards her, before.

She unlocks the door to the gas station she was living out of. She turns the lights on as she shuts the door behind her and bars it. Most of the gang members that claim this area as theirs, knew better than to break into her place. She tosses her key ring onto her desk and check her mail.

She knew the shit was going to hit the fan when Marcus Antonius finds out. She walks into her bathroom and takes a nice long shower. She shivers as the events of the day finally hit her.

Tonya wonders who the man was that rescued her was. She didn’t know him. She sits down in the shower and just lets the water hit her as she tries to overcome how she was feeling. She stays in the shower until the water turns cold.

She turns the water off, after standing up off the floor. She dries off, before stepping out of the shower and wrapping her shoulder-length hair in the towel. She walks into her bedroom and slips on a pair of men’s boxers and an oversize white tank top on.

As she removes the towel covering her head, Tonya debates if she wants to cook something for dinner or order tonight. She checks her petty cash box and notices she has sixty dollars inside. She stands there for a few minutes thinking and decides to call Big Al’s rib shack a couple of blocks away from her.

Tonya uses the old landline phone she found in the old gas station and dials Big Al’s. After a few seconds, the call connects “This is Tonya Webb and I would like to place an order for delivery.”

“What’s your address, ma’am?” Brenda was on phone duty and answered the phone.

“2316 Berry Sweet Street, the old Dino gas station.”

“What can I do for you, ma’am?” Brenda grabs her pencil.

“I would like to order the pull pork barbecue, with onion rings and collard greens, for delivery.”

“Do you want coleslaw on your sandwich, ma’am?”

“Yes, please.” Tonya liked her bbq sandwich with coleslaw on it.

“What would you like to drink?”

“A large sweet tea, please.” Tonya grabs fifteen dollars from the petty cash box.

“That will be seven, fifty-seven with a three-dollar delivery fee.”

“That’s fine.” Tonya figures it was going to be expensive.

“Your delivery time is fifteen minutes, ma’am.”

“That’s fine.”

“Your total comes to ten, fifty-seven.” Brenda writes the order up and puts it on the meal wheel to fill.

“I’ll see your delivery guy in fifteen minutes.” Tonya ends the phone call and hangs up.

She sits down in her computer chair and checks her emails. She notices that she had over a hundred emails.

“I need to fix my filters better.” She scrolls through the list of emails she had.

She reduces them down to people she knows or has been waiting to hear from. Tonya grabs a few gummy bears from her jar and starts reading the emails. A few of them were advertisements for items she buys online and a few were emails from some of her friends.

One of them was from the only man she would ever call a father. It was Detective Castle from New York. She starts reading the email and a smile appears on her face. What he wrote was so corny, but she loved and missed him a lot. She had to leave New York, because of certain
circumstances that came up.

Tonya wipes the tears leaking from her eyes as she finishes reading the email. She grabs a tissue and blows her nose. She reads a few more emails and after a while, the doorbell she installed outside starts to ring. She looks over at the monitor sitting on her desk to see who was at the door and saw the delivery girl for Big Al’s outside the front door.

She grabs the keys for the front door and opens it. Tonya looks at the young lady standing there with her food.

“Here you go, ma’am.” As Tonya hands over fifteen dollars to the driver.

Amber accepts the money and she goes on to make a change.

“Keep the change.” Tonya smiles at her.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Tonya watches as the driver gets back into her car and drives off.

Once the driver was gone, Tonya shuts the front door and walks over to her sofa, and sit down. She picks the remote up and turn the television on and watch Chicago Fire since it was on. While she watches television, Tonya eats her food.

Anton’s Office:
Anton downloads the pictures he took of the two men and the young woman. The guy that was killed by the young woman was named Enzo Bianchi. He was from Italy and part of the Sicilian Mafia where he was an enforcer.

Since he has been in the United States, he has been working for another mafia family out of Florida. He knew the mafia family from Florida had been trying to cut into the business up here in the north. Also, according to Mr. Bianchi’s record. He was wanted on five counts of rape, six counts of physical assaults, and two counts of illegal drug possession.

The other gentleman Anthony ‘The Plumber’ Perrino. He was born here in the United States in Manhattan, New York. His father was serving time in Sing Sing Correctional Facility. Anthony was an enforcer as well and was part of the S.P.Q.R. family. He was wanted for 12 counts of assault, 4 counts of loan sharking, and was a suspect in three unsolved murders.

As for Tonya Webb, she was a runaway and born in Newark, New Jersey. Her father was killed in a drive-by shooting. Her mother abused her and sent her to the hospital four times. She was sexually assaulted by her second foster father. Her police record was filled with a bunch of minor offenses and a couple of breaking and entering charges. She has been seen with the leader of the S.P.Q.R. and has been seen coming and going from his residence as if she lived there.

She has also been seen with the local Yakuza leader as well. According to the FBI record about her, she comes and goes from his private residence. She’s not part of the Yakuza, but they can’t act against her.

Anton wonders why she can come and go from the leaders of two different criminal organizations. He did notice that she had four bullet wounds on her chest.

There was another report where she got shot protecting Detective Joey Castle of the NYPD Special Gang Unit. According to the report, she took a bullet meant for him.

Anton leans back in his office chair and looks at all three people on his computer screen.

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