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Arya wipes the sweat away from his forehead as he picks up litter around the community pool area. He would love to go swimming. He admires the girls in their swimsuits. He loved how the swimsuits looked on them and wish he could wear one. He has always loved women's clothing, especially some of the more revealing and sexy lingerie women had available to them. He hated being a male.

He was skinny and small-looking. His voice sounded feminine, and his body had some curves to it. On top of that, he was developing breasts like a girl. His foster father said he looked and acted like a girl. When he first came to live with his foster parents, he thought he would finally have a family that loved him.

His real parents had been abusive towards him and used drugs a lot. They also let him go hungry a lot. It wasn’t until he started to steal cans of food and candy from the local convenience store near the run-down house his parents had been squatting in. That Social Services took him away from his parents.

He lived in a group home for boys for almost two years. He liked to play and collect Barbie dolls and baby dolls. He got picked on because he liked Barbie dolls and because of his looks and demeanor. He continues to watch the kids and adults as they enjoyed themselves.

After a while, he goes back to picking up litter. When he finishes, he heads back to the maintenance office to see what else his boss has for him. His boss was a nice person and always took the time to show him how to do things. He never said anything about his looks or his voice.

He walks into the main office and just stands there enjoying the cold air. It felt so nice, after being outside for the past few hours.

"Enjoying the cold air, Arya?” Bruce looks at Arya and noticed how sweat-soaked Arya’s t-shirt was.

He also notices that Arya’s chest was the same shape as his oldest daughter's. He could see the outline of a pair of nicely formed breasts.

“Yes sir. It’s hot and humid outside.” Arya walks over to the mini refrigerator in the office and grabs a cold bottle of water.

“Arya, I don’t mean to pry. But shouldn’t you be wearing a bra to support your breasts?”

“My father says only girls are supposed to wear bras. He won’t let me wear one or anything that resembles female undergarments at all.” Arya wishes he could because at times he felt uncomfortable with people looking at his chest.

The past few months his chest has been getting bigger and bigger. He has always felt his breasts developing, but just recently they were growing more. He didn’t know how big he was, but he knew he was bigger than some of the girls in his class.

“What does your mother say?” Bruce was curious about her opinion.

“She agrees with my father. She thinks I should just wear bigger shirts to hide the fact that I’m developing breasts.”

“How can they think like that? Don’t they see you have the body of a girl?” Bruce couldn’t believe how Arya looked.

He had nice long light brown hair, a curvy body, and a cute heart-shaped face. Sure, Arya was only 4’11” tall and had a slim build to his body.
Most of the guys, including himself, thought Arya was female until they saw him pee standing up. The thing was, his penis was so small, Arya had to stretch it out to use it.

“I don’t know, but it’s embarrassing having the body of a girl. I get picked on and teased a lot in school. Even some of the teachers tease me because of my looks.” Arya hated school and the teachers that taught at his high school.

He was happy that they were on summer break right now. He didn’t have to face the bullies he had to when he was in school.

“Why don’t you take the rest of the day off and go swimming.” Bruce figures he would be nice to Arya.

“Thanks, but I don’t know how to swim or own a swimsuit either.”

“What? Everybody knows how to swim around here.” Bruce was surprised Arya didn’t know how to swim.

“My parents never taught me or let me take swim lessons. When my high school was offering swim lessons to us. My parents never let me
sign up for it. They figure I had no reason to learn.” Arya wanted to learn. He liked the water.

“But don’t your parents own a boat?” Bruce knew Arya's parents owned a nice speed boat.

“Yes, but after I threw up on it the first few times I went out on the water. They don’t take me with them anymore when they go boating.” Arya knew that was where his parents and his two younger brothers were right now. Out on the water.

“Well, I’m giving you the rest of the day off. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” Bruce figures Arya has earned the time off.

“Okay and thanks, Bruce.” Arya gets his mountain bike and pedals towards his house.

Most of the time his parents and siblings weren’t home anyway. They were either practicing after school or out doing something. He was normally left by himself since he wasn’t into sports or in any clubs.

He wanted to join the drama club, but his parents said no. They told him he should choose something that would help him out later in life. He was sweating like a pig by the time he got home.

He puts his bicycle in the garage and heads inside. The house was nice and cool. He heads upstairs to his bedroom and strips out of his work clothes. Since no one was home. He walks into his parents’ bedroom and over towards the dresser drawer where his mother keeps her undergarments.

He pulls one of her bras out and notices it was bigger than his breasts. He looks at the tag on the bra to see how big the cups were and notices his mothers were 36DD. He sets the bra aside and pulls out a pair of her panties and tries them on. They were big on him and according to the size printed on them, they were a size 5. He looks through a few more of his mom’s panties and discovered she either wore a size 5 or a size 6.

He straightens her underwear drawer up and takes three pairs with him. He wishes he could wear one of her bra’s but they were too big on him. Before he leaves his parents’ bedroom, he looks through his mother’s collection of bikinis she had. He finds a pair he might be able to wear. They were the tie type, and it should fit him. They were buried at the bottom of his mother’s things.

He heads into the bathroom and puts the bikini on. It was a little big on him, but he manages to tie it tight enough. Arya steps into the shower and gets the water going as he steps under it. It felt weird wearing the bikini in the shower, but right somehow as well. He wonders what it would feel like to swim in one.

After he takes a shower, he heads to his bedroom and gets dress. He knew he had to be careful about his mother’s bikini. He rinses it out and tosses it in the washer with his dirty laundry. He’ll wash it with his dirty clothes.

Once the washer was going, he gets to dress in some cooler clothes, while wearing a pair of his mother’s panties. He had some money from his first paycheck. He grabs his bank card and heads downstairs to his bicycle.

The outdoor mall wasn’t too far from his house. Arya pedals to it to buy a bra to wear and maybe a few articles of clothing as well. He knew that the people at Lane Bryant didn’t mind measuring a woman to help them pick out the right bra. So, he heads to Lane Bryant first to have his chest measured and buy his first bra.

When he arrives at Lane Bryant, he chains his bicycle to a support column. He looks inside the store through the big glass windows and only two women were working. They weren’t busy at all. All they were doing were straightening up the merchandise. He takes a deep breath and walks inside the place. He was feeling nervous as he heads towards one of the saleswomen.

Debbie was busy straightening up a display of new blouses when she hears the door opens. She spots a young teenage girl comes walking in, wearing a pair of faded blue jeans and a dark gray t-shirt that looked to be kind of baggy on her slim frame.

“Hi, how can I help you today, miss?”

“I was wondering if you could help select the proper bra for me to wear, ma’am.” Arya was feeling a little nervous standing in front of the woman.

She looked to be about her mother’s age and had short blonde hair. Arya noticed the woman was a little plump but still had a nice figure on her.

“Well, have you ever been measured for a bra before?”

“No ma’am.” Arya saw that the woman’s name was Debbie on her name tag.

Debbie could tell the poor girl was nervous. She wonders if she was wearing a bra under the large t-shirt.

“Let me get my tape measure and we can step into one of these booths and measure you.” Debbie points towards the three booths on the right-hand side of the store.

“Okay.” Arya watches as Debbie steps to where the cash register was.

He notices the other woman was bring out a clothes cart filled with skirts and dresses. He saw one dress that looked nice. He wonders how much it cost.

“Okay, if you’ll step into one of the booths, I’ll measure you.” Debbie motions to the middle booth.

Arya steps into the booth, followed by Debbie. He was surprised the booth was big enough for both of them.

“Now, take your shirt off please.” Debbie had her tape measure in her hands.

Arya nervously takes his t-shirt off, showing two perfectly formed round breasts. He had a silver dollar size areola and medium size nipples.

“You know young lady, you should be wearing a bra with breasts as big as these.” Debbie puts the tape measure under Arya’s breasts to get her first measure.

She notices that Arya had a thirty-four-inch chest. She moves the tape measure up and over Arya’s breasts. She calculates the difference between the two measurements. She double-checks her measurements to make sure it was correct.

“Well young lady, you will need a 34D cup bra. Would you like for me to measure your waist and hips?” Debbie wonders what her hips and waist were.

“Yes, please.” Debbie wonders what her waist and hips were.

Debbie wraps the tape measure around the young girl’s waist. She moves the tape measure down and measures her hips.

“You have a twenty-two-inch waist and thirty-five-inch hips.”

“Is that big?” Arya was curious.

“For a girl your size and build, not really. Most women would kill to have your body measurements.” Debbie missed her old body.

“Can you help me select the right bras and a few outfits, please?” Arya had no idea how to shop for women’s clothing.

“I would be happy to help you, sweetie. Let me go and grab a few items and I’ll bring them in here to you.”

“Thank you, Debbie.” Arya watches as Debbie steps out of the dressing booth.

Arya shivers when he feels the A/C kick on. He was still stumped on why his body was developing like a girl, instead of a boy? He wonders if it had to do with how small his one testicle is. He didn’t get erections like his brothers or the other boys in his school. He also had to stretch his penis out to pee, because if he didn’t. He would pee on himself.

“Here we go, ma’am.” Debbie puts a few nice bras, dresses, skirts, and blouses in the booth for Arya to try on.

Arya hangs them on the hook in the booth. He looks at the bra and wonders how you’re supposed to wear it.

“Can you show me how to wear this bra the right way?” Arya holds up a nice white lacey bra.

A smirk appears on Debbie’s face “no problem, ma’am.”

Debbie shows Arya how to put the bra on the right way and how to adjust it so it supported her big breasts. She makes sure everything was adjusted right.

“How does that feel? Does it take the weight off your back?”

“Yes ma’am.” Arya noticed right away how the bra supported his breasts and took some of the weight off his back.

“Good. Do you know how to wear the other items?” Debbie was curious about Arya.

“Yes ma’am. I’ll try everything on to see how they fit.”

“Okay, if you need any help, let me know.”

“Thank you, Debbie. I’m Arya by the way.” Arya holds his hand out to Debbie.

“It’s nice to meet you, Arya.” Debbie shakes Arya’s hand.

She releases after a few seconds and steps out of the dressing booth. She shuts the doors behind her, to give Arya some privacy. She wonders why Arya’s mother never taught her anything about wearing and picking out a bra.

Arya spends the next hour or so trying on different bras, panties, and clothes. By the time he was ready to leave, he had bought at least two hundred dollars of clothes. Debbie gave him a 20% off membership card as a reward.

“Thanks, Debbie.” Arya walks out to his bicycle with his purchases.

There was one more place he wanted to visit. There was a Roses store in the outside mall. It was the only one in town. When he goes in, he
leaves his bags from Lane Bryant at the service desk. He spotted the women’s clothing right away and went over to it. There were several one-piece swimsuits on clearance that were in his size. He buys several of them and a few bikinis that were on sale as well. He also buys a few beach bags and towels. He saw a sign in the window of the YMCA that they were offering swim lessons with membership.

He ends up spending another fifty dollars on clothing. He had purchased some more women's panties, socks, and a few odds and ends. Instead of a purse, he purchased a small backpack instead.

By the time he got home, he had a lot of purchases in his hands. He had to be careful on his bicycle with them. While he was out he joined the YMCA as well. He wanted to learn how to swim.

By the time he got home, no one was there yet, and it was seven o’clock in the evening. He wonders where his parents and brothers were. He puts his bicycle away and takes his purchases up to his bedroom. He wasn’t looking forward to telling his parents that he was going to start dressing like a girl. He didn’t care if they liked it or not. He couldn’t deny the fact that he was turning into a girl.

Arya pulls out his cellphone and dials Papa Juno’s pizzeria. He orders a large Supreme pizza with bacon and sausage on it. He wasn’t a big pepperoni type of person. Afterward, he goes upstairs and changes out of the clothes he had on. He puts on a pair of loose shorts and one of the large t-shirts he owns. He leaves the bra on that he bought. One to get used to wearing one and the fact it helped support his breasts.

When Arya goes to answer the door for the pizza, he notices the driver was a girl he knew from school. He was surprised to see her delivering pizza “hey, Rebecca. I didn’t know you were a delivery driver.”

Rebecca was surprised when the door opens at the house she had gone to. She was even more surprised to spot Arya standing on the other side of the door.

“Yeah, I got a part-time job delivering pizzas for Papa Juno. What have you been doing your vocation?”

“I have a part-time job as well. I do lawn maintenance up at Crown apartments.” Arya hasn’t seen Rebecca since the summer break. She was on the school’s cheer leading squad.

“I bet you’re out in the sun a lot.”

“Yeah, but I have a good boss. He looks after us and supplies us with bottled water. He doesn’t want us passing out from heatstroke.” Arya liked his boss.

“Are you home alone?” Rebecca didn’t hear anyone else in the house.

“Yeah, it’s just me like normal. Well, it’s been nice talking to you.” Arya pulls a five-dollar bill out and hands it to Rebecca. He always tries to give twice the normal tip to people.

Rebecca accepts the tip and hands the pizza to Arya. She stuffs it into her pants pocket. “Here you go and thanks, Arya.”

“You’re welcome, Rebecca. Be careful out there.”

“I will.” Rebecca turns and walks back to her car.

Arya watches as she walks away. He’ll have to start learning how to walk like a girl. He knew there was a certain way their hips moved with each step. He closes the front door and heads back into the living room to continue watching his favorite movie. He was watching Suicide Squad and planned on watching Suicide Squad 2 afterward.

By the end of Suicide Squad one, his parents and siblings come walking into the house. It's a quarter past nine.

“Go upstairs and get ready for bed guys.” Tony watches as his two youngest boys head upstairs.

Mary walks into the living room and spots her oldest child watching a movie. She notices that there was an empty pizza box and a half-filled soda bottle on the living room table in front of the sofa.

“You looked like you had a little party, Arya.” She looks at Arya as he laid curled up on the sofa.

“You guys weren’t home, and I got hungry. Mom, there is something I need to tell you and dad.” Arya looks at his mother.

“Sweetie, can it wait until tomorrow, please? Your father and I are tired and ready to pass out.” Mary was ready to go to bed right now.

“I guess so.” Arya looked relieved and disappointed as well.

“Thanks, sweetie. Don’t stay up too late. You have work tomorrow.” Mary walks over and places a kiss on Arya’s forehead.

Arya watches as his mother walks off and heads upstairs to her bedroom. He was ready to tell his mother and father what he was planning on doing but was sort of glad that he hadn’t. He makes himself comfortable again and continues watching Suicide Squad 2.

He falls asleep by the time the movie ends. He ends up sleeping on the sofa for the night. His cellphone was sitting on the table next to the empty pizza box.

When morning comes, Arya is woken up by the alarm clock from his cellphone. He stretches as he reaches for it. He manages to turn it off. He picks the blanket and his pillow up and takes them upstairs to his bedroom.

He changes out of his night clothes but leaves his new bra on. He freshens up and gets dress for work. A smile appears on his face because his boss was going to be surprised with him wearing a bra finally. Instead of wearing a full t-shirt like he normally does, he puts on one of the tank tops he bought yesterday.

He also puts on a pair of shorts he bought to go with the tank top. He puts his hair into a ponytail and his baseball cap. His ponytail hung out of the back of the cap. He squirts some of the perfume one of the salesgirls managed to sell him. It had a nice subtle flowery scent to it.

He looks at himself in the mirror and wishes he had picked up some make-up as well. He did pick up some lipstick. It was a nice pale color. He applies it like he has seen his mother do.

It improved his lips better. A smile appears on his face as he gets uses to looking like a girl. His long legs were lightly tanned, along with his arms. He grabs the backpack he bought yesterday and filled with his new wallet, keys, charging cord, and other odds and ends he read he should carry with him.

He also stuffs his new bathing suit and towel into an old gym bag. The swim class started today. Arya heads back downstairs and cleans up his mess in the living room. He grabs a sausage biscuit out of the freezer and heats it.

He leaves a note on the refrigerator informing his parents he has swim class and won’t be home till after seven. He nearly chokes on his biscuit as he scarfs it down. He runs out to the garage and mounts his bicycle and heads to work.

Bruce notices something different about Arya when he arrives for work. He watches Arya as he dismounts his bicycle and secures it to the outside bike rack.

“You have changed.” Bruce couldn’t believe how much more Arya looked like a girl today.

“I took your advice and went out and bought myself a bra. You wouldn’t believe how much comfortable my chest feels having them supported.”
Arya noticed that after putting the bra on.

“Is that all you changed?” Bruce liked how Arya was dressed as well.

“Nope, I decided to change how I dress and look. Is that okay?” Arya looks at his boss.

“It’s fine. You might want to put some suntan lotion on your shoulders. They are going to get burnt because you have fair skin.”

Thanks, Bruce.” Arya takes out some lotion and puts it on his shoulders.

Afterward, he puts the bottle back in his backpack. He puts his backpack in a safe place, while he works.

“So, what is on the agenda for today?” Arya looks at his boss.

“I’m sending you and Frank over to section 3 to edge and trim the bushes. Take golf cart number four.”

“Okay, boss.” Arya just smiles at Bruce and turns around and walks off.

He loads golf cart four up with everything they were going to need. He waits for Frank to arrive, before heading over to section 3. He spots
Frank walking into the maintenance garage “hey Frank, we got section 3 today to edge and trim.”

Frank looks over towards Arya and couldn’t believe how different he looked. He looked so girly today. He clocks in and walks over to Arya
“have you gone full-blown girl on us?”

“I figure if I’m going to develop like a girl. I should start dressing and acting like one. Besides, it gives you guys some eye candy to look at, while we're working.” Arya winks at Frank.

“Don’t flatter yourself, Arya. I’m happily married and have four kids. I can’t mess around with anyone.” Frank gets in on the driver's side of the cart.

“Hey, I wanted to drive.” Arya gets in on the passenger side.

“When you get your learners permit, we’ll talk about you driving these carts.” Frank heads towards section 3 of the property.

The first half of the morning, frank and Arya work their asses off trimming and edging. Arya was glad he didn’t have on a lot of make-up. It would have come off after all the sweating he was doing. He could feel his shoulders burning from being exposed.

“Man, it’s hotter out here today, than it was yesterday.” Arya gulps down some cold water from the water bottle.

“You’re telling me.” Frank had soaked his t-shirt several times to cool off.

Arya places his cold-water bottle against his forehead. He had moved to stand under some shade, but it wasn’t helping.

“What time is it?” Frank looks at Arya.

Arya pulls his cellphone out and checks the time. He notices it was close to lunch.

“It’s almost lunchtime.” Arya puts his cellphone back in his pocket.

“Let’s break for lunch.” Frank walks over and gets into the cart.

Arya follows behind him. He made sure none of their equipment was left behind.

“What did you bring for lunch, Arya?”

“Home-made tuna fish sandwich. My mother makes the best.” Arya likes his mother’s tuna fish sandwich.

“That reminds me. Never accept a tuna fish sandwich from Mrs. Glover over in 3B. Rumor has it, she uses tuna flavored cat food to make it.”

“Yuck! Is she trying to kill people?” Arya couldn’t believe someone would use cat food to make sandwiches.

“Don’t know but be careful about accepting anything from her.” Frank knew they had some sick people in the apartment complex they worked at.

When they get back to the maintenance garage, Arya goes get his brown bag out of his backpack. He grabs cold bottled water out of the little refrigerator and eats inside the garage. It was cooler in there than it was outside.

After lunch, Arya and Frank get back to work. Bruce finds them later in the afternoon and sends them home early again. It was just too hot to work outside. Arya was thankful and was looking forward to the swim lesson.

He peddles over to the YMCA and secures his bicycle under some shade. When he goes to check-in, the young man at the front desk instructs him to use the family dressing room to change. Arya didn’t mind, because he wasn’t sure which one, he should use.

Arya puts his gym bag on the bench in the middle of the room and starts changing into his new swimsuit. While he is changing into his swimsuit. Another woman comes walking into the locker room and over to the area he was. When that person starts changing, Arya was surprised to learn the person had a huge penis. He had never seen an actual shemale before.

The person was taller than he was and had smaller breasts. They also had a lot of different tattoos on their body. Some of them were exotic and some told a story.

Jessie saw a young teenage girl in the locker room when she went in to change. She was curious why a natural-looking girl was in the locker room when she saw that the person wasn’t one hundred percent female. They had natural-looking breasts, but down in their groin area, the person barely had a penis. It was bigger than an enlarged clitoris, but the size of a baby penis.

“You must be new here?” Jessie looks at Arya as she got dressed.

“Yes ma’am. I’m taking swimming lessons. If you don’t mind me asking, how do you hide something like that?” Arya points towards Jessie’s

“Well, I tuck it away, so you don’t see it.” Jessie didn’t mind explaining things to the new girl.

“You tuck it away?” Arya wonders how you tuck something so big away.

“Yes, you tuck it.” Jessie starts tucking her penis away.

“Ouch! That has to hurt.” Arya figures it had to hurt being bent like that.

“Sometimes, it does. But I’m used to it by now. If you don’t mind me asking, are your breasts real?” Jessie figured they were but wanted to make sure.

“Unfortunately, yes. I started growing them when I was just eleven years old. At first, they weren’t as big as they are now. It seems that over the past few years and weeks they have gotten bigger. I wish they would stop growing.” Arya hopes the size they are now, was it.

“You should count yourself lucky. I know a few women like me that would love to have your size.”

“How do you do that? I thought men don’t develop breasts.” Arya only knew a little bit about human growth.

“Normal men don’t. However, if you take a large amount of estrogen, your body will start changing. Your body must be producing estrogen on its own.”

“Wouldn’t that mean I would have female organs inside me?” Arya was curious because it wasn’t a subject that came up at home.

“Yes. It is possible to be born with female organs and male organs, but normally one or the other determines what you will become.” Jessie only knew a handful of people like this girl.

“I didn’t know that.” Arya grabs her towel.

“I didn’t either until I decided to be true to myself.” Jessie hated that she ruined her wife’s life and been false to herself.

“Arya wonders what the woman was referring to. Well, it’s been nice talking with you.”

“If you want to know more, we can meet after your swim class.” Jessie didn’t mind answering questions and learning more from the young girl.

“Okay, I’ll see you after class.” Arya rushes out of the locker room and to the pool area.

For the next thirty minutes, Arya learns the basics of swimming. According to her instructor, they are taught in thirty minutes intervals. She sticks around after class to practice some more. When she spots Jessie getting out and heading to the locker room, she follows her.

Jessie spots the young girl she spoke to earlier following her into the locker room. She enjoyed the laps she did in the water.

“How was your lesson?” Jessie dries her hair.

“Too short, but I stayed afterward and practice what we were taught.” Arya dries her hair and body off.

“I’m surprised you don’t know how to swim.” Jessie looks at the young girl.

“I was never taught by my parents. They care more about my younger brothers than they do me.” Arya knew that was the truth. Where she was adopted, they were her parent’s natural-born children.

Sure, it hurt sometimes when they ignore her and paid more attention to her siblings. Sometimes she wonders why they even adopted her.
Still, she couldn’t fault them for loving their flesh and blood more than her.

“That’s too bad. It's fun to do. So, what are your plans now?” Jessie had to meet up with his boyfriend after he leaves the YMCA.

“Head home and talk to my parents about a matter.” Arya was getting dress as she talked with the woman.

“That sound onium.” Jessie wonders what it could be.

“I just hope they take it the right way.” Arya finishes dressing and looks at the woman.

“Well, I hope things go well for you. By the way, my name is Jessie Fairbanks.”

“Arya White. Will you be up here tomorrow around this time, Jessie?” Arya wanted to talk more with Jessie.

“I’ll be here.”

“Cool, well wish me luck.” Arya walks out of the locker room.

It takes Arya very little time to peddle home. She was still energized from her swim lesson. When she pulls up into the driveway, she notices both her parent’s cars were there. She parks her bicycle in the garage and heads inside the house.

She finds her parents in the living room watching the news station. She walks over and turns the television off.

“You better have a good explanation for doing that Arya.” Kevin looks at his oldest son.

“There is, mom and dad. For a while now, I’ve been telling you my chest has been getting bigger and bigger and all you guys told me to do is wear bigger t-shirts. Well, that isn’t doing it anymore. My boss noticed I have female breasts.”

“That’s impossible for you to have, Arya. You were born a boy.” Kevin looks right at Arya with a stubborn look on his face.

“A boy that is growing breasts almost as big as moms. I also have the figure of a young girl and a penis so small that I have to stretch it out to pee standing up, because if I don’t. I’ll end up peeing all over myself, dad. I don’t know why my body is developing like it is, but I have nothing that defines me as being a boy, except a piece of flesh between my legs and a testicle that is so small, that it is useless.”

Mary looks at Arya and could see that she was right. Her chest was almost as big as her own and she had curves where she shouldn’t.

“So, are you going to start dressing as a girl now?” Kevin looks at Arya when says that.

“Yes sir. I have no other choice. My body is already making the choice for me. I went out yesterday and bought my bra because my chest was
hurting me.” Arya lifts her tank top to show her parents.

“Arya, pull your tank top down, please. Young girls don’t go around flashing their breasts at their parents.” Mary wasn’t about to let Arya develop bad habits.

“Sorry, mom.” Arya tucks her tank top back into her shorts.

Kevin just looks at Arya and didn’t know what he should say or do. He had seen how her body was changing but didn’t believe it.

“You do know, we’ll have to adjust the rules on you, young lady.” Mary didn’t know what to think, but Arya was her child.

“What do you mean?” Arya was confused by her mother’s statement.

“Well, for one thing. I expect you to help me around the house more and babysit your brothers. Also, you’ll have a curfew from now on. As a boy, we weren’t to worry about how late you stayed out. However, as a girl, things are a little bit more complex. Also, I have to approve what you wear or don’t wear. I won’t have you looking like a slut or hooker young lady.” Mary was going to make sure Arya was dressed like a proper young girl.

“What are we going to do about her gym classes?” Kevin looks at his wife.

“The school is just going to have to adjust to her. She looks like any normal sixteen-year-old girl.” Mary looks at her husband.

“I’ll still have problems with a few teachers and the bullies at school.” Arya hated the ones that pick on her.

“If you have to Arya, kick them or punch them in their manhood. As for the teachers who bully you, record them and report them to the
principal. If he doesn’t do anything to stop it. We’ll go to the school board.” Kevin wasn’t going to have his children picked on by adults hired to protect them.

“It looks like I’m going to have to go out and get you some bras, panties, and such now.” Mary couldn’t believe she has a girl now.

“Already done, mom. I went out yesterday and bought what I needed with money from my bank account. That’s how I got the bra I’m wearing right now.”

A surprising look appears on Mary’s face. She wonders if her daughter got the right size “how did you figure out what your measurements were?”

“One of the salesladies up at Lane Bryant measured me. She said my measurements are 34D-22-35. I wear a size 2 in panties and an XXS in blue jeans and such. I think that is what she said.”

“Well, we will go out sometime and get you an outfit or two for school. What is this about you taking swimming lessons?” Mary saw the note Arya left.

“The YMCA is offering swim lessons and I decided to take them.”

“You never told us you wanted swimming lessons.” Kevin looks at Arya.

“Yes, I did, dad. My school was offering swim lessons, but you and mom said I didn’t need to learn how. Instead, you enrolled Terry into soccer
summer camp that year.”

“We’re a sorry sweetie. If we had known how much it meant to you. We would have found a way to let you take swimming lessons.” Mary remembered that request. They were so strapped for cash that year, because of all the repairs to the car and past due bills.

“What does your boss think of you dressing like a girl?” Kevin knew Bruce really well.

“He’s the one that sort of pushed me towards the idea. He saw how big my chest was and asked why I wasn’t wearing a bra.”

Kevin just smirks. He could understand how Bruce would question Arya about that. He had a daughter that was almost as developed as Arya was.

“Well, young lady. Go upstairs and take a shower. I’ll be up in a little while to teach you how to properly take care of your body.” Mary figures she better shows Arya how to shave her armpits, legs and trim her groin area.

“Yes ma’am.” Arya turns around and heads upstairs.

“It looks like we have a daughter now.” Kevin looks at Mary when he says that.

“You better get the shotgun out and display it.” A smile appears on Mary’s face when she says that. Her father had done that when she started dating.

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A very intresting new story

Samantha Heart's picture

They kind of Neglected Arya, but looks like things might just improve.... I hope.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.

I Dunno

About Dear Ol' Dad. He did quite a turnaround from what Arya related earlier. Mom isn't far behind, either. Her memory seems a little selective also.

And I've never seen Arya as a boy's name either, although it might be used that way in other parts of the country.

Again, I dunno. If god(s) actually existed, he/she would make a mean practical joker!

"Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”
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