The Merimaid Incident

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Craig glances wistfully out at the pool in the backyard of his Aunt’s place. He had agreed to come over and help clean out her garage. In exchange, she was going to pay him for completing the job. He was trying to make enough money to buy a new computer. So, far he has half of what he needed. If he managed to finish cleaning the garage, he will have three-quarters of what he needed.

He wipes the sweat out of his eyes. He so wanted to take a dip in the pool right now. It was a hundred and two degrees outside with the humidity added in. He grabs some water from the water hose and goes back to work cleaning the garage. By 2:00 pm, he was done with cleaning out the garage. He looks out at the water and decided it wouldn’t hurt to go swimming. His aunt wouldn’t be home till 6:00 pm. He heads inside the house and up to his cousin’s bedroom. He has spent enough nights over to know where she kept her swimsuits in her dresser.

He strips out of his sticky, smelly, sweat-soaked shirt, underwear and blue jeans. He puts his cousin’s only one-piece swimsuit on. It was the only one-piece suit she still had left that would fit his slim, short body. She was into wearing bikini’s and thong swimsuits since her breast started growing. He was shorter than his cousin and had longer hair then she did. She had gotten a pixie cut just before summer started because she hated having long hair.

He loved having long hair because it hid his ears. He undoes the ponytail he had it tied in and grabs a beach towel and suntan lotion from his aunt’s bedroom. He heads down to the pool and leaves the towel and suntan chair in a nearby lounger. He dives into the pool and swims underwater to the other side. When he comes up for air, he shivers from the cold water hitting his warm skin.

He turns around and swims to the other end of the pool. For the next hour-n-half, he does several laps in the pool. He was on the swim team last year and was thinking about rejoining this year. His favorite stroke was freestyle. He was pretty good at doing the breaststroke. He had come up from being the very last in the region to take the number fifteenth spot among all the schools. He took the number eighth spot for freestyle.

Once he starts getting tired of swimming, he climbs out and lays down on the lounge chair, after putting some suntan lotion on. He puts his earbuds in and listens to music on his iPhone. He didn’t care if he burned having the outline of his cousin’s swimsuit. He slowly falls asleep listening to his iPhone. He had worked his butt off cleaning the garage out and now he was tired from swimming.

Aunt Anne:
Anne had left early in the morning after her nephew had shown up to clean her garage out. She didn’t mind him being at the house all by himself. After all, he was almost sixteen years old and showed a lot of maturity for his age. As she is about to pull up in the driveway, she spots the trash can with several bags sitting at the curb ready for pick-up. She also spotted the recycling can fill to the brim.

As she pulled the car fully up the driveway towards the garage. She spots several cardboard boxes taped and marked that were to be picked up by the purple heart foundation. Everything was as she instructed him to do. She peeks into the garage and sees that she could finally pull her car into the garage.

She heads into the house and wonders where he was. His scooter was still parked outside. She looks around the house and finds his dirty clothes laying on the floor in her daughter’s bedroom. She walks across the hall to the Master bedroom and sees a figure with light brown hair in a neon aqua blue one-piece swimsuit laying on one of the loungers. She heads downstairs and out to the pool. She walks over towards the form laying on the lounge and notices it was her nephew. She never noticed before. How much he looks like her younger sister at his age. She knew he had let his hair grow out, because of his ears. He didn’t like how his ears looked. It was the one trait he had inherited from his father.
The rest of his body he got from his mother. He inherited her short stature, slim figure and appearance. She couldn’t spot an ounce of fat on him at all. She could see he was starting to develop curves like a girl. He looked so much like her daughter when she was twelve years old.

She could tell he has been outside for a while from the redness of his skin. He had fair skin like her and his mother.

“Craig, sweetie. You need to wake-up.” She gently shakes his left shoulder.

Craig felt his shoulder being shaken. He slowly opens his eyes and notices that his aunt was standing next to him. He sits up real fast, almost falls out of the lounger. He forgot he was still wearing his cousin’s swimsuit.

“Come on in and rinse off Craig. I’ll lay out some clothes for you to wear.” Anne liked how cute he looked.

Even though he was sixteen years old. He had the appearance and stature of a twelve-year-old girl. She had a thought as they walked into the house and upstairs to the bathroom.

“Just take the swimsuit into the shower with you and rise it off. Leave it hanging in the shower to dry.” She hands him a towel from the linen closet.

“Yes, ma’am.” Craig heads into the bathroom and starts the shower.

Anne heads into her daughter’s room and goes through her drawers looking for a pair of shorts. Her daughter still had a few pairs that she kept but didn’t wear that she got when she was twelve. She finds the pair of shorts she was looking for. She grabs one of her own old rock-n-roll t-shirts for him to wear. She also grabs a pair of panties for him to wear from her daughter’s drawer.

She gathers his smelly clothes up and takes them down to the laundry room to be washed. She calls Papa Reginos Pizza and orders a large pizza with pepperoni, sausage, and veggies. She listens as the shower stops.

Craig had finished his shower and dried off. He goes back into his cousin’s bedroom and saw the clothes his aunt had laid out for him lying on the bed. He picks up a pair of white cotton panties with butterflies on them and wonders why his aunt laid them out for him. After a few
minutes, he slips them on and they felt nice against his skin. He slips on the shorts that had been laid out. They were a little snug in the crotch department, but otherwise very nice. They showed off his hairless legs.

He slips on the vintage Def Leppard t-shirt that had been left for him. He uses his cousins brush to brush his long hair, before heading downstairs. Just before he leaves his cousins bedroom. He stops and looks at himself in the mirror. He couldn’t believe that the person that was looking back at him was a very young girl. He never stopped and just looked at his reflection before.

He heads downstairs and seeks out his aunt. He knew his cousin was at cheerleader camp and his uncle was out of town on business. He finds his aunt downstairs in the laundry room.

Anne looks up when she notices Craig standing in the doorway. A smile appears on her face as she takes in his appearance.

“You look adorable, Craig.” She had a smile on her face.

He just looked so cute with his wet hair, shorts, and t-shirt he had on. He reminds her of her little sister at his age. Her own daughter took after her husband’s mother.

“I saw what you did in the garage. You did an excellent job.” She heads towards the kitchen.

“Aunt Anne, why did you leave a pair of panties and these shorts for me to wear?” Craig follows behind his aunt.

“Well, I didn’t think you would mind after wearing your cousins one piece. Plus, to be honest with you. You looked so cute in the swimsuit. Does your mother know that you prefer wearing girl clothes?”

“No, ma’am. I haven’t told my mother yet.” Craig has been kind of scared to tell her and his father.

His father was a manly man. He was the Captain of his football team and his baseball team in high school and college. He had joined the military and served a full twenty both as a soldier and as a jag officer. His older brother doesn’t even know about his secret.

‘You know, your mother might like having a daughter. I know she felt that you were meant to be a girl. As for your father, it might take some time for him to adjust to you wanting to be a girl, but I think he wouldn’t mind.”

Anne knew her brother-in-law well. She knew her sister would love having another girl in the house. She had originally wanted a girl, instead of a boy.

“Are you going to tell them when they get back from their trip?”

“Nope, but I think you should tell them when they get back. While they are gone. Why don’t you stay here, and we can explore the girl side of you?”


They head into the living room when they hear the doorbell ring. Craig goes and answer the door and notices it was the pizza delivery guy.
Anne walks up behind her niece and pays for the pizza. She gives the driver a nice tip. They head into the living room and sits down. They start watching a movie.

Around nine at night, Anne pauses the movie.

“Come on upstairs with me Craig.” She was getting up off the sofa.

“Aunt Anne, can you call me Kristy, instead of Craig?” She looks at her Aunt to see if she would accept the name.

“Kristy?” Anne thinks about it. She knew her sister had considered that name when she thought she was having a girl.

“If you wish. You know, that name is one your mother considered when she thought you were a girl.”

“I know. I read moms dairy. She wrote down a list of names her and dad were considering naming me. That’s why I want to be called it.”

“You know you shouldn’t have read your mother’s diary. However, I think in this case it was helpful to you.”

Anne leads Kristy up to her daughter’s bedroom and looks through her night clothes that would fit Kristy. She finally finds an old baby doll outfit her daughter doesn’t wear anymore.

“You can wear this tonight and tomorrow, we’ll go out and get some clothes of your own.”

Kristy hugs her aunt “thank you, Aunt Anne.”

“You’re a welcome, sweetie.” She helps Kristy change into the baby doll outfit.

Kristy sleeps with her aunt that night. In the morning when they wake-up. She puts the same clothes she had own and since her feet were about the same size as her cousins. She borrowed a pair of them and her Aunt Anne takes her shopping.

She felt nervous as she stepped out of the house in the girl clothes she had on. Even when she walked to her aunt’s car, she was looking around nervously.

“Kristy, you have nothing to worry about. All anyone sees is a young girl out with her mother. There is no way you look like a boy dressed as a girl.”

“I know Aunt Anne, its I have never been out in public dress as a girl before.”

Kristy climbs into her Aunt’s car.

“I know, but just relax. You look beautiful.”

Kristy watches as her aunt drives her to the strip mall her and her friends from school normally hang around at. The first place they stop at is
T.J. Max and pick-up a few items. When her aunt tells her to try on some outfits. She feels nervous as she walked back into the women’s changing room. The first few times. Afterward, she relaxes and enjoys having fun with her aunt.

After they leave T.J. Max, they go to Payless Shoe store and try on several different pairs of shoes. Since Payless was having their BOGO sale. She walks out with six pairs of new shoes. The next place they go to is The Gap and buy a few outfits there. She gets her ears pierce while they are shopping. Her Aunt Anne takes her to Victoria Secret and buys her several corset and garter sets and shows her how to put them on.

For the rest of the week, she learns what it means to be a girl. Her aunt did buy her a few swimsuits of her own. Enjoys the being allowed to be a girl.

One morning when she wakes up, she was feeling kind of weird. Her stomach was hurting her and when she went to pee, there was blood in her urine. She screams when she notices it.

Anne was just getting up when she hears Kristy scream. She rushes to the secondary bathroom. The door was shut, she knocks before entering. She sees Kristy standing before the toilet and looking down into it. She walks over and looks for herself and notices there was blood in the toilet.

“What happened, sweetie?”

“I was peeing, and I notice that there was blood in my pee.”

“Have been feeling weird lately?” Anne was curious.

“My stomach hurts and my abdomen feels weird.”

“Let’s get you dress and take you to the doctor.” Anne escorts Kristy back to her bedroom and gets her dress.

Anne knew her sister was due back later tonight. Kristy and she had stayed up talking about how she was going to present herself to her parents. She helps Kristy get dress and head towards the doctor they use. Even though her sister was a military depended, they still use the family doctor they have always used.

Doctor Victor Blake’s Office:
Carrie was sitting at the counter when she notices Anne Holloway and a young girl comes walking in. The girl looked familiar, but she couldn’t put her finger on it.

“How are you today Mrs. Holloway?”

“I’m fine, but my niece might have a problem. Is Dr. Victor available right now?”

“Let me check.” Carrie pulls up Doctor Blake’s appointments for today. She notices he has an opening right now.

“He has an opening right now. Do you want me to inform him?”

“Yes please.”

“What name would you like for me to put down.”

“Could you put Kristy Keller for now, please?”

“Sure, Mrs. Holloway.”

Once she puts all the information in the computer system. She informs Doctor Blake that Kristy Keller is here to see him.

“He’ll be with you in a few minutes, Mrs. Holloway.”

“Thank you, Carrie.” Anne and Kristy head over and sit down while they wait for the Doctor.

“How are you feeling sweetie?”

“The pain in my stomach is stronger.”

“Do you want to throw up or something?”

“No ma’am it just feels like someone is squeezing my abdomen.”

“That sounds like cramps?” Anne had a puzzled look on her face.

“Do you feel like you want to cry or break something?”

“I feel like I want to break something.”

That puzzles her even more. It sounds like Kristy was is having a period. They sit and wait for Doctor Blake.

After fifteen minutes “Doctor Blake will see you now, Mrs. Holloway.”

They head back to the examination room. Carrie has Kristy sit up on the examination table. She leaves the two of them alone.

After a few minutes, Doctor Blake comes walking in. He was an older gentleman in his early fifties. His black hair was cut short and he looked to be part Native American. He stood a good six foot or two tall.

“What can I do for you today, Anne and who is this charming young lady?”

“Well, Mr. Blake, it's not me that needs help, but Kristy or I should say, Craig.”

Doctor Blake looks at Kristy and couldn’t believe she was Craig. He’s been examining him for years and not really notice how much of a girl he looked. He lets out a low whistle.

“Which would you prefer I call you, Craig or Kristy?” Dr. Blake looks directly towards Craig.

“I would prefer Kristy, Dr. Blake.” Craig didn’t feel comfortable with his male name.

“Okay Kristy, what seems to be the problem?”

“When I went to pee this morning, there was blood in my urine. It wasn’t there yesterday. Also, I feel like someone is squeezing my abdomen muscles really tight and I feel really angry.”

“Hhmm” Dr. Blake looks really thoughtful for a second.

“You said that it happened this morning?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Let’s find out what is going on inside of you.”

For the next hour and a half, Dr. Blake performs a bunch of test on Craig. Including an MRI, which Kristy is lucky that his office has their own MRI machine. The MRI shows that Kristy has a full set of female reproductive organs inside her body, along with a full male reproductive organ as well. Dr. Blake lets out a low whistle.

“I think we might want to inform Kristy’s parents, Mrs. Holloway.”

“Is it bad Dr. Blake?”

“That depends on Kristy and their choice. Will her parents be available today?” Dr. Blake looks at Anne.

“No, sir. They won’t be back in town until later this evening.”

Dr. Blake looks at his appointments for tomorrow. He notices he has two spots open. One was at 10:00 am and the second one was at 3:30

“Can you have them come up to my office tomorrow please?”

“Yes, sir. But it’s nothing serious is it?”

“No, it’s not life-threatening or anything like that. It’s something that Kristy and her parents might want to think about.”

Anne and Kristy leave puzzled. Dr. did give Kristy something for her cramps and told her that she didn’t have anything to worry about with the blood in her urine. It left both puzzled.

Anne treats Kristy to lunch. Afterward, they head back to Kristy’s house and waits for Kristy’s parents to show up.

It’s around 8:00 pm when they arrive home. Kristy had slipped on a light peach nightgown. She was in the living room with her aunt watching television.

Roy and Kelly were happy to be home. Her sister had called her at the begin of the week about Craig. She felt that she should know, and they talked about it. When they walk into the house, they notice Anne and a young girl sitting next to her.

“Hey, Anne, who’s your companion and where is Craig?” Roy puts the luggage he had in his hands down on the floor.

“Roy and Kelly, I think you should sit down. There are few things we need to talk about.”

Kristy was holding her aunt's hand. She was scared and nervous as her parents came into the living room. She notices her father sits down in his favorite recliner. While her mother sat on the other side of her.

“Go on sweetie.” Anne motions for Craig to start.

“Mom, Dad, I feel I should have been born a girl. I don’t know how to explain everything to you, but for awhile I have discovered I prefer pretty clothes and have really wanted to wear them. I never did till, earlier this week while you guys were gone. I put on one of Rebecca’s old swimsuits and it felt right to me.”

Craig looks at his mother and father. He couldn’t tell how they felt. He was still holding his aunt's hand.

Roy looks at his son and couldn’t believe the young girl that standing in between his wife and sister-in-law trembling was his son. He looked so much like a young girl.

Kelly holds her son's hand and gives it a light squeeze.

“If that is how you feel sweetie, we’ll get you a counselor, so you can make sure this the right path for you.”

Roy gets up and walks over towards where his son and wife were. He hugs his son “I agree with your mother. We’ll make sure this the right path for you.”

“Thank you, daddy and mom.” He returns her fathers hug and hugs her mother as well.

Kristy was feeling relieved. She thought her parents would hate her. She had researched how she felt on the web. She came across stories of a lot of parents who didn’t approve of their child being trans.

“There is something else you need to know Kelly and Roy. This morning and during the day as well. Kristy has been finding blood in her urine every time she has gone to pee. I went to see Dr. Blake and he said that he would like to see you. He wouldn’t tell us what he found from the test he performed on Kristy, but I think I know.”

“What do you suspect sis?” Kelly looks towards her older sister.

“I think Kristy has what is called persistent Müllerian duct syndrome. It means she was born with fully operational reproductive organs for both genders. She has everything a woman has or needs to make a baby inside her. On top of that, she has fully functional male organs as well. The blood in her urine is her menstrual blood coming out through her penis. There is a story of a businessman oversea in Lancashire that has the same problem as Kristy.”

“You mean I can get pregnant and have a baby Aunt Anne?”

“Yes sweetie, but the problem is, you don’t have a vagina opening. So the only way the blood can escape is through your penis.”

Both parents look stunned at Anne. They couldn’t believe what she just dropped on them.

“You think this is the news Dr. Blake has for us?”

“Yes, I do. Everything Kristy has been experiencing points to that. She has been kind of bitchy and angry this week. Plus, she has been having cramps as well.’

“Let’s get some sleep and see if the Doctor confirms what you said, sis.”

They all head to bed for the night.

The following morning, they head to Doctor Blake’s office. They are escorted back to Dr. Blake’s office.

Dr. Blake looks at Kristy’s parents and her Aunt as they came into his office. He looks at everyone gather.

“Last night I double checked the results again and they point to the face that Kristy has the organs of both gender and they are fully operational.”

“What can we do Doctor?”

“Well, you have two choices. The first choice is to have her female organs remove and let her live a normal life or you can remove her male pieces and allow her to come a fully functional female.”

“Is it something that needs to be done right away, Dr. Blake?”

“No, you have time, but it might be advisable to get it done.”

Two Years later:
Kristy couldn’t believe she was walking across the stage as a full-grown woman. During Christmas break, her parents got her the operation to allow her to become a full woman. Some of the trans-women she knew were jealous that she had a fully functional uterus and had periods like any woman does. She felt whole and soon would know what it would feel like to have sex like a woman. As she looks out towards her boyfriend.

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Great story and I agree...I would not find it disagreeable to have that awareness come into my life!!



I'm happy the way I am. If someone were to offer me the chance to be a "complete" woman with a uterus, ovaries and all that comes with it I'd run away fast! Some people are just not suited to be a parent and I'm one of them. With my sometimes hair-trigger anger and impatient manner I'd be a poor choice to be trusted with the care and feeding, and the nurturing of a child. If I was that "complete" woman I'd get a hysterectomy. My late partner and I had an understanding about that.

"Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”
George Carlin

I'm not cut out either

Samantha Heart's picture

To be a parent. I have the same problem you do hair trigger temper & not enough patients. But to be a real woman hell yes only if I could remaine a lesbian I'd be happy.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.