Velvet Part 1

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“Tom, how did I let you talk me into clearing my father’s old place? Instead of hiring someone to do it for us?” I look over towards my husband with his dark crew cut hairstyle. His dark tanned muscular body glistening with sweat from working outside with me since this morning. The faded blue jeans he is wearing are dirty and covered in wood chips from him chopping a tree and the worn brown work boots that are covered in dirt as well.

The day had started off cool when my husband and I had begun clearing the overgrowth of vines and scrubs around the old ranch house my father had left to me. The place had gotten overrun through the years because my father had gotten sick and there was no one around to take care of the grounds. I was living out on the West coast in San Francisco, California with my husband, when the lawyer handling my father’s will called to inform us of his death and needed me to come back to Chesapeake, Virginia for the funeral and the reading of his will. As it turned out my father had left me his house which he had bought after him and my mother had gotten a divorce when I was seven years old and he left me the detective agency he had started up years ago when he retired from Norfolk police department.

My husband stops what he is doing and looks over at me standing there thinking. I have my long straight brown hair braided into a ponytail, so it will stay out of my eyes while I was out here working in the yard. My California tan and shapely curved body are covered up by the white tank top shirt I had borrow from him this morning covered by a denim jumpsuit that looks like something a farmer would wear out in the field. Instead of wearing work boots like my husband is, I put on a pair of sneakers that I normally wear when I’m working outside.

“Because you complain that you weren’t getting enough exercise being cooped up in the office all week.”

My cheeks turned red from embarrassment as I recall those words. My husband just smiles at me after seeing my cheeks turned red. He enjoys throwing my own words back at me or making me blush from embarrassment too. He goes back to what he was doing before I interrupted him and watch as he pulls the stump of a bush he had cut down early this morning. I’m still amazed he is still married to me after what the elders and council had said to him. They didn’t approve of him, an Immortal elder marrying a common shapeshifter. They thought I was below his stature. I remember him saying to them that he didn’t need their permission to marry me and if they had an issue with that. He would be more than happy to settle it.

I sigh as I go back to what I was doing before I stop. I was racking up all the dead leaves and branches we had cut off the trees and bushes when I hear the cell phone in my pocket for the detective agency start to ring. I stop what I am doing and reach down in my pocket and answer the phone.

“Hello Brown’s Detective Agency. Victoria Brown speaking, how can I help you?”

“Mrs. Brown?” I hear an older female voice answer me back.” My name is Emilly Longford and my ten-year-old son is missing.”

I stand there leaning on the rake “How long has he been missing Mrs. Longford?”

“He’s been missing for three days now Mrs. Brown and I’ve already filed a missing person report with the police department, but they said that they couldn’t find anyone that had last seen him or much less talked with him.”

“Have you called around to all his friend's houses and spoken to their parents to see if he had come over there or seen him?”

“Yes! Mrs. Brown. They said that the last time any of them had seen him was four days ago when he had come home from school.”
I stand there listening to Mrs. Longford on the cell phone when my husband spots me not working and noticed the cell phone for the agency against my right ear. He stops what he is doing and comes walking over to me so he can listen in on the conversion.

“I’ll take the case, Mrs. Longford. If you could Mrs. Longford can you met me down at my office at 8:00 am tomorrow? And bring a photo of your son and something he had worn the day before his disappearance?”

“Yes! Mrs. Brown. Mrs. Brown, can you tell me where your office is located?”

“No problem Mrs. Longford. It’s at 313 Monticello Avenue, suite 4. It’s just before you get to MacArthur Mall on the right-hand side of the road just past the Federal courthouse in Downtown Norfolk and across from Chrysler Hall.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Brown.”

“Your welcome Mrs. Longford.” as I hear the line go dead.

I look at my husband “It’s a missing child job.” as I put the cell phone for the agency back in my pocket.

“That’s not good. I wonder why there hasn’t been anything in the newspaper or on Tv about it?”

“Probably because the police department wants to keep it quiet so they can locate the person who took this boy.”

“Did the boy’s mother tell you where she lives?” My husband stares into my hazel eyes.

“Nope!, not yet. I did ask her to bring something of his that he wore before he disappeared, so I can get his scent and track him down with my were-wolf senses. If she asks me why I need it, I’ll tell her that we have a trained tracking dog that should be able to pick his scent up, but if it’s been four days or more, I don’t know how long the scent will last or if there will even be a scent to locate.”

“Well let’s get this yard done and I’ll cook us some streaks on the grill tonight.” He leans in and kisses me on the cheek.

I return the kiss and afterward, I go back to raking up all the dead leaves and branches into a big pile.

“Did you want to burn these’s or bag them up?” as I look over towards my husband.

“I’ll burn them later on this evening after we have eaten.”

“Okay!” as I start on another part of the yard and rake all the dead leaves and branches over to the first pile making it bigger.

While I’m raking, I spot our next-door neighbor who has been living next door to my father’s property since my father brought this place splitting and unloading wood from his old battered Ford pick-up truck. The truck itself looks like it is over forty years old and is all dented and has rust spots in certain places on the truck. His house is older than the one I inherited from my father. Most of the old people still living around here say that he has been here since this area was settled. Which was hard to believe because my husband is an Immortal that has been around for the past 2,000 years and would have detected him with those unusual abilities he posses. I would have been able to tell as well with my werewolf senses too.

He used to be nice to me whenever I had trespassed on his property when I was little and visiting my father. He always gave me lemonade or let me pick peaches off his peach trees he grew. He was mysterious even then, but more open up. Now as I watch him. He seems to be even more secluded than usual as I go back to finish what I am doing.

“Honey, I’m going inside to get something to drink. Do you want anything from the kitchen?” he stops chopping a tree that had grown on the property that is blocking the front steps.

“A tall cold glass of that tea you made last night would be nice.” as he looks at me.

“Okay, one tall glass of ice tea on its way.” as I lean the rake against the house and head inside.

The wooden floors of the old ranch house echo my footsteps as I head towards the kitchen area. The echo of my footsteps brings back memories of when I use to run around here when I was little. My father would chase me threw out the house in a game of cat and mouse. I would be the mouse and he would play the part of the cat trying to get me. When he caught me he would tickle me till I almost peed my panties. He would then hoist me up on his shoulders and carry me around the house. Tears started leaking from my eyes when I realize that my children will never get a chance to meet their grandfather. The man who brought me into this world and the man who was always there for me.

I sneeze at the smell of the chemicals that my husband used to clean this house when we first moved in. There was dust everywhere and some of the windows had been leaking and mold had formed where the rain had come in. We had spent a week getting the house cleaned and aired out. Most of the furniture my father had, we gave some of it to the Goodwill and kept some of it. We even kept his old console television set that needed to be fixed. My husband works on it while I am asleep or at the agency trying to get the paperwork and bills there taking care of. We had to get an electrician to come in and upgrade the wiring of the house so we could install a security system and run the computers and flat-panel television sets we brought with us from California. We transfer most of our furniture and appliances to here. My old bedroom was just like I had left it when I visited my father before he got sick. I and my husband had moved into the Master bedroom and turned my old bedroom into a spare bedroom for guests. My husband had gotten a kick out of the pictures I had hanging around the bedroom and the dolls I kept here as well.

I get a few tall glasses from the cabinet and place some ice in them just before I fill them up with the tea I made. I grab two bowls to make me and my husband some chef salads and place them on a wooden tray I keep hanging on the wall. Since I became a werewolf I had to get rid of anything silver that I owned, which sucked because I had some nice silver jewelry that I inherited and bought when I was little. Not to mention the nice silverwear set that my father had given me when I and Tom had gotten married.

I wasn’t turned into a werewolf till my third anniversary. We had gone out hunting with some friends of ours and I was tracking a big buck when a big black wolf attacked me. The wolf would have killed me and my friends if Tom hadn’t managed to pull him off me and used his rifle to shoot him. What we learned after Tom had shot him was that this was no ordinary wolf, but a werewolf. Tom managed to sedate him and call the paramedics to come and get me. After we arrived at the hospital and tested my blood, they found out that I had become infected with lycanthrope virus which had merged with my genes which already had this type of virus in it from my family marrying werewolves. I had the gene in me, but it was dormant until I was bitten. I was lucky that my husband hadn’t left me, but stayed with me. He knows he can’t get it because he’s an Immortal and is immune to this and can’t be turned into a vampire either. I finish up the salads and put the ice teas on the wooden tray and carried it outside to where my husband is.

“I made us a salad dear. I hope you like it,” I walk over to the patio table and chair we had brought and set up. He comes walking over and sits down at his place at the table and I take my place as well.

“You know I like anything you prepare for me dear.” he gives me a warm smile. He begins to eat his salad and I start eating mine as well. We sit there in quiet as we enjoy our salad.

“The pool guys are supposed to come by on Wednesday to fix the pool, Tom. It will be nice to have daddies pool again in working order. We can go for midnight swims like we did when we first got married.” as I look at him and smile.

“Mmmmm!! I remember those days Vicky. Are you going to have them hook up that hot tub while they're out here as well?”

“Yep!, It will cost us a little bit more, but they agreed to hook it up too.” as I take a bite of my salad.

“Well the money shouldn’t matter. We have enough money to cover it.” he looks at me.

“I’m not concerned about the money, honey, but I thought we were trying to pass as a normal couple?” as I look over towards him.

“We are dear, but if we need a little extra money, we have it at our disposal.” as he takes a sip of his tea.

My cell phone starts to ring. I take it out of my pocket and look at the number on the display. “I wonder what Stanley wants now.” as I flip my phone open “Hello? Sarah’s bakery. How can I help you?” I give my husband a mischievous smile.

“Funny Vicky. Are you planning on attending the next pack meeting on Thursday?”

“You mean I have a choice in the matter?” as I roll my eyes. Good thing my pack leader can’t see my reactions.

“No, you need to be here for the next meeting since you weren’t here on the last full moon.” as I hear the anger in his voice.

“Hey, I was out of town with my husband on business.” I raise my voice a little.

“Look Vicky, you're part of this pack and I know your husband is an Elder, but you should have been here with your pack when you turn. Your husband has other business he needs to take care of and doesn’t have time to worry if his wife has killed anyone in her wolf form., So I want you here for the next pack meeting to discuss the proper protocol with you. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, pack Master.” as the line goes dead. I close my cell phone up and slam it down on the table a little too hard.

My husband looks at me with a curious look. “What did Stanley want?”

“He wants me to come to the next pack meeting, so he can chew my butt out for not being with the pack on the last full moon. I think he is a little pissed that I didn’t tell him that I was going with you to that meeting you had with that air elemental Master in Fredericksburg.” I take a sip of my tea.

“I think it is more than that Vicky. You have to remember that Stanley is your pack leader and you should have told him that you weren’t going to be with the pack that night.” he looks at me.

I start to get a little mad and before I can respond “ I’m not saying he is right in this matter, but you should have followed proper procedures. I didn’t see any harm considering David had one of his air servants watching you while you were out hunting.”

“Well, why don’t you show up with me and tell Stanley that?” I look into my husband’s dark brown eyes.

“Because he will feel that I’m trying to overthrow his position. It would show that he is being weak and wouldn’t help you either, because then it would show I am giving you favor.“ as he takes another sip of his tea.

“What’s wrong with you showing me a favor? I am your wife after all.” I smile at him because this is an old argument we have all the time.

He just ignores my smile “because you know why.”

“Yeah, I know. The council and the lord of the were-wolf clans said that you weren’t supposed to show me any favors or interfere in pack business. If I remember right he was also against our marriage as well.” I take a sip of my tea.

“Yep!, he didn’t approve of our marriage either, but it doesn’t matter. He forgets that there are certain rights and responsibilities you have being married to me that you have. He should remember that before he opens his mouth and starts preaching his disapproval.”

I smile at my husband's comment. Sometimes I forget that he has to put up with more abuse than I do sometimes.

Tom spots me looking at him “What are you thinking about dear?” as he looks towards my hazel eyes.

“Oh, nothing in particular.” I finish up the last of my tea.

He just shrugs his shoulders and drinks down the last of his tea as well. He sits back in his chair and looks past me towards the yard and what still needs to be done to it. I look at the paint that is flaking off the house as well.

“Did Heather call you back about painting the house?” I asked as my husband turns his attention back towards me.

“Yes, she said that she’ll be out here with her crew tomorrow to start scraping and prepping the house for the new paint we want. Also, Karen is supposed to be picking up the items you wanted from New York and flying them down here along with a few other items she was hired to pick up. Oh, she also wanted to know if you are still interested in investing into that group that is restoring a B-52 bomber at the Suffolk airport?”

“Did she give you the name of the person I need to get in contact with?”

“Yep, it is Bill Wainwright. According to her, he is the person in charge of the group that is restoring the bomber. She also left his phone number so you can call him.”

Tom stands up out of his chair ”well! Let’s go ahead and finish up the yard and I’ll get the steaks going as soon as we’re done.”

I watch as he heads off to finish up what he was doing before we stopped for lunch., I take the dirty dishes back into the house and place them in the dishwasher we had installed when we moved in and then head back outside and help with the yard some more.

It takes the rest of the daylight hours to finish clearing the yard and preparing the grill to cook on. We’re not talking about a little charcoal grill you buy at Walmart or Kmart. We’re talking about a brick made grill that you can cook a whole dinner on and bake inside of it. The type that is made of brick and found in the backyard. I had the pleasure of cleaning it and prepping it for my husband while he got the bonfire going. After he was satisfied with the way the bonfire was going. He walks over towards the grill and see’s me sitting on the ground near it with black spots all over my face and hands. Not to mention my jumpsuit and his tank top shirt I borrowed this morning.

“You look like something the cat dragged in honey.” He extends his hand to help me get up off the ground.

“I was getting your grill clean dear.” I stand there looking tired. “It’s all ready for you to cook us your delicious steaks and potatoes.” I give him a small kiss on his cheek. “I’ll go and get everything and bring it back out here while you get the grill going.” as I head inside the house to get the steaks and potatoes we are going to cook.

A few minutes later I come walking back outside with the wooden tray I had used earlier that day with everything we needed for dinner.

“Here we go honey.” I place the plate with the steaks on it on the shelf area of the grill. I go and finish setting the table again and once that is done. I sit down and watch my husband as he prepares the steaks and the potatoes that need to go in the coals of the grill. My mouth starts to water at the smell of the steaks as he starts cooking them and the wolf inside of me starts to stir as well. She wants to come forward and indulge herself in the sweet copper taste of raw meat and to feel the meat go down her throat as she swallows it. I get control of her and make her go back to sleep. “Enough of that my beast.” as I smile to myself. My husband looks over his shoulder towards me.

“My wolf wanted out to feed upon your steaks dear, but I put her back to sleep.”

“I thought I felt her stir.” as he turns back around to concentrate on cooking the steaks.

I just sit there and watch him. After a while, the steaks are ready and smelling good. Along with the steaks he brings the baked potatoes as well. He sits down and we start eating. Dinner goes by pretty quietly and by the time both of us are done eating was feeling full and satisfied. I look over towards my husband.

“You out did yourself honey.” I give him a warm smile cause I know what we are going to do in a little while and I can’t wait to have him inside of me.

We stay up a little longer feeding the bonfire and curled up on the blanket on the grass near the fire intertwine in each other's arms with my grimy jumpsuit laying down by my feet and his pants halfway down his legs. I moan and dig my fingernails into the blanket we are laying on as he enters me again and again sending waves of pleasure threw out my body as he sends his manhood deep inside of me pressing against my pelvic bone. My eyes have bled to their wolf state as I lock my legs around his waist and throw my arms around his chest pulling him deeper inside of me. My finger's nails change into claws as I rake his back trying to dig into his skin. He looks down into my amber eyes and sees the wolf in me staring back at him and a slow smile comes across his face as he places his mouth over mine, and began kissing me very deeply as his tongue dances around inside of my mouth. I tighten my grip on him with my claws not even penetrating his skin. He moves in and out of me raising the wolf as she feels herself being dominated by her mate. I nearly pass out because of lack of air before he releases my mouth. A low growl escapes from my lips as he forces his tongue back into my mouth and goes deeper into me. My body starts to shake and shiver as I feel my first orgasm hit my body causing me to bow my back into an arch lifting me off the ground as he stays in me and continues to drive his hard manhood as deep as he can. Wave after wave of pleasure hits me again and again as I arch my back higher off the ground as I finally feel him cum inside of me filling that spot inside of me with his seed. I fall back down on the ground with my husband resting on top of me unable to move because of how he has me pinned and the fact that I am so sore that I don’t want to move. He pushes himself up with his arms and looks down again into my amber color eyes. The wolf inside of me is happy and satisfied as I stare back up at him. He brushes some of my brown hair out of my eyes so he can see them better.

“I love you my little wild wolf.” as he kisses me again.

I bury my head against his neck and hold onto him “I love you too, my dark handsome Roman husband.” as I lay there in his arms. As I feel him pull himself out of me. We lay there spooned against each other as I drift off to sleep.

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I thought for a moment we might have somebody that was going to tell these so-called pack "masters" to stick it in the place where the sun never shines. More and more the "rules" the supernaturals follow seem like something a greedy politician would put in place. Who decides who the alphas are? is it whoever has the biggest balls, or what?

"Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”
George Carlin

I don't know on this one.

WillowD's picture

It may be that the pack leader is being an ass just to show her who's boss. But it also sounds like she ignored basic operating procedures by not letting him know she would not be at the last meeting.

Good beginning

Jamie Lee's picture

Sure would hate to get on their bad side. A chewing out would be literal and who knows what Tom would do.

Vicky has a life outside the pack, which doesn't seem to please Stanley. To bad Stanley doesn't have a life but when other things take president they take president.

Others have feelings too.