Carla and Angela Part 1

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**Warning, Erotic Sexual Scenes**

Carla stands in front of the full-length mirror in her and Angela’s bedroom. She couldn’t believe how her body had reacted to the blue pills she heard about and took. Her face had softened up and looked more feminine. Her features hadn’t changed much and anyone that knew her would still recognize her. However, she did shrink in height and her hair and eye color had changed.

She also couldn’t believe how big her breasts had gotten. She used to be a C cup, but now she was a J cup. She had gone from a 32 in breasts to now having a 30-inch breasts. She also shrunk down to being five feet tall, with a 29in waist and 32in hips.

“Looking at your new figure, sweetie?” Angela steps up behind Carla and wrap her arms around her.

“Yes, I can’t believe what happened to me. Dakota said the changes wouldn’t be too bad.” Carla had visited Dakota to talk about the changes she went through when she took the pills.

Dakota hadn’t changed much. Sure, she had gotten bigger hips and her breasts had gone up one cup size, but nothing like she went through.

“You know, I like your bigger breasts and nipples. They are bigger and fuller than mine.” Angela starts squeezing Carla’s watermelon size breasts.

She loved how big they had gotten and how dark Carla’s areola had gotten as well. It had gotten bigger in coverage on Carla’s breasts. Even Carla’s nipple had gotten bigger.

Carla closes her eyes as she enjoys the treatment her new breasts were receiving from her wife. She leans back against her wife’s body as she enjoys the pleasure that was building between her legs. It uses to be she was the same height, if not a little taller than her wife. Now, she was seven inches shorter than her wife.

Angela leans in close to Carla’s ear “you are really enjoying this, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I’ve been missing out all these years.” Carla was enjoying her wife’s treatment.

“Wait until you have your first period.” Angela had been with Carla when they visited Dakota and she had informed them. That Carla would have her first period within the first week of getting her reproductive system.

“Don’t remind me. That’s one problem I’m not looking forward to.” Carla didn’t know if she was prepared for having a period every month. She knew what Angela went through on hers.

“You wanted to do this sweetie. Now that you have, I’m going to have fun with your new body.” Angela starts kissing Carla’s neck and nipping on her left ear. She reaches down between Carla’s legs and starts fingering her vagina.

Angela walks Carla back to their bed and pushes her back onto it. She was going to have fun with her wife. She looks at Carla “do you want me to be gentle or let me do what I want to you?”

“You already know the answer to that question. I trust you.” Carla has never trusted anyone as much as she does her wife.

A smile appears on Angela’s face. She knew Carla always allow her to do whatever she wants to her. She knew how much Carla loved her and trusted her.

She goes about securing Carla spread eagle to the four corners of their bed. She was going to have fun breaking her wife’s vagina in and breaking her hymen. She looks at Carla “are you ready for this sweetie?”

“Yes.” Carla felt a little nervous about what they were about to do, but she wanted her wife to take her cherry.

“Do you mind if I use those special animal strapons you found?” Angela has been itching to try them out.

“Remember, they are magical in nature.” Carla had come across them on a job. She found out how they work from a witch friend of hers.

“Oh, I remembered. I want to try the wolf-shaped one on you first.” Angela turns around and steps into the walk-in closet.

Carla just watched as her wife’s ass jiggled as she walked into the closet. She wonders how it was going to feel to have a wolf cock shoved up inside of her body. She knew her wife has been wanting to try them out for a while now.

“Oh, my god!” Carla watches as Angela comes walking out of the closet.

She couldn’t believe how big the wolf strap-on looked on her wife. It was huge and thick. It bounced with each step Angela took.

“I am going to have fun with you.” Angela crawls up onto the bed between Carla’s spread legs.

Angela kisses up her wife’s spread legs. She buries her face between Carla’s groin area and starts exploring Carla’s vagina opening with her tongue. She could hear Carla moan and wiggle as she tongues Carla’s opening.

When she feels her wife is about to have her orgasm, she stops. She looks up at Carla’s head with a smile on her face.

“Let the fun begin.” Angela goes back to what she was doing to Carla.

Angela kisses up Carla’s body. She knew what Carla liked and was giving it to her. When she comes to Carla’s breasts and nipples. She sucks on Carla’s nipple as she plays with it with her tongue. While Angela is sucking on Carla’s nipple, she massages Carla’s breasts.

Carla was feeling overwhelmed with the emotions she was experiencing for the first time as a woman. She couldn’t think anymore as her body enjoyed the treatment it was receiving. She never knew women experienced anything like this.

She feels pain as she feels Angela shove her huge, thick wolf-shaped cock up inside her body. Carla felt like she was being split in two, as the pain of her hymen being broken turned into pleasure as Angela pumped in and out of her body.

Angela felt an overwhelming urge as she entered Carla’s body. It was a possessive urge she was feeling. She wanted to claim Carla and let others know Carla belonged to her.

She bites down on Carla’s collar bone and sinks her teeth into Carla’s skin. Her body starts pumping in and out of Carla’s body roughly. Each time she entered Carla’s vagina, she buried herself inside her body. The wolf-shaped strap on penetrates Carla’s cervix opening each time Angela bottoms out inside Carla’s vagina.

Carla feels a huge object trying to force its way into her vaginal opening. She felt Angela poke past her cervix and into the uterus. She feels Angela pulling out slowly and at the last-minute shove hard into her body. She felt whatever the huge object was that had tried several times to enter her, finally enter her vagina and get stuck inside of her body. The next thing she feels is a massive orgasm running throughout her body as Angela starts pumping hot liquid into her body, filling and stretching her new uterus.

Angela collapses onto Carla's chest as her body starts pumping her vaginal fluids into Carla. She was shaking as her orgasm rocked her body. She passes out from the experience, as she continued to pump fluids into Carla.

Carla passes out as her orgasm knocks her out. She felt Angela collapses onto her and was still squirting fluids into her body. Her body shakes every once in a while, as her orgasm continues to rock her body.

Throughout the afternoon and into the night Carla and Angela bite, claw and make love to each other. They aren’t gentle when they do it either. Every memory Angela has ever experienced passes into Carla and everything Carla has ever experienced passes into Angela. Their souls merge and become one soul.

A half-crescent silver moon appears in the same place on their bodies, surrounded by four stars. The wolf shape phallus falls out of Carla’s body and onto the torn, bloody, wet sheets the two women are sleeping on. Each woman held the other protectively.

It is noonday when Carla finally wakes up. Her body was hurting as she fell out of bed and crawled towards the bathroom on her hands and knees. Her ass and vaginal opening hurt every time she moved. She finally makes it to the toilet and manages to sit upon it.

When she starts peeing, it burns. Her urine comes out looking red but slowly turns yellow. She looks at her body and notices she had bite marks and welts all over her body. Her new breasts had bite marks all over them and her nipples were few raw.

When she is finished peeing and pooping, which hurts like hell to her. A gush of liquid had squirted out of her ass. When it came out, it burned. She wipes herself and uses the sink next to her to stand up. Her body felt like she has exercised for days.

She looks at the mirror mounted above the sink and saw how she looked. There was a wild look to her reflection. She also noticed how her brown eyes look. They didn’t look right to her. They looked more like wolf eyes than human eyes. She noticed the crescent silver moon surrounded by four stars located on her right shoulder.

“What the hell happened to me?” Carla just stared at her reflection in the mirror

“You’re my bitch now.” Angela comes crawling into the bathroom on all fours.

She woke up hurting all over and in every orifice she had. She crawls over to the toilet and starts peeing. She pulls Carla down onto her lap as she sits on the toilet and rests her forehead against Carla’s big breasts.

Carla looks at her wife and couldn’t believe the claw marks, and teeth marks on Angela’s skin. She has never done anything like that to Angela before. Sure, she has run her fingernails down Angela’s back but never broken the skin before. These were her nail marks and they were very bloody.

“What do you mean I am your bitch now?” Carla was puzzled.

Angela sits up and leans back against the toilet seat. She had a wild look to her features as well.

“I mean that you are my bitch or mate and I am yours as well. Our souls, memories, and bodies have merged to form a single person.” Angela looked like she was in the same type of shape as Carla. Also, her green eyes had an animal shape to them as well.

Carla kisses Angela on the lips as she sat straddling Angela’s lap. The two women keep kissing until Angela breaks it, so she could breathe. She looks into Carla’s eyes “I am yours forever. I give my heart to you as well as my body.”

“And I give my heart and body to you as well. I am yours until death takes us.” Carla kisses Angela again.

Carla gets up off Angela’s lap and heads back into their bedroom. Her body still hurt, but not as bad as it did when she woke up. She looks at her clothes and hopes she can get away with wearing something. She knew she was going to need new bras, panties, and such.

“You know, I’m going to have to spend the next few days replacing my wardrobe.” Carla finds a pair of sweats and an oversized t-shirt she could wear.

“The only person you have to blame, is yourself, sweetie.” Angela moves slowly over to Carla and slaps her on her ass.

“Owe! That hurt.” Carla rubs the spot Angela smacked.

“Good.” Angela just smirks as she starts getting dressed.

Once both women are dressed. They leave their townhouse and call an Uber driver friend of theirs to shuttle them around. The person they called was a close friend of theirs.

They spend the day shopping and replacing all of Carla’s clothes, underwear, and other items. They stock up on hygiene items for Carla, so when she has her first period, she’ll have what she’ll need. They make a stop at Carla’s favorite armorer to replace her body armor and pick up a few new weapons as well.

Angela and Carla spend the day shopping and eating out with their friend. It was a rare day that the two of them could spend time together, doing ordinary things together. Angela and Carla do notice that they both knew what each other is thinking at times and that their senses have increased as well.

Neither one of them had any family, except people they consider family. Angela was raised in a commune out west by a bunch of people. It was how she got started in being a common street prostitute. She was seduced by several men from the commune and then put out on the streets to sell her body to support the commune.

She was rescued by some church people and trained how to properly entertain men. She was trained by them to be a high-priced pleasure woman for Senators and members of the Hunter organization and the HSL organization as well. It was Carla that rescued her that night that one man who belonged to Hunter organization abused and did terrible things to her.

Ever since then, she and Carla have been together and supported Carla when she became a woman. She knew Carla never felt right being a male and she didn’t trust men after what has been done to her. The thing was, she loved Carla and the things they did together.

Carla kisses her wife on the cheek as they walk around in Central Park. Carla knew this is where some of the Hatter looks alike hung around to stop crooks and such. They were using Hatter’s reputation to stop crime as much as possible. There was one exception though. A person was calling himself the Black Hatter. He was very dangerous and a little crazy as well.

Hatter had to talk with him and warned him that if he didn’t stop coping with her and tarnishing her image. She was going to put him in the ground. As Carla and Angela are walking through central park, the Black Hatter appears out of nowhere.

“Give me your purses and cellphones.” He had a gun pointed at Carla and Angela.

“You must be stupid and crazy thinking I’m going to do what you said.” Carla looks at the person dressed all in a black hatter outfit.

It was a poor copy of Hatter’s original look. Hatter has changed her look to something more modern and up to date.

“You heard me, Bitch! Give me your purses and cellphone.”

Without a word, Carla moves extremely fast. She throws a flat silver disk at the Black Hatter. Just as the disk hits him, she sweeps his legs out from under him. She had covered the distance to him in a few short strides.

She punches him as he laid on the ground and picks up his gun, which he was forced to drop. She points it at him and cocks the hammer back “right now I should put you out of your misery and just shoot you. However, I don’t kill unarmed people. However, I am going to let the cops know.” She pulls her cellphone out and calls the police. She picks up the heavy silver disk she threw at him.

The police show up and Carla explains to them what this Black Hatter did. She shows them the special badge that she had been given by Anika. She was classified as a special agent with Homeland Security. She never bothered to ask Anika what it meant to be a special agent with Homeland Security.

“Well, Central Park will be safer now.” Angela watches as the police walk Black Hatter out of the park.

“For a while at least.” Angela looks at Carla with a proud look on her face.

Carla and Angela head home for the night. When they get home and undress, the two of them explore and play with each other’s bodies. When either one of them ejaculated, there’s was a lot and it was a milky white substance that tasted sweet.

They fall asleep around midnight, holding each other’s bodies. Angela leaves a huge hickey on the side of Carla’s neck. Carla had her head
tucked under Angela’s chin.

The next few days, Carla spends time down at a private training gym. It was named Beast Force Gym (BFG) and contained the latest in
physical fitness equipment. It also had an inside pool that was thirty feet deep and the instructors taught scuba diving as well.

It was rumored that the gym was owned by a group of retired special forces personnel. No one knew for sure who they were, but membership was invited only and you had to be vetted before you were allowed to join. She tried to get a membership for Aylin and Mark, but they liked their old fashion gym they trained at.

Luke spots Carla as she came walking into the gym from the dressing room. He noticed her body has changed a lot. She was curvier, shorter and her chest was huge.

“Damn, girl! What did you do to yourself?” Luke couldn’t believe the changes done to Carla’s body.

“Something I shouldn’t have. I wanted a more feminine body and took a few of those blue pills. This is the result of me doing that.” Carla looks at her trainer.

“What have I told you and everyone else about taking unknown drugs and such?” Luke looks at Carla with a disappointed look on his face.

If there was one person Carla respected a lot, it was Luke. He was like a father to her, after she left the Hunter organization. He helped her find herself and accept the fact that she was meant to feel like she did. All the religious training and doctrine she was forced to grow up on, made her question how she felt about wanting to be a woman.

“Don’t do it, unless it is prescribed by a licensed doctor.” Carla knew Luke knew a lot about drugs. He grew up in an area where almost everyone used them.

“Well, let’s see if I can retrain you.” He points towards the mats.

“Yes, Master.” A sly smile appears on Carla's face as she walks towards the mats.

Luke puts Carla through a warm-up routine he worked out for her. He watches her as she goes through it and notices, he’ll have to adjust it, because of Carla’s huge chest.

“You’re going to need to find your balance and center again, Carla. Your breasts are throwing off your balance and we need to find your center again.” Luke walks over to Carla as she stood on the mats, in her workout shoes.

“Now that you have a uterus, your center is going to be where your womb is.” He places his hand just below Carla’s stomach.

Carla didn’t mind Luke touching her. She felt what he was talking about. She noticed her center was off. She hadn’t thought about the fact she didn’t have a womb before and now she did. She adjusts how she was standing and noticed a difference.

“Maybe I should wear two sports bras since my breasts are so big.” When Carla and Angela went shopping for new clothes. They had a hard time finding bras in her size.

“Or the right type. I know a person you can go to and get the right type.” Luke knew a woman that specialized in undergarments and special orders for women with big assets.

“Cool.” Carla wonders who the person was.

For the next four hours, Carla is put through hell by Luke. She had to unlearn everything she knew, so he could reteach her what she needed to know. By the time Luke was done training her. She was hurting all over.

“Go soak in the ice tank.” Luke saw how slow and stiffly Carla was moving.

“Yes sir.” Carla drags her body to the shower room to submerge herself into one of the ice baths. Her nipples get extremely hard as her body meets the ice-cold water.

She could feel the iciness throughout her new breasts. They were firm and stiff as she soaked in the ice water. She never went through this with her old ones.

She looks down at her chest “why did you grow so big. I liked the ones I had.” Carla just shakes her head as she soaks.

After a while, she gets out of the tub and dries off, while stripping out of her wet clothes. She warms her body and rinses in cold water to firm her breasts up. She gets dressed in the clothes she wore to the gym. She takes her wet exercises clothes and puts them in her gym bag.

Carla steps out of the gym and walks towards the parking garage across the street from the gym. As she crosses the street, she spots a young teenage girl fighting with two guys in suits. They were dragging her towards a stretch limo.

The girl herself looked like she was wearing a high-class dress. The type of dress Carla has seen her wife wear when she went out to meet a client. Her wife doesn’t do that type of work anymore, but she still had those dresses in their closet.

“Damn!” Carla starts walking towards the red-haired girl.

Autumn struggles with Fred and Dirk as they dragged her towards a client of her father's. She couldn’t believe he would turn her into a girl, all because she liked playing female roles. She couldn’t help that she looked better as a girl than she did as a guy.

“Stop fighting us, Autumn or you’re going to be seriously hurt.” Dirk yanks hard on Autumn’s pale skin arm.

“GO TO HELL, DIRK!” Autumn tries to pull her arm free, but Dirk wasn’t having it.

She tries to pull her arm free from Fred, but he held onto her tightly. She would kick him, but the dress she was wearing made it impossible.

“HELP! I’M BEING KIDNAPPED!” Autumn yells at the top of her lungs.

“Bitch!” Fred backhands Autumn right across her mouth as hard as he could.

Autumn's head snapped back from the backhand to her mouth. She could feel the blood inside her mouth. She tries to keep from passing out.

“Fred, remember what the boss said. He wants no marks on her body.” Dirk knew the client Autumn was going to like to play rough with his girls.

“It was only a backhand.” Fred wanted to do more to Autumn.

“Why don’t you guys let the girl go.” Carla had managed to make it through the crowd of people towards the young girl and the two men.

“Why don’t you stay out of this, bitch! This doesn’t concern you.” Fred turns around to face the woman that just spoke.

“Because I am making it my concern.” Carla didn’t have any of her weapons or gadgets with her. All she had was a gym bag with wet clothes in it.

The black limo that had been waiting, pulls away from the curb. The person inside didn’t want to get involved with what was going on.

“Looks like your john is leaving.” Carla figured that was who the person was. Some rich john or trick.

“Damn it!” Dirk knew the boss wasn’t going to be happy.

Fred goes to pull his gun and is thrown off balance as the dark brown hair woman charges into him, sending him backward. As he is falling towards the ground. He watches as she punches Dirk.

Carla moves quickly as the guy goes for his gun. She tackles him, sending him back towards the ground. She spots the other guy holding tight to the young girl “duck!” As she punches the guy in the face as hard as she could.

Carla grabs the young girl’s hand and pulls her “come on.”

Autumn ducked when the woman told her too and felt her hand grab. She looks at the woman when she tells her to come with her. She feels her pull on her hand as they start running away from Fred and Dirk. She doesn’t know who this woman was, but she wasn’t going to stick around let her father hurt her. Fred and Dirk watch as Autumn and the strange woman who just sucker-punched their runoff. Dirk helps Fred up off the sidewalk and chases after them.

Carla holds the young girl’s hand tight, as she runs through the crowd of people. She figures she could lose the two morons in the parking garage. She uses the crowd to her advantage, as she ducks inside the parking garage. She takes the stairs up to the second level where her car was parked.

Autumn follows the woman that just rescued her. She didn’t have a choice, considering the grip she had on her hand. She follows her to a black and purple stripe Dodge Hellcat with black tinted windows.

“Get in.” Carla uses her remote to unlock the hellcat.

Autumn opens the passenger side door and gets in. She shuts the door as soon as she was inside the car. The inside was nice and comfortable.

Carla tosses her gym bag into the backseat and gets behind the steering wheel. She presses a button and her hellcat comes to life. She was happy Terry managed to get one of these for her. This wasn’t just any Hellcat either. This Hellcat had been modified by Terry’s brothers. It could out handle and outrun a New York or State Police car.

She backs out of the parking space and heads down the ramp. She spots the two guys looking for her and the girl. She turns the radio on and listens to the music playing from her favorite radio station. As she exits from the parking garage, she glances at the red hair girl sitting next to her.

“So, why were those two men dragging you towards that limo?” Carla was curious.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” Autumn turns to look at the dark brown hair woman sitting next to her.

“Try me.” Carla heads towards her and her wife’s place.

“Okay, I was tricked out to the man inside by my father, after he turned me into this.” Autumn wonders if the woman is going to believe her because it was the truth.

“What do you mean by turning you into this? Did he turn you into a young girl?” Carla wonders if that was what the girl meant.

“Yes, he stuck me with some sort of purplish-bluish liquid inside a needle, and twelve hours later, I woke up looking this.”

“Hhhmm. Why did your father do that to you?” Carla wonders why the girl’s father did what he did.

“Because he is embarrassed by me. I’m an actor and I normally play female roles, because I’m good at it. He is also a wannabe mob boss here in New York and is connected politically to several high-ranking politicians and dignitaries.” Autumn knew some of the men her father was connected to.

“So, it justifies turning you into a woman?” Carla looks at the young girl.

“You don’t know my father. If something tarnishes his image or embarrasses him, he handles it. That limo probably had one of his dignitary friends in it. He does a lot of business with the Chinese and Russians. Some of my father’s Russian associates like red hair girls like me.” Autumn knew a few girls that had gone with them and came back beaten up.

“Sounds like your father needs to be brought down a peg or two.” Carla didn’t like what she was hearing.

“I would like to see that. But I don’t think it's possible. He’s too well connected and protected.”

“Not from me or my friends he’s not. By the way, my name is Carla. What’s yours?”

“It doesn’t matter what my original name was anymore. My father had me declare dead. He gave me the name Autumn Byrne. It’s supposed to be Irish.” Autumn still couldn’t believe his father did what he did.

“What type of acting do you do, that would cause your father to take this type of action against you?”

“I do theater and I’ve had some small television acting gigs. I always take female parts, because I’m extremely good at it. You couldn’t tell me apart from a genetic woman. My father is all about status and his image. If it hurts him, he will get rid of it, one way or another.”

“How does your mother feel about what you do?” Carla wonders if Autumn’s thoughtless of her.

“My mother disappeared several years ago. I think my father had something to do with it, but I can’t prove it.” Autumn knew her father had something to do with her mother’s disappearance, but couldn’t prove it.

“Sounds like your father is a real prick and needs to be taught a lesson in humanity.” Carla could think of a few things to do with him. She could always ask Aylin if she wants to have some fun with him instead.

“By the way, where are you taking me?” Autumn appreciated what this woman was doing for her, but he didn’t know if she worked for her father or not.

“Mine and my wife’s place. You can lay low there until I figure out what to do with your father.”

“Good luck. He’s too well connected and you don’t strike me as the type that could take him down.” Autumn looks at Carla and all she saw was a short woman with big breasts and petite hands.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover, Autumn. I’m more deadly than I look.”

After twenty minutes, Carla pulls into the underground parking lot and parks her Hellcat. She turns the car off and opens her door.

“You live in an office building?” Autumn opens her car door.

“It only looks like an office building. It contains several high-end condos.” Carla escorts Autumn to a private elevator.

“Who owns this place?” Autumn was looking at the garage as they walked towards an elevator.

“I do.” Carla was thankful that she managed to convert a lot of the gold coins she had into cash.

She bought this building and several others with the money and converted them into high-end condos. The elevator opens and Carla and Autumn step inside it.

“You wouldn’t know this was a condo from the outside.” Autumn was impressed.

“That’s the whole idea. Some people like having privacy and this way they maintain that privacy. There are some businesses on the first and second floor, but everything past those floors is condos.”

Autumn watches as they go up to the sixth floor and stop. The elevator door was plush and well furnished inside. The doors open and Carla leads her towards the right.

“How many people live on this floor?” Autumn was curious.

“Just me. I own this whole floor and the one above it.” Carla opens the door to her place and walks inside.

Autumn follows inside and looks around the place. The place was well lit from the high tinted windows that surrounded the building. She noticed a lot of paintings, displays with artifacts in them, and statues.

“Are you an archaeologist or something?” Autumn noticed a collection of things in the room.

“You could say that. I do have some formal training as an archaeologist. I’m mostly interested in when Christianity originally began and such.”
Carla had a lot of artifacts from that period in her collection.

“Now, why don’t I get you something a little less slutty to wear. You seem to be the size I use to be.” Carla heads towards the guest room to look through her old clothes for Autumn to wear.

While Carla is away. Autumn looks around the living room. She saw that Carla had a large record collection and DVD collection. The place had a modern feel to it. She also saw pictures of another woman caught doing something silly or dressed in bondage gear.

She knew of a few bondage clubs around New York. Some of the actors she worked with were into that type of stuff or have studied about it to better perform their roles. She wonders how rich Carla was.

There was a large book collection in what appeared to be a den. Most of the books appeared to be about different religions around the world. She also spots some extremely old thick books that were written in Latin. She knew it was Latin, but she couldn’t read it.

“Autumn, could you come here please?” Carla found some clothes that should fit Autumn.

Autumn follows Carla’s voice upstairs to the second level, which must be the seventh floor. It was easy to find Carla. She had stepped out of the room she was in.

“I think I’ve found some clothes for you. By the way, did you eat after you discovered what had been done to you?” Carla knew she had an appetite when she changed.

“No. I was still in shock.” Now that Autumn thought about it, she was starting to feel extremely hungry.

“I better put a few pizzas in the oven. Go ahead and change into these clothes. If you need clean underwear and a bra. They are in the top drawer in the dresser.” Carla heads downstairs to the kitchen to heat some frozen pizzas she had.

Autumn looks at the clothes and notices they should fit her. She changes into them after putting on some normal panties and a bra to support her new breasts. She exists the bedroom and walks downstairs. She spots Carla in the kitchen fixing a salad.

“They seem to fit.”

“I thought they might. Your body looks to be about the same build I use to have before I changed.” Carla munches on a cucumber.

“You were changed by the same liquid?” Autumn was surprised to meet someone else like her.

“No, I took some blue pills that did the same thing as those pills. It seemed that whoever, invented the liquid, also did some pills as well.” Carla takes a bite from a sliced cucumber.

“Why did you take the pills if you were already a woman?” Autumn was curious.

“Because I wasn’t a true woman. I was a transgender woman. I had an operation to turn me into a girl. The thing was, I wanted the whole pie, not just a slice. I wanted everything that meant to be a woman.”

“Well, just because I enjoy playing women, didn’t mean I wanted to be one. I enjoyed being a male who played women and having sex with them afterward.” Autumn enjoyed his sex life. A lot of women loved that she played women. It spiced up her sex life.

“Well, get uses to being a woman. Because there is no cure for what your father did to you.”

“Thanks for taking me in. How is your wife going to handle this?” Autumn saw the pictures around the place.

“She won’t mind. I think the two of you will get along pretty well.”

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3 new characters victims of blue lace

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Well one TRUE victim the other was self administered, & knew what it did, but not quite this bad. I look forward to see what happens next.

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