A Bimbo is Born

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“Harley, why do you keep getting Cs and Ds in school?” Larry looks at his youngest son.

He was a disappointment. The boy collected Barbie dolls and wore make-up. He couldn’t play football, baseball, soccer, or basketball. The only sports his youngest son was good at were swimming and gymnastics. Those were the only sports he did pretty well.

“Because some of my courses are difficult for me, and every time, I ask you or mom for help. You either tell me to figure it out alone, or you are too busy with my older brother to help me. Plus, mom is never home to help me with my studies.” Harley loved his family, but sometimes they were too caught up in their things to help him.

“Well, your brother has many things going on right now. He’ll be going to college next year, and he’s the best football & baseball player your high school has ever had. You should be grateful to be related to him.” Larry couldn’t get over how jealous his youngest son was of his older brother.

“So, why does he get all the attention while you and mom ignore me?” Harley was getting a little mad.

Larry looks at Harley “because he isn’t a sissy like you. You collect barbie dolls; you wear make-up and nail polish. Your hairstyle and glasses make you look like a girl. Plus, you sound like a girl when you speak. On top of that, you have the figure of a girl instead of a boy. Your voice should have changed by now, but it hasn’t.”

“It’s not my fault my voice hasn’t dropped or my hips and ass are more rounders. I inherited a lot from my mom. Charlie inherited a lot from you.” Harley knew he looked like his mother.

He got his short stature, facial features, and slim figure from his mother. He earned his amber eyes from his grandmother, and no one knows where he got his ginger color red hair from. No one on his father’s or his mother’s side has ever had red hair.

“What are your plans for today?” Larry wanted to know.

“I was going to ride my bicycle around the neighborhood and check out a few yard sales.” Harley liked going to yard sales and thrift stores.

“Well, be back at six o’clock.”

“Why, what’s up?” Harley was curious about what was happening at six.

“We’re having dinner at my mom and dad’s place.” Larry knew his parents didn’t like their youngest grandchild.

At first, they loved Harley when he was born, but as he got older and started to express interest in doing girly things and wearing make-up. They would criticizes him for it . They didn't like that he wore nail polish. The collecting of barbie dolls and such didn’t bother them. After all, John Wayne collected porcelain dolls.

“All right.” Harley was going to make sure he was late. He didn’t want to go to his grandparents’ house.

He walks out to the garage after going by his bedroom and grabbing some cash. He mounts his mountain bike and peddles over to a nearby neighborhood, where he knows a few yard sales are going. His glasses had photochromic lenses, and the frames made his face look girlie. He loved the frames he picked out. They fit him better than the eye store’s frames in the men’s section. Harley spots the houses with yard sales and
goes over to them. He locks his bicycle to a telephone pole and starts browsing through the stuff on display.

Most of it was furniture, tools, yard decorations, and a few other things he wasn’t interested in. He spots some clothes for sale and goes over to look at them. Some were too small for him, and some were just ugly.

Harley walks a few houses down from the first yard. He had his bicycle with him and secured it to another telephone post. He gets excited when he spots a few things. The couple selling the items were as old as his parents. He spots some nice customs clothes and costumes. He picks up an outfit that is obviously for a woman. It was the right size for him.

Harley couldn’t believe it. He holds onto the outfit as he browses through some more. All the clothes he was buying were meant for women. He spots some jewelry and a few other things he likes. He spots a few faux leather catsuits and jumpsuits that pique his interest. He buys them and finds a set of high heel shoes to go with them.

By the time he is done shopping at the yard sale, he has only ten dollars left to his name. He had a bunch of clothes and accessories. He wonders what his parents will say when they learn that he bought many women’s clothes. He found that women’s or girls’ clothing fit him better.

He checks his watch and notices that he still has time before his parents leave. He decides to ride over to Mr. Marshal’s house. His parents and brother didn’t know he had been seeing and dating Mr. Marshal. The man was old enough to be his father, but he liked the attention Mr. Marshal gave him and how he treated him.

He noticed that Mr. Marshal’s truck was in the driveway. He peddles up the driveway and goes around to the side garage door. He takes his key out and unlocks the door. He enters the kitchen and spots Mr. Marshal washing dishes.

“Hi, sweetie, I’m home.” He strikes a sexy pose at the doorway.

Mr. Marshal looks at Harley. “I wasn’t expecting you today.”

“I was out shopping at the yard sales going on. I bought some interesting clothes and such to wear.” There was a smile on Harley’s face.

Mr. Marshal walks over to Harley and kisses him. He puts his tongue deep into Harley’s mouth. He felt Harley return the favor as Harley’s tongue probed deeper into his mouth. He feels Harley’s hands undoing his belt and pants. He pushes lightly down on Harley’s shoulders.

Harley felt the pressure on his shoulder as he broke from kissing and kneels before Marshal. He licks his lips as he takes Marshal’s huge penis into his mouth and starts deep-throating it. He loved having Marshal fill his mouth up.

Marshal and Harley enjoy each other’s bodies for the next few hours. Harley lets Marshal use his body any way he wants to. Harley didn’t care because he was deeply in love with Marshal, and Marshal promised to give him a female body.

Later in the evening, Harley and Marshal go out to dinner. Harley had made himself extremely beautiful. He had on a dress that showed off his slim, curvy frame. He wore a wig to make it look like his hair was longer.

Harley was enjoying being on Marshal’s arm as they entered Husk. She liked the lustful looks of some of the older men. They wish they were as lucky as Marshal. They are escorted to their table, and Marshal holds the chair for Harley. He sits down directly across from her.

After, their waitress comes over and takes their drink order. Marshal looks at Harley “are you ready for me to keep my promise to you?”

Harley leans forward and looks into Marshal’s eyes “yes, I am very ready. Do you think two weeks is going to be enough for everything?”

“Oh, it will be enough time for everything. I have your new passport and papers ready. Just remember to tell your parents you’re leaving for a while.”

“Trust me; they will be happy to get rid of me.” Harley knew his parents could care less what he did.

Harley and Marshal enjoy their dinner and go out dancing afterward. They head back to Marshal’s house and go into his game room. Harley loved the game room. It had all sorts of neat BDSM toys. Harley lets Marshal do whatever he wants to him in the room.

Harley’s parents didn’t care if he stayed out. He enjoys the whips used against his body. He loved when Marshal put his fist up inside of him or used some of the enormous dildos in the playroom. He stays at Marshal’s house until two in the morning. He sneaks back into his house wearing a jewel butt plug up in his ass. He loved feeling Marshal’s warm semen up inside his body.

He gets to undress and slips on the lacy nightgown he bought from Victoria’s Secret. He gets under his blankets and dreams about what his life is going to be like as a woman. He couldn’t wait until Marshal lives up to his promise.

Harley looks out the window of the private Lear Jet they were flying in. He couldn’t believe that he was going to finally get his wish. He had gotten dressed in one of the outfits he had bought at the yard sale. It made him look slutty and knew it made Marshal happy.

Marshal looks at the young man sitting next to him. Everything was going to plan and by the end of the day, this young woman will be pleasing him with her new body.

“Are you sure about this, Harley? Because once this surgery is done, there’s no going back.” Marshal looks into Harley’s eyes.

“I’m one hundred percent sure.” Harley gets out of her seat and kneels before Marshal.

She takes Marshal’s cock out and rubs it. She puts her lips around the tip of it and starts kissing it. She looks up at Marshal and notices a smile forming on his face.

Marshal looks at Harley as she sucked on his cock. He puts his hand on the back of her head and forces her to swallow his whole cock. After a few minutes, he erupts towards the back of Harley’s throat.

Harley swallows Marshal’s semen as he comes. She has learned that he wants her to swallow it all and not let any of it escape from her mouth. It has taken her a while to learn how to do that.

By the time they land, Marshal told Harley to undress, but leave her panties and bra on. They are escorted from the plane to a waiting limo. As they are walking towards the limo “last chance to back out.”

“I want this.” Harley looks at Marshal when she says that.

An evil smile appears on Marshal’s face. He holds the door open for Harley and as Harley steps into the limo. He stabs her in the back with a needle. She falls into the limo.

“Let’s go.” He gets into the limo and watches as two blonde hair women with huge boobs hold Harley.

Marshal looks at the two women holding Harley. A smile appears on his face because they had been recruited by him.

“How has your life been, ladies?”

“It’s been good, daddy.” Amber smiles at her former father.

“Yeah, daddy. We love our new life.” Kimberly looks at her former husband. She loved pleasing her master and all the men he brought to see her.

“That’s good to hear, girls.” A smile appears on his face.

When the limo arrives at the medical center. Amber and Kimberly carry Harley into an operating room and cut her panties and bra off. They lay her on a table in a shape of a giant X and strap her in.

“That’s all girls. Go and entertain our guest.” Dr. Larson walks into the operating room. He was being followed by Marshal.

Dr. Larson looks at Marshal “so, what would you like me to do to this one?”

“For one, get rid of her penis. I want her to be so tight, that she’ll feel like she is being torn into two every time a cock is inserted into her vagina. As for her mouth, I want those lips to be puffy and very sensitive. Also, I want her to have a very small mouth. I want it so small, that she needs to eat and drink through a straw, but can expand to suck a cock. As for her breasts, I want them enormous. I want them bigger than any woman we have done so far.”

“You know, with her small frame, it is going to cause her back problems.”

“I don’t care. Also, let’s make her a human cow.” Marshal looks at Harley.

“Are you sure about that? Her boobs will be milk heavy, all the time.” Dr. Larson didn’t mind doing a heavy-set woman like that, but a girl as slim as the one in front of him was a different story.

“I’m sure and let’s give her some huge thighs and hips. I want her to have a perfect heart-shaped ass.” Marshal was going to turn Harley into every man’s wet dream.

“Anything else?” Dr. Larson was making mental notes about what Marshal wanted.

“Yes, make it so the only thing she wants is to please men and grave cocks all the time. Also, make it so she is wet all the time as well. I want her ready to have sex any time. Also, give her two uteruses’ as well. I might want to breed her.”

“You know it will take some time for that. I have to grow the whole reproductive system.”

“That’s fine. Just make her look extremely beautiful. I want her more beautiful than any of the other girls that have come through here.” Marshal had plans for Harley.

“Oh, by the time I’m done with her, she’ll be irresistible to any guy or woman.” Dr. Larson was going to make it so her pheromones allowed her to seduce anyone.

“Good to hear that doctor. Have fun with your new toy.” Marshal turns and walks out of the operating room.

When Harley wakes up, she finds herself in bed next to Marshal. She felt a heavy weight on her chest and a weird taste in her mouth. Her bladder was ready to release itself if she didn’t get up and pee. It takes her a few minutes to move around and when she stumbles towards the bathroom, she could feel the weight on her back from her enormous breasts. She couldn’t believe how huge they were.

She walks into the bathroom and sits down on the toilet. She lifts one of her breasts and notices the nipple on it was as thick as Marshal’s thumb. When she squeezes it, milk squirts out and shoots across the bathroom. Her areolas were a medium brown color and as round as a coffee mug.

She feels a stream of urine squirt out of her body and into the toilet. Her bladder was feeling better as it emptied itself. After she empty’s her
bladder, she gets up and wipes herself. She tosses the tissue into the toilet.

“How do you like your new body, sweetie?” Marshal walks up behind Harley and wraps his arms around her.

“I..” Harley finds she couldn’t open her mouth as wide as she could before.

“Speak slower and try to just move your lips.” Marshal knew having her lips poutier would make it so she couldn’t speak as she could before.

“I love what was done to me. How come I’m producing milk?” she looks at Marshal’s reflection in the mirror.

“Because sweetie. Some men love drinking from a woman’s breasts, especially when they are filled with milk. Now, let’s go and test out your body.” Marshal places a kiss on Harley’s cheek.

He takes Harley back into the bedroom and makes her kneel before him. He slips his cock into her mouth and loves how her lips wrap around his cock. He could feel the pressure on his cock as her lips squeezes him.

As soon as Marshal puts his cock into Harley’s mouth, something clicks inside her head. She starts sucking on it as if it was a lollipop. She starts massaging his testicles as she takes his cock as deep into her throat. She was craving his cock and tried to take it as deep as possible.

Marshal starts to moan when Harley starts playing with his testicles and sucking hard on his cock. He couldn’t believe what difference it had made, making her lips tighter and puffer. He also was enjoying the suction she was putting on his cock. He could feel ready to explode down her throat.

Marshal couldn’t hold back any longer and erupted in Harley’s mouth. He couldn’t believe how much was coming out. He holds Harley’s head against his groin as he feels her swallow everything he was deposited into her mouth and down her throat.

Afterward, he releases her head and lets her come up for air. He is surprised when she starts kissing him. He could taste himself on her lips. He feels her press her body against his.

“Let’s test out the rest of your body, sweetie.” Marshal wanted to see how the rest of Harley’s new body worked.

“Let’s.” As she kisses him.

Marshal explores and tests Harley’s new body for the next six hours. He had to stab himself with stimulates and a drug that kept his cock rock solid. By the time the two of them were done, Harley was cuddled up against Marshal with a butt plug in her ass to keep his semen from leaking out of her.

Marshal was sound asleep next to Harley, holding her. He was covered in dry breast milk and the sheets under them were wet. He couldn’t believe how well her body responded to his needs. She had so many orgasms, that he hadn’t caught all of them.

He wakes up with her giving him a blow job. He couldn’t believe how much he squirts into her mouth and down her throat. He looks down at Harley, as she lifts her head off his still-stiff cock.

“Good morning to you as well.” As he pulls her up his body and kisses her.

Harley looks into Marshal’s eyes “I can’t wait until we get back home and back into the dungeon. I want you to whip me, spank me, spread me wide open, and invite others over to use me.”

“Sweetie, I have big plans for you. Including being gang bang.” Marshal already knew some men he was going to call.

“I can’t wait.” As Harley kisses Marshal passionately.

On the day they leave the island, Harley dresses in the skimpiest clothes she could fit in. she doesn’t wear any panties, but leaves the Jewel butt plug in her ass and a pink vibrator in her vagina. She knew Marshal has the remote to it and smiles every time he turns the intensity up on it.

The dress she wears is so skimpy that it barely covers her ass. Every time she bends over or walks by people, she flashes them. When they are up in the air, She has Marshal do her in the plane.

When they get dropped off at home, she makes sure her parents are outside. She pulls the butt plug out of her ass and put it in her mouth, and has Marshal fuck her right there in the middle of the yard. She wanted everyone in the neighborhood to see her on all fours with her enormous breasts hanging out and swinging back and forth as Marshal does her from the rear.

After they are done, they head into the house and go at it again. She keeps the huge butt plug in her mouth. With the way her new lips were, it stays in place with very little effort from her lips.

During the week, Marshal manages to get Harley’s father and brother over to his house and let them take turns with Harley. They enjoy Harley’s body, without knowing that Harley was their son and brother. Afterward, when they are about to leave, Harley springs the news on them.

After that little surprise, she talks Marshal into taking her mother and sister and turning them into bimbos. He loves that idea and hires some men to kidnap them and take them back to the same island that Harley had gone to.

In the upcoming months, Marshal watches as Harley becomes a sex-hungry bimbo who lived for sex. He watches from the doorway as ten men have their way with her.

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Mid-Story Twist

Daphne Xu's picture

And a nasty one at that. (That's fine in a story. I don't blame the author.) We initially think that Marshall is a wealthy middleaged dirty old man who fell for a young teenage she-male. Turns out his business is luring teens away and transforming them into sex-starved bimbos. I wouldn't be surprised if many were sold to other wealthy men as sex slaves.

-- Daphne Xu

Harly wanted to be a girl

Samantha Heart's picture

He got his wish. I don't think she expected this, but it's what she wound up with a human cow bimbo with two uteruses for breading. Now her mom & sister are going to be turned into sex starved bimbos as well. At least now Harly has the female body she wanted

Love Samantha Renée Heart.