A Joke Can Go Too Far

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Parker looks out towards the water from the pier he is standing on, thinking about jumping. He was cradling a heavy stone in his arms and standing close to the edge of the dock. Tears were streaming down his cheeks. He could not believe what had been done to him by people he trusted.

His life was now ruined, all thanks to what they did to him. Not only had they recorded what they did to him, but they had posted the footage on all the social media sites and the college site he attended as well. They sent footage of what happened to him to his parents.

He received an email from his parents informing him that they were disowning him. It was bad enough that everything that took place he couldn’t remember doing. Why did he ever accept the invitation from Bret Massie to go to the rave? He knew Bret was famous for practical jokes and ruining the lives of people he didn’t like.

He thought he and Bret were friends after all the times he helped Bret with his homework and tutored him. He knew Bret was having trouble passing some of the tests their professors gave them. That was the only reason he went to the rave with Bret.

Parker jumps off the edge of the dock and into the icy cold waters of the Pacific Ocean. He couldn’t live with the shame he felt or what was done to his body.

“PARKER WAIT!” Emily runs towards the end of the dock and dives into the ocean to rescue her friend.

It was dark, and she knew it would be challenging to find Parker. She surrounds herself with flames to light the area and spots her friend sinking fast. She swims over to Parker and notices he is holding a huge rock in his arms. She felt the stone was attached to a heavy chain around Parker’s waist.

It was good that she could hold her breath for a long time. She kept the locking picking tools hidden on her body and picked the lock on the chain. She pulls Parker up to the surface with her.

Once she breaks the surface, she pulls Parker’s unconscious body up and swims over to a ladder she can get to. Emily pulls Parker up by his pants.

“God, I have to start working out more. You are heavy as hell.” As she manhandles Parker’s unconscious body.

Once on the dock, she gives him mouth-to-mouth, and his heart starts beating again. After several tries, Parker starts coughing out water.

“Thank god.” Emily sits back on her legs. She concentrates on some of her flame ability to dry and warm Parker’s body.

She watches as Parker passes out again. She could see the changes that someone had done to Parker’s body. He had a nice set of tits that had to be at least a S cup from how big they were. If they were real, Parker would have significant back problems with his slim frame and short stature.

Emily pulls her cell phone out and calls the emergency medical number programmed in her phone. Ten minutes later, a nondescript van with medical gear shows up and picks Parker up and places him inside. Emily walks over to her Ford Bronco and follows the van back to the hidden hospital.

This one was disguised as a hotel with a secret entrance for the van and visitors. She parks her Bronco and heads inside the place. She uses the credentials that Sasha gave her to admit Parker.

Emily answers as many questions as possible for the doctor on staff while Parker is taken into the emergency room. She waits in the waiting room, informing Sasha where she is and why.

After a while, Emily spots Doctor Jenkins coming towards her. She wonders how Parker is after nearly drowning.

“How is he, doc?” Emily hopes her friend will be okay.

“He’s fine, but do you know what was used to make his chest so big?” Dr. Jenkins looks at Emily.

“No, ma’am. However, I can show you this.” Emily plays the video that had been posted on the web.

It showed Parker naked and being used by at least twenty or more guys in various positions. The video goes on for over an hour or more as a bunch of guys repeatedly abuses her. There were close-ups of her having three or four cocks shoved into her mouth and her ass.

The video showed her vast tits from the beginning as guys used them to rub their cocks between them. The doctor does as much of a closeup as possible on a cell phone and notices from the video that Parker was in a drug haze state as she was being used. Doctor Jenkins looks at Emily.
“Do you know where this took place?”

“No, ma’am. I was alerted when my college site shared the video with me. I knew if this had happened to Parker, he would take his life. Hell, I would do the same thing.”

“How long was he in the water?”

“Not long. He jumped into the ocean no sooner after I arrived to stop him.” Emily was glad her abilities worked underwater.

“Well, right now, he is going to need rest, and I’ll do a blood test to see what drugs were used to make your friend's breasts that big.”

“Is there any way you could get rid of them, doc?”

“Short of surgery, no. If your friend wants them removed, it will leave a significant scar on his chest. The best bet is to reduce them to a smaller size.”

“All right. Can you let me know when he is awake?” Emily had to get home.

“I will.” Dr. Jenkins watches as Emily leaves.

She adjusts Parker Black’s medicine and leaves the room as well. She wonders who did this to this young man and why. She has already helped several people to whom the Blue Lace drug has turned.

Several hours later, Parker wakes up and feels a heavy weight on his chest. He notices that the covers on his body have two huge mounds pushing it up. He could feel the weight on his chest. He removes the covers and sees two huge globes of flesh with medium-sized nipples and light pink areoles on his chest.

Tears start leaking from his eyes as memories of what he saw in the video come flooding back. The thing was, he couldn’t remember doing everything he saw in the video. He squeezes his eyes shut as he cries. The last thing he wanted to do was face the public with what he did. Parker cries himself asleep again.

Dr. Jenkin’s Office:
Dr. Jenkins got the results of the blood test back. The technician had found some interesting stuff in it. They found high estrogen levels, progesterone, growth hormone (GH), and insulin-like growth factor 1. The levels were extremely high and concentrated in the breast tissue to make them bigger.

The technician also found high levels of scopolamine as well. Dr. Jenkins knew that the drug could make a person do whatever you tell them, and they wouldn’t remember anything after the drug wore off. It was mainly used down in South America, but it has been used recently up in the Americas to commit crime.

The rest of Mr. Black’s body chemistry was fine. It was just the high levels concentrated in his breasts. This was the second case of this drug being used to enhance a woman’s breasts. She wants to know who was responsible for making this drug.

Blue Lace was already dangerous, along with several other drugs being sold. Drugs that enhance a person's strength, stamina, agility, memory, muscles, and body overall. There were nasty side effects to those drugs, but the side effects were worth the risk.

Parker wakes up the next morning and notices that his friend Emily is sitting next to his hospital bed. He notices she is wearing a nice dress
“Where am I?”

“You’re at a private secret hospital. My mentor’s mother and her sister sponsor them.” Emily knew Sasha’s mother sponsored them so that the things they did wouldn’t bring attention to their work. Plus, they wouldn’t have to answer so many questions.

Most states had policies that if a patient came in with gunshot wounds had to be reported. Also, there would be questions about certain injuries and other things that most medical ethical standards would be against.

“Why did you save me? My life has ended.” Parker didn’t want to be alive. His life has ended because of what Bret and his friends did to him.

“Because you are letting them win, Parker. I know it's hard to see any silver lining in all this, but there is one. You just have to decide if it's worth living for.” Emily saw the video and what happened to her friend.

She also knew about Parker’s mom and dad disowning Parker now. She wasn’t surprised about that. Parker’s dad was always an asshole and planned on kicking Parker out of the house when he turned eighteen anyway. As for Parker’s mother, she recently became a born-again Christian.

Since Parker’s senior year in high school, his mother has been acting all holy and such. She even made him go to church with her on Sundays. However, once he went off to college, he stopped going.

Parker looked at Emily and knew she would do everything she could for him. She has always been a good friend to him. He knew all about her crossdressing and her fascination and hero worship of Sasha Wolfhart aka Wildfire.

He also knew she had been exposed to the blue drug and turned into what she was now. She fought to protect people and performed like her mentor.

“I can’t go back to my old life, Emily. Bret made sure of that when he did what he did to me and posted it on the web.”

“Well, you could always assume a new life and maybe, go through the rest of transiting into a woman. If Dr. Jenkins is right unless you want a chest of scars. She’ll be able to reduce what Bret did to you to give you a smaller chest.”

“I was never like you, Emily. I enjoyed being a male. I never thought about what it was like to be a woman.” Parker was hoping to find a nice woman and have a nice paying job.

“Well, you do have a choice. You can have a giant scar on the front of your chest because of how much breast tissue Dr. Jenkins will have to remove from your chest. It will also affect the muscles underneath your skin as well. You’ll lose muscle mass and strength. The second option is for you to turn into a woman either by surgery or by using the blue lace drug. The advantages of using the blue lace drug to be turned into a
woman. You’ll be a fully functional woman who has to worry about getting pregnant and having periods every month. The surgery option is, to have SRS surgery to be turned into a woman and not having to worry about those problems.”

“What about Bret and his friends? What is going to happen to them?” Parker wanted to know what would happen to them.

“You leave their punishment to me. I have a few ideas.”

“If I decided to go along with what you are suggesting, how would we go about this?” Parker wanted to know how Emily could make this happen.

“Well, first before agreeing to anything. You’ll need to talk to a counselor first. You need to make sure this is the route you want to go down.
Because once it is done, it can’t be undone. The second thing you’ll need to do is reestablish yourself either as you are or as a new persona.”

“You can do this?” Parker looks into Emily’s green eyes.

“Not me, I’m going to refer you to counselor Moore and she’ll decide if this is the best course for you.” Emily knew counselor Moore would determine if this was the best route to take.

“Is she here?”

“Nope, but I’ll make arrangements for you.” Emily figures Dr. Moore would be able to help Parker.

San Juan, Colorado:
Parker couldn’t believe he was on a private plane along with several other people flying towards a town no one had ever heard of out in Colorado. The only thing he could find out about the town was the population was about seven hundred and fifty people. It was an old mining town that several rich billionaires had invested money in and had transformed it. Emily told him that his mentor's mother was one of the investors in the city.

A person by the name of Rose Watson would meet him at the airport and take him to where he’ll be living. A job had been arranged for him and he could continue his studies online. The doctor he’ll be seeing had an office in town.

He watches as the plane lands at a small airport. The airport itself wasn’t very big and he could see several cargo transport planes on the tarmac. The plane he and the others were on, held about thirty people. He was lucky to get a window seat.

The plane pulls up to a small hub and he disembarks. He was still feeling the pain from the operation to reduce his huge breasts from huge ass globes they had been down to something more reasonable for a person of his build. The doctor informed him that he was carrying around an additional ten pounds of flesh and tissue on his chest.

He was still getting used to wearing the bandages going around his chest. He had several bras in his luggage. Dr. Jenkins helped him pick them out.

Once the plane stops everyone around him starts to disembark. He follows at the end of the line. As he exits the tunnel, he spots a young woman with hot pink shoulder-length hair holding a sign with his name on it. He walks over towards her.

Rose had been asked to pick up a new resident to the town by Mayor Blackrock. She was to take them to 325 Apricot Road, apartment G. The person’s name was Parker Russell, and was described as the person.

She spots him walking out of the terminal. She holds the sign-up she made with his name on it. She notices he spots her and walks over towards her. When he gets only a few feet from her “Hi and welcome to San Juan, Colorado. I’m Rose Watson and I’m supposed to take you to your apartment.”

“Hi, Rose, and thanks.” Parker follows Rose.

Besides her shoulder-length hot pink hair. She had a chest that was a little bigger than his own. She also had an hourglass-shaped body. Her hips tend to be a little bigger than most women, with a really small waist. She was shorter than he was. He stood five foot ten inches tall and he figured she was about five foot tall.

He noticed when she walked, that her hips moved in a very provocative way. He didn’t know if it was on purpose or if she was flirting with him. As he walked out of the airport, he looked around him. There didn’t seem to be anything unusual about this place.

“Rose, my friend Emily said that a lot of people who were changed against their will come here to live and recover. Is she talking about people like me or is there more going on?” He follows Rose to a black Jeep Wrangler.

Rose takes her keys out unlocks the back portion of the jeep and puts the two suitcases Parker brought with him in the back. She locks the back and looks towards him to answer his question.

“You’re going to learn that there are a lot of different residents here. They all come from different parts of the world. Some were either changed like us or did it to themselves because they weren’t happy with how they were born.”

“Were you changed against your will?” Parker was curious.

“Get in the jeep and I’ll tell you a little about myself.” Rose gets in on the driver's side and reaches over to unlock the passenger-side door.

Parker walks around to the passenger side of the jeep and gets in. He fastens his seat belt as Rose starts the jeep up and puts it in reverse. He watches as they leave the parking lot of the small airport.

Rose watches the traffic around them as she begins to speak. “I was changed by my older brother out of jealousy and greed. You see I come from a well-off family. My brother loved to spend the money my family made and have nice things. He loved to show off to other rich spoiled brats. Where I liked to earn everything, I got. I didn’t rely on my parent’s money to pay or buy me anything I couldn’t earn on my own. So, when my parents died on their way home from a party. I inherited everything and my brother got nothing. My parents knew I wouldn’t waste the money or run the business they built from the ground up into the ground, unlike my brother who would. My brother became furious because I inherited everything and he didn’t. So, he turned me into the girl you see now and sold me to some sex traffickers. I was further modified by them to become a living sex doll.”

“How did you escape that life?” Parker has heard stories of people doing things to get their hands on the family fortune.

“I was rescued by a group of people. This team took down the entire network and freed at least two hundred people who had been turned against their will. We were brought here to recover and to get whatever medical or psychological help we needed to get our lives back. Some of us stayed and some of us tried to pick up the pieces of our life that were left.”

“Whatever happened to your brother?” Parker wanted to know what punishment Rose’s brother received.

“I don’t know and I don’t care either. As far as I care he is dead to me. As for the rest of my family, I stay in touch with them and they have accepted what happened to me. I visit them off and on and sometimes they come here to visit me.”

“What’s the history of this town?” Parker was curious about that.

“San Juan used to be a mining town back during Colorado’s gold mining days. It shut down during the 70s and most of the residents left. The residents that remained tried to keep the town going, but as their children got older, and left the nest. None ever returned and the town population became smaller and smaller. It was during the late 1980s that several billionaires got together and bought the town. At first retired spies, soldiers, and people in the WITSEC program came here to live. Then, when some supernatural tribes and groups started being discovered. Some of them came here to live. They just wanted to be left alone and not interact with normal people. People who had been illegally experimented on were sent here to recover from what had been done to them. After that people like me who had been changed and sold into sex trafficking were sent here to help us recover and get their life back together came here. Some of us stayed behind because we liked the place and made friends. The rest of us left to live with our families or establish new lives.”

“Wow! It sounds like this place has a weird history.”

“Trust me, no one here is judgmental and all of us have a story or history of what our lives have been like. A lot of the retired spies that live here have enemies that would love to see them dead. As for the supernatural tribes that live here, they mostly keep to themselves. Some of them are friendly and will go out of their way to help you, but you have a few that live like Hermits up in the mountains. There is even a hobo camp not far from the old train rail that runs through here. The people that live there have a bunch of stories from their travels.”

“Do you guys still use the train rail?” Parker knew a few cities that still used the old rails.

“Yes, we have a local train that moves freight and transports passengers from here.” Rose has ridden it a few times when she has gone on vacation or just wanted to get away for a while a day or so.

After a while, Rose pulls into the parking lot of a brand-new apartment building. She finds a parking spot and parks her Jeep.

“That looks like a brand-new building.” Parker saw how nice it looked. It had balconies so the residents could go outside and enjoy the weather.

“It was built three years ago. McKraken Construction did the work.” As Rose shuts the jeep off and gets out.

She helps Parker retrieve his stuff from the back of her jeep and escorts him inside the building. Parker notices how nice the lobby looks. It had a common room where you could play pool and video games.

“I remember seeing those old gaming machines on American Pickers.” As Parker follows Rose to the elevator.

“The company that owns this building thought the residents would enjoy them. And they were right. The residents here love to come down and play pool and the games. Some of the old-style cigarette machines have been refurbished to dispense e-cigarette items you might like.”

Parker follows Rose into the elevator and goes up to the sixth floor. When they arrived on the sixth floor, she noticed the sign pointing towards the left for apartments G, H, and I. Rose turned left and led him down to apartment G. There was a light tan envelope taped to the door. She takes it and opens it. Inside was a credit card in it.

“They don’t use keys here, but these credit cards instead. If later on you want to get an implant that you can use instead, just inform the building manager and they will implant one.”

Parker had a confused look on his face “An implant?”

“Yeah, it’s a chip they install under your skin that has all your information program in it and you can use it to unlock your apartment or house.
Also, you can have a special device installed in your vehicle so you are the only one who can drive it.” Rose had one in her right hand since she was right-handed.

“That’s kind of high-tech, isn’t it?” as he watches Parker use the card to open his apartment.

“Yeah, but we're kind of progressive here in San Juan.” Rose walks into the apartment.

Parker follows behind her. He lets out a whistle as he looks around. It was rather nice and had that new apartment smell to it. There was a sectional, recliner, a four-person dining room table, and A decent size flat-screen television mounted on the wall. A hallway closet just as you walk in.

“Wow! This is nice. Do all the apartments here have this type of setup?” Parker looks towards Rose.

“I don’t know. This is my first time here.” Rose with how the place looked. She noticed another envelope lying on the dining room table.

“I think you have mail.” Rose points to it.

Parker walks over to it and notices it has his full name on it. He picked it up and felt that it had some weight to it. He opens the envelope to look inside.

While Parker was looking at the contents of the envelope, Rose took a tour of the apartment, since this was new to her. She noticed it had two bedrooms and a common bathroom. The bedrooms were fully furnished and had the newest type of mattress, the foam ones. Everything Parker would need to make the beds were furnished as well. All the linen, cleaning supplies, and toiletries were provided.

He got the same thing she did for her place when she first arrived. She knew any clothes he didn’t have, he could use the money card he’d be given to buy what he needed. She liked the kitchen the most and noticed it was fully stocked with fresh vegetables and meats.

The seafood was extra and if he liked seafood, he could visit the local stores or go to Capt. Clams seafood to buy what he wants. The balcony was big enough to have a small table and loungers or chairs outside. His apartment faced the northeast towards the mountains. She turns around and heads back inside the apartment.

“Well, I’ll leave you to get adjusted to your new place. If you need anything or just want to talk. Here’s my business card.” As she hands Parker a business card with her information on it.

“Thanks, Rose.” As he accepts the card.

“You’re welcome.” She waves goodbye as she walks out of his apartment.

Parker sits down in one of the chairs as he looks over everything inside the envelope. It was directions to the doctor he was scheduled to see. The doctor’s name and the time he was to be there. A bus pass, and directions to his new job. It was a law office that needed a gofer to work in the office. It was only a few blocks from his doctor’s office.

There was a bus schedule included in the envelope. Locations of the nearest grocery stores near him and the various shopping centers he could shop at. A list of businesses that delivered food and groceries as well. If he didn’t already have a cellphone, he could use the voucher included in the envelope to get a free one. If he had one and wanted to upgrade it. The voucher would take care of that as well.

He puts everything back in the envelope and leaves it sitting on the table. He selects a bedroom and starts settling in. He hears his cell phone ding, letting him know a message arrived. He checks it and notices his bank account just received a twenty-thousand-dollar deposit.

While he was holding his cell phone a text message appears from Emily. A smile appears on his face as he reads it. The money was from her and it was a gift. She said that if he tried to repay her, she wouldn’t accept it. As for Bret and his cronies, she was on top of it and would keep him informed on what she was doing. She ended the message with your friend, Emily.

Tears leak from his eyes as he thinks about her. She didn’t have to do what she was doing, but she was. He owes her for saving his life.

He walks into the kitchen and checks out what the place is stocked with. Since he didn’t have any lunch while on the flight, he heated some frozen beef burritos. Once they are done, he eats them and relaxes afterward.

For the next few weeks, Parker adjusts to his new situation. The counselor he was seeing was helping to decide which path was right for him. His job at the law firm was tough at first because he had to learn where the law books were and how to look things information up. He found out that the law firm handled criminal and civil cases.

He was told that he could wear women's clothing if he felt more comfortable or he could wear standard business wear for males. The lawyer he reported to, was an older man by the name of Justice Dillon and looked like James Arnes from the television western Gunsmoke. Even though the US Marshal was a fictional character from an old western. Mr. Dillon said that his last name has been around since the 1800’s. His family came over from England and settled in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Parker was saving up to buy an older Ford F250 4x4 from the local used car dealer. The place had a good reputation and gave a six-month warranty on all his vehicles. Down from him was a garage staffed all by women. From what he learned about them; the owner had started the business six years ago when she first came to San Juan. She had been in WITSEC and started working for the original owner of the place.

After he decided to retire, she bought the place and started making improvements to it. She had no problems hiring males, but she wanted to have a place where it was woman-run and operated. After a few years of owning it, she accomplished her dream.

Three of her daughters worked for her. One was the bookkeeper of her shop. The other worked out in the garage with the other women and her youngest ran the front office. Her husband worked for the local sanitation company that came around collecting the trash and such.

They had several recycling companies in San Juan that recycled everything they used. All metals, glass, plastics, and paper were recycled. All electronics were broken down and recycled as well. San Juan had a power plant that powered their city and the other two nearby cities. All new buildings were outfitted with a new type of glass that absorbed sunlight and powered the building.

The technology has been around since 2012, but it was never efficient enough to power a building or a home. The company that managed to fix the problem was named Sun Shine Energy Productions and was a start-up company in Silicon Valley.

Parker yawns as he walks from the law office to his favorite sub deli shop for lunch. The place was owned and operated by the twin sisters named Joyce Ritter and her twin Amy Ritter. He met them at one of his counselor group therapy sessions. Amy used to be Joyce’s older brother until he was exposed to a drug similar to Blue Lace.

The drug converted the Y chromosome in a male to an X chromosome and caused physical changes in a person. Amy as a male shared a lot of the same features as her sister. She was transformed into an identical twin of her sister.

Some of the other members of their group session had either been exposed to blue lace or were medically changed into women. There were a few males among their group that had been unknown test subjects to medical experiments that changed them from female to male. The medical staff that had experimented on them were researching gender-changing drugs.

The drug itself had been provided by a pharmaceutical company that was known to play fast and loose with the rules. They had a secret group within the company that did a lot of unethical things. The government would turn its heads and pretend they didn’t know the company was breaking the rules if their research was successful.

If the company got caught or was exposed, the government would do what it could to protect them but otherwise would pretend they didn’t know them. The same tactic the government took when an agent failed and got caught. They would be disowned by the government.

“Hey Amy, where’s your sister hiding today?” As Parker stands at the counter looking at all the fixings and meats on display.

“She’s in the back grabbing some more pastrami. What can I get for you today?” Amy liked Parker and knew he was having a hard time deciding on which way he was going to go.

“I’ll have my normal, but make it a large instead.” Parker loved the Reuben, Amy, and Joyce made.

“One large Reuben coming up.” Amy gets to work making it.

Parker looks around and notices Beverly cleaning the tables and sweeping up. She used to be a grown man in her fifties before being exposed to an alien device that turned her into a teenage girl.

She had been in the military and was retired. She came across a weird square device while out exploring with her metal detector when she discovered it. When she went to remove the debris covering it. It activated and turned her into a young fifteen-year-old girl. When she woke up, it was a smothering glob of metal and she was surrounded by her clothes that didn’t fit her body anymore. The thing is, Beverly looked like her daughter when she was fifteen years old.

“Here you go, Parker. That will be ten dollars and seventy-five cents.”

“Here’s twelve, Amy. I know it’s not much of a tip.” Parker wanted to give her more, but right now he was trying to budget his money.

“No problem. I know you are good at it.” Amy smiles at Parker when he hands the money over.

“Thanks, Amy.” Parker accepts his sandwich and walks over to sit down at one of the nearby tables.

He was still thinking about which way he wanted to go. He could remain a guy with a woman’s chest or he could become a woman in two ways. Or, as one of his new gay friends pointed out to him. He could stay a male and dress as a woman whenever he wanted to.

Parker met Freddy while doing laundry at the building. He had just come downstairs to the laundry room when he spotted Freddy down there doing his laundry. He learned that Freddy was a drag performer over at Charlotte’s Web. It was a gay club located in downtown San Juan and happened to be one of the most popular clubs around.

They got to talking when Freddy asked him about some of the bras he was washing and told him a better way to clean them. Freddy had been a victim of a hate crime in his hometown. The people who attacked him almost killed him. A young woman dressed in a costume from a Batman comic saved him. She called herself Ace and used playing cards to fight with.

The problem was, the men who attacked him were well connected and threats were made against his life. So, when Ace found out about the threats, she arranged for him to come out here to San Juan to live. That had been five years ago.

Charlotte’s Web was owned by a woman who dressed similarly to Elvira but had light blue hair and bigger breasts that were natural. Not much is known about her, but she does have a young woman in her twenties with porcelain white skin and vampire-style teeth that she leads around with a leash. The woman dresses in provoked outfits that show off her body just enough.

The woman’s hair looked more like a mane than human hair and her eyes weren’t human looking. They had an animal-style look to them. She was never too far from the owner.

After Lunch Parker walks back to the law firm and goes back to work. He happens to pass a woman dressed in an outfit he saw on the television show called Agents of Sheild. Her outfit was an exact match and she looked like the character called Daisy Johnson. He wonders what she is doing here at the law firm.

He goes back to organizing some old case files that were in disarray in storage. Once he got all the files organized, he had to go back and scan them into the computer system so they had a digitized copy of them. That included all notes and expense reports for the case.

He works on that until quitting time and catches the bus home. San Juan had a public transport system that was very green. All their buses were electric and always on time. Once he arrives home, he changes out of his work clothes and into something more relaxing. He might go and see Freddy perform this weekend at the club.

While he is fixing dinner, there is a knock at his apartment door. Parker walks over looks through the peephole and spots his friend Emily. A smile appears on his face as he opens the door.

“What brings you to my doorstep?” He hugs Emily after she enters the apartment.

“Some good news for you.”

“Oh? What would that be?” A curious look appears on his face.

“The footage of what was done to you has been removed from the internet. Now, I can’t guarantee it won’t pop up again, but if it does. It will be removed right away and backtraced to who posted it. The second good news I have for you is Bret and his friends have been caught and charged for what they did to you. Now, the bad news. Their sentence wasn’t as harsh as I was hoping it would be. It seemed that the judge who presided over the case was in the pocket of Bret’s father.”

“Why am I not surprised?” Parker knew Bret’s family was well-connected.

“Oh, don’t worry. He’s not getting off easy. He was supposed to go to a low-priority jail, but instead, he’s going to a maximum one and will be the bitch of a guy name Ralph Dick. As will his friends as well. They will become the girlfriend of several hard-hitting guys who are known rapists. By the time the mistake is discovered, everyone involved who had sex with you and took part in filming you. They will know what it is like to be someone’s bitch. Who knows, some of them might even like it.” An evil smile appears on Emily’s face.

“How did you manage all of this?” Parker was surprised.

“I didn’t. My mentor did. She knows some criminals in the high-risk prisons.” Emily had talked with Sasha when she discovered how Bret’s father had interfered with the judgment.

“Will you thank her for me, please?”

“Yeah, I will. So, how is life going for you?” Emily sits down on the sectional in the living room.

“Nice and thank you.” Parker sits near her.

“I’m glad. My mentor and I thought San Juan might be a good place for you to start over. Almost everyone here has been given a second chance at life.”

“Well, from what I have learned so far about this place. The people here are nice and some of them have had life harder than mine.”

“True, but that’s not why my mentor sent you here. The person you are working for is a friend of the family and needs someone who is thinking about going into law. It’s hard to find someone who won’t compromise their principles to make a name for themselves. After what you went through, I knew you would be a perfect fit. That’s why Mr. Dillon hired you and why he is taking you under his wing to train you to become an honest lawyer.” Emily knew Parker would be perfect for the job.

“Well, if it wasn’t for you rescuing me. I would be dead right now. So, thank you for not allowing me to die.”

“Hey, what are friends for?” As Emily hugs Parker.

She spends the rest of the day and well into the evening with Parker before leaving. She had a show she had to put on in Denver.

Parker looks at the newbie that has come to San Juan. The poor thing had witnessed the mass murder of several of her friends and family at the hands of several fanatics. She had been attending a family reunion with all her family when the fanatics killed everyone. A bullet had grazed her, but she played dead while the fanatics went about killing everyone. When she came too, she called the police and reported what happened. She was able to identify the killers, but several attempts had been made on her life. So, she was sent here to San Juan to hide and live.

As for herself, after her first year here in San Juan, she decided to become a full-fledged woman with her therapist's approval. She took a version of the blue lace drug that used her DNA to turn her into a female version of herself.

She had married a nice-looking guy five years later while earning her law license. After their first year together, she became a mother and a partner in the law firm she had been working for since her arrival. Everything she knew about the law and treating people with respect she learned from Mr. Dillon who still checked on her every so often.

As for Bret and his friends. By the time the mistake was discovered on where they were sent. They had already been introduced to all sorts of sexual techniques. Bret along had his ass raped by ten guys and had their cocks forced down his throat.

As for some of his friends, they discovered what it was like to be the woman. Some of them secretly loved what was done to them and by the time they were released. They disappeared into the gay culture.

As for Bret, he received a very special gift from one of his rapists. He was diagnostics with having caught HIV from his time at the other jail. He also discovered that someone had tattoo a smiley face on his body in several places.

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What comes around

Samantha Heart's picture

Goes around as the saying goes. The guys who treated poor Parker the way thed did found out what it was like to be used &:abused. Then the main person gets HIV & Jail house tattooed several times with smiley faces which I think means he was a GOOD one.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.