A New Identity

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“Oh, my aching head.” Bill gets up off the floor of his apartment and walks towards the bathroom.

His head was pounding a minute and he was half awake. He brushes his light brown hair out of his eyes. When he goes to pee, he notices something was wrong. First, the toilet looked bigger to him. Secondly, when he goes to grab his penis, he notices it was gone. He starts feeling his bladder ready to release.

He hurries and sits down on the toilet like he has seen his sister and the women he has dated do. As he is sitting there on the toilet, he wonders what happened to him. His hands, legs, and even his hair were different. He wipes himself afterward and flushes the toilet afterward.

He tries to look at himself in the mirror but was going to need a step stool. He was wondering what the hell happened to him. It had to be a dream or a nightmare.

Bill manages to get several items he could use to give him the height he needed. He looks at himself and couldn’t believe how he looked.
“What happened to me?”

Bill couldn’t believe how he looked. He looked like a teenage girl. “How could this happen to me?”

Bill tries to recall everything he did last night with his buddies. They had gone out drinking to celebrate his friend Dick being promoted at work. They had gone to JB’s bar and stayed there most of the night. He took a cab home because he was drunk as a skunk.

Bill walks into the living room and spots his pants, socks, shoes, and shirt laying on the floor. He searches his pocket to retrieve his cellphone and send a text to his sister. She was a nurse and she might know what was going on. After he sends the text and hopes his sister will get back to him. His stomach growls. He walks into the kitchen and fixes himself a cup of coffee and something to eat. Afterward, he sends a message to his buddy letting him know he won’t be at the office today.

His friend sends him a text back teasing him about all those drinks he drank last night. He just shakes his head as he tries to figure out what happened. He goes into his bedroom to see if he has anything that will fit his new body to wear.

The only thing he has available to him is his t-shirts and they were big on his small frame. Around midday, he receives a text from his sister. She informs him that she could come by when her shift ends.

While he waits for his sister to stop by. He logs onto his laptop and does some research. He wants to see what could cause what happened to him, to occur. After about an hour, he comes across a site that had stories of people like him that had been changed by some sort of drug. The drug came in two forms. A purplish-blue color liquid and as a purplish-blue pill as well.

“Who would develop something like this?” Bill couldn’t believe someone would develop this type of drug.

He reads some stories that have been posted about what has happened to them. Some of the stories told of them being tricked into taking the drug. There were other stories of them being given the drug and forced into sexual slavery until they were rescued. There were also stories of some of the people who were changed that were never seen again.

Bill gets up and walks around his living room. Someone at the bar they went to last night spiked his drink. He wonders if they spiked anyone else’s drink as well. He sends out a few texts to his friends from last night and gets a response back from all of them.

All of them were fine and at work this morning. He wonders why he was singled out. Why come after him? What has he done to anyone?

He fixes some lunch for himself, from what he has in the refrigerator. He would call his favorite delivery restaurant, but he wasn’t very hungry.
The rest of the afternoon, he logs into his business account and answers some emails.

Around four in the afternoon, he hears a knocking on his apartment door. He walks over to the door and tries to see who it is but couldn’t.

“Who is it?” Bill couldn’t believe how young his voice sounded.

Angela wonders what her brother needs from her. After the day she had at work, she hopes it's nothing that requires her to be on her feet. When she knocks on his apartment door. She hears a young girl’s voice asking who is it.

A puzzled look appears on her face, just before she answers. The last thing she knew, her brother didn’t have a teenage girl living with him.

“It’s Angela, I’m here to see my brother Bill.” Angela wonders who the young girl is.

She listens as the locks are unlocked. The door opens after a few seconds. Standing on the other side of the door was a young teenage girl wearing one of her brother’s t-shirts. She had an oval-shaped face, straight shoulder-length light brown hair. She was shorter than her. The t-shirt was like a dress on the girl’s body.

“Hi, I’m Angela. Is Bill around?” As Angela walks into the apartment.

Bill closes the apartment door after she walks into the apartment. He turns to look at his sister “I’m here.”

Angela stops and looks at the young girl “stop playing, where’s Bill?”

“I’m right here Angela. You better sit down, before I explain.” Bill looks at his sister with a serious look on his face.

“If you are Bill. Who did I take to our high school prom?” Angela looks at the young girl for an answer.

“My friend Ivy Chapple. He took you to the prom. You also lost your virginity to him that night as well.” Bill remembers Ivy telling him what Ivy and his sister did.

“Okay, what happened to you?” Angela knew only she, Ivy, and her brother knew that she lost her virginity that night.

“I don’t know, but I’ll tell you what I do know so far. Would you like a beer?”

“Yeah, I think I’m going to need one.” Angela sits down on the sofa and watches as Bill walks off towards the kitchen.

Bill could see that his sister was confused. She was going to be even more confused when he explained everything. He grabs a beer for himself and his sister and takes it back into the living room.

“Here you go, sis.” Bill hands the beer to Angela.

“Thanks.” Angela opens it and takes a good long gulp from it.

Afterward, she looks at her brother, who was a girl now “spill the beans, Bill or should I say, Billy?”

Bill just looks at his sister when she says Billy. She uses to tease him by calling him Billy or Billy goat.

“I guess Billy will be okay. Now, here is what I know, so far.” Billy starts telling Angela everything.

Angela listens to her brother as he explains everything to her. She is amazed by some of the stories he found on the internet as well. She looks at her new little sister “what are you going to do?”

“There are a few options available that I can take. I could just have my birth certificate, social security card, and driver's license changed. That
would be the easiest route to go. The other route would be to fake my death and leave everything to me but have you used your hospital connections to have a new birth certificate, and such made for me.”

“But that would mean having to sort of explaining why I need those papers.” Angela knew a few doctors that could make a new birth record and such for her brother.

“What are you going to do for work? You can’t go back to doing what you were doing looking like you do. No one will take you seriously.” Angela even found it hard talking to her brother looking like a sixteen-year-old girl.

“I have enough saved up and in stocks to go back to school for a while.” Bill was glad he invested in stocks and such.

“So, what do you need from me, other than my medical advice and connections?” Angela looks at her new sister.

“I might need you to pretend you’re my mother.” Bill had thought about it and his sister could pull it off.

“You do know, that would mean I had you while I was in high school.” Angela looked at Billy and figure she had to be about sixteen years old.

“I know. However, there might be times I need for you to pretend you’re my mother since our real mother isn’t around.” Bill watches his sister.

“Let me think about that. Is there anything else?” Angela figures there is more.

“Yes, can you teach me how to act like a girl, please? I mean, I know a few things, but there is a lot you learned growing up all your life.”
A smirk appears on Angela’s face “I think I can help you, little sister.”

“Thank you, sis.” Bill hugs his older sister.

In the next few months, Bill becomes Billy and takes a Private Investigation course. She learns what she can from her sister and by watching YouTube vehicles. Angela helps Billy get her sports car register into her sister’s name but makes it so Billy could drive it.

Billy managed to get a job with a PI firm that needed a young person like her. They used her to investigate a high school. According to the client, the school was being used to sell drugs. She managed to find out that a chemistry teacher had a private lab there and was making and using several students to sell his drugs.

There was another case where she had to locate a runaway, but some of the homeless shelters would only allow women in. So, she managed to get access and look around. The first few she infiltrated she didn’t find the person. She learned later from a few hookers, that the girl she was looking for was working for a pimp named Jones.

He normally ran his girls out from a hotel over on the east side of the city she lived in. She managed to track the hotel down and found that he had ten girls working for him and one of them happened to be the girl she was looking for.

When Billy walks into work one morning she spots her boss, Kyle. A smile appears on her face because he was willing to give her a chance.

“Good morning, boss.” Billy smiles at Kyle as she walks to her desk.

For some sneaking suspicion, she feels that Kyle had something up his sleeve. She looks at her boss “okay, spill. What job do you have for me to do this time?”

“I’m sending you and Ron on a special job.”

“Oh? Where are you sending us?” Billy knew the only time Kyle sent Ron with her was when the job required her to have an adult.

Kyle looks at Billy “it’s a husband cheating job.”

“God, I hate those types of jobs. The last one turned ugly.” By the time Billy showed the photos, text messages, and images between the cheating couple. The wife was pissed and was willing to kill her husband.

“Okay, so where will we be staying?” Billy needed to know what she needs to pack.

“You’ll be staying at The Claridge Hotel.” Kyle has already made arrangements for them.

“So, what’s our cover?” Billy knew Kyle always had a cover for them.

“Father, Daughter on vacation.”

“So, I get to call Ron, daddy.” An evil smile appears on Billy’s face. She loved teasing Ron.

“What are you two conspiring about?” Ron looks at Billy and their boss Kyle.

“We’re going on vacation in Atlantic City, daddy.” Billy smiles after she says that.

Billy has been having fun since her change. She found out who spiked her and it was an accident. The drink the drug was in, wasn’t for her, but her friend Richie. He got one of the waitresses pregnant when she told him. He told her to get an abortion.

So, she wanted revenge and drugged his drink. Instead of Richie getting the spiked drink, Billy did. Both of them were drinking the same drink and Richie pulled him directly off the tray. So, instead of getting a normal drink, Billy got the spiked one.

“I’m not your father.” Ron knew Billy loved playing games.

“Well, you two are going to Atlantic City as father and daughter. I want you to clone any electronic device Mr. Thorton has in his possession.
Also, get pictures of the woman he is dating or meeting up there.” Kyle knew that Ron and Billy knew how to do their jobs.

“How are we getting to Atlantic City?” Billy wanted to know how much she should pack.

“I’m billing the client for your plane ticket and hotel stay. So, your going coach.”

“Well, I guess it's better than nothing. I’ve never been up in an airplane before.” This will be Billy’s first time in an airplane.

“You’ve never flown, before?” Kyle and Ron look at Billy with a puzzled look on their face.

“Never had to before.” Billy has never been on an airplane.

“That’s hard to believe.”

“Not really. Anyway, when do we leave?” Billy wanted to know.

“Tomorrow morning. So, go ahead and take the rest of the day off to pack your bags.” Kyle walks over to the company safe and pulls out two prepaid cards.

He turns around and notices Billy was ready to walk out the door. He hands the two cards to Ron “here’s one for you and one for Billy.
Remember to bring me your receipts. Also, your plane tickets will be waiting for you at the airport.”

“Thanks.” Ron accepts the cards. He figures he’ll give Billy hers in the morning.

Ron leaves the office and spots Billy getting on her scooter “hey, what time do you want to be picked up?”

“What time is our flight?” Billy couldn’t recall what time their flight was.

“I’ll ask and send you a text.” Ron couldn’t recall if Kyle said or not.

“Okay, I’ll see you later.” Billy puts her helmet on and starts her scooter.

She drives off as she spots Ron going back inside their office. Kyle and Ron knew she wasn’t a sixteen-year-old girl. She may have the body of one, but she had the intelligence of a twenty-five-year-old guy. She still had a lot of her old skills of trading stocks and such. However, she enjoyed being a private investigator now. She didn’t miss her old job at all. Sure, there were times the job had some nasty aspects about it, but she learned to overcome them.

Billy stops at a sub shop on the way back to her apartment. She figures she’ll get a sub to take home with her. She parks her scooter in a parking space and walks inside the sub shop.

“You’re here early, Billy.” Rodney looks at Billy with a smile on his face. He knew she was a licensed private investigator.

“Hey, Rodney. Yeah, I got to go out of town tomorrow morning, so I have to pack.” Billy liked Rodney. She doesn’t know why, but she did.

“Sounds interesting. So, what would you like today?” He smiles at Billy as he watches her scan the menu.

“I’ll get my usual. One Italian foot-long sub with everything on it. Also, add the chili pepper relish, please.” Billy found out she liked the chili pepper relish last time she tried it.

“Here’s your cup. Help yourself to the soda fountain.” Rodney hands Billy a full-size cup.

“Thanks.” Billy accepts the cup and fills it up with soda and very little ice.

She takes a sip from it as she watches Rodney make her sub. Once her sub is made, she pays for it. Billy leaves a big tip for Rodney. She walks outside to her scooter and rides back to her apartment to pack and eat her lunch.

She figures the flight from Chicago to New Atlantic City wouldn’t be too long and they were only staying a week. So, she goes through her clothes and finds the ones that betray her as being someone’s niece. Being sixteen has worked out for her on some jobs. Especially, when she had to go undercover in high school.

Billy was enjoying being a girl, instead of a guy. Everything was different to her. As a guy, she didn’t care that much about how she looked, except to the ladies. Also, she had to compete with the other males in the office to shine through. Now, that she was a girl. She didn’t have to compete, but she still had to prove herself, because a lot of guys thought she either slept with someone to get where she is. Proving them wrong always brought a smile to her face.

There were several things she hated being a girl. The first one was the monthly gift she had. Also, she had to remember to take her birth control pills as well. She has been thinking about getting an implant so she didn’t have to remember about the pill. The second thing she hated was when the guys stared at her breasts. Her sister showed her how to measure herself and discovered that she had thirty-eight-inch breasts and wore a C cup bra. Her breasts were unusual because they were nice and round like melons in a store.

Her breasts were bigger than her hips and she had a tiny waist as well. She still wonders how those pills determine a person's looks when they affect them. She packs some dresses, a two-piece skimpy swimsuit, and jeans. Most of her underwear were either thongs or boy shorts. She had a few granny panties a few others, but she like the boy cut style better.

She also packs a few of her gadgets that she uses to listen to and record people. Ever since she has been working as a private investigator, she has learned how to hack people’s internet modems. Ron thought she was crazy for using drones and mini-drones, but they have come in handy in several cases.

Once Billy has luggage packed and her carry-on as well. She looks at the time and realizes she has the rest of the afternoon to do whatever she wants. She changes into her gym clothes and head to the gym to work out.

Flying To Atlantic City:
Billy squeezes the armrest as the plane started taxing down the runway and lifted into the air. She watches the land drop away as they went higher and higher into the air. It felt weird being on a plane.

Ron looks at Billy as they lifted off the ground and into the air. A smile appears on his face as he continued to watch her.

“Feels weird, doesn’t it?”

“Yes.” Billy felt like her feet and stomach was being lifted out of her.

After a while, she gets used to the sensation. She looks at Ron “so, what is our game plan?”

“According to Kyle, we managed to get a hotel room next to our target. So, it shouldn’t be hard to eavesdrop on him. I’ll trail him when he leaves and you see if you can get into his room and search his things.”

“So, basically, the same play we used a month ago?”

“Yes, except this time, you won’t have to seduce our target.” Ron didn’t like that the person they followed last time had a thing for teenage girls.

Billy had to go in and undress for the guy. The perp liked it when she undressed for him, while she danced as well. The man was a total pervert. They managed to get enough evidence to have the man arrested.

Billy enjoys the flight to New Jersey. When they land and got their luggage. They take a rental to the hotel and get the keycard to their room, which was next door to their perp. Once they were inside their hotel room, Billy grabs one of her mini-drones and send it out the window and over to the other room.

The curtains that covered the sliding glass doors were open and she didn’t spot anyone in the room. She looks at Ron “either he isn’t here yet or he is out doing something.”

“He’s already checked in. I called the front desk to see if he is already here.” Ron double-checked everything before they arrived.

“Then that means he is out of his hotel room.” Billy has the mini-drone fly back to her.

Once it lands on her palm, she puts it back in its carrying case. She had a total of six custom-made mini-drones. Billy turns around to look at Ron “so, what is the gameplay?”

“Let’s wait and see when he will return.” Ron figures the person they are after will return soon.

“Sounds good to me. I’m going to go down and get a tan.” Billy opens her suitcase and pulls out her two-piece bikini.

“I can’t believe you brought a bikini with you.” Ron has seen Billy in it before.

“Hey, a girl has to look good all the time. Plus, I can look towards the room from the pool without drawing attention to me.” Billy walks into the bathroom to change into her bikini.

She remembers the first time she tried one on. She uses to love it when her girlfriends wore them, but now she was wearing them. She couldn’t believe how two skimpy pieces of cloth left very little to the imagination.

She walks out of the bathroom and over to her stuff. She pulls her beach bag out and puts her laser mic, binoculars and camera in it. She puts a folded-up hotel towel on the bottom of the bag and puts her gear in. She puts another folded-up towel on top to hide the gear and a magazine on top of it.

She grabs another towel and her sunglasses “well, I’m going down to the pool area. I’ll have my cellphone with me.”

“Okay. Be careful around those horny men.”

“You know it.” Billy puts her sunglasses on and walks out of the hotel room with her keycard tucked away in her beach bag.

Billy heads downstairs towards the pool area. It was supposed to be a nice day and in the high 80s. She figures while she was sunbathing, she could keep an eye on the room. The room they had and the one the person had overlooked was the pool area.

Billy looks around until she finds the perfect place to lay down. She pulls her binoculars out and discreetly looks towards the room their perp was in. She sees nothing as of yet. She pulls her laser mic out and aims it at the window, but still doesn’t get anything. She puts the mic back into her bag.

Billy rubs some suntan lotion onto her body, so she doesn’t get burned. She hated the fact that she had fair skin now. She uses to have dark skin, but since her change, she developed fair skin and burned easily now.

Billy knew Ron was down in the hotel lobby watching who comes in and out of the hotel. He was keeping in touch with her by the walkie-talkie function on their cellphones. She glances at her cellphone to see what time it was and notice it was eleven o’clock.

“Ron, I’m going to take a dip in the pool.”

“Alright, enjoy.” Ron knew why Billy was going for a swim.

“I will.” Billy takes her earpiece out of her ear and puts it in the beach bag.

She walks over to the deep end of the pool and dives into it. The water felt cold against her warm skin. She swims across the pool to the other side. Once she reaches the other side. She turns around and swims towards the shallow end.

This job was turning out to be enjoyable, as she swims towards the deep end. The pool wasn’t very big, but it was big enough to enjoy. She spends about thirty minutes swimming and enjoying herself. She gets out of the pool and dries off.

She picks her cellphone up and noticed a text from Ron about their perp. He sent along a picture of the guy and a cute, curvy, dark hair woman. She was dressed seductively and was holding the guy’s arm.

Billy sits down in her lounger and sends one of her mini-drones up to investigate. She has to be careful because the wind has picked up some. She flies the drone as close as she can and record what she see’s inside.

She watches as the two adults enjoy some wine and kiss each other. The woman reaches between her naked groin area and pulls a rubber-coated pouch out. Inside was a small black bag. When she opens it, a bunch of diamonds falls out onto her palm.

“Ron, you won’t believe what the woman had up inside her snatch.” Billy was recording everything.

“Drugs?” Ron wonders what Billy was seeing.

“Nope, a small bag of diamonds. The man is exchanging money with her.” Billy keeps recording the interaction.

“Send me the video.” Ron wanted to see what Billy was recording.

Billy sends the video to Ron. The battery on the drone was getting low, so she recalls it back to her location. She reaches her hand out for it to land on her palm. The lights on it were flashing red. She puts it back in the case to recharge.

“You know, I think this guy might be into diamond smuggling.” Billy couldn’t believe what was on the video.

“Maybe, are you ready to come back?” Ron was going to see if Billy could use the old trick of claiming to be their perp’s daughter.

“Keep an eye on the room. I have a feeling they are going to have some hot and heavy sex.”

“You might be right.” Ron heads up to their floor and their room next door.

A few hours later, Ron hears the couple next door taking a shower. He listens as they giggle and enjoy each other. He goes to his hotel room door and watches as they walk by.

Ron picks up his cellphone “alright, they are gone. Make your move.”

“Roger.” Billy packs up everything and heads up to the floor where Ron is.

As she is walking towards her hotel room. She spots a maid coming out of a room. “Excuse me, ma’am. I lost my room card and I need to join my uncle and his girlfriend. Can you let me into my room, please?”

The hotel maid looks at the sixteen-year-old girl. She could see the girl just coming from the pool area “okay.”

Maria takes her card out and opens the door for the young lady.

Billy reaches into her beach bag and pulls a ten-dollar bill out. She hands it to the woman “thank you so much.”

Maria accepts the bill and continues doing her work. She pockets the money as she walks down the hallway. Billy walks into the room and taps her earpiece “I’m in.”

“Good, see what you can find out.” Ron listens to Billy through Bluetooth as she moves around the room.

Billy places her bag on the bed and takes several small cameras out and discreetly places them around the room and in the bathroom as well. She searches the room and finds the diamonds. She removes two of them, so they can use them as proof.

She puts them back where she found them and looks around some more and finds the money as well. A smile appears on her face “Hey Ron, you know I could remove a few bills and they would never know.”

“We’re not thieves Billy.”

“I know, but if the cops get a hold of this money. They are just going to use it as evidence and later for their use.” Billy fingers a few of the bills.


“Right.” Billy looks at the money.

She does remove a few of the bills from the bottom of the stacks. She places them into her beach bag and covers them up. She goes about picking a few listening bugs and once she is done. She exits from the room and lets herself into the room Ron and her share.

Ron turns to look at the door as it opens. He waits until it closes before asking Billy if she bugged the place.

“So, did you manage to bug the place?”

“Yes, we have eyes and ears.” Billy places her beach bag near her bed. She’ll move the money she took to her purse later.

“Good, I’m going to go and get something to eat.”

“I’ll set up the laptop to start recording everything and take a shower. Also, can you bring me a pizza back, please?” Billy pulls out the company laptop and sent it up to record.

“Fine. Your normal?” Ron knew what type of pizza Billy liked.

“Yes, and thanks.” Billy watches as Ron leaves the hotel room.

After he leaves, she walks into their bathroom and takes a shower. She rinses her swimsuit while she is in the bathroom. She still couldn’t get over how her body came out as she washes it.

Once she was cleaned, she gets dressed in something comfortable and watches the laptop. She checks her email on her cellphone. Some of her friends wanted to know where she was because they went by her apartment, and she wasn’t home. She tells them she is working on a case out of town.

They had been in disbelief when she told them what happened to her. They thought she had been pulling a prank on them until she reveal details only, she would know. They knew she would never tell anyone else.

She did notice that even though they knew who she uses to be, now they treated her differently. She missed the way things used to be with them. They watched what they said around her and what they did as well.

She had to find and make new friends. Which was hard for her, because she wasn’t your typical girl and wasn’t into the same things they were. She did manage to find some girls that were the outcast sort of speak and make friends with them.

Billy gets up off her bed and paces the room. She hated this part of her job. Even when she is on a stakeout with some of the men she worked with. She has to find something to keep herself entertained.

Ron comes back after an hour with her pizza. He could tell Billy was bored as he looks at her “anything?”

“Nope. It’s been quiet. Maybe we should have followed them.”

“No need. We needed to know who he was meeting and what was going on between them.” Ron knew they had the perp now.

After a few hours, their perp and the woman return. They were so intoxicated, that they were stumbling around. The two of them got to undress and started having sex. The woman fell asleep during their lovemaking. The guy came a few minutes later and fell asleep next to her.

“Damn! She fell asleep while he was fucking her.” Billy couldn’t believe it.

“It happens sometimes, Billy.” Ron has had it happen to him a few times.

“Well, I hope it never happens to me.” Billy covers up a yawn.

“It might one day. Let’s go ahead and get some sleep.” Ron figures the two of them will be out for a while.

Billy crawls under her blankets and closes her eyes. She fell asleep instantly. She dreams about what her life will be like as she gets older.

Several Days Later:
Ron, Billy, and Kyle meet with their client and show her what they uncovered. They did warn her that some of the pictures and video were graphic. Billy watches the poor woman as she watched the video.

She could tell the woman was disappointed in her husband and that she wanted to kill him. She and Ron did track the husband and discovered that he was working for some Russian guy. They were only capable of recording a little bit of the transaction with the drones. They had been careful and weren’t caught.

Mrs. Woods looks at the private investigators and what they uncovered. She couldn’t believe her husband was buying and selling smuggled diamonds to some Russian mob guy. She looks at the two diamonds they had brought back with them. According to the expert they used to identify the diamonds. The diamonds were conflict diamonds, and this Russian guy was buying them from her husband.

Mrs. Woods look at everyone present “I never knew what he was up to.”

“Well, now you know. The FBI might be interested in this information, Mrs. Woods. I’ll leave that to you and your lawyers.” Kyle knew this matter wasn’t over yet.

“Thank you, Mr. Thomas.” Mrs. Woods stands up to leave.

“You’re welcome.” Kyle stands up along with everyone else.

Billy and Ron watch as Kyle escorts Mrs. Woods to their office door. She looks at Ron “I’ll see you guys later. I’m going out with a few friends.”

“Have fun.” Ron wonders what Billy and her friends were going to do.

He watches as she stops by her desk, before walking out of the office. He notices she waves to Kyle as she walks past him.

“Where is she off too?” Kyle watches as Billy’s cute little ass wiggles as she walks out of the office.

“To meet up with some friends.”

“Well, you guys did a good job. You’ll have your pay transferred to your account tomorrow.”

“Thanks. I think I’ll go and have a few beers.” Ron starts walking towards the office door.

“Have a few on me.” Kyle watches as Ron leaves.

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Dangerous Game They are Playing

BarbieLee's picture

Funny but some people get upset getting caught doing illegal things. Billy can't make one mistake while the crooks get to make dozens.
Hugs LadyDragon
Life is meant to be lived not worn until it's worn out.

Oklahoma born and raised cowgirl

A nice story

Samantha Heart's picture

It could end there, but don't think it will. So look foward to see what happens next. Billy COULD go back to college & learn more computer skills to help in the PI side of things.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.

So what is that drug

Wendy Jean's picture

And where can I get some?

The bad guys are not very

The bad guys are not very good at their job or very careful.
I am not sure how much use evidence taken in the course of breaking would be in a court and as for the survlance that is probably illegal too.
The most you could say about the diamonds is they are not registered.