Beginning Of New Life

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Somewhere on old route 66, a dirty box truck travels down the road. A petite dark brown hair girl starts waking up and finds herself among a bunch of unconscious women. The only reason she could see anything, was sunlight was streaming in through the white vinyl overhead ceiling.

She slowly sits up and felt groggy and sore all over. She was still dressed in the blue jeans and blouse she wore to the club she performed at.
However, the blouse she was wearing, felt tight around her chest. Her chest felt heavy as well. The blue jeans she was wearing felt loose around her waist and a little long on her.

Lyla looks around and tries to piece together what happened. The last thing she remember was leaving the club at two o’clock and waking up here. She spots her work tote at the front of the box truck. She crawls over the other women toward her tote and searches it for the handgun she carries. She finds it where she normally kept it.

“Thank goodness.” Lyla was glad her handgun was still in her tote bag. She was also happy that whoever kidnapped her, took her tote as well.

So, far she was the only person awake. She crawls over towards the door of the box truck and knocks on it. It was made of wood, and she could only lift it a little bit. Which meant it was latched on the outside. She sits next to the door, trying to figure out what to do. Her training in the army didn’t cover this.

She wipes the sweat off her forehead after a while. It was getting hotter inside the back of the box truck. She looks around trying to figure out some way to get out of the truck. She starts kicking at the wall of the truck, trying to force whoever was driving to pull over.

After a while, she feels the truck pull over and hears voices outside of the truck. She pulls her gun and gets ready to aim it at whoever opens the back door. As the door starts to rise, she points her gun at the person.

“Hello, I want you to meet my little friend.” Lyla noticed there were two of them and they were heavily tattooed.

“Put the gun down, bitch.” The second guy goes to pull his gun from his pants.

Before he could pull his gun, Lyla shoots him in the chest and quickly points her gun at the other guy. She looks at him “now, you are going to tell me what the hell happened to me and what I am doing in the back of this truck.”

“I ain’t telling you crap, Puta.” The second guy spits at Lyla.

Lyla fires her gun at the guy and hits him directly in his chest. She puts a second round into his chest. She watches as he falls back to the ground. Afterward, she climbs down out of the box truck and checks the bodies. She finds their ids inside their wallets. Each wallet had six thousand dollars inside of them.

She looks around and notices they were out in the middle of nowhere. There was nothing around them, but desert. She pulls the bodies away from the side of the road and into the desert. She was sweating profusely as she drags the body. Her pants were sliding down, and she didn’t have the strength she uses to.

She manages to pull both bodies into the desert and cover up the blood trail left behind. Once that was taken care of, she jury rigs the door of the box truck. That way some air could get in the back of the truck.

She climbs up into the truck and moves the seat forward. She could barely see over the steering wheel as she starts the truck up. She was glad that the truck was an automatic. She sucked at driving a stick shift. She notices they were using a GPS device to take them wherever they were heading. She noticed the address was in California.

Lyla starts the engine and starts driving up the road. She looks at the gas gauge and notices that she had three-quarters of a tank. There wasn’t enough room to turn around, so she decides to go further up route 66 until she finds a hotel or motel. Once she finds one, she’ll call her college friend who works for the US Marshals and tell him what is going on, and see if he can help.

After an hour of driving, she spots a motel. She pulls into the motel parking lot and turns the engine off. She hops out of the truck and checks to make sure the women and girls in the back are safe. None of them have woken up yet, which was good and bad.

She goes inside the motel and tries to get some help. Lyla was holding her pants up to keep them from falling.

“Hey! I need help. I have a bunch of unconscious women and teenage girls in the back of that truck out there.” Lyla looks at the middle-aged woman on duty.

Maggie looks at the teenage girl standing in front of her. She notices the girl was wearing clothes too big for her petite body. She also noticed the girl looked like she has been sweating a lot.

“How many are there?” Maggie spots some guys she knew and enlists their help.

“I don’t know, but I do know there are a lot of females in the back of the truck. Look, I can pay for their rooms if need be.” Lyla had no idea what to do.

Maggie looks at the young girl “we’ll worry about that later.”

For the next few hours, Lyla is busy with the police and medical personnel that showed up at the motel to help her and all the women. She contacted her old college friend and he said that the FBI was going to handle things. He wishes he could, but his hands were tied. He said the FBI office in Albuquerque was sending agents to her location.

For the next few days, Lyla is busy with the FBI as they try to sort out what took place. The two FBI agents helping her didn’t believe everything she said at first until she showed her Missouri driver's license. She just recently had it updated since she dressed full-time as a woman.

The picture on her driver's license resembles her a little bit. Some facial features on her new face matched her old face. However, everything else about her had changed. She used to be five foot, eleven inches tall, and had brown eyes. Now she was five foot, two inches tall with shoulder-length light brown hair and hazel eyes.

She couldn’t believe how she looked. Sure, she use to be skinny and had some muscles to her old build. Now, she was petite and had a nice chest. Once the FBI was done interviewing her and asking her and the other women questions. She was allowed to go back to St. Louis, Missouri.

Lyla’s Apartment, St. Louis, Missouri:
Lyla lets out a sigh as she walks into her apartment. She was so happy to be back home. She puts her keys in the crystal bowl she keeps by the door. Afterward, she walks into the kitchen and grabs a nice cold wine cooler from the refrigerator. She opens it as she walks into the living room and sits down in her favorite recliner.

She takes a sip of her wine cooler and tries to figure out what she is going to do. She could go back to doing drag, but she still had her computer job at Calvary Computers. Boy, will her boss be shocked when he sees her.

The following weeks are a challenge for her. The first challenge she had was her boss and the other technicians she worked with. They had a hard time believing she was who she said she was. It took her proving who she was, to get them to believe her. The second problem she had, was getting her insurance to update her health policy.

The third thing she had experienced for the first time, was going to a gynecologist. That scared her a lot. Nothing in her life could prepare her for how humiliating and personal it made her feel. She had gotten a female doctor that was understanding and walked her through what she was doing. The doctor was curious about how she had become a fully functional woman.

Even she couldn’t answer that question. If she hadn’t killed the men transporting her and the other women, she might have been able to answer that question. The doctor asked if she planned on being sexually active and if so. Would she want to be put on a birth control pill or get an IUD?

She decided to get an IUD instead. The reason she went that route, was because she was terrible at remembering to take medicine. This way she wouldn’t have to remember to take birth control pills.

After the experience with the doctor. Lyla decided that a night out with her friends from the club she did drag at, would be fun. They spend the night bar hopping and dancing the night away. She ended up going home with a guy she meet while partying with her friends.

When Lyla wakes up, she finds herself in a strange bed and naked. She could hear a lawnmower outside. She spots the clothes she wore last night, spread out on the floor. She was a little sore between her legs as she gets out of bed. She walks over to the dresser in the bedroom and looks for the drawer that had shirts in them and grabs one.

When she goes to put it on, she notices how big it looked on her. A smirk appears on her face, as it brings back memories of when she was little, and she put her father’s t-shirt on. She slips her thong panties on and leaves the bedroom. She notices she was in a two-story house.

Everything was still fuzzy as she walks down the stairs and headed to the backyard. She steps out onto the back deck and saw the guy she met last night. He was sitting on a riding lawnmower and cutting the grass. She notices he was wearing a pair of camouflage shorts and a green ARMY t-shirt, stretched over his muscular chest.

She stands there on the deck watching as the guy cut the grass. She tries to recall his name, but she couldn’t. She noticed how much grass he had left to cut and stepped back into the house. She locates the kitchen and opens the refrigerator to look inside.

She noticed he liked beer. She grabs a bottle for him and one for herself. She looked over at the microwave and notices it was around noon time.

Lyla steps back outside and walks over to the guy on the lawn mower. As she gets closer, she notices he had several tattoos on his right arm. She waits until he stops, before handing him a beer.

Danny saw the small petite woman he came home with last night step out on the deck and watch him for a while. He thought about the dancing and sex they had last night. He was surprised to discover she was a virgin and took it easy with her at first. Afterward, they continued to make love, until finally falling asleep early in the morning.

He watches as she walks back into his house and a few minutes later, returns with a beer in her hands. When she gets close to him, he shuts the lawn mower off and looks into her hazel eyes.

“I didn’t want to wake you.” He watches the woman.

“Thank you. I thought you might be thirsty.” Lyla hands Danny the beer in her right hand.

“I am and thank you.” Danny accepts the beer and takes a good swig from it.

Lyla takes a swig from her beer. She was thankful, the t-shirt she borrowed from this guy’s dresser drawer covered her butt. However, her breasts stuck out and showed had round they were. When she got a physical from her doctor. She was told she had thirty-four-inch breasts and a twenty-four-inch waist. Her hips were thirty-two inches as well.

“How did you sleep?” Danny saw how cute she was when he got up this morning.

“Like I was floating on a cloud. I know we had a good time last night, but I can’t seem to remember your name.” Lyla was embarrassed to say those words.

“I’m not surprised. You were a little drunk last night and busy attacking my face.” Danny couldn’t believe how horny she was last night.

Lyla’s cheeks turn red. She couldn’t remember a thing about last night.

“It’s okay, I was a little drunk as well. I had a rough time at work yesterday.” Danny takes a swig of his beer.

Lyla looks at him, waiting for an answer. She watches as he takes another swig of beer.

“It’s Danny Wynn. And if I remember right, your friend called you Lyla last night.” Danny looks into Lyla’s hazel eyes.

“It’s Lyla D’Arcy.” Lyla smiles at Danny.

“Well, Lyla. I’m almost done cutting the backyard. How about I throw some steaks on the grill for us.” Danny wonders what type of woman Lyla was.

“Sounds good. Do you mind if I rummage through your refrigerator and see what sides I can make?”

“Not at all.” Danny hands the empty bottle back to Lyla and starts the lawn mower up.

Lyla smiles as she walks back to the house and rummages around inside the refrigerator. She finds everything she needs to make a cobb salad. She looks around the kitchen some more and finds everything she needs to make southern potato salad as well.

She starts making the sides, while Danny finishes cutting the yard. She turns some music on and dances in time to the music. When she was a guy, she didn’t act like this, but now as a woman. She felt free to act like she has seen her mother and some of her female friends did.

Danny walks into the kitchen and saw Lyla moving her hips back and forth in time to the music playing. He walks up behind her and wraps his arms around her waist. He leans down and kisses Lyla.

Lyla was a little surprised when she felt Danny wrap his arms around her small waist and leans down to kiss her. She leans back and presses her butt against him. She returns his kiss as they stand there together.

They stay like that for a while. She was getting very horny, being held by him. She feels him squeeze her round breasts.

“If we keep this up, we won’t get dinner ready.” Lyla was trying not to give in to her urges.

“True.” Danny places one more kiss on Lyla’s lips and stops doing what he was doing to her.

Lyla catches her breath and tries to get what she was feeling under control. All of this was new to her and right now she wanted to give into it. She goes back to finish fixing the sides she started.

Danny grabs the steaks and some seasoning from the cabinet near the shove. He looks down at Lyla and could see she was still recovering from his kiss. A smirk appears on his face as he grabs what he needs and heads back outside to cook the steaks on the grill.

When the steaks and sides were ready, Danny and Lyla eat outside on the deck. Danny helps Lyla with the leftovers while the two of them are putting the leftovers away. One thing leads to another and the two of them end up in Danny’s bedroom.

In the next few months, Danny and Lyla start seeing each other. Sometimes she goes over to his house and other times he goes over to her place. He is impressed that she uses to be in the army and was a bomb expert. That was something he had to give her credit for. Most bomb experts didn’t live long in that occupation.

Danny was shocked to learn that Lyla used to be male, but she is a fully functional woman now. How she got that way confused even Danny. Lyla told him everything that she remembered from that day. Even the FBI agents that were handling the case were confused as well.

They were still working the case and learned that all the other women and young girls that were in the back of the box truck with her. They had once been guys that were either homeless or drug addicts. A few of them had been police officers that were working undercover on a few cases.

As for the two men she shot and showed the FBI agents where she left them. The FBI hasn’t told her anything about them. Still, Lyla shared everything with Danny.

Danny had informed Lyla that they had a common friend that was a drag queen. Her performing name was Sasha Sass, but her real name was
George Daniels. Danny knew her because they attended college together.

One night, while Lyla is laying next to Danny on the sofa watching a movie he has been wanting to see for a while. Danny’s phone starts ringing.

“Can you hand me, my phone please?” Danny places a kiss, just below Lyla’s ear.

“Sure.” She reaches over to the coffee table and picks up Danny’s cellphone.

She picks it up and hands it to Danny “here you go.”

“Thanks, sweetie.” Danny accepts it and looks at the number.

He notices it was his partner from Black Angel Protections Services. He presses accept on his phone “what’s the problem, Guy?”

“Can you cover my shift at the diamond exchange, tonight?” Guy couldn’t believe he had been run off the road on his way to work.

“Sure, no problem.” Danny figures Lyla will understand.

“Thanks, bro. I owe you.”

“It’s not me you owe, Guy. You owe Lyla.” He looks down at his petite wildcat laying next to him.

“Alright, I’ll let you know what the mechanic says tomorrow.” Guy looks at his poor F150 four-cab truck. It went nose-first into a huge tree.
Danny ends the call with his partner. He looks down into Lyla’s eyes “sorry, I have to go to work.”

“That’s fine.” Lyla knew what she was getting into when she started dating Danny.

She gets up off the sofa and follows him into his bedroom. She helps him get dressed and makes sure his weapon was loaded and had three spare magazines. She also grabs his bulletproof vest and makes sure he wears it under his suit.

“I don’t want you to get shot.” Lyla knew how dangerous Danny’s work is.

“I promise I won’t get shot.” Danny kisses Lyla on the lips.

Lyla returns the kiss and wraps her arms around his neck. She didn’t want him to go, but she knew he had to.

“Come home safe.” Lyla lets go of Danny’s neck.

“I will.” Lyla watches as Danny turns and walks out the front door.

She watches as he starts his car and drives off. Afterward, Lyla looks through Danny’s collection of movies, which was rather large. She spots a Sandra Bullock, Miss Congeniality. She watched the newest movie with Sandra Bullock and Daniel Radcliffe The Lost City. She didn’t care for the movie that much.

She puts the DVD into the player and pressed play on the remote. She lays back down on the sofa and curls up under the throw blanket. Halfway through the movie, she falls asleep.

Calvary Computers:
Lyla adjusts how she is sitting on her stool. She could still taste Danny’s cock in her mouth and feel the wetness between her legs where Danny made love to her. She wanted to give him a special wake-up call and gave him a blowjob. Afterward, he had flipped her onto her arms and legs and did her doggy style in both her holes.

Instead of wearing pants to work, today. She had worn a sleeveless short dress to work with three-inch heels. Since she was sitting down in the back of the store working on a custom-built gaming system. She was good at building gaming systems. While she was on the gaming system, she was also going through several hard drives that they pulled from old computer systems to recover their contents.

A lot of the stuff they recovered from the old drives were porn pictures, movies, and documents. Occasionally, they would recover games and some interesting things if the information or pictures got out. The people mentioned in that information or pictures would be embarrassed.

“Hey, Lyla. So, how serious are you and Danny?” Tabis was curious because he knew Lyla before she was changed.

“Real serious. I’m thinking about moving in with him. I’ve been spending so much time over at his place, more than I have my place.” Lyla loved sleeping over at Danny’s place and helping him with his lawn and such.

“Will your landlord, allow you to sublease your place out?” Tabis was looking for a new place because his landlord sold the place he was living in, and the new owners were going to renovate the place and increase the rent.

“You know, I don’t know. Let me check into it. I know my rent is within your means working here.” Lyla knew Tabis made good money here and did jobs on the side for people.


Lyla finishes the custom gaming computer and sends a text to the owner letting him know. She puts it on the pickup self with the work order and marks it done. She goes over to the work self and pulls the next project. It was a damaged laptop that needed a new screen, some bodywork and the motherboard tested to see how damaged it was. She starts working on the laptop. The screen they didn’t have in stock, so she’ll have to order that. She checks the motherboard, and it had several bad spots and she couldn’t rebuild it.

She walks over to their used parts self to see if they had the motherboard and spot one that had an upgraded CPU in it. She checks to see how much a new one cost and nearly choke on how much it cost. It was half the cost of the laptop itself.

She sends a text to the owner of the laptop to give them the choice. While she waited to hear back from them. She grabs another laptop that they bought at an auction and starts working on that one. It was an old military Hardcase laptop. The CPU wasn’t the fastest, but she could upgrade that. She had spare CPUs that fit the socket on the motherboard.

She knew the motherboard could support the new CPU. She works on refurbishing the hard case laptop and loading a new operating system onto the new hard drive she installed. The previous owner took the old hard drive when they traded it for a newer computer.

Lyla hears her cellphone beep. She looks at the message and reads it. The owner of the other laptop wanted her to go ahead and upgrade their laptop. She starts working on that and stops around two o’clock. She had a lunch date with Danny at a new food truck that sold Korean food.

“Hey Randy, I’m heading to lunch. The computer system for Aaron Williams is done and I have already informed him about the cost. The work order is taped to the unit.”

Randy looks at Lyla as she takes her purse from under her work area. And sling it from her shoulder.

“Alright, have a good lunch.” Randy knew Lyla was going to meet up with her boyfriend.

Lyla walks out of the store and walks out to her car. She drives over to the park to meet Danny. Lyla parks her car and gets out. She looks around and spots the Korean food truck. She also spots Danny walking toward her. A smile appears on her face, after seeing Danny walking toward her.

She loved seeing Danny as he walked toward her. He was dressed in a nice three-piece suit.

“Come to me, my melon baby collie!” Lyla does her best Pepe Le Pew imitation.

“Ah, ma cherie! You are very shy, n’est-ce pas? But it is love at first sight, no” Danny respond in his best Pepe Le Pew, voice.

“God! I love your Pepe Le Pew voice.” Lyla kisses Danny.

Danny returns Lyla’s kiss. He wraps his arm around her waist and holds her, close. He lets go of Lyla and looks down into Lyla’s eyes.

“You know, all I want is you.”

“That’s for tonight, sweetie. Let’s go and get some lunch.” Danny leads Lyla over to the food truck.

They stand in line for a few minutes. Lyla was enjoying this dating game and never knew how it felt to have a steady boyfriend. They move up and place their order. Afterward, they go and find a nice place to eat.

Lyla, looks at Danny “I have a question to ask you.”

“Shoot.” Danny takes a bite of his lunch.

“How would you feel if I move in with you and sublease my apartment out?” Lyla knew they have only been dating for a short time.

“I would like that very much. You already spend a lot of time at my place as is.” Danny loved having Lyla at his house.

“Cool.” Lyla leans forward and kisses Danny.

The Next Few Weeks:
Danny watches as Lyla plants a new flower they just bought in the flower bed. He never knew she had such a green thumb. He likes the way the shorts she was wearing today, showed off her cute butt. He would never have thought she use to be a male, with the way she moves and act.

Lyla looks over her shoulder and notices that Danny was looking at her. A smile appears on her face as she wiggles her butt at him. She knew he liked when she was on all fours.

Danny just smiles and walks over to where Lyla was working. He knew Lyla had her IUD removed a couple of weeks ago. She had told him, and it didn’t bother him.

By the time they were done having sex. They looked up at the cloudless sky with Lyla snuggled next to him.

“You know if we keep this up. I’ll end up with a baby inside of me.” Lyla looks at Danny.

Three Months Later:
Lyla looks at herself in the full-length mirror mounted on the closet door. She couldn’t believe that she was pregnant. She spots Danny walking up behind her and feels him wrapping his arms around her body.

Lyla looks at their reflection in the mirror “I told you if we kept having sex, I would get this way.” She moves his hands down on her tummy.

“You could have said no, any time you wanted to.” Danny nibbles on Lyla’s earlobe.

“I don’t regret my decision.” She turns around in his arms and kisses him.

Nine Months Later:
Lyla squeezes Danny’s hand hard as she pushes their baby out. She couldn’t believe how painful the pain was, as the baby came out. She never knew how painful childbirth was for a woman before she was turned into one. She was in labor for twelve hours, before her baby decided it wanted to come out.

“One more push, Lyla.” As the doctor watches as the baby wants to come out.

Lyla pushes the baby out. The nurse clears her throat and gives it a spank on its butt. When it starts crying a smile appears on Danny’s and Lyla’s faces.

“Congratulations, you have a perfect baby girl.” As Dr. Casten places the baby in Lyla’s arms.

Lyla looks at the little girl in her arms and never dreamed that one day she would create something so beautiful. Tears slide down her cheek as she holds her beautiful child.

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