Project Wolf Den

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DOJ Special Projects Archives:
Agent Ada Franklin couldn’t believe she was sent to the archives. The director of her department has been harassing her, and she has finally gotten fed up with it because he was so popular and well-connected in the DOJ.

She was sent to the archives department to work. Everyone knew that the assignment meant you would never be promoted up the chain of command. The archives were where people who could no longer do field work or were retiring were sent to finish their time before they left. She goes through the security procedures as she shows her identity card.

The middle-aged guard on duty looks up when she approaches him. She could tell he wasn’t happy that she was interrupting him.

“Whatch you do to be sent down here?” Joe looks at the young lady standing before him.

“I spoke out against my boss.” Ada looks at the guard as he looks at her.

Joe shakes his head as he reaches for her identity card.

Ada hands her card to the guard. She saw that his name was Joe from the name tag he wore.

“I thought everyone went by their last name?”

“We do, but I don’t like mine, so I got permission to use my first name instead.” Joe runs the young lady’s card, and her picture appears on his
security monitor.

He notices that she was cleared for Top Secret clearance. He knew you had to have that level to work down here. Many of their old files and missions were still classified with the highest level possible.

He looks up at Ms. Franklin and hands her card back to her. Just before he releases her card, “Always keep this with you. Every time you leave and come back. You must check in with whoever is on duty here.”

“Aren’t you always here?” Ada looked confused.

“Most of the time, yes. However, another guard and I switched up. You’ll meet him in a few days. Go to room 314 and see Mr. Moore, and he’ll get you all set up.” As Joe releases the card to Ada.

“Where is room 314?” Ada looked confused.

“End of the corridor and turn right. Third door on the left-hand side of the hall.”

“Thanks, Joe.” Ada pulls her cart behind her as she walks down the corridor.

She noticed each door had someone’s name or a file room name on it. The rooms didn’t use standard terms on the door. One entry had Alpha, Beta, Cappa, Delta, etc. She turns the corner and notices the room numbers. She finds room 314 and knocks on it.


Ada enters the room and notices a desk in the middle with a bald man sitting behind it. He had two new flat-screen monitors sitting in front of him. There was some music playing at a low volume.

A plastic cart was sitting next to him on his right with a stack of files on it. On his other side was another cart with stacks of files on it. It looked like he was pulling files from one cart entering them into the computer system, and putting them on the other cart when he was done with them.

Ralph Moore looks up when his office door opens. Standing in front of his desk was a young-looking woman wearing a business suit. She wore her dark brown hair at regulation length. He noticed that she wore glasses and that they were gold-rim. She was gripping a portable handcart beside her that looked like it held a few boxes.

“What can I do for you?” Ralph watches her.

“I was informed to report to you, Mr. Moore.” Ada wonders how long this man has been down here.

“And your name is?” Ralph switches the screen to look the woman up.

“Agent Ada Franklin, sir.” Ada watches Mr. Moore.

“You can forget about the agent part, Ms. Franklin. It doesn’t mean anything down here in the vault.” Ralph taps Ms. Franklin’s name into the system and watches as her file appears.

He notices that she was transferred down to his department by Andy Cornelius. He looks at her education and who her instructors were. He noticed she had average scores from her training. Some notes about her said she shouldn’t be given any field assignments.

One of her instructors felt that it would be a waste to toss her out of the program, considering how many hours of training have already been spent training her. He noticed that her IQ test was very high. It was around a hundred fifty-five.

He reads several more notes that had been written about her, particularly the one her supervisor inputted to get her transferred to his department. He knew that Andy Cornelius was a sexist and believed all women should bow down to him. This wasn’t the first time he had punished a woman for speaking out against him.

Ralph looks at Ada “I’m going to assign you the office directly across from mine, Ms. Franklin. You’ll have to do some cleaning to it. We don’t get janitorial service down here. I’ll send you a packet of acceptable behavior and the dos and don’ts for this department. Your primary job will be going through all our paper files and inputting them into the computer system. You’ll be assigned a file room and just start at the first file and go from there.”

“When am I allowed to take a lunch break and what will my work hours be?” Ada was curious about what her hours would be.

“All of that is in the packet I have just sent you. You’ll need to keep your office locked when you aren’t in it. If, for some reason, you lock yourself out. Just have Joe or Martian to let you in.” Ralph pulls an electronic card out of his desk and scans it.

Ada watches as Mr. Moore scans a card and hears a beeping sound. She watches as he writes down a code on a post-it.

“Here you go, Ms. Franklin. You’ll be asked to enter a new password for your computer access and door access.” As Ralph hands the card to Ada.

Ada accepts the card and the password written on the post it. She looked back at him and noticed he had gone back to work. She turns and walks out of his office. The office she was given was room 313, which was right across from his. She noticed it had a solid wooden door and an IR card scanner. She puts the card in front of it and turns the handle.

She entered the office, which wasn’t very big. It was set up just like Mr. Moore’s office with the desk right in the middle of the room. It had two chairs in front of the desk and a cheap office chair behind it. She walks around and sits down on the chair.

She noticed it had the same type of monitors she saw in Mr. Moore’s office. The keyboard was your standard keyboard for all computers. The computer was in a plain black box with no company logo. So, she didn’t know if it was a Dell, HP, or Lenox. She knew it wasn’t an Apple computer. A slim scanner was connected to the computer, so she could scan documents.

She turns it on and notices the home screen. It was a plain desktop with the same background you found on all office computers. It had a bunch of folders on one side, and an access portal popped up asking for her credentials.

Ada types in her first initial and last name. Then, she typed in the password she was given. It informs her that she needs to enter a new sixteen-number password containing capital letters, symbols, numbers, and special characters.

It takes Ada a few minutes to think of one. She enters the new password, watches as the screen logs her out, and pops back up asking for her password. She enters the new password, and the screen changes to what it was before.

Her email program alerts her that she has twelve new emails. None of the previous emails she received from her other position were in her email account. She opened the first one and started reading it. An hour later, she finishes reading them. She had to sign some of them and send them back to the sender digitally.

She was allowed to take lunch between noon and one to two. She was also required to process at least two hundred forty files daily. If she could do more, she was encouraged to do so. She was assigned a room and given a map of that room, along with the code to it.

Ada gets up, grabs her keycard, and locks her door as she exits from it. She holds two carts from the supply room and puts one in her office. The second one, she walks down to the room assigned to her and enters it. There were boxes with files in them stacked everywhere. It was like someone had just come in and dumped the boxes.

She grabs four boxes and puts them on her cart. Afterward, she walks out of the room and locks it behind her. She dropped the cart off at her office before locating where the breakroom and the women’s bathroom were. The bathroom only had three stalls, and no one had used it in years.

She checked everything out and made a note to replenish everything that was out. She’ll have to put in a special work order for the items or buy it herself. She didn’t mind buying the supplies herself if she had to.

After cleaning the bathroom up, she returns to her office to learn what she must do. The files were to be destroyed after they had been entered into the system along with scans of everything.

She goes to work entering the first case of files. She stops and reads some of them. She wanted to know what the Department of Justice has been up to since its inception. She noticed many important files were blackened out, but if she held the paper just right, she could see some of the blackened-out portions.

Before long, her cell phone rings, letting her know that she can leave. She didn’t want to stay behind. The work itself was uncomplicated but so dull. She was all alone with only the music recorded on her cell phone for company.

If she wanted to make a call from her office, she had to use the internal phones, which she knew were being monitored. Ada locks her office up and leaves the basement of the DOJ building. She was so glad to feel the cool air as she walked outside of the building.

When Ada gets home, she kicks off her heels and plops on the sofa in her small apartment. She wasn’t even hungry, as she just sat on her couch and wonders if she wanted to stay and do the damn job. She knew if she left, her former boss would win. That was the reason why he sent her there in the first place.

She grabs a pillow and squeezes it as she cries. She joined the DOJ hoping to bring justice to people who have been wronged. Instead, she was being locked away in a windowless room no more significant than her walk-in closet, doing paperwork. She trained to be an agent, not a paper pusher.

She cries herself to sleep. During the night, she has a weird dream of being dressed like the agent from the insurance commercial she has seen on television. She was chasing after someone and was dodging bullets being fired at her. There was a wolf by her side as she chased the prep.

Her brain is a little fuzzy when she wakes up in the morning as she tries to remember where she was. Usually, she would wake up in her bed.
However, once she figured out where she was, she got up and headed towards the bathroom to do her morning business and shower.

She strips out of her clothes and drops them into the hamper on the way to the bathroom. She wanted to get to the gym before work and work out some. She tries to stay in shape, and her apartment building has one on-site.

She changed into her gym clothes and went down to the private gym. Usually, it was just her and one other person. An NSA agent she knew from her time at Langley. The two of them loved competing against one another.

Lately, she hasn’t seen him much. She wondered what he was up to as she ran on the tread machine. She has it set for a steep incline to work her leg muscles and heart. She does at least ten miles on the treadmill and lifts some weights afterward. She wasn’t looking forward to work today.

She gets in a good set of lifting weights. By the time she finishes working out, she is hungry and sweaty. Ada towels off as she heads back upstairs to her apartment.

Once Ada arrives at her apartment, she strips out of her gym clothes and steps into the shower. She gets out after half an hour and gets dressed for the day. She’ll grab some breakfast on the way to work.

When Ada arrives at work, she heads to her office and starts on the files. She doesn’t bother to take a lunch. She works through it and leaves at the end of the day.

Day after day, it is the same for her at work. Her social life sucked because she had a hard time trusting people. She used to be bullied and picked on by the guys and girls at the private school she attended.

At her prom, she was escorted by a guy she thought she could trust. Afterward, they went to a private party and ended up having sex with him and several guys after someone spiked her drink. It was a good thing she had the foresight and very strict parents to have a birth control device inserted into her arm to prevent her from getting pregnant.

After that day, she left for college and never looked back or went home, except for the holidays. Even then, she just hung around her parent’s house and left afterward. She hated where she lived. Most of the guys were assholes, and most of the girls she went to school with were either snubs or bitches.

Her best friend ended up becoming a stewardess and marrying some rich guy. She was invited to the wedding but wasn’t part of it. Her best friend just wanted to do too much, and what she wanted to do was out of her price range. She was barely able to afford the wedding gift she gave the couple.

She worked through college to pay for everything. She bought her clothes from thrift stores and drove a car that was thirty years old. It took a lot of hard work and sacrifice to get what she wanted, but she managed.

The days turned into weeks. The weeks turned into months at her new job. She was so bored she read some of the cases. Some of the old cases were interesting but boring and could have been handled better. She made copies of some of them on her phone and read them at home. Most of them were so old that it wouldn’t matter anymore.

She did come across a few that were done by an agent named Nick Law. It seemed that he was part of a unique team. They secretly operated under the table, handling cases that had gone cold or couldn’t be solved by ordinary police or FBI agents. According to what she found, the people involved were Nick Law, Jack Allen Bounty, Clair Elizabeth Wong, Nancy Holmes, Phillip Spade, and Dave Valiant.

Those people piqued her interest as she dug into their files. Their files were classified and weren’t in the system. She knew if they weren’t active agents. Their files might be here in the archives. She locates which room they would be stored in and gains access.

She locates all their files and scans each and every one of their files into her cell phone. She even finds a map of a place they used to operate out of. She takes the map with her. She has always been curious about secret locations and things of that nature.

She goes back to her office and finishes working for the day. The weekend was coming up, and since it was a holiday. She would have five days off to do some exploring.

Ada stops at Kentucky Fried Chicken and picks up a bucket of chicken with her favorite sides. She didn’t feel like cooking when she was working her way through college. She practically lived on chicken and cans of beefaroni.

When she arrives home, she downloads all the files she found on each agent into her mini laptop. This one was bought at a yard sale and had some work done. It was also the one she kept a lot of particular files on. She had everything backed up on a portable hard drive and a thumb drive.

She brings up Nick Law file first. He was born on October 21, 1948, Age 31. Location: Boston, Massachusetts. Country: United States, Parents: Father: Jack Glenn Law, Mother: Mary Ann Mercer. Marital Status: Single, Military Service: US Army, MOS: Force Recon.

She reads his file and discovers that he went to Harvard to become a lawyer after serving several tours in the Vietnam War. He was awarded several metals and wounded several times. He joined the FBI after he got his law degree.

The person she looks up to next is Jack Allen Bounty. For some reason, that name meant something to her. She does a web search and discovers that he owns a large telecommunication firm named Eruptions Communication in New York City. He also owns several other telecommunication firms, satellite companies, security firms, armor businesses, private security firms that went by Alpha Security, and various other companies.

He lived in Caldwell, Montana, and had seven children. One of his children was the owner of the Phoenix Foundation. She types in the Phoenix Foundation and learns they specialize in helping other nations fix environmental damages and establish irrigation systems and independent energy solutions. The person who ran that company was Gina Bounty. It showed her with her husband, Arnold Bounty.

She goes back to his file. His name was Jack Allen Bounty, DOB: May 15, 1947, Age: 32, Location: Dublin, Ireland. Country: Ireland, Citizenship: Duel, Parents: Father: Joseph Earl Bounty, Mother: Cara Elizabeth Waters. Marital Status: Single, Military Service: British Military MOS: Special Air Service.

She reads his file and discovers that he also worked for MI 6. His grandfather was a cattle owner out in Montana, and the property had been given to his grandfather’s side of the family during the western expansion of the United States. His grandmother had been one of the two first women who had been a US Marshal.

Clair Elizabeth Wong DOB: March 15, 1953, Age: 25 Location: Sunnyvale, California Country: United States, Citizenship: US Citizen, Parents: Father: Kenji Wong, Mother: Barbara Ann Jones. Marital Status: Single, Military Service: None MOS: N/A

Ada looks at what made Clair Wong so special. According to her file, she was a circus performer and martial arts expert. She was good at getting into places no one could and seduction.

Nancy Holmes DOB: June 21, 1957, Age: 21 Location: San Francisco, California Country: United States, Citizenship: US Citizen, Parents: Father: Jacob Holmes, Mother: Nancy Ann Jones. Marital Status: Single, Military Service: None MOS: N/A

Ada saw that she was a child prodigy and came from a family of detectives. Her father was a famous detective from the San Francisco Police Force, and she had solved six cases by the time she was recruited to join the others.

She had been arrested several times for breaking into people’s homes and businesses. She never attended college but was exceptional in science and forensics. She also spoke several languages and could read several dead languages.

Phillip Spade DOB: July 21, 1948, Age: 31 Location: San Francisco, California Country: United States, Citizenship: US Citizen, Parents: Father: Robin Drake, Mother: Carol Ann Cook. Marital Status: Single, Military Service: United States Navy MOS: Gunner Mate

Ada reads a little about Phillip and discovers he is a real character while in the service. He had several medals but got busted a few times for a lot of illegal activity. He punched an Admiral one time for getting him and several of his friends killed one time. He was a good friend of Nick and Jack.

The three of them were known as the terrible trio. There wasn’t anything the three of them didn’t do together. When it came to friendship, theirs was tight.

Dave Valiant DOB: September 03, 1948, Age: 31 Location: Detroit, Michigan Country: United States, Citizenship: US Citizen, Parents: Father: Shawn Valiant, Mother: Terri Armstrong. Marital Status: Married, Military Service: United States Army MOS: Transportation.

Ada noticed that Mr. Valiant was a race car driver and could drive almost anything with wheels or wings. He was also a mechanical genius as well. He could do nearly anything with it if it had gears or pistons.

She leans back against the sofa and wonders why the DOJ would put a team like this together. If their job were to deal with people who worked outside of the law, this would be an excellent team to have. She closed their file and took out the map of the location she found. She digs and finds that the map leads to a farm outside Washington, D.C.

According to the location, the property was owned by Clair Williams. Ada looked at the picture and the photos of the people she had to compare the two, but nothing matched. She had some things on hand she could use to explore the place. However, she must go to a hardware store to get more items. She brings the location up on Google Maps and gets directions. It was about an hour away from her apartment.

She sets the alarm on her cell phone to wake her. Afterward, she lies down and wonders what she’ll find when exploring. There had to be a reason that the map was in the archives.

Ada finds herself driving out to the location she googled last night. She located a place where she could park her car without being observed. She stopped at the hardware store and bought the extra items to explore the area. That also included some super strong rope and something she could use as an anchor.

Ada pulled up to the spot she selected and parked her car. She grabs her backpack, water bottle, compass, and gloves. She locks her car and starts following an old path. The weather was a little cool but bearable.

She starts walking into the woods, and after about a few hours, she comes to the location on the map. It was an old barn, and no one looked like they were inside the house. There was no car or animals in the driveway. The map itself was back at her place. She had a copy of it on her cell phone.

She cautiously walked inside the old barn and noticed it was of Amish design and build. This thing could withstand a hurricane without any problems. She started looking around, and everything looked normal to her. She stands in the middle of the barn and wonders if she was wrong.

She looks at one stall and notices something doesn’t seem right. She walks over to investigate and sees it is a hook. It was different than all the other ones. She turned it, and the floor dropped open, and a set of wooden stairs led down under the floor.

She follows the stairs down with her mag light in hand. She noticed there was another hook down below. She turns it, and the floor seals back up.

“To the Bat Cave.” A playful smile appears on her face as she follows a corridor.

As Ada walked down the corridor. She noticed there were lights recessed in the ceiling. Her mag light lit the corridor up. A set of double doors was at the end of the hall. There was a keyhole in the middle of the doors.

Ada takes some putty and puts it inside the keyhole to get the shape of the key. She pulled the putty out and noticed it was a strange shape. She tapped the doors and could tell these doors were thick. They could stop a grenade fired at them.

Nancy was on her way home from the store when an alert appeared on her cell phone. She looked at it and noticed it was from the old alarm system down in the tunnel leading to the old Den. She knew Jack had put in an up-to-date secret alarm system to let her know when someone was in their old lair.

She increases the speed of her pickup truck and arrives back at her place. She pulls the shotgun mounted in the truck and loads it. It’s been nearly fifty years since anyone has been to the old lair. All they did with it these days was use it for storage since most original team members were either dead or retired.

Most of them were too damn old to be out chasing people. Things have changed as members either died off or formed families. All her children have left home and had their own families. Sometimes, she hears from them on the holidays or her birthday. Occasionally, she would visits them. She loved her grandchildren and enjoyed visiting them.

Sometimes, she hears from the surviving members of her old team. She knew Jack still did things like this, and so did his partner, the Cheshire, as for the others she knew. They were happy to let things be.

She cautiously enters the barn and walks over to the entrance. She opens it and walks down the set of stairs. She flicks the hidden light switch and watches as the lights come on.

Ada was trying to figure out the lock when suddenly the overhead lights came on. She puts her hands up. “I don’t mean any harm.” As she turns slowly around.

When Ada turned around, she spotted a silver-haired woman with a shotgun pointing at her. The woman was shorter than her.

“Who are you, and why are you poking around down here?” Nancy had her trusty shotgun pointed at the young woman.

“My name is Ada Franklin, and I was curious whether this place existed. I found it on an old map where I work.”

“And where is that?” Nancy was lowering her shotgun.

“I work at the DOJ Special Projects Archives. I found an old map that had this place listed. If you don’t mind me asking, are you Clair Williams?” Ada hopes she doesn’t mind.

Nancy thought all maps showing this location had been destroyed. It was because of a map that this place had been compromised.

“I’m Clair Williams. Why are you so curious about this place?”

“Can you lower your gun, ma’am, please? I promise I won’t do anything. You have my word. Besides, if you are who I think you are, you could probably kill me before I moved.” Ada thinks this woman could be Clair Wong from the files.

“Follow me out of here.” Nancy wonders who this woman thought she was.

“Yes, ma’am.” Ada walks towards the woman slowly.

She walks past the woman up the stairs and outside the barn. She stands still as she watches the woman secure the latch to keep the floor from opening. For an older woman, this person moved pretty well.

“Let’s go inside the house. Do you like tea, Mrs. Franklin?” As Nancy leads Ada towards her house.

“I’m more of a coffee drinker, but I don’t mind tea.” Ada follows the woman.

Ada noticed she wore blue jeans, tennis shoes, and an old flannel shirt. Once they were up at the house, Ada followed Clair into the house. The inside was what you would find inside an old country home.

Ada follows Clair into the old-style country kitchen. She hadn’t seen anything like this unless it was in a magazine.

“Please, have a seat, Ms. Franklin.” Clair motions to one of the chairs at a small handmade table.

“Okay.” Ada sits down on one of the chairs. The seat had a nice, handmade cushion.

As soon as she sat down on it, she could feel how comfortable it was. She looked around the kitchen and could tell who this Clair person was. They had a big family and a loving husband at one time. She watches as Clair puts a kettle on to boil water.

“So, Ms. Franklin, are you here on official business, or is this personal?” Clair turns around after putting the kettle on the burner and turning it on.

“Personal, no one at the agency knows I’m here.” Ada looks at Clair, trying to read her.

“And why is that?” Clair looks at Ada, trying to figure her out.

“What do you mean?” Ada was a little confused about the question.

“Why did you come by yourself instead of informing another agent or bringing a friend?” Clair/Nancy looks at Ada.

“Because I wanted to see if the map was true and learn more about what you and your group did. You have to remember. You operated with limited resources and no technological advantages in the late seventies and early eighties. Nowadays, you have satellites, cell phones, laptop computers, and computer mainframes with AI programming to help you.”

“True, our job was more challenging, but we did what we do best. As for our mission. As you read in the files. It was our job sometimes to eliminate or right the wrongs that regular law enforcement was either too corrupt to do or unable to handle.”

“But that goes against everything the rule of law stands for.”

“Does it? Our system has become corrupt, with politicians working against the common good. They want power and to keep that power. They don’t care if people like you or me get hurt. If things keep going down the route they are, I’m afraid we will become a dictatorship or, worse, end up like England used to be.”

“How does that make you any better than those people?” Ada wanted to believe that they had done the right thing.

“You do know why Lady Justice wears a blindfold, don’t you?”

“Because justice is unbiased and should not be based on a person's appearance or other outside influences.”

“True, but in the last sixty or seventy years. Justice has been going to people who have the money to change things. They have been corrupting the system and taking away the rights of the people. They are stacking the deck, so only the desired verdict will happen. That’s where my team stepped in to make sure the scales were even. If it meant taking out the person who caused the problem in the first place, so be it.” Clair watches Ada’s reaction.

“But that’s just wrong. You can’t be judge, jury, and executioner.”

“True, we can’t. However, you have to weigh the lives of the many against those of the one or the few. Should a crook be allowed to live while his victim suffers? Should his or her money and connections be allowed to get away with poisoning a village or town? All because they want to get rich and don’t care how they do it?”

“No, but you should have some oversight. Someone to reign you in, to keep you from going too far.” Ada felt being able to kill whoever you want is too much power.

“We'd first had oversight, and they did well with us. However, after a while, that oversight nearly crippled us. We were being increasingly restricted by regulations and blocked from doing what was right. The people we went after broker deals to stay out of jail or from being killed. In the end, a person we spared nearly killed us.”

“How?” Ada wanted to learn more.

“Because we listened to the person who was supposed to be neutral and not take sides. However, he betrayed us to our enemies and nearly ended all our lives. From that day forward, we pledged to work independently and not answer to anyone we didn’t trust.”

“And how did that turn out?” Ada watches as Clair prepares her tea.

Clair sets the teacup down in front of Ada. She looks at her “We’re still alive.”

Ada was startled by that statement and the expression on Clair’s face. She had a feeling that she was one of the people deeply affected. She watches as Clair sits down near her.

Clair takes a drink of her tea. She looks at Ada “So, what is your story? Why would someone like you be so interested in a bunch of old geezers like me and my team?”

“What do you mean?” Ada takes a sip from her tea.

“What is your story? How did you end up down in the Archives?” Clair was watching Ada. She was good at reading body language.

“Well, I was born in a small conservative town. My parents sent me to a private school and I was raped by several guys at a party I shouldn’t have gone to. I trusted my date for prom and ended up regretting it.”

Clair places her hand on Ada’s “I’m sorry you had to experience that.”

“Me too. My parents felt it was my fault since I should have come back home instead of going out with my date afterward.” Memories of that night surface every once in a while.

“Why did you join the DOJ?”

“Because I wanted to bring justice to those people who were wrong. My town had a lot of stuck-up rich people who could get away with a lot of things. I come here to Washington D.C. and run into congressmen and senators that are the same way.”

“But what did you do to get transferred to a boring, dead-end position, like the Archives? Because agents who work there are normally people who are about to retire or are bookworms who feel more comfortable around a bunch of old reports and books.” Clair has known a few people who loved working in the archives.

“My supervisor was making uncomfortable comments about how I was dressed and when we were by ourselves sometimes. His hands tended to roam. I found out that he managed to find the footage that had been taken of me when I was raped by several guys after prom.” Ada had managed to backtrack some footage that had been sent to her email.

“And when you complained, he transferred you down to the archives.”


Clair looks at Ada and wonders if she would make a good agent. She knew Washington D.C. had a lot of corrupt people in it. Well, not everyone was corrupt. She knew some trustworthy people.

“I’m willing to make you a deal. If I show you the inside of our old base of operations. You have to promise to never speak about it. There are things down there that can never get out. Either because of how dangerous it is or because the world isn’t ready for it yet.”

“You sound like you guys have aliens or something down there.” Ada was curious about what was down there.

“Let’s just say there are things down there. That has been on this Earth for a very long time and should have been left alone.” The only place Clair and her team trusted was here and their secondary base. The secondary base, God help whoever went inside of there.

Clair and Ada finish drinking their tea. Afterward, Clair escorts Ada through a hidden passageway that goes from her house to the base.

“How many entrances do you guys have?” Ada was following behind Clair as she escorted them.

“Several, but they are used mostly for emergency exists.”

After a while, they come to a door. Clair takes out a key from her pocket puts it in the keyhole and opens the door.

To be continued…..

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Off to a good start

by linking past characters with Ada. I think this could be a really good story line. Looking forward to the rest of the chapters.

Secondary base

Samantha Heart's picture

My guess would be Jack's Ranch under one of the barns. Ada I think just landed a new job with Jack's group.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.