Janet West

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“God, you look just like Janet Weiss from the Rocky Horror movie little brother.” Debbie looks at her little brother and couldn’t believe how he was identical to the actress in the movie.

Dakota turns around to look at his sister. She was wearing her sexy corset and garter set as well. The two of them were dressed as characters from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. She was dressed like Columbia and looked good. She had even dyed her hair to match Columbia’s hair coloring from the movie.

He didn’t need to do anything like that. His hair matched Mrs. Sarandon’s. He inherited their mother’s thick hair. As for his breasts, he was wearing some prosthetics that gave him the same look as the actress. He even ordered an artificial vagina, so he could wear the skimpy underwear as well, without giving himself away.

“Well, you look good to sis.” A smile appears on his face. This was the first time he has seen his sister dressed in sexy lingerie.

“Not as good as you, little brother. You put me to shame. You’re going to be a knockout at the party tonight.” Debbie couldn’t believe how fuckable her little brother looked.

As the two of them are standing there talking, they hear the doorbell ring. Debbie turns around and rushes towards the front door. When she opens it, she notices her boyfriend Brandon dressed as Riff Raff from the movie standing on the other side. She puts her arms around Brandon’s neck and kisses him.

Brandon returns Debbie’s kiss and holds her tight against his body. He loved how she looked “you look sexy as hell, sweetie.”

“If you think I look sexy, wait until you see my little brother.” Debbie smiles at her boyfriend.


“Yeah. Come on Dakota, we got to go.” Debbie turns around to look at her bedroom door.

Dakota comes walking out of his sister's bedroom like a model. He has been practicing how to walk in four-inch-high heels. He strikes a pose in the doorway of his sister’s bedroom “hi there, big boy.”

Brandon’s eyes nearly pop out after seeing Dakota dressed as Janet Weiss. He looked just like her from the movie.

“Told you, didn’t I?” Debbie looks at her little brother.

“God, you look gorgeous, Dakota.” Brandon walks over to look at Dakota closer. He couldn’t believe how he was identical to the actress that
played Janet Weiss in the movie.

“Man, you’re going to be a knockout at the party tonight. You’ll have to beat the men off with a stick.” Brandon knew Dakota was going to be a hit tonight at the party.

“Well, are we going to stand around here and talk all night or go to the party?” Debbie wanted to go and have some fun tonight.

“We’re going.” Brandon extends his arm to Dakota and Debbie as they walk out of Debbie’s apartment.

He escorts them to his car and helps Dakota in first. Then Debbie into the passenger seat. He walks around and gets in on the driver's side.

“Alright ladies, let’s go and have some fun tonight.” Brandon drives them to a nice house. They had been driving for the last thirty minutes. The place was huge and had a security guard at the entrance to the driveway.

“Can I help you?” Security Officer Bernhard shines his flashlight into the car Brandon was driving.

“Yes, we’re here for the Halloween party. Here’s my invite.” Brandon hands the invite he was given to Mr. Bernhard.

Mr. Bernhard clicks the button on his flashlight and shines it on the invitation. A purple spade appears.

“Alright, your clear.” He steps back away from the car.

Brandon drives up the long driveway and finds a place to park. All of them could already hear music blaring from the huge mansion.

“My ladies, let me escort you to one of the best parties around.” Debbie and Dakota take Brandon’s arms and go inside the mansion.

The three of them go inside the huge mansion and couldn’t believe how packed it was. Before long Dakota is swamped by several guys asking him to dance with them. Dakota looks at his sister “go and have some fun.”

Dakota goes with the men and dances with them. Some more men take their place and when she mentions she is thirty, a drink is put in her hand. She drinks it and is replaced with another one. She drinks that one as well and continues to dance. Another drink is put in her hands and she slowly starts drinking that one. She feels herself starting to feel like she is on top of the world, full of energy, and when one of the guys kisses her, she gets excited and enjoys it.

A blindfold is put over her eyes. She goes to remove it, but her hand is stopped.

“Come with us.” As Dakota is escorted away from the party to a private room.

Dakota was feeling so good, that she allows herself to be escorted away from the party. She is taken to a bedroom and pushed down onto the bed on her stomach. The black panties she is wearing are removed from her.

“Man, she’s a dude disguised as a girl.” Larry looks at Henry when he notices the fake vagina.

“So, wear a rubber liked we talked about.” Henry looks at the girl they drugged.

“Man, I was hoping for a real girl.”

“My father has something that might make it better in his lab here at the house. Let me go and get it.” Jordan leaves the room.

“Well, I’m going to break her cherry.” Larry spits at Dakota’s anal opening and shoves his huge stiff cock into her opening.

Dakota screams out but feels his head pressed down onto the bed. He could barely breathe as his body shacks from being fucked in his ass. He tries to lift himself off the bed but is held firm. He feels the first guy finish and a second one takes his place.

After he feels the second guy shove his cock inside his abused anal opening. He hears the door open and shut.

Edward notices a vial with a brownish liquid inside it in Jordan’s hand. He looks at Jordan “what is that?”

“Something my father and his company are working on. It’s supposed to help women with low estrogen hormones or something like that.
However, it can do more. Jordan fills a syringe-like he has seen his girlfriend do a few times. She was a nurse and showed him how to give him a shot once.

He stabs the needle into the area just above Dakota’s kidney and presses the plunger down. He removes the needle and refills it again and does
the other side as well. He pulls the fake vagina off Dakota’s body and inserts the needle into Dakota’s testes and pushes the plunger down. He does a double injection into them and the rest of the liquid, he injects into each side of Dakota’s neck.

Dakota’s body goes slack as the drug starts circulating throughout his body. Between the drugs, he was given to make him easy to subdue and the shots he was given, his body decided to stop fighting.

“I think we broke him.” Craig just laughs.

“Well, just keep using him and we’ll find another girl to have fun with.” James was thinking about Clair. He heard she didn’t mind putting out.

“What do you want to do with him?” Larry looks at his friends.

“Leave him, I’ll make sure that whoever he came with finds him.” Jordan wonders who he was.

Everyone leaves and goes searching for more girls to enjoy. No one pays attention to Dakota as he lays there on the bed passed out and drooling. A chemical reaction inside Dakota’s body was rewriting her DNA.

Debbie and Brandon find Dakota later around one in the morning and couldn’t believe what they saw. Debbie saw the blood seeping out of her brother’s anal opening. And how unresponsive he was. Brandon picks him up and rushes him to the nearby hospital.

The next four days Dakota spends in the hospital as his body changes. The first sign of change was his breasts started to develop. The second sign was all the fat in his body started to redistribute to areas of the body that was normal for a woman. His pubic hair even changed to how young women would look.

His testes started to the size of a pea and his penis shrunk so small, that it was flushed against his groin area. Debbie couldn’t believe the changes her brother was experiencing. She knew the doctors were even puzzled.

When they drew blood and checked it, there was no sign of testosterone at all in Dakota’s body. It was pure estrogen and progesterone. It was like every gland inside his body had been reprogramed to produce what he needed to be a woman.

When they first drew blood from Dakota, they found traces of ecstasy and alcohol. They figured that was how he had been drugged. The levels of ecstasy had been within normal range, but his alcohol levels were high.

Dakota wakes up and finds himself in a hospital room hooked up to several machines. He feels his hand being held and glances over to the side of the bed and spots his sister sitting next to the bed. He squeezes her hand and watches as she slowly wakes up.

Debbie wakes up and spots Dakota looking at her. A smile forms on her face “you finally decided to wake up.”

“Where am I and why?” Dakota was curious why he was in the hospital.

Dakota noticed his voice sounded different. He sounded a little like his sister. He looks at Debbie for an answer to his question.

“You don’t remember anything from the Halloween party?” she looked at her little brother.

“No.” Dakota finally notices the two round mounds poking out from his chest.

He moves the paper gown he had been given to wear and notices he had two perfectly round mounds of flesh on the front of his chest. He starts breathing hard and looks at his sister “how did this happen?” as he points to his chest.

“That’s a good question, little brother and I wish I had an answer for you.” Debbie had been told by the doctor treating Dakota that because of all the estrogen in his body.

It was going to make changes to him. They hadn’t counted on him developing breasts about the size of the prosthetic breasts he had worn to the party. They also hadn’t counted on his testes shrinking down to the size of a pea or his penis withdrawing so far into his groin area either.

Dakota wanted answers to his questions because of all the changes that have been done to his body. Even his face looked more feminine than it did before.

“I’ll go and get the doctor for you.” Debbie could tell Dakota was about to freak out.

Dakota watches as his sister leaves the hospital room. He couldn’t recall what happened to him that night or how all of this was happening to his body. He was no longer a male, but turning into a woman.

A few minutes go by and a young woman strawberry colored hair and in her early thirties comes walking into the room. Dakota noticed his sister wasn’t with her.

“Hi, I’m Doctor Jennifer Kelsey and your sister said you have some questions about what is happening to you.”

“Yes, do you know how I ended up like this?” Dakota looks at Dr. Kelsey and wonders if she has been the one looking after him.

“Well, to be honest. I and my colleagues are as puzzled as you are. For some reason, all the glands in your body that normally produce the hormones you need as a male is producing estrogen and progesterone. Your levels are three times higher than the developing levels of a teenage girl.”

“How is that possible?” Dakota was curious.

“I don’t know. Did you take any strange drugs or anything else other than the ecstasy and alcohol we found in your system?” Dr. Kelsey looks at Dakota.

“You found ecstasy and alcohol in my system? I don’t even do drugs or alcohol. I’m underage. Plus, I had two friends die from taking drugs.”

“Well, your sister said you were at a Halloween party. Do you remember anyone giving you drinks?”

“I can’t remember what happened that night. Why does my butt hurt?” Dakota just noticed his anal opening was hurting some.

“You were sexually assaulted. It looks like it might have been multiple people.” Dr. Kelsey had looked at the medical report on Dakota Summers.

According to what the ER doctor found. Mrs. Summers had come in bleeding from the rectum. There had been a lot of tearing both outsides and inside her anal opening.

Dakota was in shock when he is told that he had been sexually assaulted. He knew what that meant from watching television. Someone or someone had raped him. No wonder he couldn’t remember what happened that night. Most victims blocked out what was done to them. It was a way for them to cope with the trauma of being violated.

“Is there anything that can be done to bring the estrogen levels down?” Dakota wonders if anything could be done.

“We tried giving you several testosterone shots, but your body just rejected them. I’m afraid that you are stuck looking like a woman. You’ll never be able to have kids because your testes have stopped producing semen. You’ll have to have them removed because they have stopped working completely.”

“You mean, I’ll have to have gender reassignment surgery?” Dakota wasn’t stupid. He has friends that are transgender and couldn’t wait to have the surgery to correct their plumbing.

“Yes, if you want a normal sex life. We could just remove them and if you later decide to get the surgery, you can.”

“But I’ll never be able to have children or sex unless I take it in the rear?”

“That’s one way to put it, Mr. Summers. But yes, you are correct.” Dr. Kelsey wouldn’t have said that to a patient.

“I want to talk to my sister if I can.” Dakota needs to ask her advice.

“Alright.” Dr. Kelsey walks out of the room and sends Debbie back inside.

Dakota looks at his sister and explains everything to her. She listens and afterward just looks at her brother “it’s your decision little brother. Mom and dad will be disappointed that you’ll never have children to carry on the family name, but I can’t see not having sex unless you’re going to become a monk or priest.” Debbie couldn’t see Dakota doing that.

“But want the cost be, expensive?” Dakota was curious.

“The insurance mom has is paying for your hospital stay here. As for the surgery, I think there is a grant we can get to pay for it. It’s by some rich security owner. She established it to help transgenders out.”

“That was nice of her.”

“Yeah, but remember, if you don’t get the surgery now. Things might change down the line for you.” Debbie wanted her little brother to be sure about this.

“I know, I’m going to get the surgery now.” Dakota figures it might be best to do it.

“Okay, I’ll tell the doctor.” Debbie steps out of the hospital room to inform the doctor.

Two Months Later:
Dakota leans back in the dining room chair and cracks her knuckles. She was looking over all the footage from the Halloween party at the
Branson mansion. There was so much and it has taken her a while to gather all the footage.

Ever since she left the hospital after having her surgery. She’s been getting snips of her memory returning. She was seeing a counselor help her adjust to being a woman and cope with what happened to her.

The grant from the Two Spirit Foundation had been granted and paid for her whole surgery. Her mother’s insurance paid her medical bills and was paying for her to see the counselor she currently has. Since seeing Dr. Leslie Blake, she’s been getting snippy’s about what went on during the Halloween party. Not all of her memory was returning, but whenever she smelled something or heard someone speak, the words or smell would trigger her memory. That was why she was looking over all the Facebook and TikTok footage from the party to see if it would trigger the rest of her memory.

“Any luck?” Debbie walks out of the kitchen with a plate of food.

“Nope, I’ve been through this footage four times.” Dakota has tried over and over again to see if she could spot anything.

“Well, here is some lunch. Don’t you have to be at work in an hour?” Debbie sets the plate of food down in front of her new little sister.

“Yeah, I don’t know why I even took the job in the first place.” Dakota picks up the sandwich her sister made her.

“Because you want a car of your own to get around in.” Debbie goes back into the kitchen and grabs her plate of food.

She sits down at the dining room table with Dakota. Dakota had her laptop set up on the table. The apartment they shared was small and there wasn’t room to set up a computer desk.

“You know, I’m surprised mom and dad took the news of you becoming a girl as they did.” Debbie thought their parents were going to go ballistic she they told them. She had to explain everything to them, but in the end, they handled it well.

“What else could they do? I never experienced sex for the rest of my life, which I might as well join a convent or never know what it feels like to love someone.” Dakota takes a bite of her sandwich.

“Well, what happened to you does suck and I know it going to take some getting used to. But you have me here to help you.”

“Which I am glad for, sis. I don’t think mom would have been of any help. She has enough problems going on to have mine piled onto hers.” Dakota felt sorry for her mother. Both of her parents were in a home for people with serious diseases.

“Well, now get you to work.” Debbie finishes her sandwich and grabs her purse and car keys.

“Alright.” Dakota grabs her purse and her house keys.

The two of them walk downstairs to Debbie’s Honda Accord. It used to belong to their father until he was unable to drive anymore. Now Debbie owned it.

It takes Debbie twenty minutes to drop Dakota off at Computer Serve. She looks at Dakota “I have to close tonight, so you’ll have to catch the bus home.”

“I know.”

“I know, you know. But you’re a girl now and that means taking extra precautions, Dakota. Especially traveling at night by yourself.” Debbie had a serious look on her face.

“I know and thanks for looking out for me.” Dakota hugs her big sister.

Debbie returns the hug and watches as Dakota gets out of the car and walks into the store. She never had to worry so much when Dakota was a guy. But now that Dakota was a girl, she was going to need to teach her a lot of things. She backs out of the parking space and heads to work herself.

“Hey, Frank.” Dakota lifts the piece of counter that allowed her to go into the shop area.

“Thank God you’re back to work, Dakota. There’s a pile of laptops at your workstation I need for you to test and see what condition they are in. If they can be refurbished and resold, go ahead and put new hard drives in them.”

“And if they can’t go ahead and strip them for parts. I’m way ahead of you.” Dakota sits down at her workstation and starts working on the stack of laptops.

She powers them on and if they don’t stay running or don’t turn on at all, she strips them. She puts their hard drives over to the side to be scanned and have their contents scanned. She comes across a custom unit that had been built. It was out of date by today's standards, but she could upgrade it with newer parts.

“Hey Frank, do you mind if I keep this one?” Dakota shows it to Frank.

“What’s wrong with it?” Frank walks over to look at it.

“All of its hardware is out of date and needs some serious updated parts.” Dakota had the screen up that told her what was inside.

“How much are the parts and can we get them?” Frank hates to waste a unit.

“Mmmm, let's check.” Dakota uses her work laptop and looks up all the updated parts. She adds the total together.

“About a thousand or so. With our discount, I can bring the cost down to five hundred dollars.”

“How much can we resell it for?” Frank was thinking it might be best to sell it.

“We would only make thirty dollars profit.” Dakota couldn’t believe how much the value on it was.

“I’ll let you have it, but I’ll deduce the cost of the parts from your paycheck.” Frank looks down at Dakota as she sat next to him.

He still couldn’t get over the fact that Dakota was a girl now. He has known Dakota since she started coming into his shop for parts and repairs.

“Cool and thanks. I’ll go ahead and place the order now.” Dakota places the order for the parts.

“You owe me for this.” Frank turns around and walks back to his station to work.

“Yeah, yeah!! I’ll make it up to you refurbishing these laptops.” Dakota goes back to work.

For the next few hours, Dakota refurbishes six laptops at once. All of them were the same make and model and she had all the drivers for all of them. So, she does all six at once.

“I have a special for you, Dakota.” There was a smirk on Frank’s face.

“Please tell me this laptop isn’t filled with nothing but porn.” Dakota hated those types of laptops. That meant there were some serious viruses and malware on the hard drive.

“The client wants it restored to factory specs, so he can turn it back into the company.”

“God, I hate these.” Dakota takes the back panel off and removes the hard drive from it.

She connects the hard drive to a laptop that has all her software for removing spyware, malware, and every known virus out there on the internet. It was a custom-built software she and several friends put together in her advanced computer class at school.

Her teacher uses to be the head of the cyber division for Langley Air Force base in Virginia. She starts the program and watches as it starts finding viruses and malware of every type. While it ran, she inserts a new refurbished hard drive and start rebuilding everything on it. She knew the company that used this particular type of laptop and had an image of everything they used on them. She transfers the programs onto the new hard drive and inserts all the license keys for the company.

After that laptop is done, she sets it aside to be picked up tomorrow. She glances over to its original drive and notices it was up to two hundred and fifty viruses.

“Frank, I think we’re going to have a new winner in the virus department.” Dakota could hear Frank chuckle as she goes back to work.

Dakota picks up one laptop and turns it on. She notices the name on the screen home saying it belonged to Eva Pharmaceutical.

“Hey Frank, when did you get this laptop from Eva Pharmaceutical?” Dakota spins around on her stool to look at Frank.

“About a month ago, while you were at home recovering from your surgery. Why, is there something wrong with it?” Frank turns around to look at Dakota.

“Nope, there’s nothing wrong with it at all. I would think they had their department recycle their equipment.”

“Well, if it's in working order, go ahead and swap the hard drives out and put a new operating system on it.

“Okay, boss.” Dakota swaps the hard drive out and puts a new refurbished one in.

She sets that one aside and starts putting a new operating system on the new hard drive. She looks at the one with the viruses on it and the count was up to five hundred and thirty. She shakes her head and goes back to work.

She puts a gold dot on it to remind her to scan it later. Frank likes to backup any pictures and notes of the old hard drives. Sometimes he even backs up some of their programs as well. Especially ones he has been wanting for a while.

“Hey Dakota, I’m ordering dinner for us. Is there anything special you want from the Golden Lotus?”

“Mongolian Beef, egg roll, and fried rice.” Dakota loved the food from the Golden Lotus. She knew the delivery driver over there.

“I should have known you wanted a number six.” Frank knew Dakota had six favorite dishes she liked from the Golden Lotus.

“You know me.” A smile appears on Dakota’s face.

By the time the food arrive, Dakota was down to six laptops and four tablets that needed to be done. The one drive she had been scanning with her work laptop, had over eight hundred and thirty pieces of malware, and viruses on it. She went ahead and her program do a complete removal of all the viruses and malware on the drive.

The laptop she set aside for herself, she scans the drives and makes sure there was nothing on them. Whoever built this laptop did a heck of a job. The thing had two video cards and four hard drive bays, plus a Blu-ray player. She was going to need to clean the heat sink and order a newer cooling fan for the laptop. Plus, new memory as well. The new motherboard used the new laptop memory.

When the food arrives, she and Frank break for thirty minutes to enjoy the food. She was so hungry and was glad the Golden Lotus gave her so much food.

“Wow, you’re putting the food away.” Frank noticed how fast Dakota was eating.

“Sorry, I’ve just been feeling hungry lately.” Dakota slows down.

After the dinner break, Dakota and Frank go back to work for a few more hours, before closing the store. Frank looks towards Dakota “are you going to be alright, catching the bus home?”

“I’ll be fine. My sister gave me this little bottle of pepper spray.” Dakota shows it to Frank.

“Alright, be careful and I’ll see you tomorrow.” Frank opens the front door and Dakota.

Dakota waves goodbye as she walks toward the bus stop. She sits down on the bench and watches cars stop at the stop lights. While she is sitting there waiting on the bus, she spots a person she could swear she knows, waiting in the second lane for the light to change. She pulls her cellphone out and snaps a picture of him.

Jordan was sitting at the stop light waiting for it to change, when there was a flash of light, just as the light changed. He pays it no mind as he drives off. He does glance in his rearview mirror to see what might have made the flash but doesn’t see anything.

Dakota looks at the picture she took. Something about the guy in it reminds her of something, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. The bus pulls up right in front of the bus stop. She signs her bus card and goes to sit down in the first seat available.

While she is riding the bus, she gets a nagging feeling she knows that person. Where she knows them from, she can’t remember and it was driving her crazy. When the bus stops in front of the apartment complex she lived in with her sister, she gets off the bus and walks into the apartment.

The next day, while she is standing in line at a food truck. Larry spots the guy he and the rest of the guys had fun with on Halloween night. The thing was, he didn’t look the same. The body was all wrong on the person. This person was female, but he couldn’t be mistaken that this person was identical to the one Jordan gave those shots to. They had left him in the bedroom unconscious and drooling on the bed.

He watches as she walks away from the food truck and sits down at the little table that the vendor set up. He steps up and places his order and steps aside to let the next person step up to the window. He wonders what this person is doing here?

While Dakota is enjoying her lunch from the food truck, she spots another guy from the Halloween party. A few times she catches him looking at her. She didn’t know who this person was, but somehow, she knew this person. She takes her cellphone out and captures an image of him. She’ll check with her sister’s boyfriend to see if he knows who this person is.

Later in the evening, when her sister and her boyfriend Brandon come to pick her up from work. She climbs onto the back passenger seat and looks towards her sister’s head.

“Hey sis, do you happen to know who these two guys are?” Dakota shows her sister the two pictures she took.

Debbie looks at the first one, which was a guy in a convertible car. At first, her brain couldn’t place the person.

“Let me see, Debbie.” Brandon wanted to see who Dakota was talking about.

Debbie hands the cellphone to her boyfriend. She watches him as he looks quickly at the picture.

“That’s Jordan Brinkley. He goes to my college and is the son of James Brinkley, the CEO of Eva Pharmaceutical. He’s also the one who gave me that invite to the party.”

“How about the second person?” Dakota had a bad feeling in her stomach.

“That’s Larry Dixon and he plays on the football team. There are rumors at school that he drugged and raped three women from the party on Halloween night, but nothing could be proven. According to the rumors, those girls had loose morals and were known to put out for anyone.”

“That still doesn’t make it right. You said he and Jordan were at the party?”

“Yeah, they were. Do you think they are responsible for what was done to you?” Debbie turns around in her seat to look at her sister.

“I don’t know. My memory is unreliable, but I know, I know those two guys. I get snippets of their voices saying something and feeling something sharp pricking me in my neck, in my testes, and behind my back.” Dakota was frustrated with not knowing.

Tears start to leak from her eyes. She feels Debbie grab her hands and hold them. She looks at her sister “I’m sorry. I just hate this not knowing and my emotions are all over the place right now.”

“It’s alright, sis. You’re having your period right now and your emotions are blocking what you need to know.” Debbie gives her sister's hands a little squeeze.

Brandon looks at Dakota in the rear-view mirror “you know, we should call you Janet Weiss or West.”

“Why West?” Debbie looks at her boyfriend with a puzzled look on her face.

“You know, James West from the movie Wild, Wild West?”

Dakota smirks after hearing the name. “Janet West doesn’t sound half bad.”

“You're not seriously thinking about the idea, are you sis?” Debbie looks at her little sister.

“Why not? Everyone knows who Dakota Summers is. Why not start with a new name?” Dakota looks at her sister.

“She is right, Debbie. She’s a new person, why not get a new name as well?” Brandon looks at Debbie.

“Let’s think about it some, before you do anything, okay?” Debbie would have to run it by her parents. Technically she was responsible for Dakota, but she still wanted her parents’ input.

“Alright, sis.”

The next day, while Dakota is getting ready for work. She gets a phone call from Frank. She picks the cellphone up and presses accept “hey Frank, what’s wrong?”

“Someone broke into the store last night and ransacked the place.” Frank looks around the front of the store and walks towards the back shop area carefully.

“I wonder what they were looking for?” Dakota was puzzled.

“I don’t know, but they went through all the laptops you worked on a few days ago. How many did you have refurbished?”

“Let’s see, there were thirty laptops there and I disassembled seven of them and refurbished the rest. I kept the custom for myself, so there should be twenty-two laptops ready for reselling.”

Frank looks at all the laptops spread out in Dakota’s workspace. He couldn’t tell what she did or didn’t do.

“How soon can you get here?” Frank figures Dakota might be able to tell.

“Walking out the door right now, Frank.” Dakota walks out the door and down to the parking lot to meet up with Brandon. He was taking her to work today, while Debbie slept in.

As Dakota climbs into Brandon’s car “can you sort of hurry to get me to work, please?”

“Sure, what’s up?” Brandon starts moving once Dakota was buckled in.

“Someone broke into the computer store last night and trashed it. Frank thinks they might have taken some of the laptops as well.”

“Man, I wonder who cold had done that?” Brandon thinks about it on the way to Dakota’s job.

It didn’t take them long to arrive at Dakota’s work. Dakota and Brandon get out of the car and walk toward the store. They are stopped at the door by a policeman.

“I work here and he’s with me.” Dakota looks at the young cop blocking her way.

“Let them in, Spade.” One of the detectives on the scene waves them through.

“Watch where you step Brandon.” Dakota makes her way to the back area of the store and over to her workstation.

“Officer, can I start stacking these laptop’s so I can tell you which ones are missing?”

“Sure, go ahead.” Officer Cornelius watches as the young woman starts stacking the laptops up.

Dakota could tell right away which one was missing. It was the one from Eva Pharmaceutical.

“Frank, I know which one the crooks took.”

“Which one, Dakota?” frank walks over to Dakota’s workstation.

“The one from Eva Pharmaceutical. That one is missing.” Dakota knew which laptops she had, plus she had all of them listed on an Excel list on
her work laptop.

“I wonder why they took that one?” Frank was puzzled.

“It wouldn’t matter why they took it. I still have the original drive.” Dakota removes the drive from a lock box under the table of her workstation.

“Do you know what is on it, Mrs. Summers?” Detective Benavidez looks at Dakota.

“No, but let’s see what is on the drive.” Dakota gets a SATA cable and connect it to a small box and plugs the drive into it.

She turns her work laptop on and browses through the files. She finds a hidden partition and opens it. Inside the partition were video files. She notices the ones for Halloween. She plays the first one and it shows her being raped by Larry, Jordan, Henry, and Edward. It also shows Jordan giving her some sort of shot and what it is.

Dakota falls onto her stool and starts crying. Everything she had suppressed of that night, came flooding back. Her body starts to shake as she screams out.

“Stop the video.” Frank pauses the video as Brandon gathers Dakota up into his arms and holds her shaking body.

Detective Benavidez looks at Brandon “can you escort her out of here, please?”

“Sure, detective as Brandon carries Dakota out of the shop area.”

Once Dakota was out of the room. Frank clicks on another video and plays it. It was the same boy raping another drunk and drugged girl. One of
the boys told Edward to put the camera away, but he wanted to save this moment as the girls they conquered and could blackmail later.

Frank looks at the detective “now we know why they came back.”

“We’re not sure it was them.”

“We will.” Frank connects Dakota’s laptop to the office server and brings up the security footage from tonight.

They see four guys dressed in black and wearing gloves move around the store and shop. No one’s face appears and they leave no fingerprints. However, one of the hidden outside cameras catches the four guys getting into a black SUV.

When the guys back up, the computer catches their license plate. Another hidden one catches them removing their black mask and it was Jordan on the passenger side.

“Gotcha you, you asshole.” Frank had a big ole smile on his face. Not only did they have footage of the four guys raping young women, but also
breaking and entering as well.

“Is there a copy of this anywhere else, no. But I’m going to make a copy of everything.” Frank digs around on Dakota’s workstation and makes a copy of the hard drive and adds the security footage from his server to it.

“Here you go, detective.” As he hands the copy to the detective. He was keeping the original.

Later That Night:
Larry, Henry, Jordan, and Edward are arrested for multiple rape charges. Also, for breaking and entering, damage to private property, possession of stolen goods, and drug possession.

As for Dakota, Brandon takes Dakota home after calling Debbie and informing her what he saw. He tells her everything and that Detective Benavidez of the Naylor Police department has the footage. By the time he arrives with Dakota, Debbie is there and gather her sister up in her arms and holding her.

Dakota changes her name to Janet West after everything that took place. She and her sister moved from their apartment and went to another town to live. They bought some property out in the country from the money that the pharmaceutical company gave Janet. It was for being given an extremely large dose of an experimental hormone drug that was being made for older women. It hadn’t been approved for human testing yet by the FDA.

Brandon and Debbie got engaged with each other. They planned on getting married as soon as Brandon graduated from college. As for Janet’s and Debbie’s parents, they passed away in their sleep. The disease the two of them had been fighting had finally taken its toll on their bodies.

As for Larry, Jordan, Henry, and Edward they were given fifty years compound by how many girls they raped. They were never getting out of jail, except in a pine box. Jordan’s father came under investigation by the FDA and by the FBI for items missing from their inventory.

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Those guys messed up

Samantha Heart's picture

BIG TIME, now serving HARD TIME lol. I feel for poor Dakota he/she didn't ask for any of what happened to her. I don't blame her for changing her name & she & her sister & her sister's bf to just up & move out of the area

Love Samantha Renée Heart.

Dumber and dumber

Jamie Lee's picture

What choice did Dakota have, but to have the reassignment surgery? The drug she was given had changed her body beyond redemption, so it was in her best interest to change now rather than later.

Not only was Jordan and the others fools, fools who believed they wouldn't get caught, but total Aholes for their total disregard for Dakota and the other girls.

They really screwed up recording their activities on Jordan's dad's laptop. Even thinking of using the videos for blackmail was stupid, since it showed them in the act of raping the girls, Dakota, and injecting Dakota with the drug. And because it fell into the wrong hands, the stupid little boys now get to deal, the rest of their lives, with boys who don't care about them like they cared nothing for those they raped.

Good that Janet and Debbie received compensation from the pharmaceutical company. Compensation that helped them get on with their lives.

Nice little short to take time to read.

Others have feelings too.


Should have gotten a payout from the parents of the four also, for raising four amoral POS.

"Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”
George Carlin