The Contractor's Daughter

Lexi lifts up on the handles of the wheelbarrow filled with sand she was sent to fetch and move it over to the concrete mixer. The brick guys were busy making mortar for the bricks they were doing. She dumps the load where they wanted her to. She goes back and picks up a few more loads and dumps them. She stands and watches them for a few minutes.

She pulls her bandana out of her back pocket and wipes the sweat from her forehead. It was eighty degrees out and she has been busy since arriving with her uncle. She loved her uncle and aunt very much. She owed them a lot and hopes one day she can repay them for what they have done for her.

“Taking a break, Lexi?” Shawn spotted Lexi standing over near the bricklayers watching them work.

Lexi turns towards Shawn’s voice “just observing is all. I’ve completed all the tasks you assigned me this morning.”

“Good, I have some more tasks for you to work on.” Shawn didn’t like his boss’s niece very much.

“Okay, just tell me what you want me to do.” Lexi knew Shawn didn’t like her very much, but she didn’t care. This was her uncle’s Job site and she won’t let him down.

Shawn escorts her over to several new homes being built “you’re to help these guys with whatever they need you to do. If they need lumber, nails, screws, or whatever. You’re to get it for them. If they don’t have anything for you to do, I want you to pick up any debris laying around and depose of it.”

“No problem, Shawn.” Lexi didn’t mind hard work, not after what has been done to her.

She heads inside the first house being built and talks to the men inside. One of them has her go and fetch a couple of boxes of nail strips for
their air guns. She checks with the other guys to see what they need before heading off.

Lexi heads towards the construction trailer to grab the key to the supply trailer to grab everything. She also grabbed the key to the golf cart her uncle used on the site. The site was huge and there were a lot of new houses going up.

She gathers everything the guys need and load it in the back of the golf cart. She still didn’t understand what Shawn’s problem was with her. She knew he didn’t approve of her working on the site. She knew he didn’t like some of the women who worked on the site.

Once the gear was loaded, she grabs a few cold drinks to take back with her to the guys. It was supposed to reach a hundred degrees today. She drives back over to the houses and delivers everything the guys needed, including the cold drinks.

When she hands a cold drink to a guy named Eddie.

“What? No cold beer, Lexi?” Eddie accepts the cold drink Lexi was handing him.

“You know my uncle doesn’t keep any cold beer in the supply trailer.” Lexi knew her uncle had a thing about alcohol.

She can’t say she blamed him for it. Her stepfather was an alcoholic and use to take his anger out on her. She never did like him or his boys at all. What her mother saw in him, was beyond her reasoning.

“Well, maybe one day we’ll change his mind.” Eddie knew his boss didn’t drink.

“I seriously doubt it, Eddie.” Lexi knew her mother’s side of the family had serious problems with alcohol.

Her mother was an alcoholic as well, but she liked hard liquor. When her mother drunk hard liquor, her personality changed completely. That
was how she ended up pregnant with her. She had sex with six guys the night she was conceived and blacked out. When her mother woke-up, she couldn’t recall the six guys she had sex with.

She figures that is why her mother and stepfather got along so well. When her mother was drunk, she was a total slut. She even had sex with her stepbrothers. Which lead to problems she had with them.

Once she passes out all the cold drinks and supplies. She goes about picking up all the debris around the new houses. The guys knock off at one in the afternoon for lunch. She brought her lunch from home and sat outside on a five-gallon bucket she turned upside down. Her uncle had to go check on another construction site he had and was coming back later to pick her up.

As she is eating the sub her aunt made for her, one of the guys comes over to talk with her. She knew right away who it was. His name was Ricky and has been working for her uncle for the past five years. He was an ex-felon and had a hard time finding a job when he got out of prison. Her uncle took a chance with him, and he has been a model employee.

“Watch you eating, Lexi?” Ricky stops a few feet from Lexi.

“A ham and swiss sub my aunt made for me.” Lexi loved the food her aunt made for her.

“That’s better than what I brought with me. Do you mind if I join you?” Ricky didn’t like eating alone.

“Pull up a bucket.”

Ricky spots an empty bucket and turns it upside down. He sits next to Lexi and starts eating his lunch.

“So, what hobbies do you have?” He wanted to know more about Lexi.

“I do some painting and go horseback riding with my cousins when I can.” Lexi normally spent her weekend when she wasn’t helping her uncle, with her aunt.

Her aunt was trying to help her overcome what was done to her. Her stepbrothers and their friends abused her and did things to her body. She was still trying to learn about herself.

“What are your hobbies?” Lexi looks at Ricky.

“Well, I’m rebuilding a Chevy Nova. Remodeling my main bathroom and the master bathroom.” Ricky had bought a HUD home and was planning on flipping it.

“Sounds like you have a lot of work ahead of you.” Lexi takes a bite out of her sub.

“I do, but I also have some help as well. So, do you like working for your uncle?”

“Yes, it was either this or working at the McDonald's located downtown. The manager there was willing to let me work there, but he could only
give me three days a week at minimum wage. I get paid more here and I like my uncle a lot.” Lexi wouldn’t trade it for anything.

For the rest of lunch, Lexi and Ricky make small talk, and afterward, they go back to work. The rest of the afternoon, Lexi cleans up other areas of the job site and stack some lumber that had fallen. When Lexi is done, she heads back to the contractor's office and plugs the golf cart in. She noticed her uncle’s truck was there.

She walks into the office and heard her uncle and Shawn speaking. She just shakes her head as she puts the keys away. She couldn’t believe Shawn was complaining about her. She just ignores him and heads back out to her uncle’s truck to wait for him.

After fifteen minutes, Shawn and her uncle come walking out. She watches as Shawn walks towards his pick-up truck.

“So, what was his complaint now?” As Lexi gets into the cab of the truck.

“You don’t want to know, Lexi.” Howard knew how his niece was and what Shawn was saying was BS about her.

“So, what do you think Aunt Rose made for dinner tonight?” Lexi liked her aunt's cooking.

“Pork chops.”

“Yummy!” Lexi loved pork chops.

A smirk appears on Howard's face as he drives home.

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