Snow Bird

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People say there’s no such thing as psychic abilities and that it is all hogwash. However, Snow Bird knew differently. Her life became complicated because of it. All because her parents had gotten greedy and used her gift to their benefit.

She sits on her horse and looks out across the desert and watches as the sun rises for the day. She loved how the sunrise brought new hope to her and reminded her she was lucky to be among the living. If Sara Moonwalker and her husband Daniel Flying Eagle hadn’t found her and nursed her back to health. She might be dead right now.

It all started on her thirteenth birthday. She has always had her gifts since birth. She had always been able to hear voices in her head at times.
She always knew when her mother was upset or mad with her father. She knew when her father was feeling interested in another woman and when he was conning people into buying a used car.

Strangely enough, her problems had started while she had been working on her fathers used car lot. At the time she wasn’t a girl, but a boy. He had gone with his father to the used car lot that day to work. So, he could make some money to buy some more hormones off the web.

His parents didn’t know that he had always felt that he was a girl inside. They suspected something, but they could never put their finger on it.
He had been ordering hormones and other female attire off the internet using a pre-paid credit card. He had been putting money on it from doing chores and odd jobs for people.

That day he had on a pair of shorts and a tank top he tricked his mother into buying for him the last time they went shopping together. He had substituted a couple of boys shorts she had picked out for a few pairs of girl shorts and tank tops. She had been busy looking at something that caught her interest, that made it possible for him to make the switch. His mother hadn’t bother to double check what they bought and since they were shorts, and tank tops why would she bother? He had managed to sneak in a package of girl’s underwear as well among the panties his mother was buying for herself.

The tank top and shorts he wore that day to work in made him look like a pre-teen. He knew he looked like a girl the way he was dressed, but he couldn’t help it. He got most of his looks from his grandmothers. Both his grandmothers were Native American, so he had inherited their looks. He had none of his fathers, but he did have some of his mothers. He had her small stature and nose. He was the shortest boy in his grade at school and most of his friends were girls. He had very few male friends and spent a lot of time with some of the girls from his classes at school and from his swim classes. He spent so much time with them, that unconsciously he had started to take on a lot of their mannerisms and speech patterns.

His father really didn’t care. He was more interested in making money and playing poker with his rich friends. So, while his father was wheeling and dealing inside the office, he had been washing and doing minor detail work on the cars on the lot. He would start the engines and let them run for a while. Clean the windshields of the cars facing the street.

His dad would allow him to drive the cars on the car lot. His father had taught him how to drive. He basically worked outside on the lot that morning. While he was taking a break, and drinking a soda from the vending machine. A gentleman had walked onto the lot and was looking at some of the cars for sale. He watched the guy as he inspected several different cars. When the gentleman looked directly at him sitting in the shade on top of an upside-down five-gallon bucket.

“She would bring in a lot of money. I know some clients who would really enjoy breaking her in. Her exotic Native American looks, and young age could fetch more than the other girls I currently have.” Samuel couldn’t believe what he was hearing inside his head. This guy was a sex trafficker. He was selling teenage girls and younger women to people for money.

Samuel was mad hearing this information. How he heard it, he didn’t know. The problem was he couldn’t tell anyone about it, or could he? A smile appears on his face as an idea forms. He takes his cell phone out like he was going to make a call and snap a few pictures of the guy. He could pass this information onto the police by mail. That way they couldn’t track him down. He keeps watching the guy, till his father comes out and gives him another job to do. Before he goes to work on the other job, he watches as his father shows him several vehicles he knows the guy is interested in.

The rest of the day he is kept busy by his father. By the time, he gets home and takes a shower his skin is red from a second-degree sunburn.
His mother sprays some solar cane on his sunburn and packs a bag to take with him tomorrow when he goes to work with his father. She lets him wear one of her nightgowns with his shoulders so red. Since the material was softer than the material of his pj’s. That way his shoulders wouldn’t be too sore while he slept. Before he goes to sleep, he prints up the pictures he took and type up a letter telling the police that they needed to check this guy out because he had heard he was trafficking young girls and women. He had managed to get the guy real address from his mind without really concentrating on it. It just came to him.

Samuel does start looking up about his gift and wonders if there was a way to train himself on how to use it when he wants to. He knew there was a New Age shop down the street from where his father’s used car lot was. He will see if he could go down there during his lunch break tomorrow. He pops two estrogen pills into his mouth and heads to bed. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day for him. As he lays there trying to sleep, he feels his mother’s emotions as his father made love to her. He couldn’t help it and just let her emotions merge with him. He was feeling everything she felt. It sent his brain into overload when she had her orgasm repeatedly. He saw and experience the same thing she did during her orgasms. He was so in sync with her that he came at the same time as her body did. He had never felt anything like it before. It was different and didn’t know what to make of it, all he knew was, he enjoyed it and wouldn’t mind experiencing it again.

In the morning he got ready to go to work with his father and dress in the clothes he tricked his mother into buying for him. He checked his looks in the mirror in his bedroom. He noticed he was starting to develop curves like a normal girl.

He went to work with his father like he was expected to and while his father was in the office getting a blow job from one of his female clients. He walks down to the New Age store and buy several books about his talent and mailed the letter he had put together about that guy from yesterday. When he gets back, he wanted to see how the girl his father was having sex with felt about what she was doing.

He felt disgusted, lust, and power from her. Like she had power over him and could make him do whatever she wanted to. He peeked into his father’s mind and all he felt was lust. He felt this girl was in her proper place and sucking his cock better than his wife. He enjoyed having
women suck him and let him fuck them. He gets out of his father’s mind right away and couldn’t believe how he felt about women.

The rest of the day, his father keeps him busy cleaning, washing and waxing the cars. When his father calls it a day. They stop at an off-track betting place where his father places a few bets. While standing in line with his father to place a bet. He picks up on a good tip.

“Dad, bet on Lucky Stars to win the race.”

His father had just looked at him and decided not to listen to his advice. The fellow behind him had and placed the bet and won.

“Nice tip kid. Here’s a fifty for the tip.”

He accepts the fifty-dollar bill and stuffed it in his pants pocket.

When they were walking outside to the car. His father had stopped him and asked how he knew about the bet.

He told his father that he had overheard a man talking to his friend about it. He sits down on the passenger side of the car and enjoys the ride
home. When he arrives home with his dad. His mother gives him a weird look.

“Did you have a nice day at work with your father, sweetie?”

“Yes ma’am.” He goes to his room and put his purchases on his bed. He grabs his bottle of vitamins and takes a few more estrogen pills.

He keeps his estrogen pills in an old vitamin pill bottle, so his parents don’t find out. He could hear his mother’s thoughts. She was thinking how much he looked like her when she was younger. She also noticed how he was developing a figure like a teenage girl.

He just smiled as he went back out and join his parents for dinner. When he went to bed, he searched for his mother’s mind and slips inside. She was in the tub soaking and relaxing, so it wasn’t too hard for him to enter her thoughts. She felt so relax and comfortable. He stays in her mind as she gets out of the tub and experiences the feeling of how the towel felt against his mother’s skin as she dried herself off.

Then he felt his mother kissing and making out with his father. He was enjoying the sensations he was getting from being inside her mind.
When they start making love, he couldn’t believe how his mother’s body responded to his father’s touches and having his penis penetrate her between her legs and in her ass and mouth.

His body responded as his mother’s body did. His ass clinched when hers did, he gagged when she did from how far his father forced his penis down her throat. He came at the same time she did. His shrunk penis erupted with a clear liquid. His testicles were so small, that they were barely there. He has been taking extremely strong dosages of estrogen and testosterone blockers. That he barely had any testosterone in his system.

By the time his mother fell asleep, he was sweating and exhausted. Even though he felt exhausted, he felt wonderful at the same time. He goes through his mother’s memories of all the sexual experiences she has had and everything she was taught about being a girl. While he is searching through her memories. He finds out that a few times a week, while his father is at work. She gets together with the neighbors and has sex with them. He finds out that she is getting together with them tomorrow, while his father is at work. She knew he was cheating on her at work, so didn’t see it as cheating.

Samuel figures, he’ll tell his father that he was going bike riding with his friends. Instead, he’ll check out what happens between his mother and the neighbors tomorrow. He falls asleep enjoying the sensation he had gotten from his mother during her lovemaking.

In the morning time, he informs his father that he wasn’t going with him to work, but spending time with his friends. While his mother was getting ready to go over to meet their neighbors. He sneaks over to his neighbor’s house and finds a way inside without them knowing. He peeks and sees that the neighbor’s woman was wearing an all leather catsuit that showed off her figure. He finds a hiding spot and peeks inside her head.

He couldn’t believe the lust he was feeling from her. She was excited that her friend was coming over and loved it when her husband touched her. Once his mother arrived and started kissing the other woman. He felt her getting even more horny and excited.

During the whole time his mother is there with the neighbors. He stays inside her mind and the other woman’s head. When the three of them are laying in bed, resting after all the sex they have. He probes deeper into the other woman’s mind and finds that she uses to have sex with her favorite aunt and uncle. He probed deeper and finds out she had a lot of sexual experience.

Once his mother goes home. He manages to sneak out of the neighbor’s house and over where he hid his bicycle. His body was still having aftershocks from the experience he had been inside his mother’s head and the neighbors head.

He peddles to the nearest shopping mall outlet and locks his bicycle up. He wanted to buy himself a few items that were feminine. He searches around, finding a few lace bodysuits and teddies. A few new shoes and sandals.

When he is done, he heads back towards home and takes his purchases to his bedroom. He felt his mother in the kitchen cooking dinner. He could tell she was still happy from her fun with the neighbors.

The rest of the week goes by like usual. He ends up going to work with his father. He manages to dress more like a girl, under his parents’ nose.

His father figures his mother must have bought him the clothes he was wearing. His mother does notices how he is dress, but figures it must be the way his body was developing. When his mother starts her period, his body reacts as well. His emotions were on a roller coaster and were feeling what his mother was going through.

He also notices that he was starting to act more like the women’s whose minds he has been in. Their mannerism and personalities were starting to become part of him. As he is playing a game on his tablet, in the same room as his father was playing poker with his friends. He started picking up their thoughts and seeing their hands.

He gets up and heads into his kitchen to grab a soda. He tries to stay out of his father’s way when he is playing poker.

“How is your father doing?”

He looks up at the sound of his mother’s voice “he’s losing. Eddy and Harry are kicking his butts. They know all of dad’s tails.”

“How do you know that?” Clair was curious how her son knew that information.

“Lucky guess.” He looks over towards his mother.

He could read her thoughts as he looked at her. His mother was thinking there was something he wasn’t telling her. Also, why did he look so girlish?

“Well, hopefully, your father doesn’t lose too much money.” Clair goes back to what she was doing.

He walks out of the kitchen and back into the den where the game was going on. He notices his father was down to his last chip. He discreetly walks around and noticing what each player had in their hand. He never tried it before, but he wanted to see if he could project his thoughts to his father.

“Dad, here is what each person has in their hand.” He sends a mental image of each player.

Jake was about to make a bet when he hears his sons voice in his head. A mental image of each player appears in his head. He was surprised at what he just saw in his head and hearing his son’s voice.

He changes his strategy and manages to win several hands with his son helping him. By the time his dad and his friends call it quits for the game. He was tired and headed to bed.

When morning comes, his mother was heading to the salon and he asked to go with her. His father thought it kind of strange, but he didn’t say anything about his son joining his wife. When he got to the salon with his mother, he managed to talk his mother into letting him get his hair and nails done.

While he was at the salon, he probed into each woman’s mind that was there and went through their memories of their sexual experience. He transferred their emotions of those experiences to his own mind. He was feeling so horny, that he needed a relief. As he was leaving with his mother after having his hair, nails and even toenails done. He felt someone looking at him and could read what they wanted to do to him.

He looked around and spotted an older gentleman looking at him. He managed to find out where he lived. He managed to get his mother to let him go and he would be home later.

He used every trick he learned from the other women he had probed to seduce the man and going home with him. The guy was surprised when he discovered that he was a she-male but didn’t care. The guy just took him, and he used everything he had learned from his mother and the other women to please the guy.

By the time he went home. His ass was hurting from the sex he had, and his mouth was tasting funny, but he loved everything he did. The horniness he felt from being inside the minds of so many women was satisfied.

As the weeks went by, he noticed that his personality was changing, and his body had sync itself to his mother’s body. He didn’t even have to go inside her mind anymore. He knew right away or felt everything his mother did.

Because he had been inside the minds so many women. His body was becoming more and more female like. He was developing breast and his penis had shrunk even more to the point that it was barely there.

His parents started noticing how he was developing, and his mother took him to a doctor to be examined. The doctor he had been taken too, drew blood to be sent out and tested. He manages to influence the doctor to give him a massive dose of estrogen and prescribe him doses that would continue what was happening to him.

Since his body was filling out into a female shape. His mother started dressing him more like a teenage girl. Even his breasts were becoming more and more pronounced. His penis had become so small because of the estrogen being pumped around in his veins, that it was hardly noticeable.

He kept helping his father with his poker games. The pots started becoming more and higher. The people his father was playing poker with, went from his friends to people who you didn’t want to cross. His father was holding the poker games at his car lot.

His mother was still having sex with the neighbors and it was bothersome because he felt everything she felt. A rapport had formed with her. It was frustrating because he was enjoying what she was feeling.

He would slip out at night and find some men to have sex with. He looked for men that had fantasies being with she-males. He found some men that love dominating him and a few that had secret fantasies that they crazed to be dominated by people like him.

One night while his father was playing poker and he was monitoring the players and informing his father what they had. One of the men in the game was getting angry that he had been losing and had bet the last of his money.

The guy got angry and accused his father of cheating. The next thing he knew, his father was shot and the other men that had been in the game were laying on the floor. His mother had been shot and was laying on the floor.

Since he looked like a girl. The guy took him and dragged him to his car. They left his father’s car lot and he was taken to a motel. Where he was severely beaten and repeatedly used by the guy. He tried fighting back, but the guy was stronger. He did make the guy feel what he did to his body.

He managed to escape from the guy and ran out to the highway. That was where Sara Moonwalker and her husband Daniel Flying Eagle found him. He had slipped and fallen on the side of the road. They were on their way back from the feed and hardware store when they saw him fall.

They pulled over to see if they could help him. Sara knew it would take time for Highway patrol and paramedics to get to them. Since they were only minutes away from their place. They took him with them and tended to his injuries.

The next few days that followed were touched and go for him. He felt the rapport he had with his mother dissolve when she died, and it affected him deeply. He felt the mental backlash of his father died when he was inside his head.

He finally woke up and found Sara’s grandfather by his bed chanting and spreading smoke over him coming from a bundle of smoking sage in his hands as he ran it over his body. His body had changed completely into a girl. He couldn’t believe it.

When Nakai noticed the young girl awake, he stops chanting. A smile appears on his weathered face as he looks down towards the girl.

“How do you feel?” As Nakai looks down at her.

“Strange, what happened to me?”

“My granddaughter saved you, Snow Bird.” Nakai could see that the young girl was confused.

“That is your name among us now. The Sheriff already knows about your parents being murdered.” Nakai knew his granddaughter talked with the Sheriff and said she would let him know when the girl woke-up.

A few days later Sheriff Joe Curtis stops by to check on Snow Bird. He was an older Native American man in his early fifties. He had a scar under his left eye.

Sheriff Curtis looks at the young girl he came to see. She was looking better than she did the first time he saw her.

“How are you feeling Snow Bird?” Sheriff Curtis knew it wasn’t her true name, but Sara and her husband Daniel felt it would be better to have a different name in order to protect her.

“I’m feeling better, Sheriff.” Snow looks at the Sheriff and could sense his thoughts.

He was genuinely concerned about her and wonders what happened to her. He saw what condition she was in when Sara and Daniel first called him. Now she looked better.

“So, can you remember what happened to you and your parents?” Sheriff Curtis pulls his notebook out to write down what she told him.
After Snow tells him everything she knew “what is going to happen to me?”

“Well, do you have any relatives you can contact?” Sheriff Curtis hasn’t done a background check yet on Snow’s family.

“None that are nearby or would want to take me in.” Snow knew most of her family on her mother’s side and on her father side was spread out across the US and couldn’t afford another person to live with them.

“Since you are Native American or look it. Sara and Daniel are willing to let you stay here with them.” Sheriff Curtis knew Sara already asked if she and her husband could be Snow’s guardian.

“I think I would like to stay here with them.” Snow felt that they were good people.

Which brings her thoughts back to the present as she watches the sunrise. She wonders what the day will bring and what life would bring as
well. She turns her horse around and heads back to the ranch.

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Interesting "powers" that

Interesting "powers" that SnowBird has. Is she going to be found to be a mutant or??? She can definitely use her abilities for good and/or evil depending on which way she wishes to go. Personally, I hope she chooses good.

Psychic Abilities

She's one of the rare true telepath's the Government would love to get their hands on. She learned how to sort of use her abilities.

If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”
― Toni Morrison

The government would surely want her

But then they would probably make her stare at goats until she lost her mind :)

We the willing, led by the unsure. Have been doing so much with so little for so long,
We are now qualified to do anything with nothing.


mountaindrake's picture

Those who did not have her would be trying to kidnap and/kill her. She is better off if no knows of her powers.That includes both sides of the law.

Have a good day and enjoy life.

I really enjoyed this story

I really enjoyed this story and hope that it continues!



Wendy Jean's picture

How did she complete changing into a girl? Since she was with her parent when they died, I wonder if she could sense and communicate with their spirits?


Snow Bird is still equipped as a male, but her penis is so small, that she could be mistaken for a girl.

If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”
― Toni Morrison