Manimal Part 4

“Guys, where in the hell did these guys get superpowers?” Stacy dodges an incoming attack from a guy dressed in some sort of red suit with a cybernetic-looking gun for a right arm.

He had a visor that covered his eyes that made him look like Cyclops from The X-men. She was charging right toward him like a grey color Rhino. She feels him try to grab her as she rams him in the chest and pushes him back against a building.

Her horn was being stopped by the outfit he was wearing. Somehow, it prevented her horn from penetrating his suit and going into his chest. She could feel resistance as he tries to stop her momentum. She jerks her head to the left and tosses him.

A bright beam of light whizzes by her shoulder and hits the building in front of her. She ignores the beam and goes after the person she just tossed. She changes from a rhino into a huge black gorilla and starts pounding on the cybernetic right arm. She grips it with all her strength and rips it off the guy.

Stacy hears the guy's screams when she rips his arm off his body. Dark red fluids squirted out and pooled under his right shoulder. She turns around and jumps out of the way, as the creature Pollux just sent flying her way passes her. She watches as he slams into the building wall, cracking it.”Spirit, tell Pollux to give me a heads up next time.”

“I will,” As Spirit uses one of his tomahawks to cold cock the guy he was fighting.

The creature Spirit was fighting loses its head as the tomahawk connects. Both of the tomahawks Spirit was wielding were covered in blood and so was the outfit Spirit was wearing as well.

“Incoming!” As Beverly sends the guy she was fighting flying over Spirit’s head.

Spirit watches as the guy lands on the ground. He couldn’t believe how badly the guy looked after tangling Beverly. She beat the guy to unconsciousness. He looks over and notices that Stacy had assumed a halfway form of a dog.

“New form, Stacy?” As Spirit walks towards her.

“Yeah, since I’m naked when I transform from my animal form.” Stacy figures that changing into a humanoid animal would make it so she wasn’t naked.

Stacy looks at the group of men they just fought and wonder where they got their abilities. The guy she fought, had a cybernetics system but could shoot energy beams from the visor covering his eyes. She was still tired from their survival training in the artic. Not only did they have to survive in the artic and make it back to Fort Wainwright, but they had to survive the attacks that had been sprung on them.

They had been ambushed by a special forces team that had been sent to train at Fort Wainwright. They didn’t use real bullets, but rubber ones that hurt like hell when they hit you. They managed to defeat the special forces team, but it cost them time in the rough weather. She had to assume a form to take all of them back to the base/town.

When they got back to base, they were whisked off right away to deal with these clowns. She hopes the government has a prison to hold them. She walks over to the guy she took down and drags his sorry self to where Pollux and Beverly were putting their guys. Dingo was carrying a woman over his shoulder.

“What did you do to her, Dingo?” Stacy looks at the unconscious woman draped over Dingo’s shoulder.

“I knocked her out with my charm.” A big smile appears on Dingo’s face.

Stacy just shakes her head at his statement. She knows he wants to get back to the beach and do some surfing.

“How are you doing, Stacy?” Beverly comes walking over to Stacy and picks up the guy she was dragging.

“I’m doing alright, Bev. My guy never landed a hand on me.” Stacy feels she was lucky because he didn’t.

Once the authorities show up to apprehend the criminals. Stacy and the gang head back to base. While they are traveling back to the base, Stacy looks over toward their handler, Agent Henderson “When can we take some time off to relax?”

Agent Henderson looks at the youngest member of the strike team the government had put together to start handling the new criminals coming out of the woodwork.

“This was your first fight and you want to go on vacation already?” Agent Henderson just smirks at Stacy.

“What I think she is trying to say, Mr. Henderson. Is that even we will want to take some time off to relax.” Pollux looks at Agent Henderson.

Agent Henderson was their handler when they went out into the field to handle law enforcement and to make sure they didn’t overstep what they were doing. The group meet up with him after they left Fort Wainwright.

“Let me check into that for you guys.” Agent Henderson at first didn’t like being assigned to babysit a bunch of superpowered kids.

“Thanks.” A smile appears on Pollux’s face.

By the time the plane, the team is on touch down at the base. Stacy was sleepy and hungry. Changing forms took a lot of energy out of her and made her tired afterward. They head to the mess hall and walk through the cafeteria line. They had a pretty good selection on display.

Stacy gets a big order of Salisbury steaks, mashed potatoes, French-cut green beans, and a double helping of peach cobbler. She also gets four large glasses of sweetened iced tea to drink.

“Boy! You must be hungry.” Dingo saw how much food Stacy had piled on two plates and the two large peach cobblers.

“I am. My stomach is growling.” Stacy was trying to hide her embarrassment from the sound. She knew Spirit heard her stomach.

Stacy looks over at Dingo’s tray and notices he had six chill dogs and a large plate of fries covered in chill, onions, and cheese. He had gotten three large glasses of coca cola to drink.

“I see I’m not the only one that is hungry.” Stacy looks at Dingo with a smirk on her face.

“This is my standard, Stacy. I’m just glad to be back and eating some decent food.” As Dingo follows Pollux, and Spirit over to a table that has been reserved for them.

Stacy and Beverly follow the guys over to their table. Beverly had gotten a huge salad with sliced chicken, turkey, and ham cubes. She loaded the salad up with ranch dressing and lots of cheese and bacon bits.

Pollux looks at his sister when she sits down at the table and the huge salad she had gotten. A smirk appears on his face “You do know, that they had more than salad available.”

“I know and after eating all that caribou meat. I want some veggies to make up for what I missed when we were training.” Beverly liked her veggies.

“I know what you mean, Beverly.” Stacy digs into her meal.

The whole group eats their meal and makes small talk among themselves. Stacy was devouring her meal like she hasn’t eaten in months. She loves peach cobbler and takes her time eating it.

By the time Stacy is done eating, her tummy sticks out some. She looks at everyone else and notices that they weren’t done yet. She saw that Dingo had two chilly dogs left and just a little bit of the chilly-covered fries left.

“Dingo, I thought you would be done before me.” Stacy takes a sip from her fourth sweet iced tea glass.

“I’m savoring the taste of the chilly dog.” Dingo takes a bite from the chilly dog he picked up off his plate.

Stacy watches as after two bites, the chilly dog was gone. She just smirks as she leans against Beverly. She was ready to take a nap.

Beverly feels Stacy leaning against her shoulder. She knew Stacy was ready for a nap. She was almost done with her salad and was planning on doing some jogging after she finished eating.

“Are you ready for a nap?” Beverly looks at Stacy and was still amazed that she uses to be a male.

“Yes, I’m ready to curl up on my mattress and take a few-hour nap.”

“That’s not going to happen young lady.” Lt. Lake had walked into the cafeteria looking for the team.

Stacy sits up and turns around in her seat to look at Lt. Lake “Why not?”

“Because your group needs more training. Now, finish your meal and get your sorry asses out on the obstacle course.” Lt. Lake was going to push this group to their breaking point.

While they were gone, he had the course upgraded to deal with their abilities. He planned on working with this group and making sure they did things right.

“You do know, we just got back and just ate, don’t you?” Stacy looks at Lake and figures he had it in for them.

“I don’t care. Get your candy ass out on the course now.” Lt. Lake looks at everyone when he says that.

The team heads out to the course and starts training. They were put through the upgrades and got hurt and injured going through the course. Lt. Lake found ways to injure Beverly and Pollux. The blows they sustain during the training, seriously injured Spirit, Dingo, and Stacy.

When they arrive back to their barracks from medical, Stacy was drugged up and her left arm was in a cast. She was limping and her head was wrapped up. She stumbles over to her bed and strips out of her clothes with Beverly’s help.

Beverly helps Stacy get out of her clothes and into her night clothes. She saw how drugged up Stacy was.

“Lt. Lake did that on purpose.” Dingo was hurting from being blown apart several times when he changed forms to get through the course.

“I have to agree with you, Dingo. Those upgrades were designed to kill anyone going through that course.” Pollux felt his shoulder hurting.

“You can say that again. Stacy is going to be covered with bruises.” Beverly saw how bruised Stacy was when she helped undress her.

“I want to know, what has gotten into Lt. Lake.” Dingo had grabbed a beer from the refrigerator and was drinking it.

“I don’t know, but I’m heading to the showers.” Beverly walks into the bathroom and takes her training uniform off.

The next few days the team is run through the course over and over again. Stacy gets seriously hurt the third time she goes through the course
and has to be hospitalized for a week. Her injuries were serious enough that she was going to need time to recover.

By the end of the second week, Stacy recovers enough that she could return to her group. She comes limping in with her right leg still in a cast.

“Hey, guys.” Stacy waves to everyone as she walks in.

Beverly walks over to Stacy and helps her over to the recliner. Once Stacy is sitting in the recliner.

“How are you feeling, Stacy?” Dingo had gotten a sweeten iced tea for Stacy and handed it to her.

“Thanks.” As Stacy accepts the glass.

She takes a sip from the glass and enjoys the sugar in it. The hospital she was in, wouldn’t allow her to have any sugary drinks at all.

“I’ll heal, according to my doctor. He said that I should try not to get hit again.”

“You should tell Lt. Lake that.” Dingo rubs his right shoulder.

“Well, I think Major Colons is going to talk with Lt. Lake. He wasn’t pleased that I was in the hospital with injuries.” Stacy heard the anger in Major Colons' voice.

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