Manimal Part 7

Down On The Beach:
Stacy couldn’t believe that she allowed Beverly to talk her into wearing a thong bikini. She has never worn one before and couldn’t understand how a woman could tolerate having a thin piece of material riding between their ass cheeks. It felt like a major wedgie. Still, it did show off her cute tone ass.

She glances over towards Beverly and the swimsuit she was wearing barely covered her nipples or ass. She had the body of a Greek goddess.

“Cowabunga!!!!” Dingo was showing off his surfing skills.

Pollux was doing okay. He looked like a Greek god as well. He and Beverly outshined everyone on the team. Ahote Running Wolf a.k.a. Spirit, was enjoying the sunshine. He was wearing a pair of speedos like Pollux and Dingo. You could see all three men’s manhood bulging out of their swimsuits.

Dingo was enjoying himself. He felt at home on the waves and showing off. He didn’t have to worry about a drill sergeant yelling at him or telling him what to do.

“Stacy, when did your abilities first manifest themselves?” Beverly glances over toward Stacy.

Stacy turns her head to look at Beverly since she was lying on her stomach and letting her butt and back get tanned. She thinks back to when her abilities first manifested themselves.

“I was on my way home from school. The school I went to had some nasty bullies and one of them sic his dog on me. I started running and out of nowhere, my body started changing.” Stacy couldn’t forget that day.

“How long did it take you to change back?” Beverly knew Stacy was still learning about her abilities when she came to the base.

“Believe it or not. I was captured by the dog pound and put in a cage.” Stacy remembers scaring the person who came in to open the dog pound.

“I bet that took some explanation.”

“You don’t know the half of it. Not only had I changed back into a human being, but my gender had changed as well. I used to be a boy who used to have wet dreams about girls. Now I was one.” Stacy couldn’t believe that she changed.

“How did your parents deal with it?” Beverly remembered the reactions from her family when they discovered how she and her brother changed.

“My foster parents didn’t handle it too well. They thought a demon had taken over my body.”

“You had foster parents?” Beverly was surprised at that admission.

“Yep, I have no idea who my real parents are. I was given up as soon as I was born. Whoever my parents are, their names were never recorded on my birth certificate. All I know is the time, date, and place where I was delivered. No parents were listed on the hospital form.” Stacy found a copy of her birth certificate and contacted vital records for North Carolina.

She knew she was born in Sylva, North Carolina on May 15, 2007, at two in the morning. The lines where the parents were supposed to be listed were empty and no signature either. The only signature was the doctor’s and head nurse at the time.

“That’s too bad. Were you on good terms with your foster parents?” Beverly wonders why someone would do that to Stacy.

“Which ones? I was passed around from one foster home to another foster home. I must have lived with fifteen different families.” Stacy had wondered if there was something about her or if she did something wrong and was being punished.

“Fifteen different families?” Beverly was surprised at that.

“Yep, I went from one foster home to another without any explanation. Sometimes, I didn’t even have a chance to pack my things before I was whisked off. No one would tell me anything and kept me at arm’s length.”

“I’m sorry Stacy.” Beverly wanted to reach other and hold Stacy, but she couldn’t.

“It’s alright and thanks.” Stacy tries not to cry.

Around noon time, Spirit gets the barbecue going and puts on several racks of ribs. The freezer and refrigerator at the house they were staying at were stocked with food. He makes a nice sauce to cover the ribs.

Dingo lets out a loud belch. He smashes the can of beer he just finished and grabs another one.

“Dingo, was that necessary?” Stacy looks over at Dingo as he chugs down another beer.

“Necessary, no. Fun, yes.” Another loud belch comes out of his mouth.

Stacy shakes her head. She wonders where Dingo learned his manners and his love for surfing.

“Dingo, since the ribs Spirit is cooking won’t be ready for a while. How about you teaching me how to surf?” Stacy wanted to learn how to surf.

“Sounds like a plan. Grab a board and join me.” Dingo points to some boards that he has been using.

Stacy gets up and walks over to select one. They were pretty much the same, except two of them. Those were the ones Dingo liked using. She selects a long one and fastens the board to her ankle like she has observed Dingo doing. She turns to look at Dingo “Got one.”

“Good. Now follow me.” He grabs the board he has been using and runs out into the surf.

The rest of the group watches as Stacy and Dingo paddle out to where they can catch the waves. Dingo explains to Stacy how to stand up on her board. He knew Stacy had excellent balance, so that wouldn’t be the problem.

Once a wave comes, he explains to her how to catch it and ride it in. He demonstrates several times, before allowing her to catch one. Dingo watches as Stacy wipes out five times in a row, before catching her sixth wave and riding it in.

Pollux, Beverly, and even Spirit clap for her. They were impressed that Stacy managed to ride a wave in without wiping out. They watched as she turned around and headed back out to join Dingo.

By the time the ribs were ready to eat. Stacy had managed to ride several waves in. She almost lost her thong bottom several times but managed to keep them from sliding off her body.

Everyone sits around a campfire that Pollux had made and enjoys the ribs and beer. Stacy was wasted after drinking two beers. She leans against Beverly as she eats the ribs.

“Well, we know Stacy is a lightweight.” Dingo was working his way through a pack of beer.

“Dingo, how do you manage to drink so much, without getting wasted?” Spirit looks at Dingo when he asks that question.

Dingo lets out another loud belch, before answering. He looks at Spirit with a smirk on his face.

“High tolerances. I’ve been drinking beer since I was fourteen years old. My old man introduced me to my first beer. Now that I’m a superhero, but my tolerance has increased. Hell, I bet I could turn into beer.”

“Ewe! Don’t you dare.” Stacy looks at Dingo while slurring her words.

“Stacy, you are so wasted right now. I bet Spirit is getting a headache from you broadcasting your thoughts and feelings to him.” Dingo looks over towards Spirit.

Spirit notices Dingo looking at him “I’m blocking her. As soon as I felt her distorted thoughts, I blocked them.”

There were times Spirit didn’t feel like experiencing what Stacy was feeling. That included when she had her period, which he knew was the same time as Beverly’s. Stacy’s body had synced to Beverly’s since she was the more dominant of the two women.

Stacy looks at Spirit with a drunken look on her face “ssoorry, sspirit.”

Spirit just shakes his head. He felt sorry for Stacy when she got up in the morning. All of them had decided to sleep outside on the beach. Stacy passes out first as Pollux builds the fire up.

Dingo passes out after a few more beers. Spirit arranges himself and goes into a meditated state. The twins watch everyone as they lay back and enjoy the sound of the waves as they crash against the shore. Beverly wonders what their next adventure will be.

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