Thrown Away Like Trash

Hunter slowly wakes up in a strange room under a warm blanket. The last thing he remembered was passing out on the side of the highway. He had walked as far as he could before he passed out from the cold and exhaustion.

He looked around the bedroom and saw that it had an old-style dresser drawer like his mother's. There was a nightstand next to his bed with a lamp on it. The bed he was lying on was more significant than the baby mattress on which he was forced to sleep.

He was lying under a thick quilt with another blanket under it. The sheets covering him had a lavender smell and were incredibly soft. The pillows his head had been resting on were soft and covered the head of the bed.

He saw pictures on the walls but couldn’t tell what they were. The room itself had a fresh smell to it. He feels his stomach rumble. He hasn’t eaten anything in the last two days.

He gets out of bed and notices someone has dressed him in fresh Star Wars theme pajamas. There were a pair of slippers by the bed, in his side. He puts them on and slowly makes his way towards the bedroom door. He checks it to see if it is locked like his stepfather liked to do to him.

He is surprised as the doorknob turns and opens. He slowly opens the door and peeks outside of the room. The hallway was lit up. He slowly makes his way out of the bedroom and down the hallway. He noticed when he exited from the bedroom that there was a bathroom right across from the bedroom.

He walks down the hallway and finds a set of stairs leading down. He walked down the stairs and could hear laughter. He follows the sound of laughter and spots two women sitting on a sofa. One had long white color hair, and the other one had shoulder-length light brown hair.

The brown-haired woman was leaning against the white-haired woman. They were watching a show on a giant flat-screen television set. Just as Hunter was about to say something, he heard a growl behind him.

He turns around and spots a German shepherd looking at him. Hunter knew what the dog was from the one Mr. Tanner owned.

“He won’t hurt you unless you attack.” Stephanie had heard Rusty’s growl and turned around to see why.

Alyona was looking at the young man she found collapsed on the side of the highway. Usually, she didn’t take that route home, but tonight, they were doing road work on her normal route and were forced to take an alternate route to her house.

“How are you feeling?” Alyona was concerned about the poor boy she pulled over to help.

He was lying on the ground unconscious, wearing worn sneakers, dirty jeans, and a long-sleeved shirt. The shirt itself was so thin that there was no way it provided him any warmth. The poor thing also smelled like he hadn’t bathed in weeks.

Usually, she would have taken him to the hospital and reported him to the police, but there was a snowstorm heading their way, and she didn’t want to get trapped in it. She was from Montana, and her father taught her how to survive in a storm. But that didn’t mean she wanted to be trapped in one.

Hunter looked at the white-haired woman, “hungry.”

“I think we can do something about that.” Stephanie saw how thin the boy was from helping Alyona undressed him and gave him a sponge bath.

She also noticed the bruises covering his body. The poor boy looked like someone had used him as a punching bag. He wasn’t the only child she had seen being treated like that. In the past year, she has stopped too many domestic abuse crimes.

Sometimes it was the husband abusing his wife or the woman or father abusing their children. She couldn’t believe what one woman had done to her kids by starving them to death. She wanted to beat that woman to death for what she did to her kids.

Hunter was curious about who these women were. He watches as the light brown-haired woman pauses the show they have been watching. He watches as she stands up off the sofa and spots her wearing a floral thermal nightgown.

“I’ll go and fix you something to eat. Why don’t you come over and sit next to my wife?” Stephanie smiles at the young boy.

Hunter walks over to the sofa and sits beside the silver-haired woman. He looks at her and wonders who she is. He notices she is wearing a matching thermal nightgown as well. Except hers had roses and lilies covering it.

Alyona looks at the young man. “I’m Alyona Bounty, and my other better half over there is named Stephanie Bounty. What is your name?”

“Hunter, Hunter Allen Hansley.” Hunter noticed that Alyona had blue eyes and a funny accent to her speech.

“Well, Hunter. Can you tell me how you ended up on the side of the highway where I found you?” Alyona was curious. She reaches down and scratches Rusty between his ears.

Hunter looks down at the carpet. He was still standing instead of sitting on the sofa.

In a low, soft voice, “my stepfather abandoned me on the side of the road.”

“Do you know why he did it?” Alyona was curious why a parent would do such a thing.

Hunter shakes his head, no. He didn’t know why his stepfather would do what he did.

“Does your mother know?” Alyona wonders if Hunter’s mother might know.

“She never wanted me. She blames me for ruining her life.” Hunter knew his mother hated him.

“Is she the one that left those bruises on your body?”

Hunter shakes his head yes as tears start to leak from his eyes. He tried to do everything his mother and Joey told him to do, but they always ended up hitting him. He feels Alyona wrap her arms around him and pull him to her body.

He rests his head against her shoulder and lets the tears come as he holds onto her. He could feel her rub his back as she held him closer to her body. He just let the tears come as he lets everything he has been holding back out.

Stephanie returned to the den with a tray containing food and a glass of milk. She spots Alyona holding Hunter against her shoulder. She could hear him crying and cling to her.

She walks over sets the tray on the coffee table, and sits down next to them. She wraps her arms around him and hugs him. She wanted him to know he wasn’t alone anymore.

After a while, Hunter stops crying. Stephanie and Alyona watch as he devours the food on the tray.

“Easy, Hunter. You’re going to make yourself sick if you eat to fast. If you want more to eat, all you have to do is ask.” Alyona knew what it felt like to be starved.

Stephanie looks at Alyona as she hugs her. The two of them had shared their past. She could re-engineer the blue lace drug, so Alyona could become a fully functional woman like her.

Alyona looks at Hunter and wonders what she should do next. Part of her wants to adopt him like her father did her, but the other half of her was telling her she wasn’t ready to be a parent. She has only been teaching for two years and has been married for half that time.

Stephanie could tell Alyona was torn about Hunter. She looks into Alyona’s blue eyes. “We’ll talk about this later. Right now, he needs us.”

“Alright.” Alyona looks towards Hunter and hopes she can help him.

Stephanie ends up making a second plate for Hunter. She feels sorry for him and hopes Alyona and her can help him. The two of them hadn’t talked about children, but after seeing how Hunter was treated, that might change.

Hunter snuggles between Stephanie and Alyona the rest of the night as they watch television. Hunter felt safe between the two women. He reaches out and pet Rusty under Alyona’s watchful eyes.

Hunter slowly falls asleep on the sofa with Stephanie and Alyona. He was comfortable snuggling between them.

Stephanie nudges Alyona and points towards Hunter. A smile appears on her face. “I think he trusts us.”

Alyona smirks as she runs her fingers through Hunter’s hair. He was resting his head on her hip, while laying against Stephanie.

“I think we are stuck for the night.” Stephanie pulls on the throw blanket to cover all three of them.

“I think you are right.” Alyona fluffs the pillow she is resting against.

The three of them slept on the sectional together. At night, Hunter somehow ends up with his face buried between Alyona’s breasts. Her arms wrapped around his skinny body, holding him tight to her body.

Stephanie was sleeping behind him and holding him as well. Her light brown hair mixed with Alyona, forming a curtain covering their heads. Both women felt Hunter shiver during the night.

When morning arrives, Stephanie is woken up by Rusty whining. He needed to go outside and do his business. She looks out the sliding glass doors and notices snow on the deck. She turns and looks at Rusty. “Are you sure, boy?”

Rusty just barks and walks up to the glass door. He paws at the door to let Stephanie know he wants to go outside.

“Alright, but I’m not drying you with the hair dryer when you come in.” Stephanie opens the sliding door and lets Rusty outside.

She shivers from the cold air hitting her warm skin. She looks over towards the sectional and notices how Alyona is holding Hunter. A smile forms on her face as she realizes that they are going to end up being mothers to him.

She turns back around and spots Rusty covered in snow. She opens the sliding glass door and lets him inside.

“You better shake before going any further.” As Stephanie closes the patio door and secures it.

She watches as Rusty shakes to get all the snow off him. He looks at Stephanie with his tongue hanging out.

“Alright, let’s go and get you some food.”

While in the kitchen, Stephanie fixes some coffee and breakfast for everyone. She checks the weather and realizes she’ll be stuck inside the house all day, which is good because it also keeps the crooks and drug dealers from doing business.

Hunter wakes up and finds himself being held by the white-haired woman. He noticed she was holding him tight against her body. He closes his eyes and enjoys being held like this. He doesn’t know how many times he had dreamed about his mother holding him like this.

He stays still as he enjoys how he is feeling. He didn’t want to leave her arms. He slowly turned around in her arms so his face wasn’t plastered against her chest. He felt her arms loosen some so he could turn.

Stephanie walks into the den to wake Hunter and Alyona. She notices that Hunter has turned around in Alyona’s arms and is using her breasts as a pillow. A smile appears on Stephanie’s face as she walks over to the sectional.

“Honey, breakfast is ready.” Stephanie notices Hunter’s eyes open.

“Well, good morning to you, sweetie. I hope you’re hungry because I made a stack of pancakes for you.” A smile appears on Stephanie’s face.

Hunter smiles back at Stephanie. He feels Alyona release him so he can get up. He feels her kiss on his cheek. “Let’s go and get some breakfast, Hunter.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

After breakfast, Hunter watches as the snow comes down outside. He was still wearing the Star Wars pajamas he found himself in. Stephanie and Alyona questioned him extensively about his parents and where he were from. They also asked him if he knew why his stepfather would abandon him on the side of the highway.

After Stephanie and Alyona finish questioning Hunter about his childhood, Alyona takes a picture of him and sends it to her sister to run through the police computer. This way, Alyona could find out if someone kidnapped Hunter.

The snowstorm lasted for a few days. It drops a foot and a half of snow. Stephanie and Alyona cleared the driveway and sidewalk in front of their place and the area where two other houses had once stood. When Alyona picked out her house, it was in terrible condition.

Her father bought the property and the two other properties on either side of her. He then hired a trusted contractor to come out and fix up her house and add several additions to it. He had the houses torn down on either side of Alyona’s house. He planned on building new homes on the property.

The neighborhood Alyona lived in was as old as Detroit and had a lot of abandoned homes in different stages of decay. Some were worth saving, while others weren’t. You would be better off tearing them down and building new ones on the property.

Hunter was watching Stephanie and Alyona from the house. He wanted to go out and help them, but he was told to stay in the house. Alyona and Stephanie told him if the roads were okay to drive on. They would take him out and get him some clothes to wear.

As it stood now, all they had for him was his pajamas. The girl panties that Stephanie managed to buy for him before the store closed because of the storm. They didn’t have much in stock, and she bought what she could for Hunter.

Alyona had called and asked her to buy some clothes for the poor boy. Alyona knew once the storm was over, she would have to take Hunter shopping. For now, he could wear some of their shirts, sweats, and the panties Stephanie bought for him.

While Alyona and Stephanie were outside, Hunter looked at some pictures on the wall. One of them he noticed was a wedding picture of Alyona and Stephanie. They were wearing identical wedding gowns and were standing with a tall muscular gentleman and an older woman. There was an old-style log fencing behind them.

There were a few more pictures of both women with various women and children. There were pictures of Alyona being surrounded by a pack of huge wolves. She was holding a tiny wolf pup in her hands.

He spots a few pictures of Stephanie standing with a bunch of nuns. He couldn’t make out the name of the church they were standing in front of. She looked to be happy with them.

There were a few pictures or magazines with Alyona’s picture on them. While exploring the house, he found a table with a marble chess set. It looked like someone was playing a game. He hears the front door open and heads back to the foyer to greet Stephanie and Alyona.

“Man, it is as cold as a witch wearing a brass bra out there.” Stephanie was taking her gloves off.

“This is nothing to what the weather is like in Montana.” Alyona was removing her gloves and hat as well.

Hunter watched both women as they took off their cold-weather gear. He wonders how warm the suits were they were wearing.

“How about we go on vacation in the Caribbean this year?” Stephanie loved it when they went there for their honeymoon.

“We’ll have to get a passport for Hunter before we go.” Alyona spotted Hunter watching them.

Stephanie looks at Alyona, and a smirk appears on her face. That right there just confirmed they were going to be parents.

“What do you think, Hunter? Where would you like to go on vacation?”

“I don’t know.” Hunter didn’t know what he wanted.

“Well, before we do anything. We need to find your stepfather and find out why he abandoned you on the side of the road. After that, if you would like, my wife and I would like you to come and live with us, Hunter.” Alyona decided while she was outside shoveling snow.

Tears start filling Hunter’s eyes. He runs over to Alyona and hugs her.

“What, I don’t get a hug?” Stephanie looks at Hunter.

Hunter switches from hugging Alyona to hugging Stephanie. After the way his parents treated him, he felt these women would treat him better.

“I think that answers our question.” Alyona smiles and starts walking towards the kitchen to fix them some lunch.

In the following weeks, Alyona and Stephanie start the process of adopting Hunter. Alyona has the family lawyer that handled all the adoptions in the family and Hunter’s. She also contacts Gina to have some of her agents track Hunter’s parents down.

Alyona would ask her father to handle it. However, Gina was a better choice because of what her father would do to Hunter’s stepfather for abandoning him. Of course, once her father and mother heard about her adopting Hunter. They wanted to meet their newest grandson.

The family has had six new additions in the past two years since she moved to Detroit. Her younger sister Silvia just got married and adopted three kids that had come up from South America illegally. The border agent in charge had been abusing them when Silvia saw what the agent was doing to them. The agent and some other agents there discovered what happens when you piss off a Bounty.

It took the intervention of their father and Julia to defuse the situation. Silvia ended up putting three of the border patrol agents in the hospital. She didn’t come out of the fight without being injured herself, but thanks to the training they all received from their father. The border guards didn’t stand a chance against them.

Gina had given birth to twin boys when she graduated from high school and then got pregnant again and gave birth to another boy. Rae got married to an Elf she met while doing a job for their father.

Julia and Christmas added to their family as well. Both women had gotten pregnant. Christmas gave birth to a baby boy, and at the same time, Julia gave birth to twin girls. Both women had asked Uncle Sheamus to be the sperm donor. The babies would have Bounty genes since neither woman had Bounty DNA.

Now, with her and Stephanie adopting Hunter. Her mother and father would have an additional grandchild to spoil. She knew her parents would be happy.

As for Hunter, Alyona gave him a placement test to see what grade he should be in. Because when she got her hands on his school records. She noticed he had missed a lot of days from school. At the rate he was going, he would be held back again.

She also noticed from the placement test that his reading level wasn’t up to what it should be. He also needed glasses when he read. His math skills needed improvement, as well. Overall, she and Stephanie would be helping him with his schoolwork.

As for his physical development, since he was malnourished, his growth has slowed down. Plus, according to several blood tests and such. His body was producing high levels of estrogen. He had some breast development, and his penis and testicles were underdeveloped for a boy his age. The estrogen his body was producing also affected his muscle development.

When they took Hunter shopping for clothes, they let him decide what he wanted to wear. They did pick out clothes for him that were gender-neutral. They bought him underwear similar to the panties he had been wearing. They knew he liked wearing them.

They were also surprised that he picked clothing that were in different shades of pinks, purple, and blue. He also selected colors that most girls like as well. Alyona and Stephanie had been surprised at his selection but didn’t say anything. They wanted Hunter to be whom he wants to be.

As for the panties, Hunter liked them. It wasn’t anything sexual, and it was just that he liked how they felt against his skin. He loved the material that girl clothes were made from.

Alyona and Stephanie watched as he selected tennis shoes meant for girls. The boy’s section didn’t have any shoes he liked. They made sure he had a ski suit and snowsuit. Everything Hunter selected could either be worn by a boy or a girl.

Alyona got advice from her mother that Hunter might want to talk to counselor about what his life was like before coming to live with her. Alyona knew her mother was right, because she and Silvia saw a counselor when they had been freed by Julia, Gina, and Tizzy from the human traffickers.

Alyona did some research to find the right counselor for Hunter. She wanted to make sure he got someone who he could trust. It took her a while, but between her and Stephanie, they found the perfect counselor.

As for school, Stephanie and her were divided on sending Hunter to a private school or a public school. Alyona went to a private school her father supported and sent every child that they adopted too. Even her sisters send their children to the same private school they went to.

Stephanie felt Hunter might like going to a public school. The nearest private school to them was a Catholic school and neither one of them were catholic. The public school near them had a good reputation and Stephanie would make sure the gangs stay away from the school.

Alyona was a little skeptical about sending Hunter to a public school, but trusted her wife. Alyona herself taught at a public high school in order to pay her school loans back. That was the main reason she left Montana. She wanted to follow in her sister-in-law Christmas’s footsteps.

By volunteering to teach at a low-income school system, she could pay back the loans she took out for her teaching degree. Not that she needed too since her father said he would pay for her education, but she wanted to do this on her own. She could had used her winnings from the chess tournaments she competed in.

As it stood, she had to use some of her savings to buy supplies and new books for her classes. Several of her students couldn’t afford what they needed for their classes. So, she would buy what they needed for school.

Some of the teachers she meets at school were there for the same reason she was, paying back their student loans. The other half were there, because they wanted to make a difference and help the students there. The other teachers that were there, they had been transferred from other school system from other cities in Michigan.

The school district she was teaching in, had the worst ranking in Michigan and overall, in the nation. She was doing everything she could do to improve the education at the high school she taught at. She wanted her students to succeed and shine.

Hunter looks at his friends as they work on their homework from school. The first few weeks of school, he only made two friends. That was Scott Bends and Kelly Anderson. He met Scott in his physical education class. They had been the last two to be picked for a game of dodge ball and neither team wanted either of them.

So, instead of playing, they sat against the gym floor and got to know each other. It turned out that Scott was really smart, but hid how intelligent he was, because of the kids in their class. They always teased him and pull pranks on him. Also, Scott wasn’t as manly as the other boys in their class.

Some bullies had corner Scott and was about to dunk him into a toilet, when Hunter stopped them. He used some moves his mothers had taught him. The head bully in question ended up getting a bloody nose from Hunter.

Since then, Scott and Hunter became friends. Kelly on the other hand was picked on by the popular girls in school. Kelly’s family couldn’t afford to buy her warm clothes or pay their bills sometimes. So, she always had to wear worn out clothing that barely fit her.

Hunter knew Kelly’s parents loved her and worked hard, but they were always working. So, Kelly was alone all the time. Which, her parents didn’t like, but they couldn’t afford a babysitter to watch over Kelly.

Hunter asked his mothers if she could stay with them, while her parents were at work. His mothers didn’t mind and since the two of them were about the same size. He let Kelly wear some of his clothes. His mothers also would buy her clothes as well.

Neither Scott nor Kelly minded that Hunter was a little different. Hunter wasn’t what you called a standard male child. Because his body produced so much estrogen, he was developing female traits.

His physical build was developing like a female would and he was developing secondary sexual traits as well. He didn’t get periods, but his voice, hair texture and growth, skin, and body fat filled his body out like a girl.

According to the doctor Alyona and Stephanie took Hunter too. He was born with XXY genes. His body was producing high levels of estrogen, which was causing him to have a short stature. As it was, he stood at four feet, six inches tall.

Doctor Woods said that at best, Hunter might become five feet tall. Which made him smaller then both his mothers. Scott was taller than him and Kelly was about the same height as he was.

Kelly looks over at Hunter and Scott “did you guys finished your assignment for Mrs. Lee’s class?”

“Yep, I did my report on our poor excuse of a congressman. Why do people elect jerks like that?” Scott hated the congressman that was elected for Michigan.

“My mom says that people who voted for him are just morons. They will believe any lies you tell them.” Kelly knew her mother and father had different opinions about their current congress man and senator.

“Who did you do your report on, Hunter?” Scott looks towards his best friend.

“I did my report on my aunt Gina. She’s the director of the Phoenix Foundation.”

“Your aunt is the director of the Phoenix Foundation?” Kelly looks at Hunter in amazement.

“Yep, she’s a nice person.” Hunter got a chance to meet his aunt when his mother’s took him to meet her at a fancy restaurant.

His aunt and her husband were in town for a meeting with one of his grandfather’s communication companies. According to her mother, his grandfather owned a lot of telecommunication companies. He also owned several private security firms.

“Who did you do your report on, Kelly?” Both boys look towards Kelly.

“I did my report on Viola Fauver Liuzzo. She was an American civil rights activist.” Kelly found out about her when she was looking through some history books.

“Kids, supper is ready.” Stephanie pokes her head into Hunter’s bedroom.

She spots Hunter laying on his bed. Kelly was sitting on a bean bag they bought Hunter. Scott was sitting the floor near Hunter’s bed.

“What’s for dinner, mom?” Hunter was curious.

“We’re having Tex-Mex tonight.” Stephanie worked hard fixing everything, while Alyona was busy grading papers.

“Oh, cool.” Scott stands up first.

Kelly stands up next and followed by Hunter getting off his bed. The three kids follow Stephanie downstairs to the dining room. They spot Alyona coming from the kitchen with a pitcher of sweet tea.

“Alright kids, sit down and start fixing your plate.” Alyona liked that Hunter had made some friends.

She also didn’t mind babysitting Kelly either. She saw how all three kids were close to each other. She felt sorry for Kelly’s parents having to work two full time jobs, just to pay the bills.

As for Scott’s parents, they were a nice couple and were glad he made friends with Hunter as well. When they learned that Alyona was a high school teacher and a grandmaster chess player, they were impressed. They didn’t care she was a lesbian.

Hunter comes home one day from school a little upset. He wipes the tears from his eyes as he spots Stephanie in the kitchen.

“How was school today, sweetie?” Stephanie looks at Hunter and notices he was crying.

Hunter looks towards Stephanie “terrible, mom.”

“How come, Hunter?” Stephanie washes her hands and goes over to Hunter.

“The boys in my class started making fun of me, because of my chest. When my gym teacher heard all the laughing and such. He looked at me
and told me to cover up. Afterwards, he took me to his office and sent me down to the nurse’s office. She sent this letter home to you and momma Alyona.” Hunter hands a sealed letter to Stephanie.

Stephanie accepts the letter and pull a knife out of the wooden knife block and open the letter with the knife. She unfolds the letter and starts reading it. After she finishes reading it, she folds it back up and look at Hunter.

“I’m sorry you had to experience the humiliation, sweetie.” She places a kiss on Hunter’s forehead.

“Why is my body doing this, mom?” Hunter wanted to know why his chest was starting to look like his friend Kelly’s.

“Sweetie, when we took you to be examined by Dr. Woods. He ran a blood and genetic test on you. He told us that you had aromatase.”

“What is that?” Hunter had a puzzled look on his face.

“It means, your body produces an excess of female hormones. You see, both males and females have estrogen and testosterone hormones. Women tend to have higher estrogen levels, then men. And males, tend to have higher testosterone levels, then women. In your case, even though you were born a male. Your body tends to produce higher levels of estrogen. That’s why your voice is higher, your hips, skin, hair, and stature are more along the line of a twelve-year-old girl, then a boy. You also have an extra chromosome in your genetic makeup that causes your body to develop more female attributes, then male attributes.”

Hunter was still puzzled. He wonders what his mother was talking about.

“I have an extra chromosome. What does that mean?”

Stephanie always had a problem explaining things, even though she was a genius in the field of biology and chemistry. She turns the heat down on the stove and pull a sheet of paper off the note pad they kept in the kitchen.

“Here, this is what it means.” She starts drawing an M and F on the paper.

Hunter watches his mother as she draws a male figure and a female figure. He never knew his mother could draw.

“All right, a male has XY chromosomes. A woman has XX chromosomes. When you were in your mother’s womb. She donated one of her X’s
and your father gave you a Y chromosome. That’s how boys are made. Girls get an X from their mother and an X from their father.”

“But I thought you said father’s give a Y chromosome?” Hunter looked at his mother, still confused.

“They do, however. Sometimes a male will pass on an X chromosome in his semen when he fertilizes a woman’s egg. However, in your case, according to your birth certificate. Your mother was in her late forties when she got pregnant with you. For some unknown reason, she passed onto you an extra chromosome.”


“I couldn’t tell you, sweetie. It’s a random occurrence, and no one knows for sure why it happens. Dr. Woods told us when he had your genetics analyze. That the results came back with you have XXY chromosomes.”

“So, is that why I am developing breasts like my friend Kelly?”

“Yes, because of the estrogen in your body. You will continue to develop more like a girl, instead of a boy. The draw back to having high levels of estrogen in your body. Is that you’ll never be able to have children or develop large amount of muscle mass. Also, you will be shorter than me and momma Alyona. We’ll also have to watch your weight, and make sure you maintain a healthy weight.” Stephanie knew she could turn
Hunter into a fully functional girl, like she did with Alyona. She still had the modified Blue Lace drug she used on Alyona in her lab.

“Will I have periods and such like Kelly?” Hunter knew Kelly just started her period.

“Unfortunately, no, sweetie. Your biology isn’t set up like a girl’s. You still have male bits, but the only thing they are good fore, is going to the bathroom, standing up.” Stephanie wanted to be honest with Hunter.

“So, what should I do?”

“Well, since you are developing breasts like a girl, we’ll have to get you a training bra. Your gym teacher is concern about you undressing around a bunch of guys. Which I can understand, its more for your safety.”

“So, where am I supposed to change for gym?” Hunter didn’t want to be treated differently.

“If I had to guess, you might have to dress and undress in the girl’s locker room.” Stephanie figures that were the best bet for Hunter.

“Won’t the girls feel freaked out?”

“Sweetie, the way you look and act, they would get use to you. Now, why don’t I continue making dinner and you start working on your homework.” Stephanie knew she should talk to Alyona about Hunter using the girl’s locker room and bathroom.

“Okay, mom.” Hunter takes his school bag upstairs to his bedroom.

Stephanie goes back into the kitchen and finishes working on dinner. It was good she knew how to cook and was good with spices. She glances towards the clock and knows Alyona would be home soon.

Alyona was tired by the time she pulled into the driveway. She had to separate two fifteen years old boys from stabbing each other. She tried to get them to talk to her, but they refused. So, she had no choice, but to take them to principal Sawyer.

As soon as she walks into the house, she smelled something wonderful floating in the air. She drops her work totes in her home office and walk into the kitchen.

“What smells so good?”

“Indian lamb curry, sweetie. Here, taste it.” As Stephanie scoops some out for Alyona to taste.

Alyona takes the spoon and put it in her mouth, after blowing on it. She closes her eyes as the spices danced around on her tongue. The chucks of lamb were so tender, that they melted in her mouth.

“Selina and Silvia would be proud of you for how tender the lamb is.” Alyona looks at Stephanie with a proudness in her eyes.

“Thanks, so do you like it?” Stephanie was worried that she added to much curry.

“I love it.” Alyona places a kiss on Stephanie’s cheek.

Stephanie turns back to the curry with a smile on her face. She was trying out a recipe she found on the web.

“So, how was Hunter’s, day?” Alyona liked to be caught up to date about their adopted son.

“You might want to read this.” Stephanie hands the letter that was sent home with Hunter.

Alyona takes the letter and start reading it. She could understand the reason for it and why the school nurse and Hunter’s gym teacher was concerned.

“It seems we will have to get a training bra for Hunter.” Alyona folds the letter back up.

“And go in and see principal White about Hunter’s uniqueness.” Stephanie knew Alyona had been born a male but changed into a female by a sex trafficking group.

“I was hoping that Hunter wouldn’t have to experience some of the things the transgender students in this state experience.” Alyona knew how hard it was for transgender students.

She had three students in her classes that were trans. One was a female to male, the other two were male to female. She heard some of the names or cruel jokes some of the students in her school pulled on them. That’s not to mention how some of the other teachers felt about trans students.

“We knew this was going to happen, sweetie. Dr. Woods said that the excess amount of estrogen in Hunter’s body was going to cause him to develop like a girl.” Stephanie didn’t like it either.

“How is he taking it?” Alyona was concerned about his mental health. He has improved a lot since they adopted him back in January.

“You know, I don’t think he’s worried about it. His friends have been accepting of him and he knows we love and support him.” Stephanie has seen a big change in Hunter since they adopted him.

“I wonder if he is going to ask to wear dresses and skirts to school now?” Alyona has seen how Hunter has taken to wearing tights and leggings to school.

“Who knows. Aren’t your folks coming down for Easter to see Hunter?” Stephanie knew Jack and Debbie wanted to see their newest grandchild in person.

“Yep, maybe we can buy Hunter a dress for Easter.” Alyona wonders if he’ll like it.

“I think that would be nice. Now, let’s sit down and eat.”

“I’ll get Hunter.” Alyona couldn’t wait to see how her parents take to Hunter.

A smile appears on her face as she goes to get her son.

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