Learning What It Means to Be Tammy Beck Chp. 17 Final chapter

One Hour Later:
Jennifer, Arabella, and Gina had shown up after Tammy called her for support. Jennifer and Arabella were wearing sundresses and low heels. Gina showed up dressed in black two-inch heels, black dress slacks, and a deep purple silk blouse. Her long black hair was tied back into a ponytail.

The girls were looking at Nyx in her Mandalorian-style body armor. Arabella was fascinated with its design of it. She had heard about some LARP groups that have formed clans that were in certain cities.

“Did you construct this suit yourself or have someone do it for you?” Arabella was thinking about having a suit built for her.

“I forged it myself.” Nyx was curious about the one girl. She seemed to be interested in her armor.

She noticed the other girl that came with Gina was looking at the weapons they found. She wasn’t touching them but taking pictures of them with her cellphone. The two girls didn’t look like they had any of Gina’s genes in them.

“Jennifer don’t touch them. Remember what grandpa said.” Gina was keeping an eye on her girls while talking with Tammy and her husband.

“Yes ma’am.” Jennifer walks over to look at the aircar that was in the hangar.

“Mrs. Royce, why did you take an interest in this matter, instead of letting the government handle this problem?” Gina looks at Nyx as she stood nearby.

Nyx looks at the Asian woman looking at her. She could tell that this woman wasn’t the type to lie to. It was like she could see directly into your soul.

“I think mom scared her.” Arabella was watching her mother and Nyx.

Nyx looks directly into Gina’s brown eyes “because I’m more capable of dealing with the armor. Your standard police officer would have been killed trying to stop it.”

Gina was looking directly into Nyx’s green eyes as she spoke to her. She had one of Morgana’s associates do a background check on Nyx after speaking to Tammy.

“Gina, if it wasn’t for Nyx’s knowledge and background in hi-tech body armor. We wouldn’t have been able to stop that suit.” Tammy knew Nyx bailed their asses out a lot.

“Mrs. Royce, I’m currently working on a new organization and there might be times I might need a consultant. Will it be okay if I call on you from time to time?”

“Yes ma’am. I do have one question for you. What type of organization are you working on?” Nyx was curious.

A smile appears on Gina’s face “a think tank.”

Tammy and Leland both look at Gina and felt that something didn’t seem right about what she said. Leland knew from meeting this woman the first time that she was dangerous. He also knew that he should be able to detect if she was lying, but he couldn’t.

“A Think Tank?” Nyx just looks at Gina and couldn’t read her.

“Yes, a think tank.” Gina kept a straight face on her.

“Okay.” Nyx accepts her explanation.

“Mom, you might want to see this.” Arabella had spotted a tablet in the aircar.

Her curiosity had gotten the best of her, and she grabbed it. She noticed it was heavily encrypted. A smile appeared on her face as she broke the encryption. She’s been working with her hacker buddies online and learned a few new tricks. Once she broke the encryption, she looked through it and came across a hit list.

Most of the names on it, she didn’t recognize at all. However, a few caught her attention, and knew that her grandfather’s associates/agents were involved in a case with the names. She did computer work for her grandfather, along with Morgana as well. She also didn’t recognize a few other things on the tablet.

Gina looks at the tablet to see what her daughter found. She couldn’t punish Arabella for finding this material. She didn’t want to stifle her daughter’s inquisitiveness.

“Looks like you were right, sweetie.” Leland got a glimpse of what Mrs. Bounty was looking at.

“This will be handled by the new organization.” Gina looks at Tammy and Leland.

“But you said you are running a Think Tank.” Nyx looks at Gina.

“It is.” Gina wasn’t changing her story.

“Right. Well, since you guess seem to have everything in hand. I got to get back to the hotel and start packing things up.” Nyx knew she needed to get back to Georgia.

“It’s been nice working with you, Nyx.” Tammy hugs Nyx.

Nyx returns the hug.

“If you ever need anything, Nyx or help. Give me a call.” Leland pulls one of his custom coins out of his pocket and hands it to Nyx.
Nyx looks at the coin and then at Leland “is it magical or something?”

“You could say that. Just prick your finger and place a drop of blood on the coin. Say my name afterward.” Leland had the coins made a long time ago.

“I would love to see that.” Rebecca had walked over and stood next to Gina.

“Well, if you guys need anything as well. Just call me as well.” Nyx liked working with Tammy and Leland.

“How are you going to get back, Mrs. Royce?” Gina knew Nyx had come with Tammy.

“She can take my SUV. I’ll pick it up later at her hotel.” Leland gives the keys to his SUV.

“Thanks, Leland.” As Nyx catches the keys.

“Any time.”

“Mom, the guys are here.” Arabella spots the security people from Chaos Security pulling up.

“Alright.” Gina turns to go and talk with the leader of the unit.

Later In The Evening:
Tammy makes sure she doesn't overcook the steaks on the grill. She had changed out of her work clothes and just had on one of Leland’s t-shirts and a pair of panties. She looks over toward Leland who was cutting up the vegetables for the salad he was making.

“I wonder what this Think Tank, really is?” Before Tammy and Leland left the hangar. Gina told her she will be calling them by the end of next week.

“It might have something to do with what Mrs. Bounty’s family does.”

“Still, I wonder what she is going to be having us do.”

“We’ll find out by next week. While we're waiting, we can enjoy the time off.” Leland had a few ideas in mind.

A smile appears on Tammy’s face as she picks up what Leland was thinking. When the steaks are ready. She places them on the plates and adds all the sides she cooked up for them.

Later, after dinner and cleaning up the grill. Tammy lays next to Leland in his hybrid form on their bed.

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