The Spanish Flower Chapter 15

Renata couldn’t believe it. Her wedding day was finally here. It had been three months since Jesse had asked her to marry him. She had accepted her fathers of her and Jesse staying here on the ranch to run it. The mess her little brother had gotten in had been taken care of thanks to Jesse and some of his friends intervening. Her brother was in the care of one of Jesse’s friend working on his cattle ranch.

Her birth father had her new birth certificate amended to having his name on it as her true father. Her father pulled a few strings and she had dual citizenship with Spain and America. She was also listed as being part of the royal line as his daughter. It would take a lot of people ahead of her to die before she could take the throne.

Renata had invited all her friends from the different drag clubs and the restaurant she had worked at. If they couldn’t afford to come, she paid for them. Her father had put several of his private Lear jets at her disposal to transport her friends. She had flown on one to pick her sister and brother up and bring them back them back to the ranch personally. She had invited her mother and step-father, but they turned down the request.

Her father had asked if he could invite a friend of his that helped in her freedom and she had agreed. The only reason he asked was this was her day and he wanted her to enjoy it. He had asked Jack to come to his daughter’s wedding. Which Jack accepted and had informed him he would be bring his daughters and his wife to be.

Renata had contacted the guy that had left her his card and they were setting up a date she would make a record for him. He was putting together a group for her that she would met and sing with. Renata couldn’t believe she was getting her wish after all these years. Who knew two years ago she would have the surgery, met a guy who loved her for her and find her biology father? Her father could be poor and on the street and she would call him father and love him like she does now.

She was impress when she met her father’s friend. She could see that this wasn’t a person you messed around with. He may look like an ordinary guy, but she could tell from working at the bars and the restaurant that this guy was very dangerous. His daughters on the other hand were pleasant and nice. She did notice that they were never too far from their father or their mother to be. She liked the wolf head necklaces they wore. They looked to have been hand crafted after actual wolves, which she learned later were their personal wolves.

Jesse had invited his family and a few friends from the Texas Rangers. He was being ribbed about having the good life now and a smart and caring wife and felt sorry for her ending up with him. Renata met Jesse’s mother, father and both grandparents she also met his sisters and his younger brother. They had become impress with Renata after meeting her and her father. She had given them a tour of the ranch and answer any questions they had. She had also learned a lot about Jesse’s family as well.

Renata spent time with Jesse’s mother and grandmothers they all knew this was a fast marriage, but she had finally found the man she loved and didn’t want to live without him. They could see the love in her eyes for Jesse. She wanted him to be happy and they wanted a lot of grandchildren. She knew she couldn’t give them, but maybe they could adopt children that needed good parents. She’ll have to talk with Jesse later and her father about that. She didn’t know how that worked when you were a member of the royal line.

Her father’s winery had supplied all the wine and champagne they needed for the wedding and the food had been cooked here at the main house which she helped with and several whole cows and pigs had been roasted along with some chickens.

All her friends from the drag scene had showed up and some of them looked like that they might be teaming up with some of the single men that had come. Her friends were impress with the place. They teased her about it and at the reception really teased her and got her blushing with some of their comments. It wasn’t just her friends that did it, but a few of Jesse’s friends as well. Renata did know that the two first days they were on their honeymoon no one was leaving the room. She didn’t care how sore she was she wanted to keep at it till she had to crawl on her hands and knees. She wanted for one time in her life enjoy herself and her husband.

Her father had rented them a beach house in Hawaii for their honeymoon. She had been wanting to go there. So, her father rented the beach house for two weeks. Everything they needed would be taken care of by him. Her father was flying them to Hawaii on one of the Lear Jets he owned, so they didn’t have to worry about the airport and when they arrived, a rental car was waiting for them.

Renata hated that she couldn’t drive, but she didn’t mind that Jesse was doing all the driving for them. She couldn’t wait to get her license. Her father promise to buy her whatever car she wanted within reason. He wasn’t going to buy her a Ferrari or Porsche. Something reasonable for a young lady with a new license. During the first few days, Jesse did keep her up most of the night trying out different positions in a Kama sutra book a friend gave them.

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